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Crown Decorative Effects

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  • Cannot use roller or uniform painting
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    1 Review
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      22.10.2004 17:03
      Very helpful



      • "Cannot use roller or uniform painting"

      We have just redecorated the front room. We purchased a new addition of paint from the Crown selection – ‘Suede effect’ paint.
      This exquisite new idea from Crown is truly astounding.

      For a little difference, having just smooth plastered the walls, and on wanting a modern effect with painting over it instead of wallpapering, we chose this new product that Crown has just released.
      It only comes in a range of 12 colours at the moment, so a little disadvantageous, but the colours are quite common colours - particularly as its a modern paint, it comes in a mixture of coloured browns and beiges, including a terracotta and pastels.

      What it is about this particular paint is that it’s textured. It contains very small granules of what appears to be a sand like debris. So how does it work? Read on!

      On applying to your walls you can only use a paintbrush, not a roller as it does not promote the effect when dry. I will explain to you why in a moment. But for the less motivated person, you might want to get some help as this can be a tedious job, but for the more patient person, you'll have fun if you stick your dance anthems CD on and get to it!!

      Using the brush only, you are instructed to 'randomly' apply it to your walls as apposed to the normal up and down stroking motion.
      We chose to do star shape strokes, up, down, left, right, diagonal until all the walls had been completely covered. Maybe you could try figure of eights as well as simple strokes - however you do it, just slap it on and really do not care about how tidy it is.
      We needed to apply 2 coats before seeing the effect, but they do recommend two coats of Matt emulsion as a base to conceal the texture.

      The effect is a very life-like and realistic suede covering to your walls - it almost looks like you have been to the local fabric shop and applied the rich material to your walls yourself.

      The reason it appears like this is because of the random strokes of the brush, the gritty debris is transferred at the end of each brushstroke, and creates no formal pattern, and so when general light slightly shadows the miniscule grains to make the colour appear darker as though scuffed, in an almost patchy effect, it looks like Suede, like when it has been brushed the wrong way it is darker, brushed the other way it is lighter.
      (Do remember when you used to play noughts and crosses on your dads old cow skin jackets back in the days!?)
      Well the only difference is, its not soft to touch and you cant rub it the lighter way either, it just appears someone as rubbed their hands across your expensive fabricated walls and its stayed that way!

      It’s a very hardwearing paint, so ideal if you have children around! It might hurt your elbows if you scuff them on it though!

      It’s an amazing finishing effect to any room.
      It takes a standard 2-4 hours drying time, recoat able in 4 hours. You just might want to masking tape any edges leading to surfaces you don’t want in this colour, such as doorframes, skirting boards or coving. Because of the grains, when you try to paint over it with a normal smooth paint, it looks gritty, scuffed and terrible.

      If you know you'll plan to redecorate your room in a few years time, this isn’t the best of paints you can paint over, as explained above, but unless you don’t mind the suede effect with another colour, you're probably best of wallpapering over it (The granules are not big enough to protrude).
      Or you could try and sand it down with an electric sander (tedious!), and if you do a good job you could paint the tidied walls or you could get the plasterer in to give you smooth walls again! ? (But that’s when you redecorate in year’s time)

      They advertise that this paint is ideal for hiding imperfections of the wall, so if you have a slightly dodgy surface to start with, such as you have removed wallpaper and some of the plaster is chipped, there's no need to panic and spend £500 on re-plastering, this will add to the effect anyway and cover the worst bits.

      For a can of 2.5 litres, which covers a wall of up to 20 Sq. Metres, it will cost you around £17.99, so a little more expensive than normal paint.
      You can buy tester pots of 125mls for £1.99, so if you are not entirely convinced, you can always try this first.
      If you do use the tester pot, you are probably best off trying this on a large area as apposed to a small dab so that you can get an idea of the effect as well as the colour.
      May i also inform you that the colour is darker on the wall as apposed to the example on the front of the can.
      We chose the Tan Suede, which looked very much like the colour you are probably thinking of right now, but the tin advertised the paint as a beige colour. The granules made the colour appear darker when applied to the walls and dried like it, but we were happier with this anyway.

      The paint isn't really strong smelling, but it is best to keep the room ventilated during drying time, as with all paints, but don’t apply this paint to walls colder than 6 degrees C or in very humid conditions, so you can keep your heating on if you're cold but keep it to a minimal in the room you're painting.

      It is low in VOC content, which stands for 'Volatile Organic Compounds', which contribute to atmospheric pollution.

      The brushes can be cleaned easily with water and so can your hands so don’t worry about stains, but maybe on your clothing - now don’t go painting old trousers for a suede looks, it may be a nice change to your wardrobe but not very sensible or cool! :o)

      Hardwearing, easy to use and very sophisticated and modern.
      Try this and you can get away with telling your friends that Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen has been around!


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