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34 Reviews
  • Super fun.
  • Meet lots of friends.
  • Very addictive.
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    34 Reviews
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      12.10.2015 00:01
      Not Helpful


      • "Meet lots of friends."
      • "Super fun."


      • "Very addictive. "

      Awesome gaming site but can be very addictive.

      I have been playing on king.com in 4 years now and i haven't gotten bored of it yet, it has lots of free games and challenging opponents and you get gems for winning and completing games, you level up to get items for your character as a symbol of where you are in the line of score or yous dress up how ever you want though its highly addictive, you can pass so much time for just playing on single game sometimes it can take 10 to 30 minutes or even longer, it is really fun but stuff will go wrong if you skip to much time. i have recommended this game to my family and friends who have recommended it to others, i now play with over 43 friends as a group not only from friends to friends but from unknown opponents that i play more and more with then eventually we become friend and chat and play together, so from being a game its also a friend meting place for lots of people around the world.


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      24.04.2013 03:14



      I was having fun for months as a gold player. I was doing very well and decided to withdraw my original deposit. A day before the funds were to hit my account, they accused me of having 2 accounts, locked my account and took ALL my funds. I believe they used this as an excuse to not pay me since I only have that one account.They were Very unprofessional in their communications and would provide me with no details.They refused to talk with me stating they "don't do phone calls"They said they would only discuss this further if I sent them a copy of my Passport. They have not inspired enough trust for me to send them my passport.I believe this is criminal.


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      19.10.2012 22:40
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      Worth a try

      King.com is a gaming website which allows you to choose from a vast choice of games for fun or for money.

      Setting up an account takes only a couple of minutes, entering your name and email address. You will then receive an email from the website with a link to click to activate your account.
      If you want to play for money you will need to enter some further details, confirming you are over 18 and entering your card details to deposit funds to play with.
      There is a really impressive selection of games so I think this site has something for everyone. The games are divided into categories: Puzzle, action, word, card, strategy and sport.
      Well known games include gin rummy, solitaire, scrabble, word link, pool, bowling, mahjong, backgammon, pinball, matching blocks and candy crush.

      You can play these games for free earning jewels to lock features on the website such as being able to message other players and blog.
      You can deposit using paypal or a credit / debit card. Withdrawals are through paypal and take up to 14 days.
      When you deposit you can choose your bonus.
      For a £5 deposit you can get £5 bonus or £3 bonus and £3 charity donation.
      You must play through 4 times your bonus amount before withdrawing.

      How much you play for is up to you. You can play against one other player in a head to head challenge, in a leaderboard tournament, knockout tournament or a head to head between 4 players.
      How much you win depends on how much you are playing for. If you play a 50p 2 player game it cost you and your opponent 50p, the winner gets 75p and King get the rest.
      A £1, 2 player game prize is £1.50.
      There are also large jackpot games with many competitors where anyone who finished in a set play (e.g top 50) in the table will get a cash prize.
      There are some big trophy games where the prizes go into the thousands. I think it's worth a fiver to play the cash games and see how you get on. Unless you're really good at games you're not going to win big, but you might win a few quid whilst having a bit of fun.

      If you're lucky enough to win and would like to withdraw it to a paypal account, this can take up to 14 days, until it is in your paypal account it is an active withdrawal. you may only have one active withdrawal at any time.
      The layout of the website is pretty simple, you have your account tab, games tab, community, support and deposit. From there on it's pretty self explanatory. At first I thought I was going to accidentally click the deposit button every time I clicked on my account but you have to enter a password to do this so luckily even when I accidentally pressed it, it hasn't taken anything from my bank.
      You can't accidentally enter a paid tournament as whenever you click play another box will open that you will have to click accept before the game starts.

      You have a meter which shows how many jewels you have gained through playing games and how many stars you have collected from different games. Reaching new levels by gaining a set amount of jewels and stars unlocks new features in the game. You can unlock features, new avatars and items for your castle which will be displayed on your profile page. The profile page is where you can view your awards, diplomas, jewels, cups and quests. I am quite new to the site but I can't see the point in the castle and a lot of these unlocked features seem useless.
      Whenever I have used the customer support section I've had any questions answered quickly and efficiently. You can get "prioritised customer service" by gaining VIP access.

      This is gained by filling up a meter to 100% through playing cash games. If you fill up this meter you will get VIP access for one year which will give you:
      - Prioritised customer service
      - Early access to new games
      - Special VIP tournaments
      - Daily fee spin with the Bonus Wheel of cash
      I am fairly new to the site, I am quite good at the games and have won a few pounds but it's more of a fun site than a gambling site. I started off playing the free games to get to know the rules, and still play the free games if I haven't played the game before.
      You can add friends and blog and message people on the site so there is a social side to it as well as the competitive gaming side.

