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Brand: Vanish / Type: Carpet Cleaner / Subcategory: Cleaning Spray / Category: Cleaning & Disinfectant

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    12 Reviews
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      17.02.2012 16:21
      Very helpful



      A stain remover that works on some stains, but not all


      I abhor stains. But I've come to realise stains are inevitable, so it was off to the shops to find a solution. Vanish was the brand I picked up immediately as it is an established brand and generally gets good reviews. The solvent comes in a pink spray can, with a 'not so easy' to pull off lid. The smell of the solution is contained within the can, so you can't smell the solution until you have sprayed the carpet.

      Before using, you shake the can, hold it 15cm above the stain and spray. The liquid comes out as white foam which dissolves into the carpet instantly, so that you can no longer see it. However it does have a very strong chemical smell. While the smell is not unpleasant, it can make you feel like you're in a factory and can get a little nauseating. Once the stain has been sprayed, you immediately blot it with a cloth, or if the stain is older, leave it to stand for a minute before blotting.

      I have tried this on a few stains around the house and have found that the results vary according to the type of stain. The first stain was around 3 years old, and was formed of sticky crumbs that refused to be removed with water. I sprayed it with Vanish and left it to stand for a minute before using a white towel to rub the stain, I was surprised to find that the stain came away quite easily.

      The second stain was around a 3 to 4 year old fountain pen ink stain. I sprayed, left to stand, and blotted with white towel. The results this time however, were not impressive. When I removed the towel after blotting a few times, the towel had blue smudges on it, however the stain still remained on the carpet. I tried the spray a few more times on this stain, and while the stain has faded a little, I feel that it will take many more goes before it disappears completely.

      The third stain was a more recent acrylic paint stain, this was a stain I noticed immediately after cleaning up all the paints and newspaper. I tried to remove it with water, but this ended up smudging even further into the carpet and spreading. Out came Vanish. This time when I sprayed and blotted, the stain came off immediately, however after a while I noticed that there was still a faint red tinge to that part of the carpet, it is not noticeable unless you are staring at that spot or looking for the stain. Subsequent uses of Vanish on this stain have proven useless. There was another acrylic paint stain that I hadn't noticed until the following morning, by which time the paint had dried up into a few teeny blobs, when using vanish on these blobs the paint came off quickly and easily, leaving no residual stain.

      In conclusion, my results have found that Vanish works well on dried up bits that are ingrained into the carpet, but not so well on stains that have coloured the carpet and particularly not very well on stains like this that have been around for a few years.



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      20.05.2011 16:38
      Very helpful



      Vanish carpet cleaning spot treatment

      Even though I like to insist that there are no shoes worn in the house, despite having laminate flooring downstairs and rugs, I am often trying to get rid of marks and stains from the rugs and carpets.

      In the past I have used products such as 1001 carpet cleaner, Tesco's own range of cleaners and Vanish spot treatment for spot cleaning stains/marks and none have worked as well as I would have liked. I noticed Vanish Powershot Carpet Stain Remover as I had not seen it before and it looked appealing as it is in the form of an aerosol. It is pricey at £5.65 for a 400ml can but I still picked it up as it looked the most effective of the bright Pink Vanish range of carpet cleaners.

      To apply the carpet stain remover, firstly you need to remove any solid residue from the carpet, secondly shake the can well and spray onto the stain about 15cm above it and thirdly immediately blot/rub with a clean white absorbent cloth (a white cloth is better than using a coloured cloth or sponge as you will see the remains of the stain on the cloth). When the spray first gets in contact with the carpet it looks like water and is clear, then all of a sudden it foams up like hair mousse then disperses back to a water like substance and disappears into the stain. The stain then vanishes in front of your eyes, quite unbelievably. If you don't shake the can well the product doesn't foam like it should and is not as effective.

      I am extremely pleased with the results of Vanish Powershot as it has got rid of grease stains from our Sand-coloured stairway carpet, Cranberry Juice from our Cream bedroom carpet and both Purple and Brown colouring pen and Poo (whilst potty training) courtesy of our toddler Son from our Beige rug. With some stains such as grease and Poo I had to use Vanish Powershot on two occasions to completely get rid of the stains, but it worked. For older stains it is advised that you should leave the spray stand for one minute before blotting/rubbing.

      Quite a few 'on the spot' stain removers contain bleaching agents to get rid of marks, which you will only notice when you clean the whole carpet with a good carpet cleaning machine, as there will be some slightly bleached sections of carpet. I have used a professional carpet cleaning machine on my carpets and am happy to say I have not noticed any bleached spots on the carpets where I have previously used Vanish Powershot.

      Apart from it's superb stain removing abilities, for me the one and only disadvantage is the smell. Vanish Powershot absolutely stinks. It has a very strong chemical smell which when used on large areas of carpet smells for a day or two. I tried to mask the smell by keeping the windows open and spraying an odour neutralizing spray, but it didn't make a difference and the smell will go on it's own accord. It's not a smell like oven cleaner which takes your breath away, but does smell harsh. Not something you would want to use if you are expecting guests.

      It's important to stress that if you need to clean a large area of carpet, it's best to use a carpet cleaner rather than use Vanish Powershot as the aerosol will run out quickly. I have cleaned quite a few stains from my carpets and the can is around ¼ full, therefore it's easy to get carried away with this product and before you know it five pounds worth of carpet stain remover foams in front of your eyes and disappears.

