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Dell Color Printer 725

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    2 Reviews
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      07.11.2013 16:55
      Very helpful



      Not recommended

      **What is it?**

      The Dell Color Printer 725 is a standard colour inkjet printer which is now about 6 years old - quite old in technology terms.

      Inkjet printers are best used as very small office or home printers and are not as fast as large laser printers used in most large office spaces.

      **Price and Availability**

      I purchased my Dell Color Printer 725 from the now defunct Comet store in Leeds, priced at £69.99. Nowadays should you wish to buy it (say if you used to own one and have a lot of spare ink!) you can only pick it up second hand and your best place to look is eBay.co.uk where they pop up now and again for less than £10.

      **What's in the Box**

      In a new box, I received:

      The Dell Color Printer 725
      Power supply
      USB cable
      Instructional and Driver CD
      Quick start pamphlet
      Warranty card
      1 x Test black cartridge
      1 x Test colour cartridge


      The Dell Color Printer 725 is quite dated looking now, I think, it's quite boxy and rather large and styled in an unflattering beige colour (the colour of old computer monitors!) The extendable paper tray and paper feed are in a flimsy black plastic.

      Back when I first got it, all printers looked like this but it's not aged well and you can pick up printers for £30 these days which look much more modern and take up far less room.

      **Printing Specifications**

      The Dell Color Printer 725 lines up printing wise as follows:

      Print Quality 1200 dpi x 1200 dpi
      Up to 14 ppm (mono) / up to 14 ppm (colour)
      Feed capacity: 100 sheets
      Input - USB

      Back when I bought it this was quite good, but now it does feel quite slow and laboured (I've since replaced it with a newer Canon Pixma printer, though it was working fine when I retired it).

      **In Use**

      I'd say that for when I bought it it was a good printer and I was happy with it. I tended to print most documents in draft format so I would get the upper end of the stated 14ppm when printing this way (I also did it to save ink).

      Standard colour document printing is a bit slow but the quality is acceptable.

      Unfortunately in use the Dell Color Printer 725 does let itself down on photo printing - it looks dotted and not anywhere near photo quality even when setting it to extra fine in the drivers and using a good quality photo paper, it also eats ink this way so I very very rarely used it for photo printing and preferred to use online services for this.

      The bundled software and driver CD did not work for me unfortunately as I've been a Mac user for 10 years so I downloaded a simple driver from the Dell website and that served me for the time I used it and I had no compatibility problems with any programs I printed from such as Word, Excel, Powerpoint etc.

      Overall in use I never had any problems with it - very rarely did I get any paper jams, blurred or misaligned printing etc, and overall as a very basic printer it served me well.


      The printer certainly hasn't aged well and it now feels slow. The poor photo printing really shows it's age, and it's lack of any additional features such as a display or USB printing mean that it really needed to be replaced by the time I did so.

      It's main downside and the downside that has been with it since the day I bought it is that the ink for it is so blooming expensive, it makes you think twice about printing anything! You only get 2 test cartridges with it (which are only 1/4 of the tank size of a regular retail cartridge) and boy do you get a shock when you get your replacements. Initially they were £20 each, so to buy new ink for the printer you were spending £40. For me I tried to print economically so I would only replace them twice a year. But as my job became more dependant on paperwork I new I'd need to get a new printer. In 2012 when I was in my last year of using the Dell Color Printer 725, printer inks had come down to £9 each but still, £18 to replace the inks on a very old printer just wasn't justifiable for me and I chose to replace it with an all in one.


      I think overall the Dell Color Printer 725 was OK for me whilst I was a student but these days printers do so much more and cost so much less. There are so many services to refill your ink cartridges and compatibles available to buy that ink prices aren't so much of an issue. But even though the Dell Color Printer 725 was a very reliable printer during it's lifetime with me I did get put off slightly by Dell's high consumable price and decided to replace it with a Canon Pixma all in one which cost me less new than the Dell Color Printer 725, and is far superior not just in quality and features but has a reasonable consumable price.

      Overall I can't recommend the Dell Color Printer 725 anyway due to it's age and the fact it has been superceded but I am not all that sure it was a great buy in the first place. My friend bought a HP printer at the same time I bought the Dell and not only is it still going strong it prints quality photo prints and the ink has come down to £5 a go! If I'd bought one of those I might not have chosen to replace mine.

      Two stars out of 5 for the Dell Color Printer 725 - 1 star knocked off for the poor photo printing, 1 star knocked off for the ridiculous peripheral cost and 1 star knocked off for it not being futureproof or aging well at all.


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        08.02.2010 17:05
        1 Comment



        Good for the occasional user, but limited quality

        This is a good printer, accurate, reasonably quick. However, the quality isn't up to photographs which is a shame. They will just come out looking poor quality sadly.
        The biggest problem with this printer is the expense in buying new ink cartridges which it gets through amazingly fast. Each one is about £20 and can only be bought from dell. The ebay ones are useless as they only last a few pages for this printer.
        However, for a cheap printer, this is really good as it is reliable and with constant use it doesn't let me down. Its perfect for someone at university like myself as it is small and will print of the journal articles and essays easily.
        I think it is a worthwhile buy, but only if you aren't planning on doing major printing on a daily basis, much better for the occasional user who jsut need it to do the basic job.


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