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Glade Winter Berries

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Brand: Glade / Type: Freshener / Category: Home Fragrance

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    10 Reviews
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      28.11.2012 20:33
      Very helpful



      a ice scented candle from glade

      Glade Winter berries candle

      This lovely little glass jar containing the scented candle from Glade was on special during my last visit to Tesco. I allowed it, and two others, to stay as they were on special at about £2.00 ish each. I do have quite a collection of candles bought and ones I have got as gifts but I still thought these were worth buying as you can never have too many candles in my view. I always think scented candles are more necessary in winter when the windows tend not to be open and we are inside more.

      The candle is in a small rounded glass jar without a lid. The jar came with a cardboard outer but luckily you could still smell the candle as the cardboard outer didn't cover the entire candle. I tried smelling them all and came away with this and one other. The outer card wrapper has a picture of red berries with snow over them and a background of a house with snow so a real wintery picture.

      The jar is a lovely purple colour with a pattern in the plastic sleeve. The jar itself is clear and it is only this shrink wrap sleeve that is colored quite a strong dark blue/purple colour. There are flowers and sort of bunches of grapes and patterns decorating the outside of the jar so it does look quite attractive and certainly wouldn't look out of place in a sitting room or bedroom. If you are in to candles in the bathroom then it would look fine in there too.

      The actual candle is weighs 120g. On the front of the cardboard outer is a mango and a flower with leaves and the colours are pale orange and the picture is on the bottom half. I am also informed that the candle will last up to 30 hours but I think they are quite safe in claiming that as I cannot imagine anyone timing a candle burn but maybe I am wrong. I am not going to bother as I have far too many other things to do in my life!

      I lit this candle for the first time last week and today it has been burning for about 4 hours in quite a small room with the door open and the candle has managed to make the small room smell nice and fruity but it hasn't carried much beyond this room.

      I loved the subtle fruity smell of this one and found it quite fresh but it certainly wouldn't bowl you over in a larger room. Glade candles have been quite good I have found in the past and this was one of the nicer ones. The smell is fruity and sweet sort of autumnal berries like blackberries come through to me in this one and the scent is not unnatural at all. It is as though I have just been blackberrying and come home to prepare the fruit for jamming or a pie. In fact it smells like I am jam making once the candle is lit.

      How this candle is scented is not divulged on the pack but I am warned that
      "Air fresheners do not replace good hygiene practices".
      So bummer I will have to continue cleaning the house and washing my clothes and having baths. What an amazing surprise. Who do they write these instructions for? Or should I ask "Who thinks of this sort of rubbish to write on packs?" I am honestly almost struck dumb with amazement at things I read on some packs.

      Anyway this candle is not full of natural essential oils and natural ingredients which is probably why it doesn't smell that natural or that strong. It does contain octabenzone,.Curiosity has got the better of me and I have discovered that octabenzone, is used to protect polymers against damage by UV light.

      Well the candle has burned about four hours and I keep going out into the rest of the house, suffering the cold, the things I do for research, and coming back in after doing a few jobs and I come back into our cosy room I can smell the fruity jam making in autumn scent which is very welcoming .
      I can say however that if you were depending on this to cover yucky smells then it might well have trouble as it is not a very strong aroma.

      I would suggest that you could have this one burning during a meal as the smell is quite subtle. It might be better during the dessert rather than the main course though as it is quite sweet and fruity. I'm not sure though that any scented candle would add much to a meal so save them for the relaxing area of the house to move into after you have enjoyed your meal. This would be nice and fresh sort of aroma to welcome people into a room and I have also found that it is quite good at getting rid of stale cooking smells if they have lingered from the night before.

      As I said this candle was on special but I am not sure that I would pay the full price as I don't really feel it is that good and I have found a Yankee tart would do a better job and last just as long if you bought two which would be the same price .

      The other thing that annoys me with these Glade candles is that they only burn in the middle and after the wick has died you are left with a lot of scented candle wax around the edges of the jar. I have discovered that once you get the wax out (stick the jar in the freezer for about five minutes) then I use this wax as a wax tart and burn it in my burners and this works really well.

      I also take the plastic wrapper off the jar and wash it all out and I keep these for using with night lights or the little wax candles that you put under the burners and in the jars when you have a few of them they look really nice. They look even better if you put coloured and scented ones in there or indeed you can put the led ones in too.

