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Yankee Candle Camomile Tea

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Brand: Yankee Candle / Type: Candle / Category: Home Fragrance

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    3 Reviews
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      12.06.2013 10:34
      Very helpful
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      Nicer than I was expecting

      This fragrance is one that was included in a bundle of wax tarts that I purchased quite recently from Amazon. I paid £10 for the bundle of ten tarts and the retail price per tart is £1.25.

      To be honest, I wouldn't have otherwise tried this fragrance because it doesn't sound particularly interesting and I've never been keen on camomile tea! I imagined this to be a very delicate, somewhat granny-ish fragrance and this just didn't appeal to me seeing as I prefer strong, sweet fragrances.

      I'd had it tucked away for the past couple of weeks and decided to burn it last night. Burning the wax tart was easy enough - I just placed it in my tart burner, placed a lit tea light underneath and sat back and relaxed. It took a little while before I began to notice the fragrance - at least five minutes, whereas with many other yankee candle fragrances the scent is noticeable within a couple of minutes.

      Yankee candle describe the scent as being 'wonderfully soothing' with notes of camomile, honey, tea leaves and citrus zest, so I was quite surprised to find that the smell is more on the herbal side with a lovely, fresh floral fragrance to it. The fragrance is sweet, but not sickly sweet and the sweet note definitely smells just like honey, which strangely enough reminds me of honey and lemon tea that my mum used to make me when I was ill!

      The mix of fragrances all work well together and I love how subtle the smell is; it's really calming & relaxing and it made my home smell clean and homely too, completely masking any smells of the spicy food that I had cooked a couple of hours before and making the air smell fresh and sweet. The lasting power isn't quite as good as some other yankee candle fragrances because as I said before the smell isn't that strong, but it is still slightly noticeable after a couple of hours of putting out the tea light.

      I definitely recommend this fragrance and I'm surprised by how nice it is - it definitely isn't what I was expecting!


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        28.03.2013 09:04
        Very helpful



        Quite a calming candle but not as fresh as it could be.

        Yankee Candle scent, "Camomile Tea, " was at least one type I bought at the Yankee Candle stall located at Buchannan Galleries in Glasgow (before they moved into a store of their own on the second floor) in July 2012. This scent comes from the 2012 Summer/Autumn UK collection designed to sit alongside all the other specialist seasonal ranges that have already been released. Since purchasing the wax scent eight months ago, I've read other reviews where this scent is concerned, but at the time of purchase I found that the scent was light and airy in the shop - following a recent death back then in the family, "Camomile Tea," offered a soothing scent in the home and was most welcomed against other strong candles I had used up until then.

        Yankee Candle sell and produce many variants or formats of scented candles, but I tend to buy the wax tarts as they are one of the cheapest types available and tend to be much stronger on delivery than that of their votive candles. By design, wax tarts are a wick-less solid oil based wax discs that are round and deeply fluted. These products would need a hot oil potpourri burner either run electrically or supported by a tealight candle for general use as the heat from the flame melts the wax disc down to a hot steaming oil, fragrant and ready to freshen a home.

        What Does It Smell Of?

        The first tone that comes off this candle is deep and golden honey. It is a very rich smell, one that I associate readily with brown sugar and a bit like the honey smell you could get if you were to inhale a box of readily opened Kellogg's Honey encrusted corn flakes. The second tone is that of rich, sweet creamy vanilla. Perhaps it is supposed to be a milky depth, but I've never added milk with camomile tea and thus I'm wondering what the Americans do when it comes to the actual consumption of herbal teas!

        This rich sweet creaminess is somewhat unusual given the name of this candle. The third tone and base tone is that of undeniable lemon tea additives, but the lemon scent doesn't come through very quickly though, seemingly only adding some kind of alternative to the sweetness of the honey and vanilla and managing to give off an ever-so-slight hint of another American tea favourite rather than the gentle rounded perfume that traditional Camomile tea gives off once the leaves are allowed to steep.

        Strength & Delivery

        Every wax tart that Yankee Candle sells has a total burn time of 8 hours before the scent goes out. Over a period of three days when left to burn for an hour or two, and in terms of delivery I find that "Camomile Tea," certainly plays out the burn time well, able to go an extra hour or two on the fourth day before just turning into a non-scented oil if another tealight candle underneath is lit.

        It doesn't take long for the candle to put out the scents either, able to deliver a strong and potent wave of flowery, zesty and creamy like herb tea aromas around the home, even though at times it is clear that the scent starts to weaken as it nears its time of evaporation. Playing more of a freshness ability as opposed to a candle that you can relax with, Camomile Tea at times isn't for the faint hearted - initially - but give it a day and the scent soon starts to calm down, ready to give off a lovely tone of sensuality. It only has the power to last two rooms at the most, which is not an aspect that I was expecting, either since other scents have a lot more travel.
        Sadly though, despite the potency I find that this candle scent doesn't cope very well with eradicating strong odours. It manages to streamline itself alongside cooking food prep odour well, but once the candle is extinguished, I could still smell the underlying scent of whatever I had prepared, in the air.