      I would recommend signing up for an account as it's completely free and if you find some games you like and are good at you can try playing for cash!
      I'm finding the games highly addictive! It's a fun site.


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        05.03.2011 19:48
        Very helpful



        Good but dangerously addictive

        "King.com" Now where do I start, well I'll start by saying that it is a game site, where you can play online games of skill for free, or if you prefer you can pay to play, giving you the chance to win some money back, from whichever games you choose to play. That is basically what King.com is all about........

        But that tells you nothing, what you really want to know is the why? where? and how? of this particular game site, so I'll tell you, here goes.....


        King.com was launched in 2003, it is available in fifty different countries, nine different languages, and seven different currencies. Although the actual company is based in the UK, they do have a development campus in Sweden.
        They claim to be the largest, skill gaming site in the world, offering a very wide range of games. Hosting millions of players, with over 200 million games played every month.
        What the site looks like

        The site has recently been revamped, It is mainly green and orange but just recently has had a pale blue colour added to the background to appear like sky (I think). In the top left corner is the King.com logo, underneath this are six orange tabs:
        PLAY GAMES: Clicking this will give you the lists all the different games available to play, each within it's own category which are as follows: Bingo, Puzzle, Action, Word, Card, Strategy and Sport.
        BINGO: This takes you to a separate area where you can play the Royal games, (you have to pay to play these games).
        MY ACCOUNT: This takes you into your own account, where you can amend your details e.t.c. check the latest games you played who's visited your profile, all things like that.
        COMMUNITY: By clicking this tab you will be taken to the main community page where you can read the "Fool's" blog, he is the person who see's that the site runs smoothly, he answers questions and gives out information about new games e.t.c. within his blog.
        SUPPORT: This tab takes you to the help page where all the FAQ are, you can also contact support by email if you have a problem within the site.
        UPGRADE: This tab will only say upgrade if you are a silver (non paying member). This is the tab you click if you wish to become a paying gold member.
        In the top left hand corner there is a picture of the cartoon avatar, which you can create yourself, whilst in the my account section. Underneath this are four little orange tabs which show 1, your profile page, 2, which friends if any are online, 3, your inbox for private messages and messages from king.com. 4, takes you to your tournaments/challenges/cups and quests pages.
        Centre top is your jewel count, this shows you how many jewels you have won so far and at what jewel level you are currently at.

        --Levels of membership--

        There are, in actual fact 3 different levels of membership. Siver non paying member, Green club member and gold paying member.
        The reason the club player status is not heard of so much is the simple fact, that this country are not allowed to use the club membership. This is because it is legal to play games for money in our country, in countries where it is against the law to play for money, they created the club player membership, they get a lot of the benefits the gold players get, they just can't play the games for money.

        So, us here in the UK get to choose between silver or gold.


        Being a silver player entitles you to play any games that are not "royal" games, these are only for gold members. When you click on a game to play, you are met with a tournament listings page for that particular game. You then get to choose in which tournament you would like to enter. There are three different kinds of tournament you can enter:

        The head to head: This is a small tournament between 2, 4, 10 or sometimes even more people. You do win jewels for this but many.

        Jackpot: This is a Jackpot jewel tournament that any amount of players can enter, the more that play the better as the jewel prize rises with every person that plays, but you usually only get 3 chances to play and get a good high score. The higher your score, the more jewels you'll receive once the tournament finishes, which is usually an hour.

        Star hunt: Every game has one of these, you play by yourself trying to better your score in order to win a star, you can win up to five stars for any one particular game, but in winning the stars you do get a few extra jewels as well.

        The stars that you play for, are used to buy items in the castle editor. This is situated at the top of your profile page, it's basically a picture that you create yourself, you have a picture of a landscape onto which you build your own picture, the idea is to choose and buy a castle then build on and around it, creating your own personal little kingdom. Also on the profile page it shows a little information about you, this is totally up to you if you want to fill this in and make it public. There is an area where people can leave gifts for you a personal record briefly showing things like, last game you played and how many jewels you have e.t.c. There are other bits and bobs on there as well, but a lot of these, for instance the photo album, where you get to upload pictures of your choice, for your profile page, can't be accessed until you reach certain jewel levels.
        Along the right hand side of your profile page there is a list of five names of the latest people who have visited your profile page. Under this are the last five names of the people you won games against and the last five names of the people who won games against you.

        There is a cup tournament but not for all games, just a select few, in this tournament you play each round until you lose and get kicked out, there are about eight rounds to get through.