      Overall I recommend Vanish Powershot stain remover and give it 4 stars. It is best used for small/medium size stains or marks, rather than large areas of carpet where it is better to use a professional carpet cleaning machine. It quickly and effectively gets rid of stains including grease, juice, colouring pen and Poo and doesn't bleach the carpet. It is expensive but I feel it is worth it as it works. The only real disadvantage of the product is the chemical smell which lingers for quite a long time after use; however I am prepared to put up with the smell as it works wonders.

      For further information, please visit: www.vanish.co.uk

      Thanks for reading xx
      © sweetdaisy 2011


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        23.02.2011 16:27



        It's ok but not wonderful

        I had quite high expectations of this product after reading a number of positive reviews. Whilst it was ok, it was not fantastic. Plus points were that my carpet did look cleaner and fresher, and a few small stains disappeared. Big negative point however was that the can was empty after one application! I did my living room as this is my "high traffic" area as it is where my toddler plays, and believe me, I do not live in a mansion with massive rooms, and the can was pretty much gone! It also did not get rid of a tea stain which I hoped it would tackle. It was vastly improved but only after an extra application on that area again and some quite strenuous scrubbing in to the fibres and you can still faintly see it. Overall, I may buy it again but if you decide to buy it, don't expect miracles.


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        13.06.2010 13:59
        Very helpful



        not bad

        I have tried numerous Vanish products, there is something alluring about that bright pink bottle. Armed with that pink thing in your hands, you can literally tackle anything stain wise and feel like you're a stain conquerer. Some Vanish products work better than others. Vanish soap I have found works well on whites, whereas the carpet and upholstery cleaner sometimes struggles to rid deeply inbedded dirt.

        Power Shot sounds and looks dynamic. Available as an aerosol, don't spray under the arms, it is an easy way to spot target specific stains with the nozzle. Simply locate said stain, aim and fire a jet of the spray. It dispenses in a frothy bubbly fashion before slowly fizzing away. It is advised to do this a few centimetres from said stain. I tried it on a Chinese takeaway orange stain on a carpet. The stain had been there a day or so. I watched the stuff absorb then left it for ten minutes. You can leave for a few seconds, I guess you could leave it for hours.

        The smell is fresh and slightly clinical, a bit like other Vanish products, but nothing to upset delicate noses, so I had no issues here.

        After a few minutes, I gently blotted the stain with a damp sponge. While it had lifted some of the orange tinge, there was still a trace of discolourment to the carpet. You need not vacuum afterwards, so I did not do this. I was not overly impressed, maybe the stain was too stubborn. Maybe I had left it too long before reacting.

        I have tried it on sofas to rid muddy cat paw prints, here it worked quicker and delivered much better results. It also performed well at removing discoloured water marks on beige carpets. In terms of price, it seems to vary for a bottle, but expect to pay around five pounds for a can. Worth buying for casul stains but you might still come unstuck with harsher marks which have been there a while.


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        04.03.2010 08:15
        Very helpful



        Ideal for small spilllages not really man enough for those tough stains

        Stains are an unfortunate occurrence that affects everyone regardless of sex, age, religion, race etc, and if you are particularly clumsy or live with particularly clumsy people, have young children or own pets you are more susceptible to them.

        With Vanish being a well known brand (part of the group) within stain removal and cleaning of upholstery and material I thought that a Vanish stain remover would be ideal for my needs.

        ****There's loads of Vanish products what's this one all about?****

        Vanish Powershot is a spot stain remover. It is designed for small areas of stains and spillages. It is not used to cover the whole carpet, and based on the size of the can, a meager 400ml and the cost of that can, this fact soon becomes fairly obvious unless you have a stupid amount of cash to spend on carpet cleaning, and are prepared to part with it.

        Most Vanish products are sold in tubs or packets, however the Powershot is sold in a 400ml aerosol. The only other Vanish product sold in an aerosol (that I have seen) is the Vanish Power foam and being similar in appearance (although the Power Foam is in a slightly bigger 600ml can) it is quite easy to get the two products mixed up. Power Foam is not a stain remover as such, and as it is supposed to be used on areas of high foot traffic it does not claim to have the same "stain" removing qualities that Powershot does. Because of this you do need to take a step back to ensure you're buying the right Vanish product.

        ****A brand definitely aimed at the laydees amongst us****

        The corporate colour of the Vanish brand is pink, and it is a bright, vivid and "hey look at me" pink at that. There is no subtlety in the colour of the packaging and this applies to all products under the Vanish Umbrella. In some ways the marketing team have done a fantastic job as it is easy to spot a Vanish product on a supermarket shelf of many other similar products, but on the other hand I think it does reduce the number of potential buyers somewhat.

        The marketing, and colour scheme, is definitely aimed at a female audience which I find strange in this day and age. There are many house husbands, single male home owners, males who use stain removers etc. but the marketing efforts seem to ignore this fact and remain in the dark ages. Think about it, how many men have you seen on a Vanish TV commercial? How many men have you seen advertising Vanish on a bill board?

        I appreciate that in these modern times there is more of a "live and live" attitude and people are more tolerant to men who are "in touch with their feminine sides" but I would not go out to buy any Vanish product. I am not some Neanderthal alpha male bigot with a "pink to make the boys wink" attitude, it's just that the Vanish brand is far too Barbie or Cindy for my liking and there are other more masculine, not to mention more effective, stain removers on the market.

