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Bold 2 in 1 Gel Crystal Rain & White Lily

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9 Reviews

Brand: Bold / Type: Laundry Detergent / Category: Laundry

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    9 Reviews
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      18.02.2014 13:25
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      Cleans, smells & good value when on offer

      Bold Laundry Concentrated Gel 2 in 1

      White Lily and Crystal Rain

      For ages I tended to buy whichever Laundry product was on offer within a range of a about five variations and within these variations I had my favourites that I would choose all things being equal. However, when the White Lily and Crystal Rain version of Bold Gel was on offer and my favoured version was not in stock I decided to give it a try:

      I do like the convenience of the gel products and they are easier to store and carry home.

      In common with most concentrated gel products these days the lid doubles as an in machine dispenser and is easy to use and to ensure the correct dosage is added to the wash. Indeed a favourite feature of the Bold range is the clear easy to follow dosing instructions on the pack:

      Instructions and Use:

      For an average load of 4-6 kg of washing: lightly soiled items use 25ml in a soft water area, 37ml in a medium and 46ml in a hard water area. Bold seem though to recommend using 46ml for heavy soiled items regardless of the type of water and I would certainly have added more when I lived in a hard water area. Thoughtfully they also advice that for over 7kg of laundry add 12ml extra of the product to the previous calculations. Also on the back of the container is the usual care and health and safety advice as well as recycling instructions. Also featured is the Irritant icon of a big black cross on an orange background and the words 'keep out of the reach of small children'. Which is obviously essential advice.

      If you have a washer dryer there is also a line about not putting the dosage cap into a dryer - so this is an important thing to note if you do use a washer dryer and set the machine to automatically go from one programme to the other.

      The pack contains the usual suspects for a biological laundry washing product with the specific fragrance being from "perfumes".


      The fragrance is quite a subtle floral clean smell - not the overpowering musky smell associated with white lilies, so I guess the crystal rain defuses the strength of fragrance somewhat? The fragrance nevertheless is long lasting and continues to work on your cloths whilst you are wearing them, you suddenly get a wiff of the clean laundry smell.

      Performance & Ironing:

      Laundry washed in Bold 2 in 1 gel comes out clean and fresh, the smell seems to air in my house when I dry indoors and remains on the cloths and bedding on the rare occasions I can line dry outside.
      Ironing is easy and straightforward, I tend to often use a fragrance in my ironing water, but I find I don't need to when I use Bold Gel. Certainly the iron is easier when using the gel to the powder versions of Bold.

      In common with the other fragrances in the range the White Lily and Crystal Rain does clean my laundry well and copes with most items at 30 or 40 degrees C on a standard wash. I have noticed though that things like ketchup and grease needed a second 40 degrees wash to come out when using this fragrance and that is the only negative I can think of and other factors could have come into play, but it is not something I have found with the Lavender version.

      What about Hand Washing:

      Interestingly there is advice on the back of the pack that I had not read before that bizarrely says it is not suitable for hand washing. I do use this gel for hand washing my underwear and have not had any issues doing so. Please bear in mind though that it also advises that the product is not suitable for wool or silk.

      Price & Availability:

      I have seen this in all the supermarkets I use, which is pretty much all the supermarkets. Excluding Aldi and Lidl who tend not to stock runoff the mill items. Usual price is around £6.50 but can often be found on offer somewhere at around £4.00 or 3 for 2 the 24 wash size.


      I would recommend Bold 2 in 1 Gel's fragrance is a matter of opinion and I prefer the Lavender & Camomile which seems stronger and longer lasting.

      Look out for them on offer

      Stars 4/5


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        28.01.2014 12:30
        Very helpful



        good item for normal day to say stains....but stick with using vanish aswel

        * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ Introduction ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ *

        Having nearly always used Daz powder since I moved out at 16, I started to notice the sudden increase in price, not a small increase either, I used to pay £1.90 which I found very good, now my local Sainsbury's is £2.70, having 3 boys (2 kids and a fiancé) I do at least 2 washes a day, so the money spent on wash power was really starting to mount up, as was the fabric conditioner. I decided to look at other brands to see if I could save myself some money. Normally im a Sainsbury's shopper so while doing my weekly food shop a few months ago I spotted the Bold 2 in 1 products all heavily reduced, I spotted the large 888ml bottle reduced to £4 from £7, this does 24 washes, where as I was only getting 10 washes out of my £2.70 box of daz with another £1 on top for the fabric conditioner. I decided to give the bold a go.

        * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ Daz 2 in 1 Detergent & Fabric Softener ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ *

        The Bottle is mainly white and stands upright, the blue base at the bottom is the pop open lid, at the very top you will see a white lid with clear base, the lid has measurements on the inside so can get the correct measurement. On the main part of the bottle is packaging explaining exactly what it is, the colour is blue to show the colour of the gel, its then detailed with white lilys and rain pictures to represent the white lily and crystal rain used in the gel. On the back is the washing instructions and ingredients.

        * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ So What Exactly Is It? ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ *

        The Bold 2 in 1 detergent & fabric softener is exactly what it says on the label, it has 2 products in 1 meaning you can save space at home and most importantly....money. The product is a gel formula so thanks to its lid measuring system I find it much easier to use than powder. The gel is designed to be used inside the washing machine drum which means it also avoids lime scale and scum build up inside the drawer of the machine.

        The gel is a royal blue colour and feels very creamy and rich, it smells of flowers with a hint of perfume, the smell is very fresh so is great when getting dressed in the morning as you get a hint of freshness.

        * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ How To Use? ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ *

        To use you open the lid at the bottom, you will see a little indent where you pull the little tab....try and not hold the bottle upright because if its full them some of the gel can drip onto the floor, so tilt the bottle back a little, please the lid onto the sideboard, hold the bottle above the lid and squeeze the gel into the lid. Inside the lid is a circle section, the lid itself is designed to hold no more than a maximum of 46mls, inside the circle on 1 side is 3 markers, for 15ml, 25ml and 35ml, on the other side of the circle is the marker for 37ml, the lid is designed so that if the gel slightly overflows the circle its still contained by the outa lid so you wont cause a mess anywhere. The lid then needs to be placed inside the washing machine drum along with the clothes.

        The gel used is based on a standard 4-6kg washing machine, anything over that will require an extra 12mls of gel to compensate for the larger machine. How much gel you use is based on how dirty the laundry, also on the water being soft, medium or hard. Bold recommends the standard 37ml (which is the top of the circle in the lid).

        In soft water its recommended 25ml for lightly soiled laundry, 46ml for heavily soiled laundry.
        In medium water its recommended 37ml for lightly soiled laundy, 46ml for heavily soiled laundry.
        In hard water its recommended 46ml for lightly soied laundry, 46ml for heavily soiled laundry.

        The gel can also be used at various temperatures ranging rom 15C to 95C, but isn't advisable for hand washing, wools, silks or pre-wash.

        * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ In Use ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ *

        Having 2 kids and my fiancé who is an engineer, they are all normally pretty filthy, my nearly 5 year old loves painting at school and running around in the mud and my 2 year old is into anything and everything at nursery, and my fiancé works with springs for race cars so is normally covered in lots of products and dirt in general so I normally put everything into the washing machine together on a normal setting to avoid wearing the clothes out and using a the maximum amount of gel im allowed according to the lid, the gel was a lot easier to use than the powder that had no form of measuring system at all (which is probably why we went through so much!). So I followed the exact instructions on the back of the bottle and used my normal 20C washing cycle, the clothes all came over smelling amazing and most of all clean!

        My boys love pasta, so that is cooked probably twice a week (with the Dolmio extra Mediterranean vegetables sauce) but sadly after eating that its very difficult to get the stains out....even on a higher setting, I find the sauce almost impossible to remove from clothes, ive upped the temp on the washing machine, added more gel, even taken other clothes out just so those pasta stained items can get a good wash by themselves but nope, I have to use the vanish.

        While it isn't recommended to use on wool products I have washed 2 wool jumpers that both now look and feel softer then when purchased new, I wont wash them for a while now as they are now at the back of the cupboard.

        I have however used the gel on many things from my kids clothes, our clothes, towels, duvet sets, throws, dish clothes etc.

        * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ Anything Else? ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ *

        The gel can be brought in other fragrances such as: Lavender & Camomile, Rose Blush and Peony. The products can also be brought in powder and tablet form. The larger 888ml (24 washes) is available for between £6-£7 (£4 when on sale). And the smaller 592ml (16 wash) is available for between £4-£5 (my sainsburys have it at £5 so it only drops to £4 when on sale) so I never buy the smaller bottle as I don't think im getting any real value so will always stock up on 4 bottles when it drops in price. Doing 2 washes a day the bottle lasts me around 2 weeks which I feel is plenty.

