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Yankee Candle Apple & Pine Needle

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9 Reviews

Brand: Yankee Candle / Type: Candle / Category: Home Fragrance

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    9 Reviews
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      28.10.2013 22:49
      Very helpful



      For me personally, the pine scent was more bathroom than Christmas tree, but each to their own!

      I have just done my annual Yankee Candle bulk buy! 24 different scents in total, and I will be looking to review as many as possible over the coming weeks. I have been a collector of Yankee Candles for 3 years now, and have probably spent a good few hundred of my well-earned pounds on Yankee products. But, as any true Yankee Addict will tell you - one can never have enough candles!

      Behind The Brand
      In 1969, Mike Kittridge melted down some wax crayons, to make a candle, as he couldn't afford a gift for his mother. A neighbour saw the candle, and asked Mike to sell it to her.
      From there, a business was born.
      Since then Yankee Candle have been offering distinctive products, affordable luxuries, and unique gifts, earning a reputation for superior, long-lasting fragrance, and high quality candles.

      Burning Times & RRP (as of Oct 2013)
      Wax Tart - Up to 8 hours - £1.25 each
      Tea light - 4-6 hours - £6.95 for 12
      Votive / Sampler - Approx 15 hours - £1.80 each
      Small Jar (3.7 oz) - 25-40 hours - £8.40 each
      Medium Jar (14.5 oz) - 65-90 hours - 16.99 each
      Large Jar (22 oz) - 110-150 hours - £19.99 each

      Yankee Apple and Pine Needle
      I purchased a couple of wax tarts, as this was a scent I had yet to try, and I know from experience that with wax tarts, if you do not like the scent, they can be broken in half and mixed with another scent, to hopefully create something much more pleasant, and to one's personal taste.
      I was concerned that the pine scent would remind me more of floor cleaner than fresh christmas trees, and I have to admit that upon "sniffing" through the packaging, my fears seemed to be well placed.

      However, I carefully broke the tart into half, and added one half to my burner. Upon lighting, I was initially greeted with a warm, sweet scent, not exactly of apples, but of a fresh fruit salad in general! The pine scent was defiantly there, but because of the apple (and I think there is just a hint of cinnamon) it was actually a very pleasant, fresh smell. I always find wax tarts scent the whole room very quickly, and on this first burning, I definitely got wafts of the scent from across the room almost immediately.

      At first, I was extremely impressed, and did indeed recognise the scent more as that of a fresh cut Christmas tree, with an apple or two cut in half and hanging from it. However, after an hour or so, I had to admit that the scent was no longer appealing, it was again taking on more of a "floor cleaner" or "toilet wipe" aroma, and I quickly extinguished the burner.

      I did try and burn the remainder the following day, mixed with half an "sugared apple" wax tart, to try and enhance the pleasant fresh fruit scent. I must admit, I still wasn't very fond, and my husband certainly didn't like the smell!

      This is one of the very few Yankee candles that I will not be purchasing again.


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      24.06.2013 02:10
      Very helpful



      Not one that I would buy again

      Apple and pine needle is a yankee candle fragrance which I recently received as part of a mixed bundle of wax tarts.

      I wasn't too sure about it at first and I didn't know what to expect and it turns out I'm not too keen on it. I don't hate it but I wouldn't re purchase it. This fragrance like most yankee candle fragrances is available in various forms including jars, tumblers, votives and tea lights and the wax tart form of it which I have retails at £1.25 and provides on average eight hours of fragrance which is amazing value for money in my opinion.

      The tart is basically a very dark green disc of wax which has pleated edges. The tart comes wrapped in clear cellophane with a label on it which has the fragrance name clearly written on it and a picture of an apple, pine cone and some pine needles. Removing the cellophane is easy enough and once I had unwrapped the tart I popped it into my tart burner and placed a lit tea light underneath.

      Wax tarts are not burnt like normal candles as they do not have wicks so you need to melt them in a tart burner. They can't be melted any other way so bear in mind that you will need to buy a tart burner before you are able to melt the tart, although even before burning it, the fragrance is noticeable just by smelling the tart in its solid form.