        Based on the above you're probably wondering how I ended up with a can of Vanish Powershot in the cupboard? Well, I have to admit that it was my other half who purchased the product during a shopping trip with her mother, who is a Vanish product lady through and through.

        ****So what super powers does this can have?****

        The Vanish website claims that Powershot "is an unbeatable stain removal for use on carpets. It's powerful formula drives deep in to the carpet pile, loosening and lifting even the toughest carpet stains. Suitable for wool carpets".

        This is quite a claim, and based on my experience, I think it is a bit of a fallacy and far-fetched. Don't get me wrong, it is a useful product but I definitely don't think it is unbeatable, nor does it lift the toughest stains.

        ****So, how do you use this Powershot then?****

        In practice using Powershot is very easy, however there is a bit of contradiction between Vanish's website and the directions on the back of the can.

        The website states "Simply spray the stained area, blot or rub gently and repeat as necessary. There is no need to vacuum up afterwards".

        The directions on the back of the can states "Shake the can well and spray from an 80cm height over the area to be treated. Work the foam in to the carpet using a clean, colour-fast, damp sponge or cloth. Leave for 2 hours or until dry and vacuum".

        So, "To vacuum or not to vacuum?" that is the million dollar question.

        As you can see from the directions the process of removing stains with Powershot is not a quick one. Even if you don't leave it for the full 2 hours the foam still takes a long time to dry, which is obviously dependent upon how much foam you spray on to the stain and how deep you push the foam in to the carpet, which depends on how vigorously you rub the foam in.

        ****What effect is there on the nostrils?****

        Vanish Powershot is very lightly perfumed, to the point where you can hardly notice it. It does, however, have a "clean and fresh" smell about it, which is quite pleasant.

        Unfortunately, I am unable to comment on the stench masking capabilities of Powershot as I have only used it on weak smelling spillages, which the Powershot does a more than adequate job of getting rid of the smell. A real test would be on vomit, excrement or any other such human or animal waste but I am in no position to comment.

        ****Does this product contain nuts?****

        The "this product may contain nuts" or "whilst this product does not contain nuts we cannot guarantee it wasn't made in a factory where nuts were present" warnings are stamped on almost every single product in the market place. However, I am pleased to announce it doesn't appear on Powershot. Hurrah! Despite the omission of any nut warnings there are some guidelines stamped on the back of the can to ensure that users are kept safe whilst using the product.

        Powershot is obviously a bit more potent than a 'standard' household cleaner and as such it does have a few more (supposedly) harmful chemicals, therefore there are additional warnings stamped all over the can including;

        i) Do not spray near heat sources or electrical appliances
        ii) Keep away from naked flames or any incandescent material. Do not
        smoke. Extremely flammable
        iii) Keep away from children
        iv) Use only in well ventilated areas
        v) In case of contact with the yes rinse immediately and seek medical advice
        vi) If swallowed seek medical advice

        Warnings on the back of cleaning products always make me smile as I just don't see the point in them, especially when they are all common sense. If Powershot was going to remove all the skin off my hands, like acid or paint stripper does, then I would want to know about it, but if it is going to have minimal effect then what is the point of the warnings? In addition, the "if swallowed seek medical advice" is just ridiculous. You're not going to mistake a can of Powershot for a can of squirty cream are you? For starters, the Barbie pink colour scheme is a bit of give away. Or do Vanish think that users are going to spray the Powershot on to the stain and then lick it off?

        ****Are there any lasting effects on the carpet after using this?****

        The can suggests using a little of the Powershot foam on a small piece of the carpet in a discreet place, which enables the user to ensure that the foam will have no adverse on particular carpet types. In order to avoid any really expensive consequences I would strongly recommend carrying out this compatibility test.

        ****Where do I get it and how much do I pay?****

        Vanish is a well known and well stocked brand so getting Powershot should not pose any problems at all. From large national supermarket chains to smaller convenience stores to the small corner shops it is likely all will stock this product.

        If buying a single can of Powershot you can expect to pay around £4 - £5, obviously depending upon where you get it from. Bulk buying is definitely more cost effective and at the time of writing 6 cans of Powershot can be bought for £9.99 from hardware-ironmongers.com, and equating to £1.67 this represents a massive saving.

        ****My experience****

        I must admit that I use Vanish spray for the collars and cuffs of my work shirts, once again as a result of my other half's mother, and I have always been impressed with the results. I do work in an air conditioned office so my shirts don't get too much hard, but the Vanish spray does get them looking like new (well almost) nonetheless. Based on my previous experience with the spray I automatically thought Powershot would be just as effective on a red wine spillage.........

        Using the aerosol is a doddle and a one handed operation. There is no need to hold the can in one hand whilst forcing the nozzle down with the other. As you fire the foam out of the aerosol you'd be forgiven for thinking it is going to be a bit thin, especially given the force it comes out. However, the foam is actually quite dense which bodes well.

        Once I had zapped the offending spillage and vigorously rubbed for a few minutes it was time to sit back and wait for the foam to dry. All I could do was wait. And wait. And wait. The foam took ages to dry, longer than the stated two hours and once it had there was a powdered residue that needed to be vacuumed up. So, for all of those wondering what the answer to the million dollar question is - you do need to vacuum, so ignore the website.

