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Brand: JML / Type: Mop / Category: Cleaning Products & Utensils > Bucket, Broom, Brush etc.

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    1 Review
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      28.01.2012 11:25
      Very helpful



      A poor item from JML!

      Have you ever seen those display stands where they have a television showing you what a product does. How wonderful the product is and that you really can not live with out it? Well I was well and truly sucked in!

      JML Twista Mop:

      'Thanks to this unique mop's self-wringing mechanism, you can wring-out water with ease! Made from super-absorbent microfibre, it makes short work of big spills. It's so much easier than draining your mop in a clunky pail! The built-in wringer pulls the strings extra tight and twists them a full 360 degrees, locking out water for less drips! And it spreads water evenly, so there are no puddles or dry spots'

      - www.jmldirect.co

      My Findings:

      Well I was in need of a new mop having a dog I mop the floors once a day sometimes more if he walks in prints, or the kids have tipped there drinks up. Watching the advert on the display stand I was completely hooked and had to have this mop. However the results show I have well and truly wasted my money!

      It claims -

      * Ideal for heavily soiled floors
      * Scourer tip for stubborn marks
      * Gentle on surfaces
      * No need for a wringer in the bucket
      * Just twist to dry
      * No more drips or tangles
      * Neat to store with handy hook hanger
      * Super absorbent microfibre

      The appearance for me gave the impression of a somewhat sturdy mop, with a twist mechanism at the bottom making it much easier for me to rinse the water from the fibre of the mop. You can adjust height to suit your own personal preference, to feel the microfibre head it seemed durable so I couldn't wait to give this a try.

      First time I used this was to disinfect the conservatory tile flooring, I only dipped the mop half way into the bucket and the mop head became really heavy rather quickly. So absorbing water wasn't a problem, I twisted the mop head around as showed on the video and packaging. So I could release the water and that was the start of the problems to come.

      To rinse the water out of the mop, you have to pull the handle so it attaches to the indented section. From then you can twist the mop head; the theory being the more you twist the more water that drains from the mop. However I found it really hard to twist I got a lot of water out the mop itself but it was still drowned and I couldn't really mop the floor unless I wanted to turn it into a swimming pool! So I started twisting again, twisting the mop as much as I could made my hand red from the grip and it sent a sharp pain down my wrist. Still the head itself was soaked, now I class myself as a strong person being that I was once a bodybuilder and wrestler my arms are very strong however not strong enough for this. I think even Hercules would even struggle with this one.

      So I did what any girl would do and called my dad, he did what I did and twisted the mop all the way around and the spring shot back on itself. This mop does soak up a lot of water and fast but when you come to drain the water it is pretty much a useless product. So I just drained out as much as I could and mopped the floor. But it was still to wet and ended up getting an old towel to rub over the floor to get rid of the excess water.

      If you can get the mop head to stick and twist around at the bottom there is a scourer which states can get rid of those stubborn marks. There was some dried food on the tile off the dog or the child don't know who did it but I scrubbed and this didn't make one bit of different, however came up easy with a dettol wipe!

      I had hoped for a faster more effective way to get my floors mopped however this turned it in to one long drama. It is well and truly a time and money wasting object, which I shall be returning to get a refund. Even after using it once the fabric strands have started to come lose and one has complete came off.

      Price and Availability:

      I paid £9.99 plus VAT from Makro Halesowen, however can be purchased cheaper online from the likes of Amazon.


      I would never recommend this product to anyone, and reading some of the reviews I have found on the internet I'm not the only one to have this problem. It turned a ten minute job in to hours of trial and error which I don't want to experience again.

      I would give this no stars if I could however, I have to select one!

      Thanks for reading.

      Additional Information:



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