        Most the games you play on your own, however there are a few games such as 9 and 8 ball pool where you play the game with another person, taking it in turns to have your go. On these sort of games there is the option to chat with the person you are playing against.

        Another thing you can do is to send out challenges to other players, where you choose a game, play it and it then gets sent to all the players you've selected, players get 2 to 3 days to compete in the challenge which they will receive in their inbox. If they don't want to take part they can simply decline or just not bother playing it.


        Being a gold player gives you all that a silver player gets plus a few more options as well. There is only one thing a silver can do that a gold can't and that is to enter the jackpot jewel tournament.
        Being a gold player is a whole different thing. When you become gold you gradually move up to diamond then platinum, depending on how much you play and spend. VIP is the top spot for gold players, these are the members who play the most and in my opinion, spend the most money. Being a VIP means you get to try all the newly released games first, for a few days before they are released to everyone else.
        Gold players have their own tournaments played for cash, they still receive jewels which, incidentally are doubled. But they don't seem to earn as many jewels as the silvers, as they can't enter the jackpot jewel tournaments, and that is where you get the majority of your jewels.
        However, gold players do have a big jackpot tournament for cash, but can only enter these once they have played so many, little tournament games first. The amount of money you pay to participate in the games varies, but it is only a small amount, a few pence usually.
        Gold's can also play the star hunt tournament but they have to pay to play, as is the same for quests. There are some free games the golds can play, including the freeroll which they release every Friday.
        There is a chance to win diploma's, each week another diploma piece is released and you have to complete so many tasks in order to win it, which also gives you 10,000 jewels per piece as well. The diplomas are usually made up of three pieces and when you have collected all three, you can watch the whole diploma come to life with animation.
        Whilst playing the games you are also winning awards from bronze up to diamond, you automatically win these as you play, and they can be viewed on your profile page.
        Gold players have a tab on their account where they can deposit and withdraw funds.
        They can comment on the fools blog (silvers can only read it).

        whether you are gold or silver, you have the option to buy stars, for cash in order to build up your castle on your profile page.
        Silver players can also use stars to buy a week of:
        No ads or queues,
        Double jewel prizes
        Gaining access to gold games
        Personally, I think they added this option to let you see what your missing, their crafty way of getting you to upgrade.

        --Becoming a member (Silver)--

        To join King.com you click on the "create new account" tab. This takes you to the page you need to fill out, username, password e.t.c. Once you have done this you are instantly a new member, you can then edit your avatar and profile page to your liking. Then you can start to play one of the many great skill games, King.com has to offer.
        I would have thought that, if you want to join as a gold player from the start, there are probably more things to fill in on the first page, that you fill out at the start (I don't have a gold account, so I'm not altogether sure).
        You have to be 13 years or older to join. 18 years for gold membership.
        You do have the option to upgrade to gold whenever you like.

        --The Games--

        Like I stated earlier, there are a wide range of games to choose from. I could list them all for you, however I don't feel this is necessary as you can scan the list of games on the website without having to sign up, at this location: http://www6.king.com/games/
        The Royal games, I know very little about, as I myself don't bother with them. But I do know you can access these games through the site, where you pay to play, games such as Bingo and Slots, e.t.c.
        New games are released onto the site quite often, which I think stops the site from becoming mundane and boring, and a lot of their older games have been remade and bought more up to date.
        The games last anything between 1 and 5 minutes, each game you play you are timed at, but you are able to see how much time you have left
        There are some things I have missed out about the site, but I've told you the basics, the rest, should you decide to sign up, you would easily work out for yourself.

        --My experience with King.com--

        I joined King.com August 2008, I only joined because my husband already had an account and I wanted to play (oh dear how old am I?) anyway, I created my account and really enjoyed playing the various games the site had to offer. It was good fun competing against my husband to see who could get the best scores and win the most jewels. But he knew when to call it a day and would only play for a little while each time he logged in. Me on the other hand, had to take it to the extreme and play on King.com practically every waking hour, I got to the point where I had to log on just to see how many jewels I had won on the last games I had played. The site was taking over my life, I was addicted, I didn't just really enjoy it, I needed to be logged in more or less all the time.
        In the beginning, I really enjoyed playing the pool games, I'm useless at real pool but I was quite good at King.com's 9 ball. I was quickly put off playing though, as some of the people I ended up playing against were real sicko's, they would constantly talk about sex and anything else along those lines. I very quickly stopped playing 9 ball pool for that reason alone.
        I enjoyed every aspect of the site, even down to messing about with my profile page, I couldn't get enough of the wonderful King.com.
        Now, I love playing any kind of game whether it be online or otherwise, but never have I felt the need to be on a game site as much as I was on King.com, I just shrugged it off when my husband told me I must have some sort of problem and I should not play so much. I don't know what it was that seemed to have me possessed with this game site, but whatever it was it was doing me no good.
        I didn't see all this until about a year after I'd joined. I started to get irritated and annoyed with the site, as the games started to crash all the time or I would complete a game only to be told my score was 0 when I knew I'd just a good score. Then there was the Germans, don't get me wrong I have nothing against German people in general, but they came and took over the site, they would be at the top of every tournament, even the fool's blog was full of people complaining about the Germans and the ridiculously high scores they all seemed to be getting. I later found out the Germans had their own "Tips and Tricks" site for all the king.com games, that just wasn't fair in my opinion, and many other members thought likewise. So as I got more and more irritated with king.com I started to log in for shorter periods, then began to not bother logging in at all some days. I found other things I enjoyed doing, instead of dedicating my life to king.com.