        The results were disappointing to say the least. The stain had definitely faded but it was still visible. In addition, there was a ring around the stain that was a lighter shade than the rest of the carpet which was very noticeable. This ring did get darker over time and gradually faded in to match the colour of the rest of the carpet.

        I repeated the process three more times and the stain faded more and more with each treatment. The surrounding ring almost matches the rest of the carpet, although this took a few weeks after the last treatment. The stain is still there and not noticeable unless you actually get on your hands and knees and look for it. I guess this is an acceptable outcome but I am still a bit miffed that the stain hasn't totally disappeared.

        One good thing about Powershot is that it doesn't appear to have had any adverse effects on the carpet. It hasn't "thinned out" the carpet nor has it changed how it feels underfoot, which surprised me a bit. I would have though applying a reasonably strong cleaning product would have had some effect on the carpet but it hasn't. I am unable to comment on whether this is down to the Powershot or the carpet itself.


        So, would I recommend Vanish Powershot? This is a tricky one. For small spillages of items that won't stain too badly, i.e. not beetroot, red wine or coffee that you can get to quickly then it is very useful. You know the situations, when water just isn't man enough for the task. However, more stubborn stains are likely to take multiple treatments and even then I do question if the stain will ever be eradicated. For the more stubborn stains I would recommend a stronger stain remover as I just don't think Vanish Powershot is man enough.

        ****The bottom line****

        A stain remover that is worth having in your cupboard for those quick clean up situations when water is just not enough, however it is not really up to the task of getting rid of those stubborn older stains.

        (This review has been posted on other sites under the name of yackers1)


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          02.03.2010 21:33
          Very helpful



          Anyone would think this was product of the week.

          In my current abode, I have very little carpet. It's not that I can't afford it or anything. I'm not trudging around in threadbare slippers on cold concrete. It's just that I generally have hardwood floors. The only place where I have carpet is in my bedrooms and having had new carpet put in a couple of years back, there's a 'no liquids' rule in all rooms, which has left them spillage-free. Years ago, when I lived in a fully carpeted house, there were regular spillages and I remember using a product called K2R Stain Remover, which was a miracle worker. You'd just spray it on things, let it dry and literally suck it all up the vacuum cleaner. I never even considered Vanish products. My sister, however, who also has a house full of mangy carpets has always commented that Vanish products are good for spot cleaning in an emergency and with two kids and an incontinent cat she should know. But for the purposes of this review, I should like to point out that I have borrowed a house. Well, not the whole house. I have borrowed my mate's so called Mingy Room. It's a spare bedroom in a period house with a reasonably old and VERY tired carpet. It has more stains on it than you could possibly imagine. He couldn't care less what happens to the carpet. So we decided to run trials of Vanish Power Shot because we were sad and bored and I said that if he let me use his carpet I might share the secrets of eternal youth with him. He said not to worry, I could use the carpet anyway because, frankly, I'm showing my age.

          Vanish is one of the leading stain removal brands on the market. Thanks to a penetrative marketing campaign ("Trust Pink!") we've been bombarded with images of pretty, middle-class ladies whose lives have been ruined by wanton brown sauce stains, only to be saved by a pretty lady in pink who lays out the virtues of Vanish stain removing products. I suspect that whole 'pink' thing is intended to make the brand stand out on the supermarket shelves, but I can't say it's an entirely effective approach. Having scanned the aisles of Waitrose for a good few minutes, I had to ask for help to find it and there it was lurking rather dolefully at the bottom of the shelf.

          If you have carpet(s) to clean you need to consider your requirements carefully. If you are intending to clean the whole carpet, clearly you will need a high volume cleaner. This is likely to have a less intensive cleaning property and will be gentler on the fibres. Think of it as a general wash and shampoo. If you have stains, then you'll need a spot cleaner with much stronger, instant cleaning powers. Vanish have a range of products to suit these requirements and it should be easy to tell them apart as the former is generally sold in a bottle, the latter in a trigger spray or aerosol. I did notice, however, that Vanish Powerfoam retails in an aerosol, but is intended for large areas. This doesn't strike me as terribly useful and a more consistent approach might be better here.

          The Power Shot is available in most of the larger supermarkets for around £4.50 - £5.00. At time of press it is on offer in Waitrose for £3.00. Get in!

          Vanish Powershot claims to have a 'powerful formula', which works quickly and thoroughly. As previously stated, it's intended for on-the-spot stain removal, ideally as soon as possible after the spillage or stain has occurred. It works on the basis that many other cleaning products work. The foam, once dispensed, gets to work quickly and expands further once you apply some force to work it in. The physical process of the expanding foam coupled with the chemical ingredient effectively lifts the stain out of the carpet. The claims are reasonably bold. The manufacturers claim that this stuff can lift out red wine, tomato, coffee, food grease and even motor oil. I can confirm that K2R makes mince meat of motor oil so I was interested to see whether Vanish could compete.

          For the purposes of the 'tests' I've targeted three stains.

          Stain number one is an old, established stain. It's a spot mark of black oil that was spilt on the carpet when somebody was working on their bike (I know, I know). It was about the size of a five pence piece. It was hard to the touch and you could feel it sat on top of the carpet pile. I'll refer to this as the 'oil stain'.

