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Surf Wild Flowers & Morning Dew with Essential Oils

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Brand: Surf / Type: Laundry Care

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    1 Review
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      23.02.2014 16:28
      Very helpful



      great but I prefer a stronger scent

      ~Surf Capsules~

      The Surf laundry capsules I will be reviewing are the 'Wild Flowers and Morning Dew' capsules. Each capsule is filled with dark blue liquid. The capsules have biological detergent in them and essential oils. The capsule should be placed in the washing machine drum before the laundry. These capsules aren't suitable for hand washing. For larger loads of soiled laundry, it is recommended that you use two capsules. As well as leaving clothes clean, Surf also promise 'long lasting freshness'.

      These capsules are presented in a rather large yet easy to store plastic bag. The bag is quite eyecatching due to the bright, Summery colours and floral illustrations used to decorate it. The bag has a secure closure tab to keep the capsules secure.

      ~Price and Availability~

      An 18pk of Surf capsules can be purchased from Asda and is currently priced at £3.00. A bottle of the liquid detergent is also £3.00.

      ~My Experience~

      I vary my laundry purchases depending on what is on offer but it seems that most of my purchases fall under the Surf brand. I have had positive experiences with the Surf laundry capsules so bought a pack of these wild flower ones a good few weeks ago. At £3.00, I consider them to be fairly priced and hassle free to use as there is no measuring involved. The liquid detergent does work out better value for money wash per wash though so this is something to consider when deciding on which variation of detergent you wish to purchase.

      The capsules remind me of plastic ice cube packets that my Mum used to use when I was younger. It is easy to just throw one in to the drum and add in our laundry. I have a large capacity washing machine but rarely fill it to capacity so I find that one capsule per wash is more than suitable for my laundry needs. I have used these capsules on various settings and various types of laundry. They have also been used at different temperatures ranging from 30c up to 60c.

      I have been pleased with how well these capsules perform but wouldn't say that they are my favourites in terms of scent. The capsules dissolve well in the wash and circulate well through my laundry. I haven't experienced any residue on my laundry once removed from the machine. I have used these capsules without any fabric conditioner and find that they clean my laundry to a high standard. The detergent is effective at removing light stains and general dirt. I am satisfied by how fresh and clean my laundry is when the machine has finished and the laundry is nice and soft too.

      I find that whilst my laundry smells refreshed, the wild flower and morning dew aroma is very subtle. For that reason, I prefer to use a few drops of Comfort in with my laundry. My laundry benefits from the added conditioner as it enhances the scent and softness to a more favourable level. I do feel that some of the other Surf capsules offer a more prominent scent which I personally prefer.

      I am happy with how well these capsules wash my laundry and find that clothes and towels are lovely and soft against my skin when they have been washed using these capsules. The fresh scent lingers well allowing my laundry to smell clean even after it has been put in the wardrobe for a few days. I do wish the fragrance was a little stronger and for that reason I will probably favour the other Surf capsules over these ones. All of my family have sensitive skin and we have not experienced any irritation from using these capsules. They are perfectly suitable for use on all family and household laundry in my opinion.

      I do recommend these laundry capsules for their cleaning performance.

      Thanks for reading :)


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