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Social networking site where you earn PTZ which convert to prizes such as Wii Games & Amazon vouchers

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    11 Reviews
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      21.06.2010 09:28
      Very helpful



      Give it a Go but be Fast!

      Lockerz is an interesting freebies site that sets itself apart from any other freebies site out there. It intends to become the number one social networking site exceeding even facebook, but they're a long way off from there. This is because Lockerz is very much in it's early stages and ironically offers no social networking capabilities besides being able to invite friends to the site.

      What they do offer is the chance to earn 'Pointz' and redeem those PTZ for prizes. I'm writing this review as a recently joined member because judging from some of the other reviews, Lockerz has changed a little bit since they were written.

      If you want to join Lockerz you'll need to be invited by a friend who already has an account. Due to them being in their early stages they have not opened registration up to the general public as of yet. They do encourage you to invite new members though because once you've invited 20 people who actually join, you get 'Z-List' status meaning you earn double the PTZ of non Z-List members.

      Upon logging in to Lockerz you'll be presented with the 'My Locker' screen which is still in development and merely offers the daily updates and latest site news. You get 2 PTZ each day for logging in and then 2 more for answering the daily question which you'll also find on this screen. Recently they've also been offering bonus questions along with the daily question each worth 2 PTZ each. I understand there used to be a game at your first ever login to help you earn some PTZ but this doesn't seem to be the case anymore (at least I didn't get to play).

      So since the aim is to earn some PTZ how else can you do it? Besides logging in and answering the daily question oh and inviting friends, the main way to do it is through 'Play'. You'll find in its own tab at the top of the screen in the navigation bar. Play is basically a youtube style section of Lockerz where watching videos earns you PTZ. No matter the duration of the video you will always get 2 PTZ per video. This being said you may think that you'll want to just go for the short ones which can be as short as 25 seconds but Lockerz does actually offer some cool videos and you're very likely to find something you enjoy. For me they offer a headbangers ball style video ;)

      Lockerz target audience is however the younger crowd so not everyone will find things they like on Play. The daily videos for example are headed by the goofy American pair 'Dave and Anthony' whom I don't find funny and couldn't understand how anyone ever could but each to their own. The dailies are the shortest videos and the easiest way to redeem PTZ so you'll just have to cope!

      Eventually 'Shop' will open up to the rest of the world but at the moment it's just for American users. Shop is Lockerz own online shop (you'd never have guessed) but with a twist. You earn PTZ depending on the product you buy and can also reduce the price by using the PTZ slider which they are oh so proud of. You just slide the slider along and it takes PTZ away from you and a percentage off the product. From what I can see, the prices are highly uncompetitive and the PTZ reward isn't enough to warrant a purchase. Most users are there for free stuff are they not?

      Finally onto the good stuff ... the prizes!!

      PTZ can be redeemed in 'PTZ Place' which offers some fantastic products such as the whole Apple Catalogue (well pretty much), Games Consoles, Designer Clothes etc etc needless to say the prizes are very desirable and in comes a problem. PTZ place isn't constantly stocked and you have to wait a good while for a restock. When a restock does happen you still won't get your prizes as Lockerz is inhabited by evil prize demons. Said demons spend their lives on Lockerz in constant wait for a restock and when it happens they POUNCE! They use roboform and other form filling utilities to quickly fill in the redemption form before you've even chosen your prize and then ... it's all gone and you're left with the option of buying a Lockerz themed desktop background for 15 PTZ. Sad times indeed.
      I will also note that PTZ values have decreased since the golden days which I wasn't there for. It used to be around 2000 PTZ for a tasty macbook but it's a lot more than that now and it's only going to increase as the site gets more users and closer to launch. I'd advise you join now and just hope you get lucky and beat the prize demons to it!

      In conclusion I'd say that Lockerz is an excellent idea and earning PTZ is a snap especially when they do triple PTZ weekends like they did recently. This is all well and good but if you can't even redeem those PTZ then why bother?! I will update this review when I actually redeem and have received a product and share some tips if I have any!

      And of course if you'd like an invite to Lockerz then feel free to PM me as I'd love to be on that prestigious Z-List!


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        24.02.2010 22:07
        Very helpful



        i'm in a grey area regarding this, it's money for nothing other than being voyeuristic


        A website for the Z generation. It's topical, L33T, makes you hella kewl, hip, hop and fresh - and essentially rewards you for nothing other than spreading it virally.

        At the moment all you do is log in, answer a question, maybe watch the personalities behind Lockerz do their painfully awkward and yet oh so Fresh & Quirky three minute long skit as they discuss some feature or some nonsense, watch a video - music videos from ... some Vampire Band or the latest POWER POP or whatever and they're even producing some of their own comedy and cooking shows now (the cooking show looks quite good) and that's it. Seriously. That's all there is to do.

        You get two points for logging in, you get two for answering a daily question of such depth and awesomeness as 'what movie made you cry last' or 'do you shop online', you get two points for each person that accepts and registers on Lockerz under your invite and two points for watching some mediocre videos.

        You get double points when you get 20 friends to sign up. And a free T-shirt.

        And then ... well, that's it so far - this seems to be a slightly more rewarding version of Swagbucks or myspace but without the people in your face sending you spam or reminding you of some persons birthday that you met once, whilst drunk but thought you'd be clever and give them your myspace address...

        There's some pretty incredible rewards on Lockerz and most of them will take you a while to earn. Couple that with the fact that it's American based then some of the electronic equipment won't be for you unless you're going with my plan of selling it online or keeping that new PSP.

        Be aware that you will have to pay customs on any goods with a value over £18, and that may well end up costing you more than the item is worth.

        You can even earn enough points (5500 points) for $2k dollars. Seriously. It goes straight into your Paypal account minus fee's ultimately but that's a lot of money for nothing.

        You have to be ready to get your prizes though, as Lockerz spreads virally and becomes synonymous with the new face of social networking and advertising, there's less and less prizes to go round but as most people give up on Lockerz in the end, there's more prizes to go round. It's probably worth staying up for the US time reset to get those prizes, prizes for innocuous answers to stupid questions. You get your points no matter what you answer (there's some fun to be had in that)

        Lockerz is is funded, i believe by advertising and big companies, that's probably why they're allowed to host music videos to create brand and product awareness but it's relatively harmless and you won't be bothered by tons of spam, pop-ups or anything really.

        I think Lockerz is collating information at the moment and will probably undergo a few more revisions before it becomes established.

        If you google around you can see for yourself whether it's legitimate or not, I think it is and urge you, if you have something like 3 minutes a day spare to get yourself an invite and give them as much sass and maladroit answers as possible - in a month or two you can claim something for doing nothing.