          Stain number two is a relatively new one - about two days' old. It's fairly large, and is a stain from the cat, where she had a little accident on the carpet. Initially treated with a damp cloth, it has left a stain about the surface area of a compact disc. I'll refer to this as the 'squitty kitty stain'.

          Stain number three was created specifically for this test (meaning, I dropped some ketchup out of my bacon sandwich). It was brand new. Vanish Powershot was applied as soon as the ketchup had been spilt.

          The carpet itself is a lightish colour (barf) and rather worn. In fairness, the whole carpet needs replacing. This is not an expensive carpet, nor is the pile particularly deep.

          1 - You should vacuum clean the carpet first. The manufacturer doesn't mention this, but, clearly, having fluff or hair in the way won't help. The manufacturers also recommend that you spot test a discrete section of the carpet to ensure that the colour doesn't fade or change.

          2 - You should remove any solid residue that you can. So if it's a spillage of brown sauce, for example, remove as much as you can with a damp cloth first. If there's a lot, you might need to scrape it up first.

          3 - Shake the can and holding it about 15 cm away spray the stain well.

          4 - Immediately blot/rub the stain with a plain, colour-fast cloth. This is important. My sister had a bit of a disaster with this. She used a cleaning cloth that had blue dye in the material. The contact with Vanish Powershot brought the blue dye out and actually made the stain worse.

          Remember that blotting/rubbing does not mean 'vigorously scrub'. My experience of things like this is to apply a bit of force but not too much. You want the chemicals to loosen the stain and the foam to lift it out. Rub too hard and you'll just smear the stuff further into the pile.

          5 - You then have to repeat steps 2, 3 and 4 until the stain has gone (or until you have convinced yourself it's not going anywhere.)

          6 - For older stains, you leave the stuff to soak in for 60 seconds before you start rubbing.

          7 - You then basically let it dry. Apparently, you need not vacuum clean afterwards, but I think this is a useful way of restoring the pile.

          So what ACTUALLY happens then?

          The first thing you'll notice is that the aerosol is far more powerful than you expect. This kind of takes you by surprise and the chances are that you'll either fire past the stain or will spray far more than you expect. When the spray first hits the carpet, it sort of foams up and bubbles a little, but within a second it has simply made the spray damp. The spray has a reasonably strong smell; quite a chemical odour. It doesn't appear to have been scented purposefully. When you get up close to the stain (that is, because you are cleaning it!) the smell is quite strong and a little overpowering. I wouldn't recommend using this in an enclosed space and I'd always open a few windows.

          It's difficult to gauge how much of this stuff you need. It disappears into the carpet so quickly and the spray is quite generous, such that you end up drowning the area immediately surrounding the stain. Even a relatively modest amount seems to make the carpet pile fairly damp, fairly quickly.

          Once the stain is drowning in the stuff, it's difficult to know what to do in terms of physical action. Paying attention to the carpet pile, I tried a sort of twisting, blotting motion to start with (thinking this would lift the stain away) but then opted instead to rub it in the direction of the carpet pile. This seemed to protect the carpet better.

          With the oil stain, there was immediate improvement. The blackness of the oil lightened very quickly and I could see little bits of the oil on the cloth. Encouraged by these early results, I applied a second coat and continued with the blotting and wiping. After three applications, the stain had faded noticeably but seemed to have reached the point beyond which it wouldn't fade any further. I would say that the spray had removed/lifted about 60% of the stain. There was a definite improvement, but you could still easily see the oil stain, albeit in a far lighter shade.

          With the squitty kitty stain, there was little or no immediate improvement. It was easier to apply the spray only to the stain, as it covered a larger area, so I knew that most of the Vanish stuff was going into the stain. However, as the stain was fainter than the oil, there was far less material for the Vanish spray to remove and it seemed less effective. After three 'coats', I concluded that the stain was not going to shift further. The cleaned stain was far fainter - I would estimate that Vanish Powershot removed 50% of the stain. Prior to applying the Vanish, the stain was a little, shall we say, whiffy (as you can imagine) but once the Vanish had been applied, you could only smell the chemical smell.

          The ketchup stain experienced far more promising results. Once I had scooped off the excess of ketchup, a fairly vivid red mark was left on the carpet. I applied the Vanish Powershot and then rubbed it with the cloth. The stain was immediately lifted, leaving no traces.

          All three areas were left to dry. The squitty kitty stain area dried within three hours. The smaller oil and ketchup stains were dry within two. The spray leaves no residue at all; when it dries, it evaporates completely. There was no damage to the carpet pile (that I could see anyway).

          This is a reasonably toxic chemical and care should be applied. The manufacturer warns that this is highly flammable so keep away from naked flames. Like any solvent, deliberate inhalation is very dangerous and could kill you (although, arguably if you're that stupid, I'm not terribly sympathetic.) If you're using this in a household with pets or children you need to keep them well away from the treated area until it's completely dry.

          There were a couple of other things I noticed. The spray came into contact with the skin on my fingers, largely through the cloth that I used. Within a hour of cleaning the stains, the skin on my fingers was noticeably dry. I'd therefore recommend wearing rubber gloves. The spray also deflects very easily. Make sure you clear a fairly wide area around the stain. The spray hits the carpet with some force and droplets bounce off. This could be a problem if you have something delicate nearby. Indeed, if you were peering at the stain, this would go in your eyes. Keep your face well clear.

