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Ikea Sparsam E27 Low-Energy Bulb

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Brand: Ikea / Type: Light Bulb

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    1 Review
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      30.04.2012 15:49
      Very helpful



      IKEA's E27 energy efficient light bulb

      I own several IKEA lamps and have, for many years, used IKEA 150 watt halogen E27 bulbs in them. These bulbs were expensive at over £5 for two but I loved them and the amount of light they emitted.
      Of course what I didn't know when I first bought these bulbs was how energy inefficient they were and so it came to pass that last year these bulbs were banned from sale in favour of low energy alternatives.

      I embraced low energy bulbs some years ago with the exception of those for my lamps as I really struggled to find a decent low energy alternative to my 150 watt bulbs. Those I did find just didn't give off anything like enough light in comparison to the old style bulbs but once I realised I would no longer be able to buy my 150 watt bulbs I decided to see if IKEA offered a decent alternative.


      The Sparsam range from IKEA covers almost all type of light bulb from reflector type bulbs to dimmable bulbs. They are all low energy bulbs and don't just cover different sizes of bulb, they also cover different wattages.

      The Sparsam bulbs I have are E27 screw in bulbs which are 11 watts and as such give off 550 lumens of light. IKEA claim the bulbs will last for 10,000 hours. The light colour is warm coming in at 2700 Kelvin.

      They are sold in packs of two and I paid £7.99 for a pack at the start of this year. They are packed in that horrible clear plastic beloved by so many companies these days but you will be pleased to know they are not impossible to open without scissors - although I did struggle with the opening perforations at the top of the pack and had to resort to scissors in the end. Once the top is open the pack opens easily and can also be re-sealed easily which is important in a pack of two bulbs if you only need one at a time.

      ~~My Thoughts~~

      I've never reviewed light bulbs before but I have been so impressed with these bulbs I thought I would give it a go as they really have proved to be excellent replacements for the 150 watt halogen bulbs I used.

      Visually these bulbs just look like bulkier versions of their incandescent relatives. I actually like how much sturdier they are however, as only the top half of the bulb is glass with the bottom half made of thick white plastic before you get to the metal screw cap. If you look carefully at the bulb however you will see that inside the glass is the bulb itself is like so many energy saving bulbs comprising of glass tubing twisted around neatly to form the bulb. I actually quite like the look of these bulbs but I can only conclude that IKEA have decided to cover this over with glass to give a more traditional look to their bulbs.

      Because the lumen output on my light bulbs is so much less than on the old halogen bulbs I used I was a bit sceptical about how effective these bulbs would be, but if you want to buy eco friendly bulbs offering the 2000+ lumens you get from a 150 watt halogen bulb you have to pay significantly more than the Sparsam bulbs cost.

      IKEA do state that it takes up to 60 seconds for the bulb to reach its full output so when you switch on your lamp or light for the first time it is visibly dim. What I find interesting with this bulb is if you are sad like me, you can stand by and watch as the brightness from the bulb increases in bursts of power.

      The hue from the lamp is lovely, offering a warm yellow glow which is perfect for the home. I really dislike a white light in any room other than the kitchen so this warmth is much appreciated from these bulbs. The brightness itself isn't quite as good as that offered by the 150 watt bulbs but I have been pleasantly surprised at how close it has come to it.

      I use two standard uplighters from IKEA in my living room and must admit that while the output is noticeably poorer using these bulbs than the old 150 watt bulbs, the output is satisfactory. The output is more impressive on my bedside table lamps which I use for reading before I turn in at night - perhaps because the lamp is located closer to where I need it.

      The bulbs will definitely save money in use and that has to be a consideration in a climate where energy prices seem to be increased on an almost monthly basis. They have an energy rating of A, putting them in the best category possible. With the darker evenings starting to draw in again I am finding using these bulbs does help keep my electricity consumption down somewhat too.

      The bulbs do obviously heat up in use so for cleaning you have to wait until the bulb is cool before wiping with a soft duster.

      Finally it's worth remembering that once these bulbs have expired they cannot be disposed of in your regular bin. Your local council will be able to advise on how you should dispose of them - certainly my local tip has an area specifically for spent bulbs.


      While I must be honest and admit I still miss my 150 watt halogen bulbs I have found the Sparsam 11 watt bulb to be a good replacement.

      Coupled with the warm light colour and the decent output of 550 lumens - which IKEA rate as 4 out of 6 on their packaging - I have been very impressed with the performance of the bulbs. When I factor in the longevity of them and the fact they are so much cheaper to use than the old halogen bulbs then I can safely say IKEA are on to a winner here.

      The fact their range covers so many different styles and sizes of bulbs makes the Sparsam brand one to check out for all your light bulbs as they are definitely cost effective - both in initial outlay and for your electricity bill.


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