      Yankee candle describe this fragrance as having a 'fruity twist' with notes of crisp apple, cypress, cedarwood and pine needle. I was expecting this to be a very woody fragrance with a subtle sweet tone to it and this is exactly what I got although I was expecting the smell of apple to be really prominent whereas it is undetectable.

      I like that although it does have a woody scent it is not overpowering and the smell is natural smelling rather than artificial. The smell is fresh and light which I was pleasantly surprised by as I find that most woody fragrances can be quite heavy and overpowering where this one is lovely and subtle. Although it is subtle I find that the fragrance fills my home within around half an hour, making it smell fresh and clean.

      The sweetness is noticeable but the fragrance overall is not a very sweet fragrance, instead it is quite earthy and I find that the fragrance is quite hard to describe as it has got some quite strange tones to it. Although the fragrance does have an evident hint of sweetness it does not smell particularly fruity and I am unable to smell the apple in it, which is a disadvantage as I really like fruity fragrances and had been intrigued to see how apple would smell in a yankee candle fragrance but nevermind.

      All in all this is an okay fragrance but the lack of fruitiness really lets it down and I find it too bland and boring, it does make my house smell fresh and clean but it is not a particularly cosey or homely kind of fragrance. Two out of five stars.


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        21.03.2013 22:58
        Very helpful



        Unfortunatly this was not the best purchase that I have made, but hey, - theres plenty of candles

        ==Yankee Candle Apple and Pine Needle=
        One of my weaknesses is Yankee candles especially the wax tarts, as these can be picked up from around £1 and allows you to try a new fragrance, without the expense of a large candle.

        One of my friends loves her Yankee tarts, so for last Christmas I did a gift selection for her, but as I was buying them it was one for you, one for me.

        The packaging is simple as with all Yankee products, and this comes in a plastic wrapper and shows a picture of an apple and pine needles on it, on the back of the wrapping which gives you the instructions about how t use the tart, and that it weighs 22g.

        =Buying It=
        I will be honest as at first I was unsure whether to buy this one as my previous experience of pine needle fragrances have been air fresheners which can be an acquired taste, but then I thought its only a tart if I don't like it, I only have 1 nights trial of it.

        =To Use=
        To use these tarts you need a tea light holder, just make sure you don't use a fragranced tea light (got close to doing that before), undo the wrapping and pip the tart into the top of the tea light. To make mine last longer, I break the tart in half, so get double the pleasure for half the price.

        =The Tart=
        The tart is a really deep green colour, once popped in to the holder, within about 2 minutes the wax has melted, at this stage you get a mild smell, but once the wax has heated, let the experience just wash over you, the smell of the pine needles, contrasts with the sweet smell of the apple, at first I was wondering if I was going to get damp trees along with cheap cider, but I was really glad to say I was proved wrong. I also had felt a smell of cedar mixed in with the aroma. Although the smell was mixed, it was not a strong smell, I had it burning in the evening for about 4 hours, and it was not over powering, it was a background smell. Next morning there was no lingering smell from it. As some fragrances I find are powerful and do last.

        =To Sum up the smell=
        To me this is a woody smell, more what I would associate with a man's aftershave than a candle, so I won't be buying this one again. Whereas my friend absolutely loved her one of this and she has brought more, but as I always say if we all liked the same things in life, life would be boring, variety is the spice of life.

        I have only rated this as a 2/5, not from the fact that I did not like it that much, but from the fact that I felt the scent was not strong enough or longer lasting. A disappointing experience, but hey there's plenty more candles out there to try.

        =To Buy=
        These can be purchased online, from many retailers from Amazon to EBay, and on the high street from Clintons to The Works.


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        11.03.2013 18:34
        Very helpful



        A Crisp, Clean fragrance but nothing to write home about

        I'm not one to pass on the chances on saving a bit of money when I can and given the amount I've spent on the products from Yankee Candles over the past few years it's handy when sales and promotional offers allow me to grab a few bargains from time to time when they're available. Apple and Pine Needle is a Yankee festive fragrance that my local branch of Clinton Cards offered at a reduced price not so long ago and for 87p for a single wax tart as opposed to its usual price of £1.20 it gave me the chance to sample a fragrance that was new to me. I was a little concerned at the name of this one when I bought it, anything with "pine" in it would normally bring to my mind toilet cleaner (and indeed Yankee's other Pine based fragrance was one I had tried and disliked in the past) but given that this is actually Pine Needles with the addition of apple reassured me that perhaps it wouldn't be as chemical or artificial smelling as I first feared.