          The manufacturers (Reckitt Benckinser Ltd) are part of a group of European businesses that are committed to the Charter for Sustainable Cleaning. This sounds a lot grander than it is and is largely worthless. The charter commits the companies to offering advice on how to use cleaning products more efficiently (e.g. smaller washing loads) and more safely. The company is not, however, well-regarded for its ethics. Reckitt Benckinser also manufacture Gaviscon and are currently under investigation by the Office of Fair Trading for breaching competition law.

          Vanish cleaning products are stuffed with chemicals which, in concentrated doses can be harmful to human health. There is no commitment from Reckitt Benckinser to investment in more ecologically-sound working practices or with the replacement of harmful chemicals in its products. I'd give them a big thumbs down.

          For older, well-established stains, this is not a particularly effective treatment. Curiously, for quite thick, solid material (such as oil or grease) this is more effective than on liquid based stains such as tea or coffee, although the treatment can only go so far. For very new stains, however, this is quite an effective treatment and handy to have in the cupboard. It's pretty simple to use although I think the propellant used is too powerful. At £5 this would be quite expensive too, although the 400ml aerosol would go quite a long way. I wouldn't rush out to buy this, but if I had lots of carpets and lots of squitty kitties, I might keep one handy.


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            21.10.2009 15:21
            Very helpful



            An expensive stain remover that doesn't work.

            I love cleaning products and love trying out new ones. I saw this in Morrisons and thought that I'd give it a try. I have three children and like most children they tend to have accidents especially with food and drink, so I thought this would be perfect.

            Vanish is a well known leading brand of stain removal products. I have tried many of their products over the years and can actually say that I have found them all to be rubbish and overpriced.

            Vanish Power Shot is sold in your average tin with a plastic lid. It is in a bright pink colour that is eyecatching. It contains 400ml of this stain remover. When you spray the aerosol it comes out like a spay and then foams up like a mousse.

            Directions for use:

            1. Remove solid residue from carpet.

            2. Shake can well and spray about 15cm from stained area.

            3.Immediately blot/rub with a clean white absorbent cloth.

            Repeat steps 1-3 until stain has gone.

            (Taken off the tin)

            It also states on the tin "Vanish Powershot has a powerful formula which delivers unbeatable stain removal action. You can see it working immediately. It's rapid bubbling action drives deep into your carpet pile, loosening and lifting even the toughest carpet stains. Suitable for use on wool carpets."

            I followed all the stages and repeated it about 4 times and the stain still hasn't been removed. It has slightly faded but when I say slightly I mean very slightly.

            I would not purchase this item again and it is really overpriced at £4.89 a tin. A complete waste of money.


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              20.08.2009 12:38
              Very helpful



              Not pet friendly

              I managed to pick up the Vanish Power Shot in a Pound shop and im starting to understand why it was so cheap!
              I have 6 kitties and sometimes there are accidents, food gets dropped onto the floor, i spill stuff on the floor and from reading the back I thought great! finally something that will take this mess outta the carpet...wrong!
              I couldnt understand that where ever I used this foam the cats would be attracted to that spot and pee there, I automatically thought something was wrong with my troop of cats and headed to the vets. After a lengthy chat with the vet the conversation turned to the carpet Vanish, one of the ingredients in this foam is Ammonia..something that everyones urine has.. lovely! So the cats could smell the Ammonia and thought I must have just moved the litter trays..so accidents happened.
              When I was shopping next I also found a pet version of the carpet vanish and it also contains ammonia, which confused me as to how they can advertise it as pet friendly, maybe if you enjoy your pets piddling everywhere but I seriously doubt it.
              In conclusion, not only did I have kitty issues with this product but on other stains like make up, food and drink spillages it did nothing and was a waste of the £1 i spent in the poundshop, if it wasnt a name brand I would not have minded but with name brands you expect results and I did not like the results our household endured!


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                25.05.2009 17:18



                This stuff is shite it dont work it makes things worse, hire a pro carpet cleaner


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                28.11.2008 19:29



                I purchased Vanish Power Foam with high hopes, to clean the area rug in my living room which is cream and beige in color and was quite dirty as we have two dogs. I followed the directions diligently and used the entire can on the rug, using a sponge mop to work it in well as directed. I waited til it was dry, and then vacuumed, as directed only to be bitterly dissappointed. Not only did it fail to remove ANY stains, but the rug actually looks dirtier than it did before I started!! I am furious that I wasted my money on this product. Don't waste yours, and don't buy into the supposed hype!!


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                18.08.2007 05:39
                Very helpful



                A really effective stain remover but needs to be used immediately for best results

                Health Warning! This review is not for those who are squeamish Only those with iron constitutions are adjudged safe to continue reading!

                A few years ago, I didn’t own any carpet cleaning product because, as necessary, I just called up the services of a professional carpet cleaner who had become quite a family friend over the years. He would turn out to do any little spot , cheaply, efficiently and without fuss. Unfortunately he then retired and went to live in Spain and I haven’t found anybody to compare with him. The few I have encountered, upon surveying any damage, just shake their heads muttering, “that’s not going to come out” or “ I’ll have to do the whole carpet or that clean bit will show up.” This would usually be followed up by an exorbitant quote! However I then discovered this rather large gem of a product and it has now become the best friend I have in my “cleaning” cupboard

                ~~~The VANISH RANGE~~~

                Hailing from the vast Reckitt Benckiser empire, the stable of such varied brands as Veet, Gavison, Harpic, Airwick, Calgon, Finish, Cillit Bang and Dettol, this brand has impeccable pedigree: that is if you admire such breeding as issues from multinational conglomerates!