        Having said all that, Lockerz is the new face and probable new method of creating brand and product awareness - so far, there are no logo's anywhere and nothing is popping out in your face demanding your attention and there's no spam. Yet. There may be in a while but for the time being and immediate future it's all pretty clean and clear cut who the monetary support is coming from and it seems, so far, that neither are investing a massive amount into having their logo's proudly displayed.

        All I ask of you, dear reader, is to sass the hell out of Lockerz where you can.

        If you want an invite from me just ask, if you don't but still want to register there's hundreds of people that will send you an invite on many websites or even in every review below ... hmm.

        Don't forget, if you go and join - give them nothing but attitude!


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        13.02.2010 21:29
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        Try it - I think!

        Lockerz.com has been a controversial site with some people giving it endless praise to others saying it is a scam. You can just look at the mixed results just on Dooyoo to see this. I first found out about the site from another review on Dooyoo and decided to check the site out. The site is also invite only so you have to be referred to the site by another member!

        Lockerz is a site where you earn PTZ from doing various tasks. You get 2 PTZ from all of the following at the moment:

        Logging in daily and clicking the claim PTZ button

        Answering a daily question e.g. Does Money Buy Happiness, Have you Gone on a Diet or Who Should Win the Grammy for Best Rapper.

        Referring people to Lockerz.com.

        The site is still in its beta stage and there are plans to expand it so you can also earn PTZ from watching videos and playing games.

        These tasks take a very short amount of time and easily within five minutes you can log in and answer the daily question giving you 4 PTZ a day which soon adds up! If you got 4 PTZ a day every day for a year that would be over 1400 PTZ which at the current PTZ levels for redemption is more than an Apple MacBook 13 inch. The site has many prizes like Ipod touches, Paypal money, video games, the chance to write a daily question and much more!

        The other really cool thing is that if you refer 20 people you become a Z Lister member which means you earn double PTZ for everything e.g. 8 PTZ a day and you get a free T Shirt (plus the PTZ for referring people!)

        When it comes to redemption it gets a little more tricky with what to believe. I do think Lockerz are definitely genuine but I think it is hard to redeem a prize - mainly due to how popular the site has become there is an enormous amount of people trying to redeem prizes! There are also many videos on Youtube and many people who say they have got prizes just check some other reviews of the site. The redemption periods are also only once or twice a month so you have to be there at the right time or all the prizes go!

        I am aware that this site sounds almost too good to be true but I think they plan to make more money from it in the future. For a start in a few months or so time I think they are planning to raise the amount of PTZ needed for prizes and start selling products. Also with millions of members it may have advertising earning it a small fortune and things like people paying to put games on their to see what people think of them and maybe sell the daily question information to survey sites e.t.c. As you can see they could make massive amounts in the future but probably need loads of people to be on the site and visiting regularly.

        Lockerz also ship internationally and you don`t have to pay the shipping fees or anything but may have to pay tax depending on the country but it may take a while to arrive as it is based in the U.S.A.

        I really think Lockerz is a cool site and while it does seem to be too good to be true I think it has been proved to be genuine and well worth signing up to!

        If you would like to join you do need an invite and I would be happy to send you one! :)

        Thanks for reading!

        This review may also appear on other sites under the names ns1209 and mariofan123.


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          16.01.2010 19:50
          Very helpful



          This site is honestly awsome, you should really check it out.

          How I found out about Lockerz.com?

          A friend told me about Lockerz.com so I decided to check it out. Once I did I have been on the website everyday for about the last 3 - 4 months.

          How it works?

          Basically you sign into the website and do a daily question("Daily's") eg. iPhone or Blackberry? That is all that is available to do at the moment until the site goes live as it is in Beta just now. Once it goes live you will be able to watch videos and play games aswell to rack up your points.

          What are the prizes?

          The prizes range from computer game's and consoles to play them on to iPods, dvd's, jewlery, macbooks, cameras, psp's and even amazon vouchers or paypal vouchers which can be paid directly into your bank account. These are just some of prizes you can redeem with more than 100 altogether that you can choose from but the more expensive the item is the more points it costs you to redeem.

          How to earn points(PTZ)?

          On the site the points that you earn are called PTZ which can be earned by:

          Signing into the website - 2PTZ
          Answering the daily question("Daily") - 2PTZ
          Refering another person to the website - 2PTZ

          Everyday by just signing in and answering the daily you get 4PTZ.

          Once you have referred 20 people to the website you become a Z-Lister!
          That is all you can do just now until the website goes live and you are able to watch videos and play games to earn more PTZ.

          What is a Z-Lister?

          A Z-Lister is a person who has referred 20 people to the site. Once you have Z-Lister status then you get double the amount of points as a non Z-Lister making it easier to get the prize that you want. Also being a Z-Lister you get a lockerz t-shirt sent to you free of charge(it's a slim fit so go for the next size up).

          Evidence that this is not a scam?

          There a tons of different unboxing videos on youtube from people who have recieved prizes from Lockerz.com. On the videos the boxes have the lockerz tape on them. The site is regularly updated with videos from the owners of the site and if you check there facebook out you can see pictures of the warehouse full of items.

          Lockerz Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/LOCKERZ/80976158596
          Youtube unboxing 1:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mlj5z56--vE
          Youtube unboxing 2:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tI6vsFU3C2k

          Just search Lockerz unboxing on youtube if you would like to see more proof.

          Can you sign up if you dont live in the US?

          Yes Lockerz ships to anywhere in the world free or charge.

          When can you redeem your prize?

          The redeem date is usually at the end of every month. Occasionaly there will be two redeem dates so that you have a fair chance of getting something. As the site recieves a massive amount of traffic(millions of members) as the redeem dates gets passed around it becomes very difficult as Lockerz only has so much items in stock in there warehouses. The site is in Beta at the moment but once it goes live you will be able to redeem whenever you have enough points for the thing you have your eye on.

          How long does it take to get my prize once you've redeemed?

          It can take up to 3 weeks but in most cases people recieve there stuff in about 7 days.


          After using this website for a number of months, reading reviews and watching unboxing videos on youtube, I think Lockerz.com is an excellent site to get items you want but can't splash the cash on with very little effort!

          If you would like a invitation to the website send me an email: jay91bird@googlemail.com and I will send you one within the same day.


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            05.01.2010 23:16
            Very helpful



            Thumbs down

            Lockerz.com is a prize redemption and sweepstakes website. The domain was first registered in 2001 but was launched in an open beta session in the final quarter of 2009. The website currently operates on an invite only basis and requires registration prior to accessing it. Alexa traffic research reports it as being the 1136th most accessed website in the world, and states it is in the top 100 most accessed websites for Sri Lanka and Estonia.