        I am still a member but hardly ever log in any more. I currently stand at the highest jewel level with over 11 million jewels. It was just something I had to do, and I thank god I never upgraded to gold.

        Maybe I have the Germans to thank, for helping me to let go of my addiction with King.com


        King.com, is a very good game site, but only to be taken in moderation. If you enjoy online games then this is the place for you to be.

        I have given King.com 3 stars because for a time my life seemed to revolve round it, and that was not a good thing, but the site is pretty good.

        If you have had the time and patience to read all of this, then I want to thank you very much for reading my review which is also posted on Ciao


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          15.02.2011 04:40



          Please look elsewhere for cash games!

          If you are thinking about joining this site's "Gold" membership & actually playing games for $$, then PLEASE think again....especially if you believe you are any good at the games they offer. I have a "Gold" membership & told my sister in law about the site. She checked it out using my account before deciding she wanted one of her own. I helped her set it up & used my own credit card to make her first deposit. I then found out that since my card was already linked to MY account, I couldn't use it for hers, so she used her own to make the deposit. She played a few games..... & won.....with in an hour, she recieved a message that her account was under investigation because the site's "security system" thought she had violated thier "multiple account policy." This was her ONE & ONLY account. They partially suspended her account (she could only compete in a very limited amount of cash games) until their "investigation" was complete. There was no investigation. They simply decided to delete her account based on what their automated security system said with out actually checking to see if there was multiple accounts. I even went as far as asking them myself if they would delete MY account (since I used my card first & since we used the same computer) & they basically said they wouldn't but could not give either of us a full, or even half-a** explination as to how/why they came to their conclusion. I would HIGHLY reccommend finding another site to spend your hard earned money on if you want to play any games for money.....ESPECIALLY if you win more than once or twice in a row.


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          13.02.2011 18:41



          I like the games on king.com,but i do not like the new look.For some reason,which they have not said,bejewled has disapeared.That was my favourite game.PLEASE REPLY.


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          03.02.2011 21:31



          great when its free

          I played on king.com for a good few years. playing for free was great and when playing for free against someone else, i'd win 9 times out of 10. but as soon as i paid to compete against someone i'd never win. my conclusion is, either everytime someone wants to pay to compete, they are actually put up against someone who is playing for free and when they lose the winner gets nothing because they played for free and the loser loses the money to king.com or my second theory is, when someone wants to pay to play they arent put up against another online player but against a king.com profile 'fake player'. and when the player loses the money goes to the winner which would again be king.com. a very hard thing for a humble person such as myself to prove but not an impossible theory. so i just stick to the free games because they are quite fun. Please note that i am not saying that this is what they actually do, just that this is my theory as to why i never win when i play with money on this particulr site. if this is regarded as slanderous or offensive to anyone i am happy for this post to be removed.


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          17.07.2010 19:22
          1 Comment



          percentages taken are unacceptable and fails way too often

          absolutely rubbish site - stay away if you have got any sense. The games do not load 25% of the time and you do not always get your money back - many days the games do not load or crash continuously and despite registring a score of nil they won't refund the money - sometimes nothing registers at all, not even that you attempted to play and they still take your money.
          The percentage they take of each game played works out at an outrageous 50%.
          The way they are now linked to Pogo brings pogo down even further who already charge Europeans more than Americans and where Americans can enter prize money draws and are eligible for a jackpot while Europeans can not. Total rip off!!!!

          The site even advertises on this very site and claims ther are prizes of over £250.000 available - this is humbug - so called big prizes consist of a few pounds on average, if that - that is if you don't crash before you win a penny - but most likely your game won't even load and you will have to fight to get your entry fee back.

          The percentages taken are completely unacceptable. Stay away from this site if you value honesty and reliability!


