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Let's Sing It is a music community where one can find music related topics about artists and can share information with one other.

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    3 Reviews
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      10.10.2008 11:06
      Very helpful



      A great site for music fans or those just wanting to remember that line...

      LetsSingIt 'Your favourite music community'

      I use this website mostly for finding song lyrics; you know when you just can't think of that line and it gets on your nerves!

      The homepage is pretty busy with lots going on.
      There is a search bar at the top where you can search by song name, album name, artists name etc.
      Every week they change the 'featured artist' on the homepage which this week is Kristal Meyers, you can find out her most popular songs, latest news and view her biography from this link.

      From this page you can also view the top 5 artists and songs at the minute, those that are most searched for on the site.
      The current Hot song top 5-
      1. Jason Mraz: I'm Yours
      2. Taylor Swift: Love story
      3. Rihanna: Disturbia
      4. Pink: So what
      5. Daniel Powter: Bad day

      The current Hot artist top 5-
      1. Rihanna
      2. Taylor Swift
      3. Coldplay
      4. Jason Mraz
      5. Jonas Brothers

      There are also links from the homepage to LSI news and Artist news stories.

      I usually use this site by searching in the search bar at the top for the artist or song I'm looking for.
      If you can't remember the artist name or song-name you can find your song in other ways including searching by soundtrack, film, album, or even entering a line of the song.

      Once you have searched an artist name, for example lets search 'Madonna', it will bring up a list of the Top 10 songs, Top 10 albums, Biography and the latest Madonna discussions in the LSI forum.
      At the bottom of the Top 10 lists there is an option to 'view all', for this example that means all 234 songs and 22 albums Madonna has made.
      If you then click on the song name you are interested in it brings up all the lyrics of that song, if you find a mistake in the song you can correct it to help others too.
      You can also view latest new, photos and much more for each artist listed on the website.

      At the minute I'm using this facility to find ideas for my next tattoo; I quite fancy getting some lyrics but need them to really mean something so am searching through all my favourite songs until a line stands out!

      To look through all I have mentioned above you do not need to become a member, If you become a member all you can do different is write in the forum so if you're into your music forums this would be worthwhile to you.
      The forum is obviously music based with lots of different topics for everyone. As a member you can join 'fan clubs' of certain artists and leave comments on the songs in the lyric lists. You can also join in the talk in the chatroom.

      I introduced my mum to this site and she has never had any problem using it and she isn't the most computer literate lady you could meet (and that's being kind)

      I have never once not been able to find a song I'm looking for, however obscure, for example to test this I just searched for 'Puff the magic dragon' and LetsSingIt.com came back with 3 results of different versions of the childrens song!! This site must have literally hundreds of thousands of songs on it.
      The site is updated daily and new songs seem to be on there immediately after they've been first played on the radio!


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        05.10.2008 00:18
        Very helpful



        a great place for music lover to het the updated info about music.

        Sometimes people who doesn't but CD but download the song from the internet wants to sing along too, but since they doesn't have the CD case, they didn't get the CD cover which usually have the lyrics on it. LetsSingIt is the place they could get the lyrics of the song that they would like to sing.

        I like this site, not only because it is providing a huge number of title of the songs, but also has a great layout and easy to access. You don't have to be the member of this site, no registering, no sign in, no fuss. Just come and search and let's sing it. The browsing feature also very user friendly, you can browse by the Artist name or the Title of the song.

        The information about the song and music in this site was really comprehensive. You would be able to know anything about the latest music information from this site. I think it is suitable with the tagline of this site "your favorite music community". I believe so, because this site also provide a forum for music discussions.


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        06.04.2008 19:41
        Very helpful



        An online lyrics site, featuring over 100,000 artists.

        I'm one of those sad people that when I buy a new album and hear a song I like, I want to be able to sing along to it immediately and learn the lyrics instantly. This little issue of mine has led me time and time again back to the same old site to look up lyrics, "Let's Sing It." I first discovered it a couple of years ago when searching for the name of a song I'd heard of the radio and ever since then I've just kept on going back to it time and time again.

        The site was first established back in 1998 to provide lyrics to the public to as many songs as possible on a voluntary basis, meaning that anyone can enter a song and submit the lyrics to it. Since then it has simply expanded and now contains the lyrics to songs by over 106,633 artists with around 150 songs being added to the site every day. It's also added a few extra features including the option to join the site and use the online forum.