            I have been a loyal SwagBucks.com user for a long period of time but lately have watched their quality of service slip. They still have maintained their standards although the time it takes to acquire enough points, or "bucks", to redeem prizes has noticeably risen over the last little while. I was after a new frontier in the prize redemption front and witnessed a flood of comments hyping Lockerz.com on video sharing websites as the next big thing. I decided to message a registered user and was given an invitation to begin my selfish pursuit.

            The website currently rewards users with two points, known as "PTZ", for logging into the service every 24 hours and another two points for answering a time sensitive daily question. The questions are far from mentally taxing and ask for opinions on topics such as which band a user would like to see playing in their back garden. These points are later exchanged for prizes including mp3 players, games consoles, DVD films, jewelry and vouchers. At the moment, Lockerz.com PTZ are not continually redeemable and the website requires users to access their service during a special redemption period where prizes are put up for grabs. The most recent redemption night was on New Years Eve 2009 and users were not informed ahead of time as to when the redemption was taking place; users were simply told "in December". Unfortunately, this lack of commitment on behalf of Lockerz.com spelled an impending doom which ultimately drove thousands of users away in a mass exodus.

            My experience with Lockerz.com has been a poor one. The website hosts a variety of bugs which the web developers seem to take little notice of. On three separate occasions I logged on to my Lockerz.com account to find points mysteriously deducted from my total. I sent an e-mail to technical support regarding this issue but never received any form of reply; something which upon further investigation into their official Facebook page seems to be commonplace. Web developers are also known to remove Lockerz.com's content from the Internet for extended periods of time. This restricts users from accessing it and prevents the acquisition of daily points. What ultimately drove me away from using this website, however, was the most recent redemption night.

            The time was approximately 10:30 PM on New Years Eve 2009 when Lockerz.com changed their "prize redemption coming soon" page to a bright display of prize categories. Like many other users, I had my eye on a snazzy PSP bundle for a bargain price of 200 PTZ. With my overflowing balance of 280 PTZ, the time was right to finally get my hands on the games console. I was quick to click on the electronics category and fervently browsed around for the prize which I had my eyes on for so long. After eventually finding it within the prize board the listing was declared as "fresh out" or more aptly sold out. I continued to browse around for other prizes but unfortunately nothing seemed to take my fancy. I went over to the "cool brands" section and came across a £50 voucher for Amazon UK at the value of 250 PTZ which I could afford. The listing featured a green "redeem now" button which declared it as still in stock. I thought "Great!" and quickly clicked on it only to be redirected back to the main homepage. After numerous attempts, and a few website time outs, I gave up as I could not get my hands on the voucher.

            I wondered if this issue was something to do with my web browser, as I was beta testing a developmental release at the time, so logged on to the Facebook fan page. Within moments, swarms of "yay I got x prize for y price" changed to a barrage of profanity spewed hatred directly at Lockerz. I was not alone in the issue I was experiencing and irate users were letting their thoughts be heard. Many users felt Lockerz.com was nothing more than an Internet scam, so I quickly loaded my screen capture software to recreate the bug several users were experiencing. After uploading the clip to the Internet I posted it on the Lockerz.com Facebook page and within moments my Facebook account was disabled for an unspecified reason. To date said Facebook account remains on the "disabled" list. I quickly returned to the Lockerz page and removed all personal information from my account including full name, home address, mobile number and date of birth; I don't plan on returning to the website.

            As the website is still in its "beta" stages of development I will still give Lockerz.com the benefit of the doubt. It is clearly not ready for regular usage but may become more functional after the "full version" of the website is launched in the near future. This should correct some of the usage flaws such as the necessity of being online at an unspecified time for the chance at snagging a prize. The issue regarding Lockerz.com being a scam remains unknown, but until I have more proof as to the website's legitimacy and functionality it is not something I will access, and is not something I would recommend to prospective users.


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              06.12.2009 13:22
              Very helpful



              Earn points for not much effort

              I was introduced to www.lockerz.com a few days back and thought I'd try it out. It is a very new site so no idea whether or not it will continue or not but is worth a try anyway.

              Lockerz.com is an invite only website where you can earn points and claim prizes when you reach a certain amount of points. At the moment you get 2 points for logging in each day and another 2 points for answering the daily question. You also get to earn extra points the first time you sign in after registering your details. You can play a game that allows you to win points.

              In addition you can invite friends to join. For each friend who joins you get an extra 2 points added to your account and when you reach 20 friends then your points are doubled for logging in and answering questions. So if anyone is interested in this site and wants to join it to see what it's all about let me know and I can send you an invite. You need 100 points to get for example a playstation or xbox game so not too bad

              It really is that simple and that's why I thought I'd try it as there is nothing to lose really and you don't have to do too much to earn points so won't take up much of your time.

              The only thing I will say is that site is very basic but looks like they will be adding more things to it as time goes by and I found the site to be very slow when logging in and navigating.

              If you want an exciting website then this isn't it and only time will tell whether this site sticks around and grows but it's well worth a go as you are not investing any money and doesn't take up much time at all to earn points


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                02.12.2009 02:22
                Very helpful



                I've got some PTZ ... all I need now is some PRIZES !!!

                ~~~ INTRODUCTION ~~~

                LOCKERZ.COM is a website that is dividing opinion across the entire globe. It is also a website that has actually divided opinion within the dooyoo community too as this week I have read both positive and negative reviews about this site and I have also read several rather "heated" exchanges within the comments boxes of such reviews. Differences of opinion, however, are actually a positive aspect to being a member of an online "reviewing" community as anyone interested in joining LOCKERZ.COM would surely want to arm themselves with as much information as possible ...

                Personally I am a very skeptical person, I am not easily fooled and I like to know what I am getting into ... but I have also joined LOCKERZ.COM !!!

                In the following review I aim to do three things ...

                * Firstly ... I aim to explain what LOCKERZ.COM is and how LOCKERZ.COM works.
                * Secondly ... I aim to shed some light on the "Is LOCKERZ.COM a scam ?" issue.
                * Thirdly ... I aim to share my own experience and findings.

                I am in no connected with LOCKERZ.COM other than the fact that I am a member of it.

                ~~~ THE DAY I DISCOVERED LOCKERZ.COM ~~~

                On Monday 16th November 2009 I had never even heard of LOCKERZ.COM. I actually discovered the site after reading a review written by fellow dooyoo member ChrisandHolly and within that review it was mentioned that LOCKERZ.COM was an invite only website but that if anyone was interested in joining they could send a message for an invite. I have joined a few websites that have I read reviews on (some were great and others were truly awful) but seeing as I liked what I had read I decided to send ChrisandHolly a message. Later that day an email arrived from LOCKERZ.COM and my membership of the site began !!!