                I checked out its environmental credentials, as I like to do with cleaning products, not because I am a born again environmentalist but in order to fend off any of the criticism levelled at me by worthy, environmentally-friendly acquaintances. The corporation’s environmental policy statement and annual sustainability reports, looked, in truth, a tad woolly but then I scored a bull-eye when I discovered that the company are one of the members of the “ Corporate Leaders Group on Climate Change” which operates under the cloak of the “Prince of Wales’s Business and Environment Programme”, no less!

                Frankly I was still less than impressed, but sometimes you just can’t afford to look too closely at ethical considerations and Vanish do produce a great range of products for laundry and upholstery as well as carpets. I already used their Vanish Oxi Action Fabric Stain Remover as necessary in the wash with varied but quite impressive results. In fact I never even bothered to check out such information when the first of a chapter of accidents befell my highly prized, new carpet. I just rushed out and grabbed the aerosol can and its chemical contents without a quibble or a second thought. I was after all safeguarding an £800 investment!


                When I moved into my present flat three years ago, it needed some renovation and redecoration. Most of the floors were laminate but the lounge and hallway were carpeted in the most nasty, dirty frayed and cheap looking nylon corded carpet imaginable. I decided to keep this in place until the messier jobs had been completed and by December 2006 the time was right.

                I decided to keep carpet in these areas mainly because it’s comfy on the feet, cosy in appearance and would give the dog a little respite from slipping and sliding in the laminated areas. As the kids had flown the nest, I thought I could afford to indulge myself and have that light creamy colour for which I had long nursed a hankering but which common sense had previously placed out of bounds.

                As new carpet during the season of Christmas excesses did not appear to be a sensible option, it wasn’t until January that my pride and joy was fitted. and for a while it looked fantastic . But it was a big mistake and before long I had many reasons to regret that particular decision as a string of minor catastrophes really dampened my enthusiasm.

                Christmas was over but my wayward hound had managed to discover the hiding place of the left over chocolates whilst I was out. I came home to broken cardboard boxes and wrappers all over the flat. I am aware that chocolate can be lethal to dogs but was not unduly worried because this was not the first time Woody had pigged out on stolen loot. But the next morning he had obviously suffered for his crime. I was horror struck to discover three large offerings of the most disgusting, smelly diarrhoea I have ever encountered, on my beautiful cream lounge carpet.

                Having scooped up and disposed of what I could, I dashed up to my friendly local hardware store (still feeling queasy after the experience) and left with the can of Vanish which came highly recommended.
                I followed the easy instructions:-
                1. Shake can well and spray from an 80cm height over the area to be treated.
                2. Work the foam into the carpet using a clean, colourfast, damp sponge or cloth.
                3. Leave for 2 hours or until dry and vacuum.
                I also loosely covered the patches with clean kitchen towel to avoid any dirt from tread in these areas.

                After the first, application the stains had diminished but not completely cleared but it was a tough test! I also noticed that the foam (which has no noticeable perfume) had dispelled the awful lingering stench, replacing it with, what I can only describe as, a pleasant, fresh smell. Over the next couple of days I repeated the procedure four times until the stains had all but disappeared. The carpet in those areas was, if anything, slightly lighter in the treated areas, maybe because they were so clean by this time! However you had to search to actually notice this and, within a week or so, these lighter patches had blended in.

                Since then, the carpet has experienced a catalogue of minor disasters. The dog emptied a rubbish sack in the kitchen and carted off some of his booty to the carpeted areas. This included still damp, used tea bags and empty ready meal containers. Vanish coped with all the resulting stains.

                My cousin brought her three young children to visit. Vanish managed to remove the baby’s vomit, blood from a grazed knee and trodden in, melted chocolate button stains!

                One of my best friends, who moved to live abroad, came home to visit for a month, and my flat became the venue for several reunions and other such celebrations. During that time, accidental carpet damage included unspecified remnants of a Chinese takeaway for 12 persons and two upturned glasses of red wine. Vanish coped with most of these stains, although one of the red wine incidents went untreated for over 24 hours whilst I nursed a hangover and there is still a patch of a slightly darker hue in evidence. Fortunately a rug has been slightly moved to cover this!

                Having detected a slight smell of gas outside my front door, the diagnosis by gas engineers was a leak in the main supply to the building. There followed a whole month of visits by gas officials sealing, inspecting the seal, conducting exploratory excavations to find the source of the leak and finally digging up the road outside (and above the level of my front door) to lay a new mains supply to the building. All the mud and muck from the excavations filtered down my steps. Whether the footprints on my carpet, of indeterminate composition, were from the gas officials trooping in for cups of tea or visitors walking through the filth I will never know but there was a succession of such incidents and Vanish never failed to cope.


                It’s worth observing that the Vanish range includes two very similar product with slightly different names.
                I first purchased:-
                ~~Power Shot ~~400 mls (which is designed for particular stains) from a local independent retailer for £5.99 but this is currently available from Tesco online for £3.72.
                However, my second purchase (mistakenly sent to me in an online shop) was:-
                ~~Power Foam~~600 mls (which is designed for “ high traffic areas” and does not specifically claim to be a stain remover), currently available from Sainsbury online for £3.88
                Both products have a similar formula, application instructions and, in my experience, comparable results in terms of stain cleansing abilities but the latter gives 200mls more for only 16p additional cost.