        With tobacco however, the candle seems to wipe the air in waves as opposed to eliminating strong odours in an instant - and due to its additives, this is a type of candle that can be versatile dependent on where you place it - but still, compared to much "fresher" scents like "Fluffy Towels," or a sweeter approach in their cinnamon and sugar laced candle scents, Yankee Candle haven't been so successful here.

        Safety & Versatility

        Regardless of whether you know all about Yankee Candle or not, I always include the safety info for any future buyer who has yet to buy into the concept of scented candles - because they can be just as dangerous as normal unscented candles. Compared to their votive/sampler candles which have a wick through them, the Yankee Candle wax tart concept has 8 hours of fragrance duration compared to 15 hours in the votive - but the votive candles in America aren't called "Sampler" for nothing - and hence with the title, they are usually far lower in strength of scent when lit. As with all candles, Yankee Candles in most formats can be unsafe to keep around inquisitive pets or children.

        In both cases, when the tart or votive is lit, both holders will get extremely hot - and you need to be aware of the wax tart when it is being used - so it's just like a candle where logic and safety need to be taken. Once you have used up all the scent in the wax tart and NOT the tealight candle because you may go through quite a few, removing the wax tart is very easy simply by removing the tealight candle and waiting for the burner to cool. Place in a freezer for a minimum of 15 minutes. Afterwards turn the holder over, and the tart should fall out of the burner, easily. If this doesn't happen, touch the solid tart and try moving it with your finger - you will find that the disc is fairly easy to remove. Sniff the base of it however and if there's scent left, the candle has more to give and can be used again, if you wish.

        This process is a lot safer than pouring the hot wax down your kitchen drain, thus increasing the chances that it will block your drain, or pouring it out into kitchen towel, also running the risk of ruining a worktop or floor. A damp hot cloth can also remove excess wax from the sides of burners should any wax spill over and solidify in use, so at best the wax is at least water friendly.

        Where versatility is concerned, if buying more than one wax tart, by storing the others in a clothing drawer, you may find clothing to be scented pretty quickly. This is probably the best way to storing your tarts as they can become weaker over time if they are subjected to heat or strong light. Storing them in a dark and dry place however will allow you to get the best scent possible and longer lasting quality.

        Downsides & Other Formats

        Being such a new scent from Yankee Candle automatically means you may not be able to get a 25% off discount price, which only occurs with scents of the month, and the other versions or formats of this scent are available in the following range against sprays, plug in scents and reed diffusers from Yankee Candle's classic ranges. Prices given here are average based:

        Wax Tart (22 grams, 8 hour duration, £1.15 to £1-20 each.)
        Single metal lidded glass tumbler (7oz 35-45 hours duration, £8-99 to £14-49.)
        Votive candle (1.75 oz 15 hour duration, average price £1-60 to £2.)
        Small Housewarmer jar (7 oz 25-40 hours duration, £7-49 to £8-99.)
        Medium Housewarmer jar (14.05oz 60-75 hours duration, £14-99 to £15.)
        Large Housewarmer jar (22 oz 100-150 hours duration, £18-45.)
        Large 2-wick tumbler (22.7 oz 70-90 hours duration, £17-99.)
        Medium lidded glass tumbler (12 oz 40-50 hours duration £14-99.)
        Regular lidded glass (7oz 35-45 hours duration, £8-99 to £14-49.)
        Tealight scented candles (240 grams, 4-6 hours per candle, 12 in a box £6-25 & upwards - they also float in water!)

        Final Thoughts

        Whilst there are so many scented candles that Yankee Candle produce I was expecting a little more with "Camomile Tea." I find that its creamy richness with a backdrop of claimed tea scent isn't very apparent and instead I seem to get rich creamy vanilla and honey which doesn't really sum up actual Camomile tea.

        Thus, I wonder if Yankee Candle were desperate to get a new name on their books rather than actually coming up with something a bit more applicable like "Vanilla and Honey." That would have made more sense instead of trying to pass off a country like, herb tea. As such, this isn't a candle that I will readily jump to buy again. There are better ones out there by Yankee Candle, and for tea purists, I suggest you look elsewhere. Thanks for reading. ©Nar2 2013



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          01.03.2013 10:21
          Very helpful



          A beautifully scented Tart from Yankee that I would recommend..!

          I really do enjoy experimenting with some of the candles from the well known "Yankee Candle" range which seems to be getting more popular every year. There is a wide range of fragranced candles to purchase in the range - I believe there are actually over 175 fragrances and scents to choose from, so there is bound to be something in the range to suit most tastes.

          The candles can be purchased from a variety of retailers, both in-store and online, although I tend to purchase my own candles 'in person' so I can take my time smelling the assortment of fragrances to make my selection. I will purchase my favourites online too, but usually only after I have had the opportunity to try them for myself. I usually purchase my own candles from my local gift shop or Yankee Candle stall, and make repeat purchases online at www.ebay.co.uk or at www.amazon.co.uk.