                ~~~ LOCKERZ.COM ~~~

                LOCKERZ.COM is indeed an invite only website because at the moment the site is being developed and is still in its infancy. Interest in the site from across the globe, however, has been so huge that the team responsible for LOCKERZ.COM have (in their words) struggled to keep up with the sheer volume of people the new site has attracted. They are, however, delighted with the response as they would like LOCKERZ.COM to eventually become the most successful social networking site ever.

                So what is LOCKERZ.COM ? The official LOCKERZ.COM press release states that ...

                "Lockerz is an invitation-only website created to connect members through commerce, content and community. Watch exclusive video, discover new music, play games, connect with friends, and get rewarded for it. The more often you visit, the more opportunities you have to earn PTZ (or "Pointz"), Lockerz' own form of currency."

                And as someone who as recently joined all I can say is that this appears to be exactly what LOCKERZ.COM is. It is important to point out that although you can actually earn "PTZ" on a daily basis the site itself is still under development and the video, music and games elements are due to be added shortly. There are, however, regular progress updates and as well as finding out information from within the main website LOCKERZ.COM can also be found on both Facebook and Twitter.

                ~~~ HOW LOCKERZ.COM WORKS ~~~

                In a nutshell LOCKERZ.COM is an online community which rewards members with PTZ (points) which can later be exhanged for a number of high quality prizes. PTZ can be redeemed on certain dates when an online community event is held but as there isn't an unlimited supply of each prize the PTZ Redemption is carried out on a strictly "first come, first served" basis. The prizes offered are pretty impressive and include iPods, PSPs, Macbooks, Nintendo Wii Consoles as well as a range of smaller items such as watches, handbags, DVD boxsets and earphones. There are also a number of experiences on offer (basically for US members really) as well as options to donate your PTZ to charity. LOCKERZ.COM also sends the prizes to anywhere in the world for free but does provide a link to a website that concerns taxes you may have to pay when receiving expensive items as gifts from abroad. This is nothing strange, however, as an international eBay buyer and seller this happens regularly ... it doesn't cost the earth and if you were getting a free games console it would be more than worth it.

                ~~~ PTZ MAKE PRIZES ~~~

                At the moment there are three ways to earn PTZ ...

                1. Just by logging in to the website each day you automatically earn >>> 2 PTZ !
                2. By answering a daily question (on the same day it is posted) you earn >>> 2 PTZ !
                3. And, finally, by referring a new member you earn >>> 2 PTZ !

                Essentially that means that just by logging into the site once every 24 hours and answering the daily question you can earn 4 PTZ. This takes about three minutes of your time each day and in a week it also means that you can earn 28 PTZ !!!

                Now, let's look at the prizes on offer ... and the first example I will use in an New iPod Touch (64 GB). An iPod Touch will cost you 800 PTZ ... which basically means that you could earn enough PTZ to get one by logging in and answering the daily question each day for 29 weeks !!!

                Or how about a smaller prize ... for a brand new copy of Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 2 for the XBox 360 you would need 100 PTZ ... which could be earned by logging in and answering the daily question in just 25 days !!!

                ~~~ THE Z LIST ~~~

                In addition to logging on and answering the daily question you can also earn even more PTZ by inviting other members. You earn 2 PTZ for each person you send an invite to who then becomes a members of LOCKERZ.COM. When you have invited a total of 20 new members you then become a "Z LIST MEMBER" !!! A Z LIST MEMBER is then further rewarded as they are the only members who can take part in special online PTZ redemption events where extra special prizes are on offer ... there are several of these Z List Member dates planned in the next couple of months.

                It may sound too good to be true ... but I will get on to that "issue" a little later on. For now, however, I will describe my own experience of being a member LOCKERZ.COM so far ....


                1) After reading ChrisandHolly's LOCKERZ.COM review I sent them a message. Chris sent me a message back and within an hour my invite from LOCKERZ.COM arrived in my e-mail inbox.
                2) I clicked the link, filled out a very simple registration form and became a member od LOCKERZ.COM. It did not cost anything to join and I did not have to give out any personal information that I was uncomfortable with.
                3) On the welcome screen there was an opportunity to play a one off welcome game ... the game lasted for around 30 seconds and basically involved using my mouse to catch as amny falling PTZ as I could. I did ok ... I caught 14 PTZ !!!
                4) As I had just logged in I got another 2 PTZ.
                5) I went to the dailies section ... and posted my answer to the question
                "How would you like to spend the day with your favourite celebrity ?" which earned me another 2 PTZ.
                6) I have now been a member for 14 days. I have earned 56 PTZ from simply logging in and answering the quick daily question each day. I got 14 bonus PTZ from the one off game I played when I first joined and I have earned 40 more PTZ by inviting 20 friends and becoming a member of the Z List !!!
                7) MY POINTS TOTAL IS THEREFORE >>> 110 PTZ !!!
                8) Being a member of LOCKERZ.COM is not time consuning at all.
                9) Being a member of LOCKERZ.COM hasn't cost me anything.
                10) I have not received any spam e-mails at all.
                11) My LOCKERZ.COM account is always updated and easy to access.
                12) Logging on for a few minutes each day is fun ... especially answering the daily questions which are always lighthearted !!!


                I am more than sure that phrases such as "too good to be true" and "nothing is ever really free" must have come to mind whilst you have been reading through this review and it's certainly an opinion that is shared by many people. Also for every person who writes something positive about the website there are two other who seem to be writing something negative. It is a website that has truly divided opinion and LOCKERZ.COM itself has often been described as being nothing more than a scam.

                The many critics of LOCKERZ.COM out there have made claims that nobody has actually ever received a single prize from LOCKERZ.Com and that all the internet footage of people sending in videos of their prizes has been faked in order to keep the scam going. There are also claims that it is nothing more than a website created to collect as many emails addresses as possible (hence the invite friends function). In addition to these claims I have also read that if prizes do exist then they run out quickly during redemption periods meaning that if LOCKERZ.COM is real then they must only have a few prizes on offer and are promising what they can't deliver !!!

                One thing is clear, however, LOCKERZ.COM does seem to be offering a fantastic selection of high quality prizes in return for doing very little and as a result of this the "too good to be true" aspect has created a great deal of doubt, suspicion and controversy ... which has inevitably lead to it being labeled as a scam !!!


                When LOCKERZ.COM was initially created the developers never realized (or dreamed) that its popularity would grow so huge in just a small space of time and in their own words (from their official online blog) "whilst we are happy with the success we are snowed under and fighting to stay on top of the huge demand the website has created"

                But what is LOCKERZ.COM and why are it's promised rewards of such high quality ? Well essentially LOCKERZ.COM has been created to become the world's most successful online focus group where huge companies can use the website to promote their brands whilst rewarding the members for helping to promote their brands who will be reviewing their products, watching their advertisements and being seen with their merchandise. Think how much money companies such as Apple spend each year on global publicity then scale that down to the fact that Apple can clearly afford to provide LOCKERZ.COM with a few crates of goodies to distribute amongst its members. However, that's the thing that the people calling it a scam seem to forget ... LOCKERZ.COM has never claimed to have unlimited Xbox consoles and iPods to give out and that is why many of the prizes run out so quickly on redemption days ... demand is simply that high !!!