        The gel is classed as an irritant, so may not be suitable for everyone, as it isn't a non bio formula. However im pleased to report that we have no cases here of irritated skin.

        * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ So Does It Actually Clean The Laundry? ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ *

        While its a 2 in 1 product, actually cleaning the laundry is the most important job, because I can still buy a fabric softener separate if I wish, ive used the washing machine on both hot and cold cycles, and naturally the gel works better while on a hot cycle, it claims to work in water such as 15C, and while it does clean standard dirt etc it still struggles with grass stains, pasta sauce, baby food, the normal tricky stuff, but personally im yet to find a product that works on those things straight away, it means I still need to buy my vanish and use the boil wash occasionally im afraid to get to the very heavily strained items. With standard marks and dirt the laundry comes out looking and smelling fresh, with no dirt or marks, this works on both hot and even cold washes, meaning it even saves my electric.

        * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ My Thoughts ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ *

        With cleaning products I don't like chopping and changing, if I find a product that's works for us I like to stick to it, my 2 year old has pretty bad eczema so it isn't ideal to keeping trying new products, we moved away from fairy as it was too harsh on his skin and daz seemed to be perfect except for the price. When I first saw this advertised at £7 I thought that seemed very expensive, especially at the rate I was going through it, so when it was reduced to £4 I snapped up 2 bottles, price wise it works out at just over 16p a wash, where as with my daz and fabric conditioner I was paying 37p a wash so immediately I was pleased with my savings, even at full price I would have saved money.

        I was very surprised the product worked as well as it did, I know that a detergents job is to clean laundry but my mum isn't brand loyal so will try whatever is on offer and ive lost count the amount of times she's advised me to stay away from such and such product because it doesn't work, so when moving away from Daz I was pretty sceptical, but this bold 2 in 1 actually claims to still work even when on the lowest temperate setting in the washing machine which makes me think its a pretty powerful product to still do its job while not in a hot wash.

        I also found that while the fabric softener did make clothes softer and smell lovely, the product doesn't cling to clothes, it was light enough to do the job and wasn't heavy at all, the last fabric softener I used was far too heavy and remained on my clothes for ages afterwards. Sadly the small of clean washing does go very quickly after washing the clothes tho, which was a bit of a disappointment, as with other product's that clean fresh smell lasted quite a while afterwards.

        Im not over-ally fussed on what the detergent smells like as long as it does it job because ive always used fabric softeners that smell divine, but this doing 2 jobs and smelling amazing as well is a real bonus.

        Sounds pretty simple but the plastic bottle was a winner for me, my washing machine is next to my sink, so I always used to keep the daz by my kitchen taps....any water spillage by the taps ment the daz box would get get meaning the bottom would give way and id have power everywhere, that happened quite a few times meaning a mess everywhere and id have to buy another box, I know your thinking to yourself that I should have moved it, but im now 24 and since 16 that became habit to leave it by the taps.

        * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ Ingredients ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ *
        15-30% Anionic Surfactants
        5-15% Non-ionic surfactants, soap
        Enzymes, Benzisothiazolinone, Methylisothiazolinone, Perfumes, Butlphenyl, Methylpropional, Geranoil, Hexyl Cinnamal, Limonene, Linalool.

        The products above are all great for getting clothes clean by breaking up natural stains, but are bad for wool because the breaking up of stains means its damaging natural fibres, so be sure to wash wool items separate.

        * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ Overall Thoughts ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ *

        While the gel is a great money saver and does the job, I still need to stick with buying my vanish for the really tough stains, it cleans and smells lovely, if I didn't still have to buy the vanish this would get full marks from me, but clean wise......yes it does clean my clothes.


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          22.11.2013 18:00



          Lovely Product

          Bold 2 in 1 'White Lily and Crystal Rain' is the nicest scented washing detergent that I have ever used, which is the main reason that I buy it. It does give very good results, certainly comparable with Ariel.
          What do you get?
          The liquid is thick and blue, and won't run unless you tip it out. It comes in a white, top-down container with a dosage cap at the top.
          How do you use it?
          I just put one cap full in the wash, on top of my clothes. I don't bother with a separate fabric conditioner, even though I live in a very hard water area. This does a great job on its own.
          I don't have children, and both my partner and myself have desks jobs, so I can't really comment on how good this on tough stains. My partner wears white shirts every day and they come up really nice and clean with this, although every now and then I do like to give the collars and cuffs a bit of extra TLC with some Vanish.
          The best bit...
          This smells amazing! I'd describe it like white blossom after rain on a fresh spring day. The smell lasts a long time too, so you get an added whiff every time you go to the airing cupboard. My picky partner absolutely loves the scent too and has asked me to carry on buying this (not something he's ever commented on before with a detergent!).