      I also use the jars for putting pot pouri or dried flowers like rose heads in as they look really pretty. At the moment mine are filled with lavender from my garden which gives a lovely scent and they look nice in sets of three in the bedroom. I get my rose heads from the garden or from bouquet I have bought and as the flowers are getting to the end of their life as cut flowers in a vase I cut the heads off really close to the head and then put them on our wood burning stove on the top and they dry really well keeping their shape and a lot of their colour too.

      So in short I would recommend this candle but it isn't the best I have ever had It looks pretty and burns with a pleasant fragrance but not one that is really strong. Don't forget to get the remaining wax out and use as a wax tart and re-cycle the jar into something creative or just re-cycle it with glass as usual.

      Thanks for reading and hope this has been of some interest to you. This review may be posted on other sites under my same user name.
      © catsholiday


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        17.08.2012 11:58
        Very helpful



        Just not strong enough and overall disappointing

        I'm a big fan of scented candles, and have been lucky over the years as a close friend works as a buyer for a large chain store and often gives me samples of new fragranced candles in jars. All this combined with my new found love of Yankee wax tarts ensures my home always smells of something delicious and I'm always on the lookout for fragranced products that I haven't tried.

        On a recent visit to my local Superdrug store I happened to notice they had changed the displays around with the small household section being the first one I came to. Superdrug have always sold one or two brands of scented candles and when I spotted this one by Glade costing just £1.50 it was too tempting not to try.

        My review will now discuss my usage of Winter Berries by Glade..

        When I spotted Winter Berries I was instantly drawn over to the display and I admit it was the price at first that lured me. I've seen this product on sale in Superdrug and other shops costing in the region of £3.50 to £3.99 so I thought £1.50 was a complete bargain for this and popped one into my basket.

        What Glade say about Winter Berries:
        "Create the perfect mood with Glade Winter Berries, a delicious blend of seasonal fruits and spiced scents.."

        The candle comes housed in a rounded glass jar which is in the shape of a whiskey tumbler and is made of a thin and light transparent glass. There is a patterned sticker encompassing the jar and covers it almost completely with just a few millimeters of clearness at the top and whilst from a distance the design looks enchanting, on closer inspection it looks slightly cheap and tacky. The colouring is attractive enough being a snowy white at the base then morphing into a deeper purple towards the top with delicate flowers and swirls in contrasting white and purple, and if the pattern had been embossed on the glass I think it would look stunning but as it's only a sticker it just spoils the effect in my opinion.

        On removing the glass jar from it's thin, half covered cardboard sleeve, I could then see that the wax itself was a rich and vibrant berry red in keeping with the title and the scent that emitted was very enticing.

        Burning the candle:
        Whilst the glass jar is quite thin I was glad to discover that the base was slightly thicker in contrast though still didn't seem as thick as other brands and I was slightly worried it would simply shatter with the heat. I placed my candle onto my kitchen window sill where I also keep my wax tart burner as it is not only the most central room in my home but is also safely out of reach from anyone.

        The wick seemed average sized and lit on my first attempt on the first occasion I used the candle, so I was pleased about this as I only buy small boxes of matches as opposed to cooks matches and hate it when I almost burn my fingers when a candle simply wont light! Winter Berries states on it's packaging that it lasts 'up to 30 hours' and I'm always quite wary of these promises as I rarely find candles that give off enough fragrance in this time frame.

        The rich red wax started to melt almost immediately creating a small hollow surrounding the wick and gave off a sumptuous fruity berry aroma that was quite strong at first. After around 20 minutes I noticed that the fragrance seemed to fade slightly and was only noticeable when I walked past my kitchen where it was based, as opposed to when I first lit the candle when the aroma wafted slowly to each of my rooms.

        After around the 2 hour mark I could not detect the scent in any of the other rooms despite us living in a small cottage all on one floor. The actual aroma is warm and inviting (when you can actually smell it) and though it is mostly suited to the cold winter months it didn't seem out of place when burned recently at the end of July. The candle gives of a nice gentle glow from within it's glass jar which gave my home comforting feel and added ambience.

        Would I recommend this?
        On the first occasion I lit this candle I found it started to wane in fragrance after the 2 hour mark and the initial strength dissipated much earlier on after around half an hour. I burned this for just under 4 hours the first time by which I could just detect a subtle aroma when it came to extinguishing the small flame that had been steadily burning away. I found that there was a faint berry aroma that still lingered in my kitchen for about 1 hour afterwards but apart from that there was little evidence that a fragranced candle had been burning away for several hours.