                Also, what many people don't realize is that these too good to be true prizes are actually designed to get as many people signed up to LOCKERZ.COM to create an online community of members so that when the site has been completed the big businesses will have a community ready to continue earning their PTZ to trade in for future prizes. LOCKERZ.COM has made it clear that the PTZ needed for prizes at the moment are very low and that when the website itself becomes fully operational the number of PTZ needed for future prizes will be considerably higher . Of course the PTZ can still be earned for free (but it will just take you longer to earn enough PTZ for the really expensive items).


                In a way, you have to look at it in the same way that you would consider a "free drinks promotion". Imagine you get a flyer promising you a free drink. You turn up for the free drink but more often not you decide to stay because you like it there (despite the fact you then have to buy your own drinks). You feel great as you have got something for free but the owner gets to fill his bar with happy smiling customers. You have a free drink, a great night and then you tell others about it ... it's a simple but very effective way of advertising. It's also what LOCKERZ.COM has done but on a much larger scale !!!


                Let's look at who is actually behind the LOCKERZ.COM as that will give you a little more background information. LOCKERZ.COM is a company that has been funded by the Liberty Media Group and the Chief Executive Officer of Liberty Media is a lady called Kathy Savitt. If you type her name into a web search you will discover (as I did) that Kathy Savitt supports many new and exciting web based companies and more importantly you will also discover that she has the experience to do so as she was a former executive at Amazon.com !!!

                So if you use Amazon.com yourself then just take a minute to consider that the woman who helped to make it as successful as it is today is also the woman who runs the company who funds LOCKERZ.COM !!!


                To put the idea that LOCKERZ.COM could potentially be a scam into perspective I would like to share my experience of something that happened that a few weeks ago that I think fellow dooyoo reviewers will be able to relate to. You see, LOCKERZ.COM isn't the only website that offers rewards to its members that has been labeled as a scam as dooyoo itself has also had this claim made against it !!!

                Now as a member of dooyoo I know this is not the case ... I have received my cheques on time for the dooyoo miles I have earned and am one 100% happy with every aspect of being a member. However, a few weeks ago many of you will remember that dooyoo experienced a number of technical difficulties and as a member I could not log on, access my account or even search the site to see if my reviews were still there. Also when I did eventually manage to log on I discovere3d to my horror that all my dooyoo miles had vanished. At this stage I had yet to receive any payment from dooyoo and had yet to earn enough dooyoo miles to redeem. I was slightly worried so typed "dooyoo miles missing" into a web search and eventually found a forum (MoneySavingExpert.com) in which the technical difficulties were being discussed. Firstly, I was relieved that I wasn't the only dooyoo member to be experiencing problems but after reading for a while I then became quite concerned. Several dooyoo members (many who I recognized by their usernames) had posted suspicions that dooyoo was a scam and that they were angry they had wasted their time writing reviews. One member posted a message saying ...

                " I am still waiting for my first cheque, it hasn't arrived yet and I read that other members were in the same boat as me. Now I have logged in and discovered my dooyoo miles toal has dropped to zero. It's official. It was a scam and we've all been duped. I won't be writing another review for them."

                I was really alarmed when I read this and started to regret spending all that time writing reviews. I started to believe that maybe dooyoo was too good to be true after all !!!

                It was, as most of you will know of course, nothing more than a technical problem and within a day or two dooyoo had sorted it out and posted an explanation within the dooyoo community section and as for the cheques they were simply delayed as so many members had redeemed at the same time (and there were postal issues in the UK too).

                At the time, however, I had not been a member long enough to be able to vouch for dooyoo and the minute I read the words "scam" and "dooyoo" in the same sentence I simply over-reacted.

                In terms of this review I wanted to point this out and use it as a very real example as the words "Lockerz" and "scam" have also appeared together in the same sentence within a number of websites and forums. I know for a fact that dooyoo is not a scam as I have proof (my cheques) and I would like to share the news within this review that I also have proof that Lockerz is not a scam either as I discovered a few days ago !!!


                The many critics of LOCKERZ.COM who have e claimed that all the internet footage of people happily opening their parcels from LOCKERZ.COM has been staged to encourage people to continue using the site after reading that it was a scam. And I am willing to accept that this could be possible ...

                However, a couple of days after I joined LOCKERZ.COM I sent a LOCKERZ.COM invite to a friend of mine who emailed me back to thank me but to explain that he wouldn't be accepting as he was already a member. A couple of days ago I emailed him to tell him I was writing this review and to ask him if he thought it was a scam. He then emailed back to tell me that it wasn't as he has been a member for a few months and that he has received a two prizes from LOCKERZ.COM already.

                Now, this is a guy who I have known since I was at school and as he only lives a few miles away I asked him if I could go round and see the prizes for myself ... he agreed as we hadn't seen each other for ages. I won't bore you about the details of our get together but essentially I saw with my own eyes two prizes (a PSP and a set of Skullcandy Headphones) and the proof that they were from LOCKERZ.COM was in the paperwork they had sent and the free LOCKERZ.COM postcards that they had included in the box. He no longer had the box they arrived in but to be honest I had seen enough. There are forums all over the internet claiming that the various videos on people opening up their LOCKERZ.COM prizes are all fake. Well this wasn't a video, this was real life and it was also someone I had known since I was five years old ... decide amongst yourselves what you'd believe in that situation !!!


                I hope that as a result of reading this review you will feel that you are a little more informed about LOCKERZ.COM and that you also realize that I have tried to present both sides of the argument. I do not work for them or represent them ... I am simply a member of LOCKERZ.COM who decided to do a little research in order to write a review.

                In my opinion "scams" are situations where you need to provide websites with your bank details (or other sensitive information) ...but LOCKERZ.COM requires no such information other than your email address, a password and a postal address that your prizes can be sent to.

                In addition to this, it doesn't actually take up much time at all to log in each day and answer the daily question either ... yet I am a member of several UK survey sites that take up quite a lot of my time and all too often lead to no reward at the end of the process !!!

                I took a leap of faith when I joined LOCKERZ.COM and until I receive a prize of my own I cannot 100% vouch for the authenticity of the website. But in saying that a few weeks ago when a technical glitch at dooyoo put my dooyoo miles at zero I entered a forum in which various members were making a pretty convincing case that dooyoo was a scam too ...

                I know now that dooyoo is 100% genuine ... the day my cheque arrived proved that. Let's hope that LOCKERZ.COM follows in dooyoo's footsteps !!!