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            04.05.2010 13:08
            Very helpful
            1 Comment



            good fun

            I have been a member of King.com for about five years now, I first came across it whilst browsing for games to play when I was bored one day and now I play the games regularly.

            The site is easy to join, just add your details and a password and your enrolled, they will send you a confirmation email to let you know your a member and its as easy as that, but if you join with more than one account they will delete your accounts as your only allowed one account per person.

            You can play for points or play the bingo and instant games for money. I play both and have won a few times and withdrawn money into my paypal account. You can pay into your account by debit or credit card or through paypal. I just pay to play now and again as I don't have lots of money to spare to play everyday, so for me the free games are fun and entertaining.

            Once you are a member you can go to your account page, here you can make your own Avatar which other members can see, you can play the games challenging other members or enter the game competitions for cash prizes. Each game has a cash prize or you can play for points. The points build up in your account jar as they are paid in gems, once you have a certain gem amount the site gives you bonuses for if you deposit to play the cash games.

            You can write a profile if you like to let other members know your interests and favourite games and you can add people as your friends as well as send them challenges for game matchs.
            There is a community page where you can read about the new games, see who the top players are, see who's on the birthday list and lots more.
            There is a support page if you have any questions or problems, but it takes a few days for support to get back to you so its not an instant support connection. Then there is the play games page, here is where the fun starts.

            The play games page has so much choice, from Chuzzle to Blocks, Card Games to Suduko there is something for everyones taste.
            The games load easily and once you have chosen your game you will be playing against another member, at the end of the game you can see your score and the other members score, it also shows you an Avatar of who your playing and a flag of their country and you can add a message which shows if you win, "mine says That's the way to do it" and a bottle of champagne pops up and showers out the drink.

            The site is fun and entertaining, the games are great to play with lots of levels to complete and you can spend hours of fun if your bored, for kids its a safe site for them to play on as the games are for everyone and you can play without anyone bothering you.

            have fun x


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              16.02.2010 15:22
              Very helpful



              fun website, easy to use, great to have free play options

              This is a fun little games website where you can play a wide variety of games either for free or for small cash bets against other users.

              The games options appear to be varied with several categories of games including action games (like Carnival Shootout), strategy games (like Majong) and Word Games, and card games (like Texas Poker). A lot of the games seem to be repeats of each other in different disguises, but they are all rather fun, and people tend to stick to the ones they like best.

              You can create your own profile with a little Avatar of yourself. Each game you play (regardless of whether it is free or not) can earn you "jewels" which are King.com currency that you can use to buy things for our Avatar etc. You can look up other people and challenge them to games (again for cash, or for free but be warned not everyone on there plays for cash)

              If you are an avid player of a certain game, and win them frequently, you will go up the ranks and win "awards" for that game. These awards don't mean any financial gaines, but they are just for a bit of fun.

              The site often offers deals whereby if you deposit £20 they will give you £10 of free credit. But these are not always available, so only the die-hard players will be depositing all the time, and others will be more selective.

              I don't suppose anyone has made their fortunes on here (other than the makers of King.com) but it is fun and to have the ability to still play the games when you have no credit in your account is a great attraction.


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              09.01.2010 12:19
              Very helpful



              Waste some hours with this fun game site


              King of the Games

              I was recommended King.com whilst on another site and as I have often had extreme moments of boredom, I thought that I may as well give it a try and I am glad to say that I was not disappointed in the slightest.

              ******Main Overview******

              King.com boasts to be one of the largest and best skill gaming sites in the world with more than 40 million games played in January '06. Statistics since then can not be found, but I assume that it is the smae or even better since the site is always busy no matter what time fo the day you log on.

              The site hosts over 50 unique (although some not so unique) skill games all seperated in various categories to make searching and navigation extremely easy. More about this later in the review.

              Amongst other aspects which I will go into more detail later in this review, there are two main sign ups for this site. The first is the completely free sign up which is quick and easy (see below) and the second is the sign up to become a royal member. This option requires a small fee and opens up more aspects of the site. This is spoken about in more details below.

              ******Sign Up******

              Sign up could not be simpler. Simply complete the quick sign up form with your chosen username, password, valid email address (for confimation purposes) As soon as you have completed the form you are eligible for a free downloadable game and are able to begin playing straight away.
              If you wish, you may then sign up for the royal member account, again another simple sign up which will upgrade your account as shown under the royal category below.

              You may upgrade your account if and when you want. To become a royal member you must fund your account with real money in order to play more games and win back real money (if you are good!)
              If you are an obsessed gamer, then you will be interested in the special bonus' upon sign up;

              King.com will automatically match your deposit by up to 200%.