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          19.10.2013 19:09
          Very helpful



          I'm kinda converted :)

          ~*~*~ Bold 2 in 1 Gel Crystal Rain & White Lilly ~*~*~

          ~ What is it? ~

          This is a gel washing detergent from Bold. This one is the blue Crystal Rain & White Lilly fragrance.

          ~ Why did I buy it? ~

          As a life long Ariel fan I don't usually stray from it but I started buying Bold when my local Premier store had the large boxes on offer for £3, I stocked up and had been using it until a month ago when I finally ran out. So it was then that I had to re-buy washing powder/gel/tablets whatever, I did buy two bottles of Ariel gel and also a bottle of Persil I have used those so when I went to buy Ariel a couple of weeks back I was disappointed to find there was none on offer and that is when I ended up buying this Bold gel, I bought it in Asda and paid £4 for a 24 wash bottle.

          I liked the powder version of this and hoped that the gel performed just as well.

          ~ Using it ~

          These gels are all the same in terms of how you use them, you pour a dose of the gel into the cap and pop it into the drum of the washing machine along with the clothes, really simple and really easy.

          The gel poured out of the bottle quite easily with a squeeze and it is a bright blue colour. The scent was as I expected. I like the scent on this one, it's really fresh and clean smelling without being girly. I think that is why I like Ariel so much as it's not a genderised scent (and that it cleans good too!).

          ~ The results ~

          This is the important part of any washing detergent, how well it cleans.

          I have four children who are not the cleanest at all, they could get dirty in a white empty room! So when it comes to detergents I need something that will bring the clothes up clean the first time every time and this certainly did the job well.

          My little one is a grubby thing, he loves nothing more than getting himself in a right old mess when he is eating, and my 6 year old is not far behind, the cleanest of them all is my 9 year old who is pretty clean most of the time, and then there's the 12 year old who thinks it's a good idea to wrap muddy football boots up in a white t-shirt after a game of rugby ... Yes great idea!

          When it comes to washing I tend to do a few loads a day to keep on top of it, I hate having an overflowing washing basket! I do separate the clothes into piles according to their colours, whites, pales, coloured and darks (new red things separate to everything for at least 5 washes too!) and in the past I have often opted to use only Ariel for the whites and lights and then I wasn't as bothered about the rest as long as they were clean, however having only Bold available I have been using it with the white and I have been pleasantly surprised with the results and how bright my whites have been coming out.

          My son's white P.E. top didn't come up so clean with the first wash, he had wrapped up his boots and then stuffed the lot in his boot bag ... Why I don't know! His shorts were in his bag! The mind boggles! He also didn't tell me for two days either and had taken the boot bag out of his big bag in his bedroom, he then brought it down and did at least have the audacity to looks embarrassed, his top looked beyond help and I was sure it was ruined, I did wash it though with the hope of saving it, I put it in the wash alone on a 40° along with a cap of the Bold gel, when it finished I took it out but there was still quite obvious marks here and there, so I decided to up the temperature and put it back in on a 60° along with a Dylon White 'N' Bright sheet and this time the top came out really well, there's a small mark on the shoulder but it's only noticeable if your me apparently as no one else can see it!

          Of course I also use the Bold gel for the colours and darks and am pleased to say that everything comes up brilliantly clean, my 6 year old will tip dinner down himself in school everyday and this gets any food marks out of his clothes with ease, it has removed grease marks from his trousers too and also paint from my 9 years jacket sleeves.

          I am impressed by it :).

          ~ Overall ~

          I am sure you can tell from the above that I do like this product.

          I do generally prefer to use a powder rather than the gels but in all it's really good, another good thing with the gel is that your washing machine drawer stays clean too. Bonus!

          I would say that I did get 24 wash loads out of this bottle, despite having a large 9kg drum washing machine, I don't overfill it as my washing gets done so often there is never a massive pile so the dosage recommended on the bottle was fine.