                However, there is a saying "nothing ventured, nothing gained" and as far as I am concerned if LOCKERZ.COM is genuine then the earlier you join the more chances you have of building up your PTZ balance whilst the prizes are being offered at such a low rate. That, however is a choice that you alone must make.

                ~~~ FINAL THOUGHTS ~~~

                I would like to thank fellow dooyoo member ChrisandHolly for introducing me to LOCKERZ.COM in the review they wrote and for sending me the invite that made me a member. Chris emailed me a couple of days ago to tell me that he had just redeemed 250 PTZ for a Nintendo Wii and had a received an email to inform him that it will shortly be on it's way. I hope that it arrives soon and provides Chris (and Holly of course) with hours of fun.

                Please feel free to leave your comments, thoughts and opinions and let's hope that by sharing the information in a positive and open way we can either join together to celebrate the success of LOCKERZ.COM or use a community such as dooyoo to warn others. I have presented the arguments and issues that I am currently aware of a and I have shared my own experience of being a member of LOCKERZ.COM so far but like I have already said within this review ... despite the proof I have discovered I will only be 100% convinced when I receive a prize myself. But that's hw I felt until the day that my first dooyoo cheque dropped onto the doormat !!!

                I no longer need to invite anyone to join LOCKERZ.COM to get Z List Status as I have already invited 20 members but if, having read this review, you would like to join then please send me a message and I will send you an invite. I am offering to do this because at present LOCKERZ.COM is an invite only website and without the invitation I received I would not have been a member and would, therefore, not have been writing this review.


                If I invite you and you redeem your PTZ for a fantastic prize then you can thank me later ... if it all turns out to be a scam then we can both blame ChrisandHolly (only joking).


                Thanks for taking time to read this review. I know it was long but I hope you genuinely appreciate that it wasn't something that could be rushed off quickly in a few hundred words for the sake of grabbing my 500 dooyoo miles !!!

                >>> jedimastergray73 <<<


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                  20.11.2009 13:24
                  Very helpful



                  Don't bother until they've proved themselves legit

                  I signed up to lockerz.com after reading the first review on this site, because it sounded pretty good. I figured I had nothing to lose and I was intrigued, so I grabbed a code off the kind member offering them, and went to investigate.

                  What is Lockerz? Basically it claims that you need to log in every day (and do other things like play games and earn points), and then you can cash in for prizes such as Nintendo Wii consoles (250PTZ) and iPods (200PTZ).

                  Firstly, I found that the site was very slow loading. It also requires Flash for some aspects, and so I'm not able to enjoy full functionality at work.

                  Signing up was quick and easy though, and I was keen to explore. The site only has basic functionality at the moment, and you aren't physically able to cash in for prizes 'yet'. I was a bit sceptical about this, but decided to carry on. I'd got 2PTZ for logging in so I thought collecting a prize may take forever. But then I came across a game to play, and I got a massive 38PTZ from that. Great! I'll be there in no time.

                  Except...when I went to a new page, my points completely disappeared. I tried logging in and out, and they didn't reappear (they shouldn't have gone anyway because the site uses frames and your points score stays at the bottom right of your screen at all times). Needless to say, despite plenty of other attempts at troubleshooting, there was no way to get my points back. I logged in again a few days later and didn't get the points for logging either. I've just tried again now and it's given me two points, but it's really too buggy to use, and I don't know how long they'll stay there for.

                  Worse was to come. Stupidly I'd signed up with my main email account, and I started getting lots of spam messages. I've not signed up for anything else recently, and I'm getting a few a day now. My spam filter normally catches everything, so this made me more suspicious that it was something I'd signed up for. Now I can't say 100% that it was because of lockerz, but it seems very suspicious to me that this problem started occurring at the same time. I assume that this is the only way they could make enough money to warrant the prizes - signing up advertisers to spam you or by selling personal information. Again, this is only a guess, but it seems incredibly likely to me.

                  Based on this, I'm suspicious about whether they will actually let you cash in for prizes in the future. It does sound too good to be true, and it could be the kind of scam where they will collect tons of active email addresses and sell them on or use to spam you several times a week forever, but close the site or make up excuses. After all, it will take people a while to get enough points, as usually there's only one opportunity or two a day to get a couple of points. Maybe that's why my big amount of points disappeared so quickly, I don't know.

                  Either way, there's no way of proving what score you got or really where you've got points from, so disputing them is a nightmare.

                  The other aspect of it is that Lockerz is quite blatantly a pyramid scheme, and offers (potentially) big points for referring people. Again this would link to the theory that they are harvesting email addresses.

                  I've read some things that suggest Lockerz makes money from the one daily question they ask. I find this completely unbelievable when the answers to these questions will be sold for a few pence, if that. If one question was worth so much, then the people at OnePoll (and similar) would be multi-billionaires, and they aren't. Typically companies will pay just a few pence for thousands of responses, so I really don't think that Lockerz makes money this way.

                  So I would say that this isn't really worth signing up to. I'd offer codes but I really don't trust them - they've given me no reason to. A number of their activites look suspicious, their website (though it looks attractive) is buggy at best and scam breeding at worst. And there's very little information on it, particularly about the company.

                  I'm being honest here - I don't want to accuse people who genuinely love the site and think it's great, especially as I have no concrete evidence (yet). But the easiest way to make points is to sign lots of people up, and one of the easiest ways to sign people up is to write a glowing review on dooyoo about it... Just saying you might want to take 4 and 5 star reviews with a pinch of salt, especially as none of these people so far have received prizes (and as far as I could see the sites says you can't get prizes yet anyway).


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                    18.11.2009 18:46
                    Very helpful



                    Excellent site that I highly recommend!

                    "*"*" My Opinion Of This Site "*"*"

                    Ok, so sitting here with a awful cold and thinking that it has temporarily hijacked my brain cells. I have struggled to think of anything to review all day today. There has not been any films since my last film review that have inspired me enough to want to write about them. Well, there probably is but I cant remember them at the minute. lol! So I think that it is time to review this and tell everyone why it is that I think it is absolutely brilliant. I never even knew that this website existed until I read a review on here by a member called (chrisandholly) and with me being the sort of person that I am.

                    That being the sort of person who spends way too many hours searching for these sort of websites and signing up to everything that even slightly resembles it. I was very interested when I read the review and I seen that they said they needed to invite 19 people. I was hoping that I would be able to get a invite. So, I sent a pm and asked would they invite me and they were kind enough to do so. When I read the review, I saw that some people were asking for "proof" that the stuff would arrive. Well, I have every ounce of faith that it will and that is not like me because I usually give up on similar sites very, very, quickly. Infact! I have given up on every "survey site" that I have ever used except for pureprofile because the rest were in my opinion a waste of time.

