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Surf Concentrated Bio Liquid Detergent Herbal Extracts

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Brand: Surf / Type: Liquid Laundry Detergent / Category: Laundry

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    1 Review
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      21.02.2013 20:32
      Very helpful



      a great odour remover

      ~Surf Herbal Extracts~

      Surf is a range of laundry products which includes liquid, liquitabs and powder. Today I will be reviewing the Surf Herbal Extracts Bio Liquid Detergent which contains essential oils.

      This particular liquid detergent contains 5 herbal extracts which help to remove bad odours from clothing. The included extracts are lavender, tea tree, mint, pine and eucalyptus. This liquid detergent should be poured into the provided cap and placed on top of laundry in the washing machine drum as opposed to being poured into the drawer. It is recommended that you use 35ml of liquid for standard loads of washing or 52ml of liquid for larger or dirtier laundry.

      The liquid is presented in a curvy, white plastic bottle. The bottle is decorated with green and floral images making it look quite attractive. The important product information is neatly and clearly displayed. The bottle features a screw top lid and also a measuring cap which is marked with the appropriate quantity markings. The bottle can be reviewed.

      ~Price and Availability~

      Surf Herbal Extracts is only available in a 1litre bottle which offers 28washes. This detergent is currently priced at £3.00 in Asda and £4.49 at Sainsbury.

      ~My Thoughts~

      I am always on the look out for new laundry products and usually buy detergent when on offer. At the moment, I favour liquid detergent. Towards the end of last year, I noticed this new Surf detergent in my local Asda supermarket. I thought I would give it a whirl and have since bought another two bottles. I do a lot of laundry including clothing for two adults, one toddler, bed sheets and towels so I need a decent detergent to work alongside fabric softener.

      Whilst the packaging is quite eyecatching, I find it an absolutely nightmare to seperate the measuring cap from the actual lid. It is very tightly secured which may be practical for ensuring it doesn't fall off in transit but not ideal for when you want to get a load of laundry washed. When I finally get the cap off, I place it on the window sill next to the bottle when not in use. I don't fancy fighting with it everyday!

      ~In Use~

      As my washing machine has an 8kg drum, I tend to use a full cap of this detergent. Those with smaller machines will need less. With this in mind, I find that a 1l bottle only gives me 18-20 washes as opposed to the 28. This is fine for me as the 28 wash is based on the smaller amount of detergent being used. This detergent is very easy to use. The thick, creamy white liquid pours smoothly from the bottle and in to the provided cap. The liquid, whilst not as heavily perfumed at some detergents, does have quite a strong smell. It smells fresh, clean and 'green' to me. The different extracts are well blended to offer a pleasant smell which is gender neutral in my opinion.

      I can't see any temperature or wash cycle recommendations on the bottle but I have personally used this detergent on temperatures ranging from 30c to 90c and for different cycles including delicates, bed and bath and quick washes. I find this detergent to be very effective at cleaning my laundry. If placed correctly, the cap doesn't make a great deal of noise when spinning in the drum. The liquid is mixed around in my laundry and creates a soapy substance.

      Once my laundry has been fully washed, I find that it is very clean in terms of appearance and smell. Used without a fabric softener, I find my laundry to be fairly soft and free from any residue. The detergent effectively removes any light stains and general cleans my laundry. Any dirt marks from my boys playing football in muddy conditions is also removed with ease.It works well on every type of laundry including towels and bedsheets. The herbal scent is left on my laundry and I find it to be very pleasant and much nicer than some of the other Surf scents.

      As an odour remover, this is one of the better detergents in my opinion. I had been using a different detergent before this one and found that food smells or sweat smells were often still evident on my laundry after washing. Not with this detergent - every odour is removed and my laundry smell fresh for longer which I like. I mostly use this detergent alongside a fabric softener and I find that the herbal scent takes a back seat and allows the scent of the softener to come through quite strongly.

      My little family all have sensitive skin which can often become irritated by new laundry products. I find this detergent to be very kind to my families skin. Despite being a bio detergent, it is very gentle and we haven't experienced any irriation or discomfort from using this detergent. It is family friendly in my opinion.


      I have been so impressed with this liquid detergent that I actually bought a bottle at full price! I find that it works very effectively at cleaning my laundry and removing icky odours. I am quite a heavy sweater which isn't pleasant but I feel my tops have been given a new lease of life with this detergent as it removes any odours lingering. It is well priced too but like everyone, I like a bargain so will stock up when it is reduced.

      Thanks for reading :)


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