          I would recommend this and I will be buying it again.

          Thanks for reading :o) x


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          15.07.2013 15:35
          Very helpful
          1 Comment



          Stock up when on offer.

          I tend to buy gel 2 in 1 products quite often because I wash most of my laundry on a 30 degree short, cool cycle and I find that the gel detergents blend into the water quickly. I do, however, tend to stock up on Bold 2 in 1 when it's on offer and represents better value for money than usual. Currently (15/07/13) Bold 2in1 Gel Crystal Rain & White Lily Concentrated is on offer at Sainsburys for £4 for a big 24 wash, 888ml pack - but the normal price at Sainsburys is £7.10 - a bit more than I am prepared to pay.

          The pack comes with the handy dispenser that you slip into the drum. This way you can see how much you are putting into your wash. It is biological laundry gel so it's never a good idea to put too much in as it may start to irritate those with sensitive skin. The bottle itself clearly gives a warning on the back: "Contains Hexyl Salicylate. May produce an allergic reaction." There is the big black cross on an orange background to denote 'Irritant.' It's a definite 'keep out of the reach of small children' product.

          It is not to be used as a hand-wash, with delicate wools or silks or as a prewash. The dispenser cap is not to be placed in the drier - something to note if you have a washer-drier and are used to setting the machine to wash and dry and walk away.

          There are very detailed dosing instructions on the back of this product. For 4-6 kg of washing: lightly soiled items use 25ml in a soft water area, 37ml in a medium and 46ml in a hard water area. Heavy soiled items use 46ml for all types of water. For over 7kg of laundry add 12ml extra of the product to the previous calculations. How long the bottle actually lasts then, depends on what sort of water type you have to some extent. And if you've not worked out how to use the detergent after reading all that - the bottle helpfully points you to the www.cleanright.eu website which gives you information and safety tips on using detergents and their environmental impact.

          The product is easy to use and the description "White Lily and Crystal Rain," sounds delightful and far better than the actual ingredients which are 15-30% Anionic sufactants, 5-15% Non-ionic surfactants, soap, enzymes, benzisothiazolinone, methylisothiazolinone, perfumes, butylphenyl methylpropional, geraniol, hexyl cinnamal, limonene, linalool. Mixed together this apparently means you get the sweet smelling, thick blue liquid that is Bold 2 in 1 White Lily and Crystal rain.

          The product makes my washing smell lovely and the scent lasts for quite a while. I'm not sure that it smells much like White Lily but it's a soft, floral, clean smell which is very pleasant. This line-fresh scent rises up from the clothes when they're being ironed. It cleans my laundry well - but I never find my laundry much of a challenge for stains. There is the odd difficult stain that will need extra attention - but over the years I have found that it is the case with most detergents.

          I don't find Bold 2 in 1 gels of any fragrance make the clothes quite as soft as using separate washing detergent and fabric conditioner. It's not bad - but it's not the same. This formula is no exception to that rule. the clothes come out of the wash soft - but not as soft as they get when I put conditioner in.

          The downside to this product is that if I can't use it on woollens and silks I'm going to have to buy an additional laundry detergent anyway adding to my laundry costs.

          Would recommend - but best bought as a savvy buy when on offer.


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            08.07.2013 16:44
            Very helpful



            Smells lovely, gets all my washing clean and feeling soft

            I have always used 2 in 1 detergent and fabric softener as I am happy that this does the job of both washing and softening my clothes without the expense of buying two separate bottles. I did buy them separately when I first started doing my own washing occasionally but discovered that I couldn't tell any difference between the two so stuck to the 2 in 1.

            I love the smell of Bold especially the Crystal rain and White Lily fragrance. The bottle I am currently using is a massive 6.205 litres which I bought from Costco when a friend from work asked me if I wanted to go as she has a members card which you have to use to shop there. I paid just under £11 for this bottle which was on offer at the time. I have since seen this size in other shops for £16.

            I bought this bottle way back at the beginning of November 2012 and I would say that it is only half way used. It says on the front that it does 85 washes but I will be getting a lot more out of it than that. As there are only the two of us I only wash about two to three loads per week and over a nine month period I have calculated that I have done about 90 washes so I have really got my moneys worth out of it.

