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Comfort Fast Dry Fabric Conditioner

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Brand: Comfort / Type: Fabric Conditioner / Category: Laundry

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    2 Reviews
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      29.11.2005 21:42
      Very helpful



      An average fabric softener with a revolting smell of Lynx.


      On a shopping spree to Sainsbury's, I needed to pick up a bottle of fabric softener. For the past 18 months or so I have been very loyal to the Comfort range and usually pick up the white bottle with the baby on it. Like many of us I tend to fall for these kind of advertising tricks that make us think, "If a baby is on it, it must be good for me!" Indeed this softener from the Comfort range has kept me very happy and I would easily give it four stars.

      I have just started a stressful job in the City, though, so when I saw a new bottle of Comfort on the shelves which claimed to be a "fast dry" version of my beloved softener, I was sold. Admittedly, I was a little sceptical at first, but I definitely thought it was worth a try.

      ***The product***

      The softener comes in a yellow bottle with a convenient handle and contains 2 litres of product. It has a screw cap which serves the dual purpose of keeping the product in the bottle as well as helping you measure the precise amounts needed for your wash.

      For a load of laundry you use one cap of softener (110 ml). That means you get about 18 washes out of a bottle. For handwash items you put half a cap (55 ml) in a basin.

      The product is supposed to help clothes dry faster by removing more water from your washing during the spin cycle.

      The product is available at most supermarkets and costs just under £2. I think it was £1.79 at Sainsbury's.

      ***My experience***

      When I first unscrewed the cap and smelled the product, I was a bit disappointed. It certainly was not as gentle a scent as my usual Comfort softener gives off. It had a strong, yet fresh smell. Kind of masculine, but it was pleasant enough.

      I added a cap full to my washing and waited for the washing to be done. When I took the laundry out of the machine, I did not feel any difference in the level of moisture that was in the clothes compared to my previous washes.

      Now, I do not have a tumble dryer in our tiny apartment, since our landlords decided to replace our washer/dryer combo with a simple washing machine. So I have to rely on air drying everything. Usually this process takes two days in our flat.

      The next day I was pleasantly surprised to see that the clothes were already dry. At this point I was ready to give the product a 4 star rating, but I was very aware of the fact that it had been incredibly hot at the time I was drying my clothes. So the jury remained out to deliberate a verdict a little longer.

      The next time I used the fabric softener, the weather had turned. It was cloudy and cool outside, but not too humid. When checking my clothes the next day, I found that several items were still damp, so I had to let them dry for another day.

      One of the things I really hate about this product, is its vile smell. I first noticed it when my boyfriend wore a freshly washed T-shirt. I was a little confused, because he smelled differently. In fact, he smelled distinctly like he was using Lynx. Now, my man really hates the smell of Lynx and does not use things like aftershave and cologne, so I quickly realised that the smell was nothing other than our new fabric softener.

      Another really annoying thing is that it clogs up the washing liquid tray. I have been using this product for about 3-4 weeks now and I recently noticed yellow goo forming in the softener compartment of the washing liquid tray.

      ***Did you know?***

      When I set out to write this review, I checked who manufactures this product. It is Lever Faberge. A little internet search revealed that they also produce Lynx!!! Oh well, so that explains the similarity in smells.

      ***My verdict***

      I am wavering between giving this 2 or 3 stars.

      On the one hand, this product really does work like every other softener to make your clothes a lot softer and comfortable to wear. On the other hand, it does not live up to its expectations in the 'fast dry' department, at least not when air drying your laundry. I cannot say if there would be a difference when drying your laundry in the tumble dryer.

      I really do not like the smell of this product, but I realise this is a matter of taste. Some people really love the "Lynx effect". Therefore, even though I will definitely not buy this product again, I will give it an average rating.

      ***Further info***

      Lever Faberge Limited
      3 St James's Road
      Surrey KT1 2BA

      Tel: 0800 776647



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        25.11.2003 22:38
        Very helpful



        When I saw Comfort Fast Dry on the shelves at Tesco I had to try it. I?m a sucker for trying anything new anyway, but this fabric softener was very appealing to the eye in its bright yellow bottle, and most of all it was promising hitherto unoffered benefits. At £1.94 it was considerably more expensive than other Comfort softeners of the same price, but what the hell. If it did what it said it did, it might be worth it. So what does it say it does then? Well, as well as providing the lovely fabric softness and fragrancy we have come to associate with Comfort, as the name suggests, this one claims to dry your clothes faster. It does this, it says, by removing more water from your washing machine on the spin cycle than other fabric conditioners. It doesn?t say how it does this, so I?m assuming it has some water repelling particles or some such thing to keep the moisture out of your clothes and into your washing machine?s emptying pipe. Now I liked the sound of this because, firstly, I would save on electricity by using the tumble dryer less, and secondly, I wouldn?t have to worry about my non-tumblerable work clothes drying for Monday morning when I?d only washed them at 11 pm on Sunday night. You use Comfort Fast Dry like any other fabric conditioner, i.e. by pouring the required amount into the fabric conditioner dispenser on your machine. So I used my Comfort Fast Dry as instructed and then dried my wash partly on radiators, partly on an airer and partly in the tumble dryer, as usual. Did it make a difference? No. My wash needed the same amount of time as ever in the tumbler, the clothes on the airer dried at the same rate as normal, and the turn-ups on my work trousers were still damp next morning as usual. On the plus side my clothes felt nice and soft smelt lovely, and didn?t cause any skin irritation. However, my normal favourite Comfort (Mandarin and Ylang Ylang) does all this for
        52 pence per bottle less. It might be my washing machine isn?t too good at extracting water, of course, but I don?t think so. What I do think is that Comfort Fast Dry is a waste of money. Time is an abstract concept and I think that Lever Faberge took this philosophical approach when using the word ?fast?.


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      • Product Details

        1000ml / Fabric Softener / Comfort fast dry is specially formulated to help clothes dry faster by removing more water from clothes during the machines spin cycle.

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