        I used the candle for 4 consecutive evenings, burning for around 2 hours each time and found though it gave off a beautiful warm glow it lacked in fragrance each time and no way would it have given up to 30 hours - maybe 12 at a push.

        The wick didn't need trimming down at all, and the wax melts down and 'disappears' leaving an empty glass container which I admit to using for a few nights with tea lights stored inside which looked pretty enough though I'm still not overly taken with the sticker effect on the glass though.

        I think that for the price I paid of £1.50 for a 120g candle it wasn't bad at all but no way does it merit nearly £4 for it's general RRP. Although the packaging gives an indication of a more festive scent with snow covered berries depicted on the front I wouldn't say it's Christmassy and can be burned at any time of the year in my opinion. It's nice enough but not strong enough and quite mediocre and I don't think I'll bother with this one again even if on offer.


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          08.12.2011 11:12
          Very helpful



          A great smelling candle

          As the festive period is fast approaching I am gradually turning my home into Santa's grotto! I absolutely adore Christmas and as soon as the 1st December arrives up go my decorations! I just love getting my house all festive and despite spending a small fortune on decorations I like coming home at the end of a long day and seeing the warm lights and ornaments, just puts a smile on my face.

          One thing that I've always tried to get right at Christmas is the smell and by that I mean having a warm, welcoming aroma which reminds you of Christmas and generally I find plug ins don't really work and if they do they don't last for long but an item I have turned to both last year and this is scented candles. My candle of choice currently is the Glade Winter Berries one of Glade's festive scents which tend to appear in stores around October time if not earlier!

          The Glade candles which come out at Christmas have been designed to release a wonderful aroma which reminds you of Christmas. They are designed to create a wonderful, festive atmosphere in your home which happens not just about with the aroma they release but also with the colours that the candles actually come in. I specifically chose the Winter Berries variety as I liked the idea of a warm, fruity scent filling my home.

          Glade's description of Winter Berries:

          "Create a cosy mood indoors every day with Glade Winter Berries. Feel at home with a delicious blend of seasonal fruits and spiced scents."

          The candle comes in a lovely glass holder which is circular in shape and around the outside there is a purple covering which features a Christmassy image of swirls and berries etc. When you buy the candle in store the glass holder is housed in a cardboard box which has a cut out so you can actually see the holder and the colour of the candle. The packaging is just as decorative as the candle holder, featuring an image of red winter berries and the Glade logo. There is of course information about the candle on the packaging, most importantly it advises that the candle's burning time is 30 hours.

          The candle itself is a lovely deep red colour and has the candle wick directly in the middle. As soon as the candle is lit the wax slowly starts to melt and within only a few minutes you start to get a very subtle spicy aroma which has lovely fruity aftertones. Within about 15 minutes of the candle burning the aroma is a lot stronger but not too strong that it is overwhelming but it is a great warming fragrance and you can really pick out the spicy notes and the berry notes and the two combine a great aroma.

          I've got the Winter Berries candle in my living room and it certainly doesn't take long until the aroma has filled the entire room which is great as it certainly lasts a good while. Together with the spicy, fruity aroma combined with all my Christmas decorations it really makes you feel quite festive, all that's missing is a mince pie! What I do like is that once you've had the candle alight for a little while and you then blow it out the same gorgeous festive fragrance does linger around for quite sometime afterwards which is certainly nice.

          I've had my candle now for about a week or so and probably on average it burns for around 2 hours per night and I am certainly impressed with how much there is left so I have no doubt that it could reach the 30 hours mark if not more. Obviously if you just leave your candle continuously burning then it won't last as long. Another bonus is that once the candle has completely finished the glass holder can be reused with another candle.

          Overall, I think this is a lovely fragrant candle which delivers what it promises. It comes in a lovely patterned glass holder and has a warm fragrance which fills the room with notes of winter spices and fruity berries. Personally, I really like it and would definitely recommend it for anyone wanting to make their home feel and smell a little festive!

          ~ Useful Info ~

          Brand: Glade
          Variety: Winter Berries
          Price: From £2 but is constantly on offer
          Availability: From most supermarkets and discount stores


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            07.12.2011 10:22
            Very helpful



            A wondeful relaxing candle from Glade

            I'm a huge fan of candles scented or not, I think they bring warmth into the house. I've pretty much always got a few candles a light and now the darker nights are here what better than to brighten it up with a few candles.