              On upgrading sign up, you may also choose one of the bonus' below;

              * Deposit £5.00 and you get £10.00!
              * Deposit £10.00 and you get £30.00!
              * Deposit £20.00 and you get £60.00!
              * Deposit £30.00 and you get £90.00!

              You will then be asked for more information, including full name and address along with credit card details for payment.

              Great deals for those who are interested. Personally I never pay to play online games, though if you want to try to make money then King.com is a great site to choose to do this.

              ******Free Account Member******

              For a free account member, King.com offers a huge range of games and other activities which you rarely find on other free sites, one aspect which helps me to keep going back for more. You are given a personal account page which holds all of your statistics. Here you can find out how many jewels you have earnt (Jewels are collected by playing the games. The better you do in the tournaments, the more jewels you collect.). Each jewel level opens up new features, some outlined below;

              * Send messages and enter into live chat
              * Extra avatar choices to make your personalised avatar person even better
              * Send challenges to other members
              * Display personalised quotes after winning or losing games
              * Have your own guestbook for visitors to write in
              * Add up to 9 photos to a photo album added to your page
              * Send animated messages
              * Send gifts to people to let them know what you think of them
              * Get your Personal blog to tell the world what you think

              You are also able to see your statistics on each of the games you have played and how many jewels you have earnt for each game. You can also view your latest jewels and latest wins on your achievement page. You are also able to edit your profile to show more about who you are and personalise your avatar picture (a little cartton like image of a person who you design)

              There is also a space for you to add friends and enemies which is an added bonus!

              The main part, of course, is the games! Although there are too many to include in a review, I have outlines the game categories in the game overview section below.

              ******Game Overview******

              As mentioned above, there are too many brilliant games to be able to cover them all in this review, and part of the fun of the site is exploring for yourself, so I will do a basic overview of the games that reside upon King.com;There are 7 categories in which the games fall under. These are;

              * Royal games (only for the royal members - includes 8 games)
              * Word games (6 games)
              * Sports games (7 games)
              * Action games (11 games)
              * Puzzle games (16 games)
              * Strategy games (14 games)
              * Card games (8 games)

              Each of the games are unique and fun. Like all sites, there are some that are completely boring to you, though I have to admit there are less boring games on this site than on many others. Some of the best (in my opinion) include;

              * Deal or No Deal (A unique skill version of the hit TV game show)
              * Jungle Rumble (A multiplayer version of the classic bubble game for 2-5 players!)
              * Model Studio (Help the models get ready for their photoshoot!)
              * Luxor (Destroy Set's evil spheres before they reach the pyramids)
              * Animal Athletes (Two animal friends compete in three winter sports events)
              * Who wants to be a Millionaire (Outwit your opponents in the classic TV quiz show)
              * Quiz Queen (An exciting live multiplayer Quiz game for 2-5 players!)
              * Word Battle (A unique multiplayer word game for 2-5 players)

              These are only a few of my favourites. To see the rest, you will have to go and sign up to the site yourself!

              ******Royal Member******

              As a royal member, you are entitled to much more. Some of these are as follows;

              * Win real cash prizes
              * Earn Jewels faster (Jewels are virtual and open up even more on the site) and direct upgrade to level Emerald
              * Life time access for one payment (this is a much better deal that what I have seen on other sites)
              * Play all the deluxe games
              * Get access to new game modes, exclusive games and more levels! Extra game features are as follows;

              Bomp Bomp Party - New game mode with more combos
              Carnival Shootout - Twice as many levels and animals
              Fashion Factory - Exklusive Handbag making game
              Hex Combo - Exclusive strategy game
              Luxor - 5 times as many levels
              Magic Spinball - 100 new levels
              Mahjongg Fortuna - Twice as many levels
              Masquerade Maze - New Maze mode with walls
              Mahjong Treasure - Masses of new levels to master
              Match Blocks Speedtrap - New fast mode version
              Wer wird Millionär - 13.000 more questions from the TV show
              Who wants to be a Millionaire - 5000 more questions
              Pyramid Quest - New Quest game mode
              Quiz Queen - Multiplayer Quiz game in real time
              Treasure Hunter

              Royal Games are licensed and regulated by the Lottery and Gaming Authority in MALTA

              The site gives a pretty good overview of what you recieve by becoming a royal member before you sign up which is a plus as some sites do not give you this much information so you go into a payment scheme blind which is never a good idea.

              Another good thing about being a royal member is that at busy peak times (usually for a few hours each night (gmt)) they operate a queue waiting system for the non-paying members - a simple countdown from between 40-50 seconds, not long but it does tend to get annoying at times for us non-paying gamers.

              Personally, I am not a royal member on this site so this is as far as I can go with information in this aspect. I think that the deal is a great one, though, just not for me.