        The wax tart is deep green in colour which didn't help with the toilet cleaner association but I was willing to give it a try, 87p for something that had the potential to give off 8 hours plus worth of fragrance was a small price to pay and though there weren't too many clues to how this was going to smell when I had a sniff of the wrapper I ended up quite enjoying this one when I had mine melting. A wax tart, as regular readers of Yankee reviews on dooyoo will know, is a wick-less piece of solid wax that has fragrance and essential oils infused into it, they are melted on a tart burner by means of a lit tea light and the fragrances contained are released into the air around the burner and the room in which it's sat. Over the years I've found that Yankee offer some exceptional fragrances that are true to life and far less artificial than proprietary air fresheners and I have become a big fan of the company and the products they produce.

        Apple and Pine Needles is a subtle fragrance I found and not half as strong as I was expecting, it's a light and airy fragrance that slowly builds in interest and rather than overpower a room with a strong aroma it freshens and uplifts gently. My concerns about this one smelling too Pine-like were unfounded and though there is a hint of pine in the overall fragrance it is subtle and adds a freshness to the apple inclusion. The apple itself is crisp and sharp, reminding me of a Granny Smith variety and rather than having sugar or caramel to sweeten the fragrance it's really quite light in comparison to others. It's a very nice fragrance, definitely seasonal in theme as it would suit the colder months of the year with its icy brightness, it's not 'foody' or 'spicy' and would probably suit those people who like the lighter fragrances that Yankee produce rather than the stronger ones and whilst this wouldn't normally be one that I'd give a massive amount of praise for I did think that it was rather nice.

        The only downside with Apple and Pine Needles for me was its longevity, being a lighter fragrance I found that I didn't get near 8 hours when it came to longevity, it took a little time for the fragrance to become noticeable and at best I got about 4-5 hours worth of fragrance from mine. This is rather disappointing I must admit and even at the reduced price I paid for mine I do consider it to be one of the poorest value for money wax tarts that I've bought and I don't think I would be in any rush to buy it again. The fragrance is nice admittedly but for me it was a typical example of how lacking in longevity the lighter fragrances are that Yankee produce and this wouldn't be one that would suit a more expensive format (i.e a Glass Jarred candle) I don't think either. For a one-off it made a nice change but 'nice' is hardly a glowing description and doesn't evoke a strong enough reaction from me to want to either slate it here or have it on my list to want to buy it again.

        I would recommend this one to other people but only if they like lighter fragrances, it's crisp and airy but lacks the strength or impact that others have and for a rating I think it probably deserves 3 stars representing 'average'.

        Thanks for reading my review.


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        19.01.2013 12:23
        Very helpful



        I hope I never smell this scent again!

        My Lords, Ladies, good people of the Dooyooniverse, it is with heavy heart that I bear ill news. Brace thyselves, noble souls, for your faith is about to be thrown into question; with great sadness I must report news that the great power, the benevolent being that has brought us so much collective pleasure and comfort, hath forsaken us.

        In other words, Yankee Candle have stuffed up.

        Let me explain...

        Bear with me people. I know I appear before you seeming to be committing high treason, but hear me out.

        Over Christmas I ordered a batch of ten Yankee wax tarts from a seller on eBay. Collectively these little fluted chunks of delight arrived at my door for the princely sum of £9.95, postage included. During the buying process I was invited to select my own combination of scents from those listed as available, and all the ones I requested arrived. This was one aspect of my "spoil box" for Mum, a collective of pampering gifts to remind her to take some "me time", and included a few she had enjoyed when I bought her first tarts for her birthday, plus some that I had liked the scent of when using them myself or considering them in a shop.

        So, pleased with myself, I placed another order for myself and Mr Rarr to use over the Christmas period and a few that we thought would be suitably comforting during any potential cold snap...with our cars snowed in on our road at present that was largely a wise investment! Again I combined scents I knew I liked (Warm Spice) in multiple but this time I got adventurous...and suddenly, everything I thought I knew about the world was shaken to its core.

