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    2 Reviews
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      23.06.2011 18:49
      Very helpful


      • "Ease of use"


      A good reliable kettle from Breville

      When my husband and I got married we needed pretty much everything since we were starting from scratch, including everyday appliances such as a kettle and toaste. After looking around, the kettle that we settled on, which we added to our wedding list at the time, was this Breville Style 2 Illuminated Jug Kettle JK134, which matched the toaster that we wanted as well.

      This jug kettle currently retails on the likes of amazon for £26.99. As much as it is a shallow thing to admit, one of the reasons that we liked this kettle was the illuminated light, and at that time, there weren't as many of these designs on the kettle market, so we thought it would look rather different in our kitchen.

      The kettle itself is stated as being silver and stainless steel. There are several main features of this kettle, such as the fast boil 3000w concealed element which also allows for easy cleaning, a multi directional power base with cord storage and cable exit, as well as a spout that has a removable and washable limescale filter. Obviously the most noticeable thing about this kettle is the illumination, and to allow you to see the lighting, there is 'water window' which when the kettle is plugged in and then switched on to boil will be blue in colour in the water window area. When the water has boiled, it will change to red. When there is no power then obviously there is no lighting. Now, it is not the you need to have the window to know that the kettle has boiled, as it is quite obvious, however, it is a nice little extra. According to the manufacturer the illumination on this kettle is through LED lights, and using very little energy in comparison to a standard light bulb, so it reassuring to know you are not paying a lot for this added visual element of the kettle.

      The kettle has a 1.6 litre capacity, and there are clear markings in terms of cupfuls to allow you to know how much water to boil at any one time. This kettle can be filled for use for up to 7 cupfuls.

      We have has this kettle for well over 4 years now, and it has not let us down once. On a handful of occasions I have noticed that the kettle's illunimation feature has not worked, however once you readjust the position of the kettle onto the base, this appears to sort out this problem. I have never had any problems in regards to pouring or leakage, cleaning the filter when necessary is straigthforward, and I find that in comparison to other kettles such as my in laws, this kettle does boil much quicker even when it is full to capacity with water.

      All in all, I would highly recommend this kettle. It is very easy to use, the illumination is nice little feature, it has a soft grip handle for added comfort when lifting, there has been absoluting no leakage any time I have poured, and it has never let us down in over 4 years. I know my in laws have had nothing but both with kettles letting them down, however we (thankfully) have not had that same problem and hopefully that will continue!


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      16.07.2009 20:09
      Very helpful


      • "Ease of use"


      A good kettle at a reasonable price.

      I must admit that from the moment I first set eyes on kettles that illuminate with pretty blue lights, I wanted one!
      However, my boring old kettle was still working, so I could not justify buying a new one whilst the one I had was working just fine. I needed other things much more than a new kettle.

      Finally my old kettle decided to retire and work no more, and I was quite pleased that I now had an excuse to get 'one of those kettles with a blue light' . Sad aren't I?

      I decided on the Breville JK134 as it came as part of a set of two items, the other item being a matching toaster. Although you can purchase the kettle separately.
      The only experience I have had with Breville products, is a sandwich toaster which I was perfectly happy with, so I had no hesitations about buying this brand.

      I would also like to mention that over the years I have bought various kettles, toasters and irons, and I have found that the more expensive they are, it does not necessarily mean they are better than the cheaper brands. In fact, I can honestly say it has been the cheaper purchases of these items that have lasted the longest!

      I thought that £35 for the kettle and toaster seemed quite a good price. I did need a toaster and thought it would be nice to have matching items. I purchased them from Littlewoods .

      The kettle is jug style and silver in colour, with the Breville logo near the bottom, and the words 'Style 2'. Its maximum capacity is 1.6 litres. Other features are :-

      1. Multi- directional power base with cord storage and cable exit
      2. Soft touch handle
      3. Water window with visible stand-by and power on illumination (my favourite bit!)
      4. On/Off switch
      5. Lid with release button
      6. Spout with removable, washable, limescale filter
      7. Easy clean, fast boil 3000W concealed element.

      I found using the kettle very easy. It is lightweight and not too heavy when filled to maximum. Also the the soft touch handle is easy to grip.
      The lid opens easily, by sliding the button back and lifting up, and as it is cordless, simply remove from its base, fill up, and replace. Press the On/Off switch down and away it goes!
      The element is concealed in the base of the kettle which makes cleaning or descaling the inside of the kettle much easier.

      As I already mentioned, my favourite part of the kettle is the illumination feature. This means that the body of the kettle is permanently illuminated blue, unless the kettle is switched off at the plug.
      When you switch the kettle on to boil the illumination changes from blue to red, changing back to blue when the kettle clicks off at boiling point.

      The LED's which illuminate the kettle are designed to last the lifetime of the kettle, and just in case you are concerned about energy usage, the amount used is very small, a fraction of what is used by a light bulb.
      Personally, when I am not at home, in bed or not using my kettle for a while I turn it off at the plug.
      Another energy saving tip is to remember that it is not always necessary to re-boil your kettle as the temperature will still be at 90oC after five minutes!
      Also many people tend to overfill their kettles - only boil what you need!

      The kettle has a removable filter in the spout, which I find easy to remove by gripping the top of the filter and gently pull it upwards. It easily detaches from the spout.
      I then rinse it under the tap and brush it with an old soft toothbrush, before refitting it. It clicks back into place very easily.
      I do live in a hard water area, which is a pain, and so I often clean the filter. You can also use a descaler if you prefer, as if you have hard water then limescale may still build up on the base.
      I also rub the kettle with a damp cloth to remove white limescale marks which often appear on the lid and base.

      Overall I am very happy with my kettle. I have had it a few months now and not experienced any problems with it so far, which is more than can be said for the matching toaster!. And while it is difficult to make a kettle sound interesting, this is by far the most interesting kettle I have ever purchased, thanks to the pretty blue light, which gives off a comforting glow sitting on the worktop. (I know, I really need to get out more!)

      The kettle is available to buy from major stockists and online retailers priced at around £22.99.

      Thanks for reading!


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    • Product Details

      1.6 Litre capacity Illumination: Blue on standby/Red on boil Easy view water window Polished stainless steel trim 3kW concealed fastboil element 360 degree base Limescale filter Cord storage & non-slip feet / Short name: Breville JK134

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