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Clothes Peg Cuties

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2 Reviews

Genre: Junior Books / Spiral-bound / 18 Pages / Book is published 2006-07-03 by Klutz Chicken Socks

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    2 Reviews
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      24.11.2008 22:15
      Very helpful



      Will keep the fun going until laundry time

      Clothes peg cuties by Klutz Chicken Socks are fun fun fun! what a brilliant idea to brighten you little ones rainy day! This activity pack allows you to unleash your creativity and best of all everything you need to create your new pals come included.

      Whats included:
      * a 22 page instruction booklet
      * glue
      * 3 Pegs complete with facial feautures
      * Multicoloured wool
      * Chenille hair in a variety of colours
      * 3 flower petal, for ceating skirts and dresses
      * a small bag of sequins

      How to use:
      Not too bad actually. All your craft essentials are included meaning you wont need to buy anything else. you can create up to 3 clothes peg dollies. The instruction book explains how to create them and what designs you can follow; with a choice of creting either a ballerina, a princess, a mermaid or indeed all three. The instructions are very straightforward and therefore easy for you children to follow. However, certain elements like attaching hair, etc. can be quite fiddley and so for smaller children i would advise supervision. The pack contains all you need and so is relativley mess-free but i would suggest useing a tray with newspaper on to empty contents of the pack and start the project as this ensures children wont end up getting glue and sequins all over the place.

      You dont get a lot for you money, ie. you can only create 3 dollies, having said that theres nothing stopping you purchasing a cheap pack of wooden pegs and adapt the instructions to suit.

      Hours of fun creating Princesses, Mermaids and Ballerinas that can actually be used, giving the added bonus of you children helping you with hanging the laundry. This product would make a brilliant stocking Filler or present and will give hours of joy.

      Highly recommended.


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      03.02.2008 14:02
      Very helpful



      A craft activity

      Clothes Peg Cuties

      Another of the makes Little Miss received and which she was keen to try out.

      I had never seen this type of product before and was impressed with the packaging and the general design of the book and craft kit. The kit comes in the form of a spiral bound book, which is good in itself because it means that once the page is opened, it stays open at that page- a bonus for budding clothes peg doll makers!

      Attached to the side of the book is a zip up sturdy plastic wallet with all the bits and pieces necessary to make three dollies inside. These contents are: 3 wooden clothes pegs with faces already drawn on them; 3 flowers; 20 sequins in a range of colours, multi coloured wool; some pretend hair; glue in a very small squeezable tube with a screw on/off lid.

      So, we're ready to make. The book does suggest that children should ask an adult for help with making the first dolly, and then they will be ready to make them on their own. I find that it's best to be on hand when children are using such things as scissors!

      AS expected, there are 3 dollies to make: princess, ballerina and mermaid. All of the instructions are written on either one or two double page spreads and are set out clearly. The instructions start with details of exactly what you will need for the doll, and it's handy that these details are not only written but are shown in picture form. I find this helps Little Miss gather the things herself and encourages a bit of independence. Each set of instructions is written in stages with short sentences, simple language and pictures to go with the instructions. At the end of the set of instructions is a picture of the finished dolly- to avoid disappointment it's best if an adult tries to help make the finished result as close to the one in the book as possible.

      After all of the instructions there are some pretty pop outs with which to decorate the dollies- tiaras, bags, shoes, fish, wands etc...all you could need for a highly decorated dolly. They do fall off but Little Miss is always pleased with the result if she has plenty of things attached- obviously works on the theory that more is more.

      ~~Other bits of information~~

      The book is part of the Chicken Socks range of books, specially devised by the Klutz group for younger children. All of the books are distributed in the UK by Scholastic, but I am not certain whether they can be bought on their website.

      For further information about the range of books, it's worth checking out www.klutz.com

      ISBN: 1-59174-234-X

      Publisher: Klutz, 2006

      ~~Other books by the same publishers~~

      Having never heard of this publisher before, and liking this book, I checked out the website and found some interesting craft makes, including:

      *The Foam Book
      * Melty Beads
      *Pop bead people
      * make your own twinkly tiaras
      * How to make pom pom animals
      * The super scissors book


      We liked this little craft book. The kit came with everything we needed to make the three dollies although as I often find with these kind of kits, we could have done with some more glue. The instructions are clear and the dolls do actually turn out like the ones in the picture. As I mentioned before, the fact that it's spiral bound means that once opened, it stays open, so no need to prop it open with heavy items.

      The only down side is that there are instructions for only 3 dolls, so once she had made them all, the book became useless. It may have been useful to supply materials for 3 of the dollies and suggestions for different ones.

      All in all, a nice craft activity.

      Thanks for reading.

      Daniela x


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    • Product Details

      Follow the colourful instructions in the accompanying book to make a Princess, Mermaid and Ballerina doll. The pegs, wool, silk flowers, sequins, chenille hair and glue creations can be further added to with die-cut, pop-out accessories.

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