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Dulux Pure Silk Emulsion

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Brand: Dulux

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    1 Review
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      06.02.2013 17:59
      Very helpful



      brightening up any room with a coat of emulsion

      We moved into our current flat nearly 3years ago. The previous occupant (my father in law) wasn't exactly house proud. He smoked in some rooms including the livingroom and his bedroom. My sons bedroom was in a bad state of repair when we moved in and needed completely gutted and painted. We were on a budget so decided to emulsion the walls. Our choice of emulsion was Dulux Silk Emulsion. We also used this to paint the toy room.

      Towards the end of last year, I became aware that our livingroom walls were bad and required a freshen up before Christmas. We decided that we will properly decorate the flat once funds allow so opted to emulsion the livingroom and put up a new border in time for Christmas. I opted for Dulux Silk Emulsion again. I chose this particular silk emulsion again given our past, positive experience and also because it was on a special offer in Wilkinsons at the time of purchase.

      ~Dulux Silk Emulsion~

      Dulux Silk Emulsion is available in different shades including various variations of white. We used 'Pure Brilliant White'.

      This emulsion is suitable for use on walls and ceilings. Dulux claim that this emulsion will 'enhance the beauty of your home'. This emulsion has a wipe clean formula and Dulux claim that it will last longer than regular emulsion. It is a water based paint. Dulux note that the average drying time for this emulsion is 2-4hours and 4 hours should be left between coats. It is recommended that you give two coats.

      Silk Emulsion is presented in a tall plastic pot. The adorable Dulux dog is visible on the front and the shade choice is visible. There is a convenient carry handle too.

      ~Price and Availability~

      This emulsion is available in three different sized pots. Which pot you choose will depend on how big an area you need to paint. This emulsion is available from stores including Wilkos, Homebase and B&Q. The following prices are guidelines :

      *2.5l (32 sq m) - £11.95
      *5l (64 sq m) - £15.95
      *10l (128 sq m) - £22.95

      ~Our Experience~

      I will mainly base this on our most recent experience of using this emulsion but will make reference to using it in my sons bedroom. I originally bought one 5l pot of this emulsion from Wilkos for under £9.00. It was reduced to nearly half price so I feel I got a bargain. I didn't have a clue how much emulsion I would need to paint our livingroom and actually had to return to the shop to buy another 5l pot. My Dad always uses Dulux and highly recommends it as a brand when it concerns emulsion.

      The pot is fairly easy to open compared to metal tins and is easy to store. The emulsion itself is a very bright white which is exactly what I wanted. The first time we used this emulsion for our sons bedroom, it only needed one coat. The reason for this is that we put up lining paper beforehand so it was a simple task. Our livingroom wasn't so easy. I didn't quite realise how bad the nicotine stains were until I started to paint. I think I got so use to the way the walls looked that I stopped caring but I am glad we chose to paint. The wallpaper we have in our livingroom has lots of grooves and indents so emulsioning isn't as easy as it would be on plain, smooth walls.

      When it came to painting our livingroom, I enlisted in the help of my big sister. We tried to cover furniture and floors as best we could. The emulsion pours easily from the pot despite being of a fairly thick consistency. We transfered some from the pot to the roller tray as and when it was required. I find that this emulsion to be very easy to use with both a roller brush and a regular paint brush. It transfers easily to the roller/brush but it is very easy to overload and use too much. I wouldn't say that the emulsion was overly drippy except for when I tried to use too much at any one time. The emulsion has a typical emulsion smell (which I find strangely pleasant) but it is quite strong and it would be best to use in a ventilated area. I find that the smell of 'fresh paint' is evident for quite some time after using this emulsion.

      The emulsion transfers from roller/brush to walls very easily. I could see an immediate difference in the colour between an unpainted section of wall and a freshly painted section. It was amazing! The emulsion goes on beautifully smooth. As with any paint, it isn't completely mess free. I did manage to get some flecks of emulsion on my carpet, sofas and coffee table but these were easy to remove once they had dried in. I wouldn't recommend attempting to clean the emulsion whilst still wet as this will make more mess!

      The emulsion starts to dry quickly but isn't dry to the touch for a few hours. I was quite impressed with how bright my walls looked after one coat and it was easy to tell which parts I had missed. As the paint became fully dry, I noticed that a second coat was definitely needed. My walls still looked good but I wasn't completely happy with the cover up as it looked a tad patchy at some parts. This isn't a negative aspect though as Dulux do recommend two coats anyway and with my walls, two coats were definitely going to be required. One coat did do a good job of covering up marks on our walls.

      This emulsion took well to my ceilings and they only needed one coat. Because I didn't realise that I would need two pots of emulsion, we didn't carry out the second coat on the same day. It was actually a few weeks before we applied the second coat of emulsion due to finding it difficult to find a suitable time where neither myself or my sister would have the children. Applying the second coat of emulsion made a world of difference. Any patchy areas were sorted and my walls were left with a bright, silky looking white which was a huge change from the nicotine stained walls that were there previously. I was very impressed and once my new border was up my livingroom looked much fresher, cleaner and less of an embarressment to be fair.

      Two months down the line and my livingroom walls are still fresh looking. It is amazing what a fresh coat of emulsion can do for a room. My walls don't tend to get very dirty but they areas around my window frames needed a wipe down recently after having my windows replaced and I find that any marks are easily removed with a damp cloth. The true test of this emulsion is how well it has lasted in my sons room and the toy room. My son has coloured in some parts of his bedroom wall but apart from these marks, the walls still look very fresh and white. I do feel that we will paint his room with coloured paint soon though as a change.

      Being a water based emulsion, cleaning any brushes, rollers and roller trays is a very easy task. When we had finished with them, I put them in the bath and gave them a good rinse and wipe down. This removed any remaining paint and left them perfect for the next use.


      We used just short of 10l of this emulsion to carry out two coats in my livingroom and to do the ceiling too. Every house is different and some may require less whilst some may need more. Our wallpaper simply soaked it up so two coats were definitely needed. Dulux emulsion is a little more expensive than other brands but in my opinion, it was much longer lasting and of a higher quality. I was very pleased to buy it on offer though as save some pennies.

      Thanks for reading :)


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