            Glade Glass Jar Candle - Winter Berries:

            "Create a cosy mood indoors every day with Glade Winter Berries. Feel at home with a delicious blend of seasonal fruits and spiced scents."

            My findings:

            While doing some shopping in my local Tesco I came across some Glade candles that were on special offer with buy one and get TWO free. I've used candles from Glade in the past however always seem to go back to my beloved Yankee Candles.

            I had three different ones but the one I opted to light first was the Winter Berries and now that I have tried it I shall defiantly be stocking up. It states on the packaging that the candle has a turning time for up to 30 hours. I've had my lit on and off for around 15 hours in total now and by the looks of it I am positive that I can get another 15 hours of burning time easily.

            About 10 minutes after you light the candle you get the lovely fragrance that soon starts to flow around the room. This one isn't strong but it is without a doubt noticeable, to start with you're fine using a lighter to light the candle wick. However when you get to around the half way mark you will be needing long matches. As the wick isn't very long and I normally end up burning my finger when using a lighter.

            The fragrance for me is feminine but with a little spicy kick, you get the lovely aroma of fruity berries but then with a mild hint of festive spice.

            This is perfect for a Christmas scent for people that are not keen on the more cinnamon approach to festive scents. Even when the candle isn't lit you can still smell the candle but of course it is much stronger when alight.

            I actually like the glass jar as it really set this candle off in style; again like its fragrance it has a rather feminine feel. Stunning pink and purple tones with stylish golden swirls, when you have finished with your candle the glass jar is idea for holding tea candles. (There is some great scented ones nowadays, which is cheaper than buying this candle again)

            Once you have blown your candle out you still have that gorgeous aroma floating around the room. I personally think the overall scent is very relaxing. The cardboard packaging that the candle comes in is fully recyclable.

            Price and Availability:

            I paid £4.00 for my 3 candles which I think is excellent value for the burning time. In Asda they are £2.00 each which is still great value in my opinion.


            My impulse buy absolutely paid off and I will certainly be purchasing more of these before the Christmas period runs out. If you are a lover of candles then I would certainly be recommending you go out and purchase a few.

            I also think they make nice little stocking fillers if you're doing Christmas hampers which I tend to do a lot of.

            Five out of five stars from me.

            Thank you for reading :o)

            Additional Information:

            SC Johnson Ltd.
            GU16 7AJ.


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              27.11.2011 08:46
              Very helpful
              1 Comment



              A fruity seasonal candle which eliminates most smells

              With the dark nights setting in from 4.30pm on an evening, I find it a wonderful excuse to "chill out" on the sofa in my dressing gown as the dark cold nights draw in. Mr Lools and I really are big kids at heart and as soon as we see the Christmas themed products filling the shelves of the department stores and supermarkets we do seem to get swept along in all of the festive excitement and stock up (extremely) early on all of these Christmas themed products. Candles are a big purchase, especially those with warm cosy, festive scents and we always look out for the Glade Festive range each year. Our local Asda store was stocking these mid-October so in our usual fashion, we bundled a large number of candles from the range into our shopping trolley which included the Glade Winter Berries Candle.

              ***Glade Winter Berries***
              The Glade Winter Berries Candle is described as "a delicious blend of seasonal fruits and spiced scents to create a festive mood".

              The Winter Berries Candle is part of the Glade "Festive" range of scented candles from the JC Johnson brand. The candle comes in a circular glass jar which has a slightly wider base than rim so is a slight bulb shape. The jar is about 5cm in diameter and 6cm high. The candle jar is clear glass but is frosted with a darker lilac/ purple colour at the top of the jar filtering down to a very light lilac almost white coloured base. On the jar there are swirls decorating the jar and holly and berry shapes giving this candle a real festive feel to it, but it is still quite subtle and not too much like a Christmas decoration.

              The candle comes in a square cardboard sleeve which is easily removed before use. This gives you all of the product information and lighting instructions.

              According to the packaging the candle has over 30 hours of burning time.

              The usual selling price of these candles is £4.00. I think this is quite expensive and tend not to purchase at full price. Asda currently have all of the candles in the Glade Festive range on special offer and I stocked up as they were priced at £2.00. Discount stores such as Wilkinson's and B&M's tend to sell these candles cheaper at around the £2.50 mark continuously.

              ***My Experience***
              We tend to burn scented candles only on an evening. This is mainly when we spend the most time in our living areas and secondly it is when our children have gone to bed. For safety reasons I tend not to light candles when my 22 month old children are around so obviously with this candle the same safety implications apply as they do with other candles. I also do not leave the candle to burn unsupervised and I tend to light it in an open area away from curtains.