              Like all good sites, there is a community part of King.com where you can share interests and converse with others on the site. Some of these are as follows;

              * Wade through the list of blogs and share your own once you rech that level.
              * Visit the diploma library and set upon your own personalised quests for a diploma.
              * Congratulate those who are celebrating their birthday
              * See the latest royal cup winners
              * See the top players in many different categories
              * Search for a member by name
              * Read more about special events that are taking place

              The community part is not all that brilliant but it does give some interesting places to wile away the time - if you can pull yourself away from the actual games of course!

              ******Is King.com Safe?******

              As quoted from the site;

              "Yes it is definitely safe to use a credit card at King.com. The King.com payment systems are industry strength, built using the latest encryption techniques and safety measures to guarantee transaction security. King.com guarantees that every transaction you make at King.com will be 100% safe."


              King.com also offers you a code to add a few of the better games (and the free ones) to your own website or blog - absolutely free!

              ******Graphics, Sound and Pace******

              The games are not futeristic brilliant, but the graphics are pretty good. They are 2D in most cases but are colourful and not pixal like at all. The graphics load very quickly, as does the games as a whole. I havent come across any games in which do not load yet, so as far as thatgoes, I think it is safe to say there are no broken links. There are some games which require a shockwave player yet this is easily downloaded off of the net. Each game has its own unique tune which, so far, has not annoyed me. There is the option to turn off the sound if you prefer (or turn off your speakers!)

              ******Final Word******

              Would I recommend this site to others? Most certainly! It is possibly one of the best game sites I have come across of late and it becomes very addicting. It is completely free and the paying membership (if you choose this option) is not overly expensive either, and you always have the chance of winning back your money!

              Take a look for yourself at King.com. Im sure that you will not be disappointed.


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                18.08.2009 00:52
                Very helpful
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                King.com is an excellent website for people with a lot of spare time.

                What is King.com?

                King.com is an excellent website for people with a lot of spare time. It has some exceptional games which real gamers would enjoy, and the plus side? you can win money playing your favourite games!

                Signing up

                The form to signup to the site is very user friendly with indications on where you must enter your information. I estimate the signup time to be under 90 seconds which is quite impressive. (That's if you're good on your keyboard!)

                The layout and general features

                The colour scheme used for the website is a downside. I feel there should be much more colour with exciting animations to show off how good the games are inside. Games can be sorted into alphabetical order so you can find your favourites, or can be sorted in categories such as; puzzle games, bingo, action games, strategy games, word games, card games and sports games.

                Playing the games

                The game lobby is laid out well with sections for free games and paid so you don't get confused. King.com use their adverts well as the game will be paused if you are playing in free mode around 3-4 times to show sponsors. This is a plus side for their marketing but a downside for the users who will see it as annoyance.

                Don't get too addicted!
                Spend your money wisely.


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                  18.08.2009 00:39
                  Very helpful
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                  a great selection of games

                  I recently went to check out king.com after reading good things about it on line from other members.

                  Initially the site is very simple to use and very easy to sign up, just a few basic details, a user name and you are ready to start playing.

                  I am not particularly a gambling person so only intended to use the free feature on this site and not to actually deposit any money and i would sugest this to a lot of people as it isnt a site where you are ever going to make a lot of money as the winnings are less than the fee for playing the game most of the time. The down side to this is that it sometimes takes longer to get into a game but if it is free then you dont mind the short waite.

                  The selection of games on there is great and there will be sure to be something to suit all tastes as there is such a variety. Although i am a member of a free bino site i dont realy enjoy the game but if you do there are 15 different bingo games on there, for others like me who enjoy strategy games there is scrabble, as well as 21 other games, 28 puzzle games, 13 card games including solitair as well as action games, sport games and word games.

                  The site is colourful and appealing on the eye, easy to use and navigate your way around, the games load reasonably well and dont run slowly, they are fun to play and i can spend many an hour or 2 on here without even realising it.

                  The only down side to this site for me is that i am running avg antivirus on my pc which picks up every problem as it occurs and asks you to heal it which i find happens very often on this site so i wouldnt recomend it to anyone with out an anti virus in place.


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                    18.08.2009 00:24
                    Very helpful



                    An excellent site for gamers and people who love skill games!

                    King.com - For all your royalty games.

                    Do you enjoy playing unlimited skill fun games? King.com offers you hundreds on games where you can battle out to be the ultimate game winner against thousands of players who are currently playing too!

                    There are different categories which you can find by navigating the website. There are choices from Puzzles, Bingo, Strategy, Word, Cards and Action. Each having different games which you can play by yourself or with other players.
                    The good thing about this site is that if you think you are exceptionally good at a certain game, you can deposit money and bet to see if you can beat another players score, and if you do you can win money back!