        ***WHAT WENT WRONG?***

        Yankee Apple & Pine Needle, that's what.

        In principle this scent sounded great - apple made me think naturally of a fresh, slightly zesty but gentle fruit scent, whilst pine, reminiscent of so many floor cleaners when used irresponsibly but fundamentally a settling, calming mood enhancer when found naturally when walking through a forest, surely couldn't be misused in the wise hands of Yankee? So in to the mix it went, even though it was a new one on both Mr Rarr and I.

        So as my package arrived I happily tore into the envelope and we started enjoying some of these little wax tarts, some old friends and a couple of new acquaintances. Shortly after Christmas on a long, dark winter evening we decided to give Rarr Towers a new scent, and needing to relax after a long drive and a few hard day's travelling and working, I found myself falling asleep on the sofa as Mr Rarr set about making dinner and generally making our nest somewhere I could relax.

        Before I continue, a few words about my first impressions of this product. In amongst the other tarts was a dark green offering, with the small label displaying pine needles and a shiny, juicy red apple that would have seduced Snow White into another one of her daft apple-related life choices any day. Frosty-looking pine cones were also on the label and the whole thing screamed winter comfort.

        Through the cellophane was a slightly unusual scent but not one that I found unpleasant. That said, it didn't make me leap to my feat in a fit of inspiration, scrabbling desperately for a tea light to salve the sudden desperate longing for my home to boast this sensory delight, either. It was, if I'm honest, neither reminiscent of apple nor pine, and was just "alright". If pushed, had I scented this one in my usual physical, rather than online, outlet, I probably would have been seduced instead by something else. Anyway, back to the user experience...

        So, where was I. Ah yes, falling asleep in a display of how middle aged I am becoming. Next thing I knew I was stirring from a nap to the sound of Mr Rarr chopping veg and the sizzling of garlic in a pan, great scents emerging from the kitchen and yet another strange scent that I couldn't quite place. I wondered for a second if my beloved had dropped something and subsequently cleaned the evidence, as I realised that this other scent was causing a strange 'catching' feel on the back of my throat, not quite enough to induce a coughing fit but undeniably there was something on the air that was, if not irritating, then at least nudging at my senses that my body wasn't entirely happy about. Not astringent as strong cleaners but as if the remnants of one were lingering on the air, causing a slightly unpleasant sensation as I breathed it in.

        It was then that I realised that Mr Rarr had opted for the Apple & Pine Needle tart. And I'm not saying he is in any way at fault - this tart is just absolutely bloomin' terrible. The poor man was not to know! And as he emerged from the kitchen and sat with me in the living room where the oils were melting merrily away, he too got a quizzical look on his face and our mutual dislike of this product became clear.

        Now I had just been asleep for a quarter of an hour so this clearly melted and started to give out its strong, but unplaceable, scent pretty quick, so full marks for that. However, as the scent is nothing short of unpleasant, that was not a good thing in this instance!

        I could find neither apple not pine in this - just this weird oppressive heavy scent that I could almost feel as I breathed it in. Needless to say, this was one of the rare occasions when the tealight was extinguished before it burnt out of its own accord, and this heavy scent remained on the air.

        Now I don't know if it was just over-enthusiasm on the tart's front (insert your own joke here, I'm not in the mood) but this slightly astringent quality seemed to fade over time, as we gave the tart the benefit of the doubt and tried it again the following day. It seemed to have settled slightly, and there was no repeat of the weird feeling in the back of my throat - maybe alternatively I had adjusted to it. This scent grew more on Mr Rarr than myself, so we did get some more use out of the tart but I couldn't stand it in strong doses so I doubt if we will ever find out if the burning time exceeded the normal eight hours that is advertised - I soon persuaded my beloved to swap it for something familiar. During the time that we used this tart again both Mr Rarr and I never once caught a teasing whiff of apple or pine needle, and couldn't place the scent at all. Overall, I found it both nondescript in the sense that normally an evocative Yankee tart will give you beautiful scents that instantly are reminiscent of their sources and inspirations, whereas this just smelt of whatever the heck it was and nobody has any idea what that is. It was strong, bold and unusual and whilst Mr Rarr grew to find it more pleasant than he did initially, I certainly never did, possibly a reaction enhanced by my memory of the weird and unpleasant sensation it caused on the back of my throat when it first started to melt.