                ~~~WORDS OF WARNING!~~~

                The warnings on the can are numerous as with most chemical products:-
                1. Keep away from children
                2. Keep away from naked flames or any incandescent material. Do not smoke . Extremely flammable
                3. Do not spray near heat sources or electrical appliances
                4. Use only in well ventilated areas
                5. In case of contact with the eyes, rinse immediately and seek medical advice
                6. In swallowed, seek medical advice
                In addition it is advisable to do a patch test for colour fastness in a hidden area and it is unsuitable for use on brocade and velvet materials

                ~~~THE VERDICT~~~

                In the last seven months, I have really put Vanish to the test and concluded that it is a marvellous product which I can recommend unreservedly. It won’t prevent the need for complete and more intensive cleaning from time to time but it will serve for all those little emergencies and catastrophes which everyday living throws at our prized carpets. I make sure I always have a can in stock.

                However, for maximum effectiveness, don’t let any hangover, however severe , prevent you from applying the foam as soon as possible after the spillage. Moreover, prevention is better than cure so avoid inviting friends and relatives as much as possible and, if you have a dog as wicked as mine, dispose of all full rubbish bags immediately and keep any chocolates secure under lock and key


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                  22.06.2007 18:48
                  Very helpful



                  A good carpet stain remover

                  When we moved into our new house 2 years ago we had to remove all the carpets because the previous owner had cats and I am allergic to them. I spent the first few hours in my new home sneezing and my eyes looked like I had been in a boxing match! My intention was to get all wood flooring but due to the timescale and lack of funds we got cheap carpet to do us until we had more time and money to get what I wanted. So 2 years later we still have the cheap carpets!! Having 2 young boys well 3 really if you count the other half, keeping my carpets clean is a job in itself. I do have a vax but it is too big to get out every time something gets spilt and plus I would have it out every day! The usual things I get on the carpets are mud due to the muddy football boots that seem to get muddier every time they are put on and even though they are banned from any room that has carpet the mud still finds away in! And another one is juice, which is also banned but again seems to sprout legs and run to the carpet, as no one ever seems to know how the stains got there!
                  So this is the reason I always have a can of this stuff in my cupboard.

                  The vanish products are owned by Reckitt Benckiser, they also own other famous brands such as finish, lemsip, dettol, E45 & optrex to name but a few. All vanish products are that distinctive bright pink colour. This product comes in a 400ml spray can, which states that it will dissolve stains instantly. The only gripe I have with the can is the lid which when I finally get it off I always end up breaking it as it is very cheap plastic.

                  PRODUCT STATEMENT

                  Vanish powershot has a powerful formula which delivers unbeatable stain removal action. You can see it working immediately, its rapid bubbling action drives deep into your carpet pile, loosening and lifting even the toughest carpet stains and is also suitable on wool carpets (not that will be a problem in my house!)


                  Ok the directions for people that read them (that excludes me!) basically you remove any residue with a cloth, shake the can well and spray about 15cm from the area, rub with a clean white absorbent cloth and then repeat until the stain is gone. If you have an older stain then let the formula sink in for about 30 seconds.

                  Actually I am quite impressed that I actually do more or less what the instructions say, first I find my stain, which isn’t hard in my house as they say here’s one my monsters prepared earlier. Then wrestle with the lid to find a very basic spray and then spray, it smells a bit like polish but the smell wears off very quickly. As the formula hits the carpet you can see it start to bubble and fizz then I take my white cloth and give it a rub and voila the stain disappears. This way only works if I catch the stain when it first happens, if I am using this product on a old stain I leave the spray on the stain longer and then rub off but for more stubborn stains this can take a few goes but it usually gets it off.

                  I have used this on mud, milk, juice, ketchup, sick!! & Wine (ok the last one is not the kids before you call social services!).

                  Before you use you should do a test on your carpet in an area that no one can see, just spray a small area, leave it for 12 hours and then check to see if the carpet is still ok. This will let you know if it is ok to be used on your carpet, personally I didn’t do this and I know one day this will backfire on me!


                  Obviously this product comes with warnings including keep away from little monsters, protect from sunlight, do not expose to high temperatures, do not pierce or burn, do not spray on a naked flame, do not use on electrical equipment, do not breathe vapour, avoid contact with the skin or eyes, do not swallow and recycle when finished.

                  PRICE & RANGE

                  Power shot… £3.72

                  Oxi action carpet & upholstery cleaner … £2.98

                  Carpet power foam … £3.88

                  I must admit the powershot does last a long while; the only downside is that it really wouldn’t be practical for larger areas.

                  So yes if like me you have little monsters that seem to ooze mess and stains then this would be a perfect addition to any cleaning cupboard.

                  Property of madmum71 &lisa8871


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                • Product Details

                  Simply spray the stained area, blot or rub gently / Repeat as necessary / There is no need to vacuum up afterwards / Manufacturer: Reckitt Benckiser / 400ml aerosol / Carpet cleaner / Vanish Powershot is an unbeatable stain removal for use on carpets / Its powerful formula drives deep into the carpet pile, loosening and lifting even the toughest carpet stains / Suitable for use on wool carpets.

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