                    I have recently joined up to the website, and because i love a certain game on here *cough* Amazing Aventures *cough*, i decided that i wanted to deposit to see if im a better skill gamer than others!

                    There are thousands of highly skilled gamers, so the odds of you winning are shared out.

                    ----------- Depositing -------------

                    Depositing in the game is fairly simple, you can opt to become a gold player, which gives you more quality games, and a chance to skip the queues when playing games. (unlike non-paying players, they have to wait for a 1-2 minute queue everytime they play a game, thats the downside!) Depositing you can do by paypal or major credit cards and debit cards.
                    And then your on a roll and ready to play! Next you find a game that you want to play, and click a certain wager game. For example (0.45p) games. You then play the game and beat the other players score, if you do you win money back.

                    ------ The Downsides ---------

                    For non-paying customers, you must suffer long queues to play games. So if you want to avoid these, place deposits and become a gold player, you will get better play.
                    For paying customers - Your winnings arent very high. Because of the website needing money to keep their quality games running, if you play 45p and win, you will only recieve 22p back... I know...

                    The good thing about paying and playing is that if you disconnect, you wont lose your money. Disconnecting can be a very often thing to people and disconnecting in a middle of the game wont lose your money, it will just be refunded back into your account. When you are finished playing and want to recieve your winnings, press withdraw and all the money goes back into the bank!


                    Enjoy playing and make sure to keep to a limit of gambling.

                    Have fun Dooyoo'ers!


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                    02.05.2009 13:41
                    Very helpful




                    King.com is one of hundreds of game sites on the internet now. The only difference is that King.com is one of the best, along with Pogo. I go on King maybe once or twice a day, mainly during the daytime when it's not so busy. It's easy to sign up and only takes a couple of minutes. You can make your own personal profile and create a little avatar, a mini you!

                    - The Site -

                    There are just under 100 free games each of which is split into various categories ;

                    Bingo : (This section of the site is only available for people who have upgraded to a 'Royal' account.

                    Puzzle Games : Lots to choose from here, games like Bejewelled, Jungle Bubble & Deal or No Deal.

                    Action Games : Zuma, Luxor, Carnival Shootout and lots more great action games.

                    Word Games : There's only a few word games but they're all great fun. There are 2 multiplayer games, Quiz Queen and Word Battle. Each of these games can be played with up to 4 players at one time, those other players will be other King.com members.

                    Card Games : Games like Solitaire, FreeCell, Pyramid, Hearts and loads more, the card games are great fun!

                    Strategy Games : There's quite a few strategy games, and lots of multiplayer action with Ludo, Yahtzee and even Chess!

                    Sport Games : Even more multiplayer games including darts, 8-ball pool, 9-ball pool, bowling and lots more.

                    As you can see there's lots to choose from! The more games you play the more goodies you get. Each time you participate in games it gives you an amount of 'jewels' you could win. The more games you play the more jewels you can get, and the more jewels you get the more things you unlock for your gaming experience, like unlocking new items for your avatar or unlocking various things like chat etc. There's lots of fun stuff to unlock through your time playing on King.com.

                    - So What's The Site Like? -

                    You can play for free or you can sign up to be a 'Royal Member' with a small deposit of around £10 I believe. I cannot comment too much on what the Royal Membership does as I always play for free, but all I know is that you can participate in tournaments and games and play for real money.

                    One of the major downsides to the site is that it gets very busy at certain times of the day. You can find from between 7-10pm that the site is extremely busy, and you'll have to wait a couple of minutes to join a lot of games. I try not to go on the site at this time of night and normally go on Pogo instead, at least when Pogo is busy it doesn't affect your game play and you can get onto a game straight away.
                    I'm not being biased as I love both sites, I think a lot of the games are so much better on King but it's just disappointing when you want to play those games but have to wait so long to do so because of the busyness of the site.

                    The site always recommends that to cut out queues and waiting times between games/tournaments that you upgrade to a Royal account, but I'm not really one for spending money on game sites so I guess I'll just have to put up with the waiting.

                    I'd recommend anyone to give King.com a go, especially if you have any spare time during the day. There are so many games, all of which are great quality especially graphically. There's something for everyone, whether you love your card games, or prefer a bit of action or a good puzzle game to rack the brain. There's really lots to choose from. All of the games vary in difficulty, and there's games that even kids could play, the site is user friendly and the members on there are even friendlier.

                    Like I've said the only downside to the site is the busyness at night, other than that it's a fantastic site! What are you waiting for? Get gaming!!


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