        Well, don't say I didn't warn you. These are available in various shapes; mine as stated was a wax tart that you can find in various places both online and in person for the price range of approximately 95p - £1.30. It is also available in other candle sizes in jars - a quick google on the scent led me to yankee.co.uk where you can get a large burner version with brushed metal lid for just shy of £19, though the scent is not listed on the website's drop-down fragrance collection menu so I suspect this was not widely received with open arms and angel choirs and could well be on its way out. So if you did try this and you are in to self-abuse, I'd get in there quick.

        Well unsurprisingly this is getting one star from me - and if I ruled the Dooyooniverse it would be getting considerably less. As Mr Rarr grew fonder of it over time it may have some appeal but, though my initial experience may be because of my own oversensitivity to something in this product, I can't shake the memory and will not be repurchasing this one. Certainly not one for enclosed areas and not even particularly festive, this is the one time I feel really let down by a Yankee product. May we find comfort in the hope that there are not more traps out there ready to shake our faith in this otherwise great institution!

        I'm sorry if I have shattered the faith of dozens here, and hope that you can find the kindness to forgive me. Thanks for reading.


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          11.01.2013 18:47
          Very helpful



          A woody smell but no pine or apple can be detected.


          ===Why I Bought This===

          I love buying different Yankee Tarts and this was a new one for me that I purchased on a sale from Clinton's Cards.

          ===The Brand===

          The tarts are made by Yankee Candles who have been producing candles for over 40 years.

          ===The Product===

          Disc of deep green wax shrink wrapped in cellophane.
          Called 'Apple and Pine Needle'.
          Made with pure natural extracts.
          Image of pine branch, pine cone and deep red apple on the label.
          Product of USA.
          The back has a round sticky label which details lots of basic safety advice.
          22 grams.


          £1.25 generally but I bought this for half price from Clinton's Cards.
          Yankee Tarts are available from many outlets and also online.

          ===My Opinion===

          The Yankee website say of 'Apple and Pine Needle': 'Popular pine gets a fruity twist as crisp apple notes are combined with pine needle, cypress and cedar wood'.
          Having to buy my tarts online means I do not get any preview of the aroma before they arrive - so buying new fragrances is always a bit of a hit or miss affair.
          For half price I was happy to buy new fragrances to try. This tart is a seasonal one and it definitely looks Christmassy being a very dark forest green.
          You can smell the tart through the wrapper and it has a unique aroma. Personally I would not say that I can smell either pine or apple - but I opened the tart and used half in my tart burner.
          The smell is quite unusual in its way - it is a masculine sort of smell and is deep and sort of pine/woody. Even when being burnt and afterwards I have not detected apple at all and I would not say could smell pine either. It is not a horrid smell but is slightly like burnt wood and more masculine to my mind and also more for the winter months. It does not smell like a pine synthetic bathroom cleaner either.
          Funnily enough my son walked into the kitchen and said what a nice smell - and again the next day he came in and said about the spicy smell - so obviously he likes it more than me.
          This is not one I am mad about but it in not too overpowering and the smell is growing on me. Personally I do not get the 'seasonal' notes of pine and it is probably the cedar wood I am smelling.
          As with other tarts this one lasts for at least the specified 8 hours as I prolong mine by using half at a time and only have it lit for a short while as the fragrance lingers on even after the tea light is blown out underneath the tart burner.
          Although not pine smelling or Christmassy this is a warm and welcoming sort of smell which is mellow enough to burn in the winter months.

          ==Star Rating===

          4 Stars - an OK aroma but not one I would bother buying again.

          ===Would I Recommend?===





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            10.01.2013 00:52
            Very helpful



            A nice festive and calming scent

            When it comes to Yankee products I am a huge fan of them. My budget rarely would allow for a huge candle or anything like that from the range so what I like to do is experiment with their tarts which I buy regularly in Clinton cards, a local nursery or from a shop on Weston Super Mare Pier which is local to me.