          Most of the fragranced Yankee Candles come in a variety of formats and sizes so you can choose the one which suits your needs best. There are "Wax Tarts" available which are small 'cake' shaped blocks of wax which, in my experience, seem to have a slightly stronger fragrance than some of the larger candles. The Wax tarts do not contain a wick in the way that other candles do, and they need to be placed in a burner with a tea light underneath them to allow the Wax Tart to melt and the fragrance contained within can then escape. Wax Tarts generally cost around £1.20 - £2, depending on where you buy them, and their burn time is around 8 hours.

          The other formats that I have tried out are all candles, which come in a variety of sizes:

          * Small "Sampler" Candles - Burn time up to 15 hours
          * Small Glass Jar - Burn time up to 25 - 40 hours (Prices around £7.50 - £8)
          * Medium Glass Jar - Burn time up to 65 - 90 hours (Prices around £15 - £17)
          * Large Glass Jar - Burn time up to 110 - 150 hours (Prices around £18 - £20)

          (Info courtesy of www.yankee.co.uk, correct as @ March 2013).

          I received several Wax Tarts from the Yankee Candle range at Christmas time, from kind friends and family members who know how much I like to experience the assorted scents within the Yankee Candle range. This review will focus on my experiences of using the "Camomile Tea" Wax Tart, which was received at this time from a dear friend.

          All of the candles from the Yankee range have an attractive-looking label attached to the packaging, either stuck onto the glass jar or on the plastic cellophane wrapper, and the Camomile Tea Wax Tart is no exception to this rule, with the label showing an attractive image of a glass teacup filled with Camomile Tea, alongside some pretty flowers. Yankee usually colour their candles to correspond with their respective scents and fragrances, and in the case of Camomile Tea, the tart is a sort of 'Magnolia' or cream type of shade which ties in with the product and it's name perfectly.

          The first time that I tried out the White Gardenia Tart, I removed its outer wrapper and placed it in my burner with a burning tea light placed underneath. It did not take long for the enclosed scent to develop, which began to waft from its waxy casing within about ten minutes or so. The fragrance struck me as being quite understated at first, although I did notice it took on more 'depth' to it a short time afterwards.

          I found too that the Camomile Tea aroma felt surprisingly calming and rather soothing thanks to its aroma, which felt quite floral initially, but subtly so, without screaming a strong floral accent from the burner, that would have been off-putting for me. Instead, the floral notes felt rather balanced with a soft, gentle sweetness, which reminded me of fresh honey and certainly contained the same delicate sweetness within its core. This culminated in a rather refreshing overall fragrance that felt subtle and more 'muted' than anything strongly floral or 'heady', inducing a calming feeling from its delicate scent.

          Infusing the room with its delicate 'wisps', there was nothing about the tart's fragrance that felt over-powering, and I was able to let it burn for a couple of hours before extinguishing the candle in the burner. I found that the scent lingered delicately in the room, and ebbed out into the hallway too, with its gentle scent calmly escaping into the atmosphere rather than screaming its presence from the burner. It's fair to say that I am not a huge fan of anything particularly over-powering in terms of scents, finding they can often induce a headache or just feel off-putting due to their richly-scented aromas. The Camomile Tea Tart, thankfully, felt much more suited to my own tastes in comparison, thanks to its more subtle, gentler tones. I found too that the mixture of soft scents felt pleasantly natural and the faint 'earthy' tones at the aroma's core allowed this impression to develop further. I liked the pleasant uplifting quality that was easily achieved from burning this particular fragrance too, a very welcome trait during the cold February nights.

          I felt too that the Camomile Tea scent was surprisingly contemporary, a characteristic that I had not expected, although I can't really explain why. I found the overall aroma seemed to 'settle' into itself after it had been burning for 40 minutes or so, and this scent had a pleasant 'clean' aroma to it that I really liked. I didn't find this side of the scent was particularly 'robust' but I enjoyed its refreshing presence nevertheless, finding it felt rather more contemporary than some of the other scents I have been burning lately.

          In terms of the scent's longevity, I had no complaints as the delicate fragrance seemed to hang easily in the room for several hours after the tart's candle had been extinguished. I don't recall being able to detect any proper hint of the scent after this time, and certainly the following day all traces had disappeared completely. These results are very much on a par with many of the more 'delicate' fragrances that I have tried from the Yankee range, and certainly I have no cause for complaint when considering these results.

          In summary, I do recommend the Camomile Tea fragrance from the Yankee range, and I have already purchased it for myself due to finding the subtle aroma feeling surprisingly calm and uplifting. I have no complaints in terms of the fragrance of the Tart, or its performance, and for these reasons I do feel that top marks in the Dooyoo rating score are appropriate on this occasion.


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