                    I also don't think that the person who did review it would be bothering with it. If it really was a waste of their time and there was another positive review from someone else below that one as well! I think that those who disregard Lockerz as being not worth it will be missing out. Although I know where they are coming from because I have been there myself and avoided anything that looked "too good to be true" but this really is worth your time.

                    "*"*" All The Proof That I Needed "*"*"

                    Now, I have seen many, many a site that make false promises as I am sure most of you have at one time or another but this site is different! Below I have added a link to a youtube video of one of the websites members. This is all the proof that I need and so is the accounts of the many people on facebook. These people have spoken about the prizes that they have received in comments. Some even said that they received their prizes once they had redeemed their points in less than six days. On this video the guy shows you his "newly packed" bundle of prizes and you can even see the label on top of the "unopened box."

                    He shows you it and it has the address plus the Lockerz name on it as well and I will admit by this point that I was thinking what if there is nothing inside it? Or what if it is not what he was promised? Well, that question was not left unanswered because you will see him take a knife to the box and open it. Once it is open you will see the prizes that he received including a Nintendo Wii and then just in case you are still not convinced. He lifts out his clearly authentic receipt and only covers his address details (for obvious reasons) and he holds the receipt up to the camera for all to see!

                    This dude has received quite a few "big" prizes with the points that he has collected and yes! maybe, it was over a bit of time but can we really complain? Who cares if it takes a while to reach the PTZ that you will require if the prizes are this good? And getting the PTZ that you need will actually happen a lot faster soon as well. The second link below is one that I found while looking for more proof of whether it does work or not and I think that this again proves that it does. There is photos of the prizes and of all of the packaging with "lockerz" logos on them. You can also get invited via that link and if you are interested just go onto youtube and type in lockerz. There is so many videos and in these you will see the official lockerz stickers and cards too!

                    "*"*" Links "*"*"

                    * http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gfMm_9MmGNU
                    * http://www.joinlockerz.net/testimonials.htm

                    "*"*" A Tip "*"*"

                    When I got on to the site I invited my mum, brothers, and cousin because after they all seen how good it was they asked me to themselves! I actually was able to tell them something quite helpful to them about the game at the beginning. That I can now tell you too. In the game PTZ fall out of the sky and you catch as many of them as possible. Well, I was all over the place when the game began and I ended up missing quite a few points. Whereas my mum and brothers because I told them knew what to expect and so they got significantly more than I did.

                    "*"*" How To Get Access To Lockerz "*"*"

                    OK, well there is a few ways to do this. One way would be to find someone you know that has access to it and get them to invite you or get the member who invited me to invite you. I am not looking to invite people because I can invite more people in my family anyway. I just want to review it, make everyone aware of how great I think the site is and to let people know my opinion of it. Also, to say that by the looks of things it is legit. They even have a facebook page and they answer any questions that people have to ask on it. Another way to get onto it would be to goto their site and below the log-in part you will see a section that says "get invited to lockers." Click into it and type in your name, post code, last name and then your email. After you have done this click the submit button and I think that means that you will get invited by someone on it or one of the people who run it.

                    "*"*" Who Funds It? "*"*"

                    The site is funded by Liberty Media and headed by Kathy Savitt. Kathy used to work as an executive for Amazon.com and American Eagle Outfitters. Lockerz is a trustworthy site and I think that its brilliant reputation for delivering the prizes that they promise shows this. Any orders are taken immediately and the requested prizes are shipped free of charge, even if your address is not in the uk!

                    "*"*" The Sites Design "*"*"

                    The website is still in progress at the minute, so there is more to come than what you already see when you log in. The home page is mainly coloured with varying intensities of blue and then the buttons at the top are blue.purple, orange,red and green. At the minute three of those five buttons are available and fully up and running these are listed below.

                    "*"*" My Locker - (Blue Button) "*"*"

                    This is also basically the homepage and while you are here you will see all of the above mentioned things. You will see to the left of the screen a part that says "coming soon" and to the right a section that has three options these are - cool brands,electronics and experiences. You will also see the daily video here which you can also watch to get PTZ and in this part there is lots of message updates as well.

                    "*"*" Connect - (Red Button) "*"*"

                    In the connect part you can learn more about The Z List. You can become a member of the this list, if you invite enough people. If you become a member of it, you can get certain perks that others do not. I am not one yet but I think that it is just as beneficial for those who are not members of the list as it is for those who are - give or take a few PTZ. The page you are taken to for this part is coloured red and white. The part that you use to send invites is white, just type the emails of the people who you want to invite here, separating them with commas and then you can write a personal message a long with it. Once you have done this just click the "invite" button and if you look to your right you will see a list of the people you have invited and it even tells you if they have read the email, if they have accepted the invite and gives you the option to resend.

                    "*"*" Redeem - (Green Button) "*"*"

                    This is the part that you goto when you have enough PTZ to get the prize that you want. Now, this place is "bursting" with all different types of prizes that are available. So many In fact that it may be hard to decide exactly which one it is that you want. Here it tells you that they will replenish at periodic times. So, that means that all of the members will have a chance to redeem! On this page you can also access all of the available prizes. There are too many to mention them all but I will mention quite a few here.

                    "*"*" Electronics "*"*"

                    This is my favourite part, when you click in you will see iPods, Wii Fit, Wii Fit Plus, Nintendo Wii, Xboxs, Xbox Live Gift Cards for twelve months access, PSP Rock band Bundle, Various brightly coloured headphones, PSP Games, Xbox games, Nintendo DS games, Nintendo Wii Games, TVs, Phones, Laptops. The points required depend on what you want but none of them are unattainable or impossible to get. I already have almost 50 PTZ in the space off what? two or three days, I would say three at the most and that is without hardly even inviting anyone either!

                    "*"*" Experiences "*"*"

                    This part has all types of things such as a mystery gift this requires quite a few points and it is not my cup of tea because I know when I do finally reach the required points and decide what I am aiming for that I sure want to know what it is! But I still think that it is cool that they thought of it and given that it is in the experience section this could be anything. Maybe a concert or something who knows? In this section you can also redeem your PTZ for a ticket to see Gym Class Heroes! I already almost have 50 PTZ. So In just a few days I already almost have enough for that but I am not much of a fan. So I wont be bothering with it but I am sure that anyone who is would be delighted with it. There is also various different charities that you can redeem your points to donate to as well.

                    "*"*" Cool Brands "*"*"

                    In this section you can get things from "cool brands" just like the title suggests. Some of those things are Sunglasses, some sort of Motorbike or Moped called The Piaggio fly 150 (I don't know much about motorbikes or mopeds) Skateboards, Paintball guns, Hair straighteners , Watches, jewellery, some particularly nice looking make-up and body products.