        The Homepage

        The homepage is quite eye catching in that it's a mixture of dark grey and yellow with the site's name taking precedence at the top of the page. Below this is the main menu bar and the main search facility which are the key things you need to know about this site. Further down is lots of general information including the site's daily featured artist, the top 5 songs on the site, the top 5 artists on the site and artist news.

        Overall I'd say the homepage is a little cluttered, I tend to only use the main search facility at the top and rarely scroll down to check out any of the other information offered by the site. If you're a keen music fan that it may be of interest to see who the top 5 artists people are currently searching for on the site are but overall it's not that interesting to me. I think they could cut out quite a bit of the information to make it more accessible.

        The Search Option

        The search facility has evolved quite heavily over the last few years and you can now choose what you want to search for from Artist Name, Album Name, Song Name or Lyrics for just music. This means if you've only got a line of the lyrics you can type them in and see which songs match those lyrics - this is really useful if you hear a song you like on the radio and don't know the name of the artist or the track itself. Below this is also the option to select to search for a Soundtrack, a Forum Thread or a Community Member although I rarely use these options.

        Once you've searched for your artist or your song you will be taken to a new page within about two seconds depending on your connection speed which will list any relevant matches. For example if you simply searched for the song title "Blue" you'll find 2,682 possible matches where the word "Blue" is contained in the song name. If you know the exact song name you're looking for you'll find you only get one or two matches which is much easier to deal with. Once you've found the one you want to look at simply click on it and you will be presented with the lyrics.

        When you're presented with a song's lyrics you will also be shown the artist, the album name and be given the opportunity to listen to the song itself using a link to a site called "Jango" which allows you listen to the track for free. Of course the lyrics are only entered by members of the public so if you spot a discrepancy you have the option to rectify this and submit any changes or corrections that you feel are necessary using a simple form.

        The search engine on this site is incredibly accurate; I've found so many songs by entering just a line of their lyrics which is really helpful. If you enter quite a popular title you will be presented with a number or results and have to sort through them so it's best that you enter as much information as you have to avoid this occurring.

        The Menu

        The menu bar is located below the search engine and is quite useful if you're looking to interact more with the site. The options are "Home" which will return you to the homepage, "Artists" which allows you to search through all the artists on the site and see information about them and "Soundtracks" which is the same as the previous option.

        Further along the menu bar are the options "Forum," "Chat room" and "Members" which require you to join the site to participate in. Registering on the site is incredibly easy and can be accessed using the "Register" link in the top right hand corner of the site. They'll ask you the usual information including name, gender, date of birth and login details. Once you've joined the site you can participate in the forum or the chat room.

        The forum itself is a collection of posts all centred around music and lyrics, for example if you've heard some lyrics but you can't find the song on the site you can post them in the forum and people can try to help you out. I've never actually visited the chat room but I imagine it's like pretty much any other chat room on the internet and will vary on the topic of discussion.

        My Opinion

        I've been using this site for about six years now and I tend to visit it at least once or twice a month. I've never had any complaints or problems with the site and wouldn't hesitate to recommend it to anyone. The site is really easy to navigate using the search option and the menu bar along the top of the page and considering the number of songs it must have to search through when anyone conducts a search, it's very fast indeed!

        The reliability of the information is fairly good, I've noticed one or two errors in the odd song but it's not really that much of a problem. The most valuable thing on this site in my opinion is the ability to enter just a line of song lyrics and actually find the song - you have no idea how annoying I find when I hear a really good song on the radio and when it finishes the presenter doesn't tell you who it was by or what it was called!

        There are many other additions on the site which I've not touched on in this review simply because I'd be writing for another hour or two to go into them all! For example there are daily polls which you can vote in and see the results on various topics, there are member profiles meaning you can use this site as a bit of a networking site and also there are many links to other lyrics sites online in case you don't find what you're looking for here.

        In the whole of my time using the site I think there have only been one or two songs that haven't been detailed on the site and they were from quite unheard of American artists. With over 100,000 artists being listed I imagine you can find pretty much any song on there! The link to the "Jango" site means you can listen to any song on the site for free which is a really good extra option to have. So next time you've got some lyrics going around in your head and you can't think of the song... go to Let's Sing It and get singing!

        Thanks for reading!


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