            Obviously as it is such a large bottle I fill a smaller bottle of Bold up and use it from there as it is much easier. Although the bottle is quite heavy I find it reasonably easy to pour it out and have only had a few 'dribbles' when doing so. The smaller bottle I use has the lid which you fill up to the level with the liquid and put in the washing machine. I would say that I do slightly underfill the lid as our washing isn't particularly dirty as in muddy or painty or all the other things parents with small children have to deal with. I wash most loads on 30 degrees and find this is sufficient for all my washing to come clean.

            The liquid is a medium blue colour and has the usual gloopiness of washing liquid. If some liquid is spilled it is easy to remove with a piece of kitchen roll or wiped with an item of clothing that is about to be washed. The smell is floral and very pleasant, I'm not sure what crystal rain is supposed to smell like but it does sort of remind me of the smell outside when it has been raining which sort of wakes up the plants. I love the smell of it when I walk past my washing when it is drying in the house and I find that the smell also lasts for some time on my clothes and I can still smell it when I get an item of clothing out of the drawers after it has been put away for some time. I would say that all my washing feels soft to the touch and this makes a difference to ironing it as makes it a bit easier.

            I reckon that this bottle will last me until way into next year, maybe even February time so will have cost in the region of 70p per month. I was talking to someone about this the other week and they asked if I ever got fed up of the smell as they had a different one every time to change the smell but I am more than happy with this smell and the way it cleans and softens my washing.


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              02.06.2013 13:07
              Very helpful



              Leaves laundry fresh and clean

              ~A Bold washing gel with a pleasing fragrance~

              Amongst the laundry care products I have bought and used is this Bold 2 in1 washing gel in the crystal rain & white lily fragrance. This laundry gel is nicely fragranced and works reasonably well when used in a washing machine or when hand washing a good range and type of laundry items in my experience. I have found that a single bottle of the gel can last for a good number of washes if used carefully, however due to the shape and size of the product bottle, I can often find that I have accidently squeezed out a little too much of the gel into the measuring device provided.

              I find that the washing gel has a very thick texture to it which means that it clings well to the plastic dosing cup once poured inside. The gel is rather gloopy in texture in my opinion, although in this case the thick and gloopy texture doesn't mean that the gel doesn't pour from the bottle with ease, as I feel that it does pour reasonably well (although the product bottle does impact on the ease of pouring in my opinion). The bright and bold blue coloured washing gel, doesn't stain or permanently mark clothing or laundry items and is easily washed out during a wash cycle.

              The fragrance of the gel is pleasing as I feel it has a nice fresh feel that smells appealing in gel form and also when the fragrance is left on freshly washed clothing and laundry. I find that the washing gel leaves laundry items clean and fresh after they have been washed using this product. I like the idea that I don't need to add any further fabric conditioner to a wash load when using this 2 in 1 product, although I must admit that from time to time I do sometimes add a separate conditioner for a little extra boost.

              ~Product design/ ease of use~

              I feel that whilst the actual washing gel works well enough and leaves my laundry clean and nicely fragranced, the size and shape of the product bottle makes it awkward for me to handle it as it is just too short, stumpy and wide in my opinion. I much prefer slightly taller/ slimmer bottles than this one as I find them easier to handle and pour from, so I feel that the short and wide shape of the Bold bottle is a slight downside. The bottle sits on its lid when not in use, which makes a reasonable base in my experience, although I don't really like the idea of having the flip top lid and applicator end at the base of the bottle.

              The dosing cup that comes with the washing gel is held in place towards the top of the bottle set towards one corner and again I find that this is rather awkward to handle. I find the dosing cup hard to put back in place on top of the product bottle after use and tend to store it separately. The light plastic dosing cup has slightly sharp edges in my experience and is not something that I would want to put in with a load of delicate washing items as the sharper edges of the dosing cup may cause some damage. I much prefer dosing cups that have slightly thicker top edges to them as I know that they won't catch on clothing and cause issues when the wash load is spinning around in the washing machine at high speed.

              ~Product rating/ price~

              Over all I feel that this laundry gel is well fragranced and cleans to a reasonable standard. The product bottle is a downside for me as I find it awkward to use. The gel bottles come in 2 sizes with the smaller bottles holding 592mls and the larger bottles holding 888mls of gel. I find that the larger bottles do last a long time as they contain plenty of the gel which should be enough for up to 25 washes. Prices can be high when buying these types of laundry gels, although I have paid around £6 for the larger bottle and £4 for the smaller bottle of gel in the past, which I feel is reasonable. My rating for this product based on the performance of the gel and the ease of use of the product, including the poor design of the product bottle is 4 stars.