                    "*"*" How Do You Get PTZ? "*"*"

                    You can get points for watching videos and logging in every day. There hasn't been many videos recently but they are working on it. Soon there will be many more ways in which you can get points. Answer the daily questions that are called "Dailies" everyday and you will get 2 PTZ or 4 PTZ if you are a Z Lister. I also have noticed in my searches for information that there is loads of hackers. These hackers claim to get you thousands of points. This is a load of crap! Do Not Listen To Them! Because they are more likely to hack you and break your computer lol! And because if you are caught you will probably lose access to this excellent site.

                    "*"*" Conclusion "*"*"

                    I have came to a conclusion after looking up quite a lot of information and in almost every corner of the internet lol! And that conclusion is that this site is not only authentic but a pretty good one to be a member of. Any doubts that I possibly could have had about this site have more than been put to rest and the only way that you are not going to get your prizes. Is if the site goes bust and cant afford it all anymore. lol! I highly doubt that is going to happen though because I read something written by someone, who knows somebody that works on the site and he said the only way that it will all go wrong is if they stop getting funds and they are getting so many that I doubt that will happen because you see the "dailies" are questions that you answer and there is one everyday.
                    When you answer them, they sell your answers. So through that and in many other wondrous ways they are more than able to keep their site up and running. It does take patience to get what you want but not that much really considering what you will get in return for it and I think that even without inviting people you could eventually gain a lot of points. Especially when all of the new parts are added to it! Its also worth adding that they ship globally to every single country as well.

                    "*"*" UPDATE "*"*"

                    In the latest redemption I redeemed my PTZ. The prices were swiped at lightening speeds and you really do have to be there from the very second it begins. They did not give a exact time for the redemption meaning I and everyone that was else eagerly waiting had to keep refreshing the page which was irritating but nevertheless it was worth it because I got a Nintendo Wii Game and got my email confirmation a few days after saying that it will be here in a few weeks. If I had a few more points I was there in time to get a iPod touch because they were still available. The really good prices are attainable!


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                      12.11.2009 17:51
                      Very helpful



                      Please help me out if you can! I like free things!

                      This is not just a review, this is also a little bit of me begging! hehe. I'll explain shortly...

                      Lockerz.com if a new site from the USA where you can earn PTZ (points) for simply logging on and taking part. And best of all, PTZ make Prizes!

                      Every day that you log on to the site, you get 2 PTZ, then you can answer a Daily Question (usually something simply like "What's your Halloween Costume") to get another 2 PTZ! So basically you can get 4 PTZ everyday for about 5 minutes of work.

                      Here's the best bit, for only 200 PTZ you can Redeem an iPod Nano, 250 PTZ for a Nintendo Wii, 100 PTZ will get you Xbox360 and PS3 games! If you log on every day, it will only take you 25 days to get 100 PTZ. They soon add up!

                      Lockerz.com say that they want to become everyones daily habit! They certainly have become mine!

                      Here's the bit where I'm going to beg! The only way to join the site is to be invited by a member... If I can invite 19 more people and they join, I'll get a few extra PTZ and so will the people that join!!! So if you like things for free and fancy signing up, PM me your e-mail address and I'll send an invite your way!!!

                      ************edited info ***************
                      I just want to state that I am not "from" Lockerz.com, I've just found the site and I think that it is a great way of getting free things! I hope that it works. I have faith that it will! Can't wait to get my Wii!

                      When the site gets going it will make its money from selling things with big discounts, this, they say, will run along side the PTZ systems.

                      Lockerz.com say that prizes will need more PTZ to redeem eventually but there will be even more ways to collect your PTZ so if you are an active member, the prizes are still very achievable!

                      Taken from the website:
                      Does Lockerz ship internationally? Yes. Keep in mind that you will be responsible for any incoming taxes or duties into your country if your country does not deem a free prize as a gift. Check out this link to better understand what duties and taxes you might have to pay:

                      I know some people that have redeemed their PTZ for Xbox360 games and they have received them with no problems :)

                      You can also redeem iTunes vouchers and Amazon vouchers which I guess don't need to be shipped.

                      PLEASE HELP! Thank you in advance :)

                      I'm really aiming at getting a Nintendo Wii and Wii fit so I can do a bit more exercise with my girlfriend. So far I'm just over 100 PTZ, it really is so easy to build up PTZ!

                      The Redeem store gets re-stocked on the 15th of every month and thinks tend to run out quickly, but the site is still new and getting better all the time.

                      Eventually there are going to be more ways of earning PTZ by listening to music, watching videos, entering Sweepstakes etc. I'm looking forward to seeing this site grow and grow!

                      The site is very bright with big blocked colours and each section is a different colour. Along the top there are different tabs for each section, My Locker, Connect, Redeem etc... At the bottom of the screen there is a tool bar which shows how many PTZ you currently have and the Dailies tab where you can find the question every day to grab yourself 2 more PTZ.

                      So once again, if you want to sign up, just PM me with your e-mail address and I'd be more than happy to send you an invite!

                      Hope to see you on Lockerz.com soon!

                      Thanks for reading and possibly helping a fellow dooyooer out! :)

                      Chris & Holly


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                        03.11.2009 10:52
                        Very helpful



                        Has the potential to do well if they can get a hold of keeping prizes in stock.

                        UPDATE: 07.02.10 - Around 1-2 weeks ago I redeemed on the site using my PTZ (read on for more info) and have received my cold hard PayPal cash today. Feel free to message me for proof picture.

                        Lockerz is a fairly new site that plans to be the number one social networking site by giving members the chance to earn PTZ which can be converted into prizes such as Wii games, iPods, Amazon vouchers and more.

                        --- How? ---

                        The site is fairly straight forward and is still under construction in some areas however you can currently earn 2PTZ per day you log in and 2PTZ per daily question answered (these are multiple choice often so very quick to answer). This means 4PTZ a day for a couple of minutes work or 100PTZ every 25 days. 100PTZ currently buys you an Xbox/PS3/Wii game so well worth it for that couple of minutes per day.

                        A new gambling system has also been launched where you can add PTZ to sweepstakes to try and win big prizes. The current big prize is a private Gym Class Heroes concert being put on especially for Lockerz members.

                        --- Earning ---

                        You can earn through logging in (2PTZ per day), daily question (2PTZ per day) and also by referring friends which earns 2PTZ per signup.

                        When you reach 20 referred friends then you become a Z-List member which gives you double points!

                        --- Downside? ---

                        The only downside is that due to the massive surge of members prizes run out of stock very quickly however they are working to replenish as quickly as possible.

                        --- How Do I Join? ---

                        Either find someone to invite you online in a form or something or messgae me on here with your e-mail and i'll send an invite along to you!

                        --- Summary ---

                        A great site that is easy to use and has the potential to do well if they can get a hold of keeping prizes in stock.


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