            On the run up to Christmas this appealed to me being called Apple & Pine Needle, I thought it sounded very festive!

            This comes in minimal packaging as do all the tarts from Yankee. It comes in a plastic wrapper with a picture of pine needles and an apple on it and we are clearly told what it is and who it by on the front of it then on the back of it other information listed includes being showed do's and dont's regarding using the tart, that it weights 22g and should scent for 8 hours and contact details for the manufacturer are given.

            Using It:

            Well the tart is dark green in colour and all you do to use it is to pop it in the top of an oil burner with a tealight to burn it underneath and within a couple of minutes the whole thing melts to a dark green, transparent liquid. Course if you stop the tealight frombeing lit the leftover wax does re harden to be used next time!

            The scent of this is very nice indeed and really well blended and very natural too. You can really smell what is meant to smell like pine needles, cypress and cedarwood mixed with a fruity top note of crisp and ripe juicy apples. I can't say this was all that strong, it certainly wasn't a majorly heavy and intoxicated scent but it did scent my whole flat and I did find that I got over the 8 hours of burning time from it and more like 10 hours if not a little more. The only quibble I had with this is that although I burnt it for a few hours at a time in my home the next day I got up I couldn't detect any lingering fragrance at all.

            However this for me is an uplifting fresh and festive scent and one that I would buy again in the future as it smells nice, is great quality and good value for money!

            Available online if you google it and try places like Clintons cards and the likes!

            This review is also posted on Ciao under this same username.


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            06.01.2013 22:08
            Very helpful
            1 Comment



            A nice enough fresh scent for winter but not my favourite

            Yankee Candles are something which I have got into over the last year mainly due to reading all the reviews about them on here! I like to keep my home nicely fragranced but in the past I had found that so many scented candles were either so weak that you might as well not bother or they smelled really chemically. What I like about Yankee Candles is that they do give out a nice strong scent which spreads through the room and they generally don't have that chemical smell. There are so many scents to choose from in this brand and I enjoy trying out different ones.

            The scent that I am reviewing today, apple and pine needles, was brought out as a seasonal Christmas scent for 2012. I saw it reduced in Clintons Cards after Christmas and that's why it caught my eye.

            Yankee Candles come in various formats ranging from small round fluted wax "tarts" which need to be burned over a tea light and do not have a wick, to small sampler votive candles, and various sized glass jars going up to absolutely massive ones. I normally favour the wax tart as they are cheap (usually about £1 to £1.20) and give out a lot of scent. I have found that sampler sized votive candles can be a bit weaker, but that is the format I got this apple and pine needle in as it was all they had. I paid 90p for this instead of the usual £1.80 so that seemed a good deal.

            The candle is a deep forest green colour which I really like and is wrapped in plastic wrapping featuring a little picture that shows the scent. It does look quite festive as I suppose pine needles make a lot of people think of Christmas trees but I am still burning it now that Christmas is over and I think it's a good all round winter scent. Just from sniffing the solid wax I liked the scent as it seemed very fresh and outdoorsy so I was keen to try it.

            Now that I have burned it for quite a few hours over a few days I do still like it but I have to say I am not quite as keen as I thought I would be. At first the scent seemed very strong, which I was impressed with from a sampler candle, but it then actually seemed a little overbearing and too much, and I normally like a strong scent! I think the pine element of it does give the scent a real freshness but it has a slight chemical tang to it and then I realised what it slightly reminds me of is cleaning products, like toilet cleaner or something! This is only a slight thing that I noticed and it does not smell like bleach or anything but once I noticed I did find it a little off putting. The apple element of it seems softer and not quite as pronounced or noticeable to me.

            After burning it a few times I feel that the strength has subdued a bit. Maybe I am now just more used to the candle or maybe it does get weaker as you go down, I am not too sure. I am no longer finding it so over powering and I now find it just quite a nice mellow and clean scent.

            The candle has burned down evenly. If you want to avoid it tunnelling down the middle you have to make sure you burn it until the whole top surface has melted, and I always do this, so it has not been a problem. It fits easily in my favourite little candle holder and should be fine in most small candle holders.

            For half price this one was definitely worth a try but I cannot claim it has really been a favourite of mine. It's nice enough but I probably wouldn't buy it again unless it was on a really good offer again as I would rather try something new.


