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Brand: Glo-wax / Type: Candle / Category: Home Fragrance

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    3 Reviews
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      22.12.2013 21:20
      Very helpful
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      A lovely candle for setting a relaxing mood.

      I love candles, and have loads of them all over the house in different varieties and scents. But I'd never seen a colour changing candle until fairly recently at a friends house, and I was so impressed with what I saw that I decided to purchase one myself, paying a little under £6 (from Amazon, with free delivery) for a candle 7cm wide by 7.5cm tall with a 20 hour burn time.

      The candle at first glance looks like many candles out there - plain white, quite thick and chunky, made of real wax. It's unscented, and the only thing that marks this out as in anyway unusual is a small thread of plastic set just next to the wick. This is an optical fibre that apparently senses the light of the flame and then sends signals the the LED bulbs set in the base of the candle. I'll be honest, I'm not up on the science stuff, so I'm really not sure exactly how it works. But it does!

      When lit, it takes just a second for the candle to start cycling through the colours - green, blue, red, pink, lilac - all softly diffused through the wax to provide a gentle, relaxing, yet ever changing light. The candle burns cleanly, and for the most part is fairly smokeless, though if it catches a draft it does smoke a little. There is no scent to the candle at all, which I don't mind too much as, although I like scented candles, sometimes it's nice to give the nose a break.

      The candle has much the same safety precautions as any other - it should be burned on a candle plate or similar heat/fireproof surface, never left unattended, and never burnt near curtains, blinds, or anything that might stir in a draft and cross the flame. It does have one extra precaution - it should never be burned for more than three hours consecutively - I'm assuming this has something to do with the LED component.

      I never burn mine for too long anyway, I use it as a bathroom candle, so it's generally only on for a half hour at a time whilst I have a wallow and a soak. Judging by how often I've used it, and the amount that remains, I think the 20 hour estimated burn time seems believable.

      I love this candle. The deeper down the candle I get though, I began to worry about the LED component potentially overheating once the flame gets close to it. I actually contacted the company that made the candle to just put my mind at rest, and was assured that, although it's not visible when looking at the candle itself, the LED and battery are in a contained compartment that ensures they never come into direct contact with the flame. The candle with also self extinguish once it has burned down, and they have been thoroughly tested against just such things as I worry about.

      So, the candle is attractive, safe, and helps set a relaxing mood. It is perhaps a little plain when unlit (I might try and see if I can find one with a patterned glass holder) but once lit it cycles beautifully through a rainbow of colours, and is very enjoyable to watch. 5 stars.


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        02.01.2011 09:17
        Very helpful



        A nice soft rainbow effect


        Light can play a very important part in setting the atmosphere of a room. It can make it cosy, more comfortable and give off a general feeling of well-being. The position of the light needn't be so critical, but it is important that's its effect be seen for maximum benefit.

        My wife has always liked the effect candles give, subtle, warming and a very comforting glow. They can in the right setting also be quite romantic. We have had numerous candles in the past and I have to say that the majority although not perhaps eye-catching certainly add to the ambience of a room.

        Magic candle

        So whilst on my trek for Christmas presents I spotted a pyramid shaped magic candle I thought it would be nice for Christmas day, it cost me £3.99 which I thought was quite a lot for a not so big candle. However its effect probably justified the cost in the end.

        As it happens ( in a Jimmy Saville accent if you please ), my son had purchased one as part of his gifts to his mum, his was the more traditional shape albeit that it was in my opinion a bit dumpy, anyhow she ended up with two magic candles.

        The technology, which is used to run these effective little lights, is nothing new being that a few small batteries and a tiny circuit to run the three LED's is all that is required usually. In this case however they have added a light sensor, which is kind of used as an on/off switch.

        The normal light from a room is not sufficient to cause the magic candle to display its very pleasing red blue and green light patterns, which when in operation can display just about every colour imaginable. I am particularly fond of the soft purple effect, which I find very soothing. Anyway back to the on/off effect. When the wick of the candle is lit it provides just enough extra light to cause the sensor to switch on the coloured LED display. Blow out the candle and the lights go off, very simple but effective.

        The fact that all the circuitry and LED's are contained within the wax of the candle which is the normal white candle colour, means that when illuminated the LED's a sort of diffused and this adds to the effect making it all so much softer. The candle will burn away merrily and the LED's will glow until the candle burns down to about one inch from the bottom. At this time there will be or there is the probability that the LED's will start to fail, since it is here that the circuit dwells and the heat from the candle does cause it to react somewhat abnormally, this is nothing to be concerned about it just means your magic candle is going to turn into a candle for the rest of its short lived life.


        Even taking into considering the latter paragraph, the display lasts for several hours continuously of for an hour here and there is so desired. It is a very pleasant display and I think it certainly warrants the outlay. You can find yourself immersed in the ever-changing patterns of colour and the soft light, which is emitted. It is actually quite soothing just to watch the wick burn as normal and see the reds, blues, and purples find their way through the dense wax to calm your mood. I like the magic candle a lot, and I have seen it in various shapes and sizes and indeed prices, so it you have a particular shape or size there is one out there to suit you, and I do believe you will be very pleasantly surprised.


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          25.01.2010 18:59
          Very helpful



          An expensive candle that doesn't do what it promises!

          I'm very partial to candles at this time of the year with the dark evenings and cold weather. Knowing this I am always, thankfully given a lot of candles (usually scented) as gifts.

          The Magic Candle

          - Appearance -

          The Magic Candle that I received came in a box and was bubble wrapped as well as being in a cellophane packet with a ribbon bow fastening it at the top.
          It is cuboid in shape, light cream in colour and measures: Height 16.5cm, Width and Depth 10cm.

          - Where to buy it -

          This can be purchased online from:
          www.glow-sticks.org for £7.99 (inc VAT)
          www.gadgetshop.com for £9.99

          - How does it work? -

          The following explanation is taken from the packaging:
          - LED technology generates a display of changing light.
          - A strand of optical fibre alongside the wick senses the light of the flame and activates a set of colour LEDs at the base of the candle.

          - So does the 'magic' work? -

          I did think that the candle would require a short amount of burning time before the LED technology kicked in. Given that the packaging states that it shouldn't be left to burn for more than 3 hours, I suspected that it may take up to half an hour to 'get going'.

          After more than an hour I was still looking at a standard cream candle block. I hasten to add that I didn't sit staring at the candle but kept looking over hoping for the magical glow of changing colour.
          3 hours later still nothing so I extinguished it feeling robbed of the experience of the changing, glowing colours.

          I have lit this on a few more occasions and still nothing! Not great considering the cost of this candle. I can only suspect that I got a 'dud' one and would be interested to hear from anyone else to see if these do actually work, because mine doesn't!

          I'm so disappointed with this that it pains me to have to give it one star!

          Thanks for reading.


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          A candle that changes colour when lit

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