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                13.03.2013 22:52
                Very helpful



                A good clothes washing gel


                Bold is my clothes washing gel of choice, simply because I have used it for quite a few years. The crystal rain and white lily scent is by far my favourite scent out of the 2 in 1 gels provided by Bold.

                The gel is a thick liquid that comes packaged in a plastic container, with a flip-top lid, and comes attached with a cup or boat in which to measure, put the gel, and place in the washing machine.

                This particular flavour is blue in colour. You can smell the scent right off the bottle, it is strong, and I say this because I can smell the scent on my hands after holding the bottle, however the scent is not overpowering, so perhaps the best way of describing it is that it is a very clingy scent. It does smell, floral and sweet, but it is also a gentle scent, something that for some reason reminds me of babies! I can smell lilies very faintly, so I think the more powerful scent is probably the crystal rain. Definitely feminine, but not overpoweringly so, so I think men would be fine with this scent.

                I put in a full cup or boat for a full load, and this plenty for the scent to reach each and every piece of clothing. The gel does clean well, and the scent is very much present after washing the clothes. If drying clothes in a tumble dryer, the floral scent pretty much disappears, the clothes do remain smelling fresh. If naturally drying, the floral scent remains on the clothes, but the clothes do not feel as soft as when they come out of the dryer. Nonetheless I like the fresh and softer feeling of the clothes/fabric after using this particular gel.

                One of the things I have done with this particular flavour is soaking stained clothes in a bit of water and a lot of the gel applied on the stain, leave it to soak overnight. New stains mostly come off in the washing machine with this gel, but older stains do require some soaking for them to become fainter and fainter, but the gel does not always remove the stain completely...leaves the stain smelling nice though. In order for the gel to completely remove the stain, wash it in the washing machine within one or two days of staining.

                Overall, this is a good clothes washing gel from Bold and I give it four stars.



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                15.11.2012 11:22
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                One of the best I have tried

                This is a review of Bold 2 In 1 Gel Blue 16 Wash (592Ml) which we have been using in the imaginatively titled fragrance of 'Crystal Rain & White Lily'. The laundry gel is described as a concentrated detergent and softness + freshness.

                This is really worth mentioning in the review as I love the packaging of this cleverly designed bottle. It is almost a tear shape (although a little to one side) and the base is also a flip top lid, very easy to open but never leaks despite it standing on its head. The body is white plastic and fully recyclable and on the top clips a lid containing the measure for the actual fluid. I am getting quite a collection of these lids but don't like throwing them away for some reason! The side of the bottle has a clear panel so you can track the contents and buy more before you run out.

                The claim
                The bottle label makes a promise of 'fresh feeling' with every touch even after three weeks of storage which is great for bedding which may not get used straight away after washing.

                In use
                You use the lid to measure out the detergent then insert it in to the drum of the wash with the laundry and it disperses as the drum rotates. What I noticed is how thick this gel is compared to other laundry gels I have used. It has a premium feel to it. The fragrance is pleasing although it now must compete with the conditioner and the sheet in the tumble dryer so I am not sure how much of the crystal rain we actually get to enjoy in the end! I find that as it is concentrated it is a lot easier to carry from the supermarket and this bottle whilst small does wash 16 loads if used in the correct quantities which I think is excellent.

                My thoughts
                I really think this does a good job in getting clothes clean. I have set it many challenges from baby sick, wee, poop and cat sick and it has achieved great results with all of these in addition to cleaning our normal clothes to a good standard without fading colours or wearing them unduly.

                I bought my Bold on offer as I usually do when I spot a good reduction in the cleaning aisle (I am such a sucker for a bargain, no wonder I have a cupboard full of products waiting to be used!) but at the moment a bottle is priced £4.59 at Tesco which is a little more than I like to pay but still not extortionate I think.

                Final word
                I will definitely buy this gel again as I have been impressed with its performance and do feel that it has worked better at cleaning clothes than some other laundry gels I have tried. We have definitely given it a good test over the past fortnight with all the clothes it has washed (it has been a particularly messy time in our household for some reason!) and I am pleased with the results. I will look out for offers in the range but will definitely keep an eye out for the blue Bold gel, after all who can forget the promise of 'crystal rain' as a fragrance?!


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