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              06.11.2012 11:13
              Very helpful



              perfectly festive!

              ~Apple and Pine Needle~

              Yankee Candle release a collection of festive candle scents each year and the 2012 line up includes Snow In Love, Sugared Apple, Cranberry Ice and finally, Apple and Pine Needle. The latter will be the scent being reviewed by myself today.

              Apple and Pine Needle can be sampled in various ways depending on your budget. More expensive options include housewarmer jars. If you simply wish to sample the scent without a huge outlay, a votive sampler or wax tart may be more purse-friendly.

              A wax tart is a disc of coloured wax which is infused with natural scent extracts. It should be melted in a tart burner and can be re-used until the scent is gone. The tart is melted by a tealight which you will need to purchase separately. Yankee state each tart will offer at least 8 hours of scent.

              This particular tart, being a deep green colour, fits perfectly into the festive range. The tart is tightly wrapped and the picture on the plastic is very fitting - apples and pine needles! The official description of this scent is 'popular pine gets a fruity twist as crisp apple notes are combined with pine needle, cypress and cedarwood'.

              ~Price and Availability~

              Expect to pay between £1.00 and £1.25 for a 22g wax tart. This is a new release. It is likely to be in local Yankee stores for the next few months but it is widely available online through stores such as eBay, Amazon and www.yankeescents4.com.

              ~My Thoughts~

              I am a Yankee Candle fanatic - I am also an 'all things festive' fanatic so I jumped at the chance of purchasing all the 2012 festive scents recently released! I always opt for the wax tarts for my initial purchase and then decide whether to splash out on a housewarmer jar depending on how much said tart has impressed me.

              Yankee offer a number of pine scents and I recently discussed my experience of Christmas Tree which turned out to be a horrible, chemical like toilet cleaner scent. You may be wondering why I chose to buy another scent which contained pine? Well, the main factor was the apple as I love apple scents and hoped that Apple and Pine Needle would be a much nicer combination than Christmas Tree.

              I am happy to have my home smelling Christmassy all year round so have been using the festive wax tarts over the past few weeks. I have been impressed by all four, newly released scents. Out of the four, this is my least favourite but I still really like it. I melt my tarts in my living room area normally but found this one to be perfect for using in my tart burner in the kitchen. It eliminated any cooking smells and filtered into my livingroom which is joined on to my kitchen.

              The vibrancy of the green wax is a little deceiving. The scent in solid form wasn't very strong but I could pick up a sweet, fresh smell. Once melted, the scent fails to fill my whole home quickly which I was a little disappointed about. It didn't go any further than my kitchen and livingroom and even in these rooms, the scent didn't seem to be very powerful for the first hour. This definitely let the scent down as it would have made more of an impact had it been a little more concentrated.

              When I melted this tart, I found the scent to fill the immediate kitchen area well and it did come across as being quite a bright scent at first. The apple was by far the most prominent scent - juicy, sweet and quite refreshing. The pine needle scent was noticeable as it laced the apple soon after the tart was fully melted. Fortuantely, there was no chemical toilet cleaner smell here. The pine was more natural, light and fresh smelling. The apple and pine combo worked well creating a fresh, airy scent which was beautifully sweet.

              I normally melt tarts for a few hours at a time and found the freshness of this tart started to disappear after an hour or so of the tealight being lit. The overall scent held onto the apple and pine but was injected by the cedarwood for a pleasant, woody depth. The layered effect of this scent impressed me as it added substance and body to the overall scent. I was able to witness the woody blend of this scent in my hallway so can only state that the scent takes a while to reach its peak.


              The strength of this scent isn't steady as it does take a while to filter around the home in my opinion. I would have expected this to be the perfect day time, refresher scent but it actually is quite a relaxing scent which I found myself wishing to use in the evening. Apple and Pine Needle isn't the strongest of the Yankee festive scents but it is a lovely, welcoming scent to have in the home in my opinion. I doubt I would buy it in jar format but would recommend buying the wax tart to try it out.

              I used this over the course of a few days and found the 8 hour statement is about right for this scent.

              4 stars

              Thanks for reading :)

              Originally written for ciao October 2012.


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