              Prior to using the Glade Winter Berries Candle we have tried out other candles from the Glade Festive range which we have been very impressed with for the scent whilst burning and the long lasting scent once the candles have been extinguished so had high hopes for this candle.

              Although part of the Glade "Festive" range I do not feel that the Winter Berries jar is overly festive looking and doesn't look like a Christmas decoration which some of the red candles look like in the range. The jar is a purple/ lilac colour which filters down to a lighter purple colour at the base. The jar looks wintery but not particularly festive. The candle itself is also made from a deep purple wax. When the candle is burning it is less purple and has a very pink glow to it. The candle wax almost looks a bright magenta colour when in the jar and the jar itself has a brighter and warmer pinky purple tone to it rather than a cool lilac colour which it has when it is not alight.

              Lighting the candle initially is very easy. Glade states to optimise burning to trim the wick. I tend to use a lighter to light the candle which is easy to do when the wick is near the top of the jar. However once the wax has burnt down past half way in the jar I struggle to fit my hand and lighter far enough into the jar to reach the wick as the top of the jar is narrow. I now use a longer match as I with my lighter method I suffered too many burnt fingers. Those with a candle lighter should have no issues. Extinguishing the flame is very easy but I do find the wick glows for around 1 minute after it has gone out. Because I go to bed straight after the candle gets put out I tend to wait until I know the candle has definitely gone out because on one occasion the candle lit up again but luckily I was still watching to ensure it had gone out completely.

              I always burn the candle on a candle plate because I put it on a very expensive oak cabinet to burn so I do not want to take an risks that it would mark the wood. Although the glass jar does heat up at the sides so you can burn your fingers if you touch the base of the jar does not get as hot. Mr Lools did put one of these candles onto a wooden side table without a coaster and it did not leave a mark but I personally just do not like to risk it.

              Glade states the candle has a 30 hour burning life and I would say we got around 26-28 hours out of the ones that we purchased. We would light the candle around 7pm on an evening and extinguish around 11pm when we went to bed. I find the candles usually last a week before I have to put it in the bin.

              What I like about the Glade candles is that they burn evenly. The wax burns so that you do not end up with a concave in the middle of the candle and wax is left up the side of the jar. As it burns down this makes it easier to light. I find cheaper candles are more difficult to light once they have gone past the half-way point as there is so much wax left on the side of the jar.

              I particularly like the scent of the Glade Winter Berries candle and feel it is very different to the others in the "Festive" range which I feel are quite similar in the sense they have quite a spicy warm aroma to them. The Winter Berries candle is fruity but a lot sweeter and fresher than the other scents from this range. There is a definite hint of strawberries mixed with cranberries and blackberries when the candle is burning. When the candle is not alight and you sniff it there is a very sweet sickly scent to it but the fruity scent is not at all sickly when burning in fact it is very light and subtle.

              Neither Mr Lools nor I smoke and we do not allow others to smoke in our house but we do cook an evening meal on an evening. Because of the design of our home it is pretty much open plan and we have a living room/ dining room which then leads to a large separate kitchen however we cook with the kitchen door open so cooking scents spread into the living area. I would not describe cooking scents as unpleasant but I do not like these scents to linger especially the following morning when you walk downstairs. I find that not many air fresheners get rid of some scents especially garlic or if something has been fried. If we light the Winter Berries candle on an evening and allow it to burn for 2 hours after only around an hour of burning these scents have completely gone. Initially when I lit the candle I did think the fruity berry scent was a little light and if I am honest I was a little disappointed. However when I went out of the living room and came back in again I was actually surprised that the scent was a little stronger than I thought and the sweet fruit scent was actually more prominent than the lingering cooking smells.

              When burnt on a night time the following morning when I come down to the living room where the Winter Berries candle has been burning I can still smell the fruity berry scent although it is very subtle and not as prominent as the Glistening Snow scent from the Festive range is.

              I particularly like the scent of the Glade Winter Berries Candle and feel it offers something a little different to the other scents from the Festive range which I think are a little similar. The candle does have a wintery scent to it but it is not overly festive. The scent is predominantly of strawberries, cranberries and blackberries which is fresh sweet and fruity which I feel makes a room very inviting and clean smelling. The scent is deceptively subtle and when the candle is burning it is not overly strong but it is very effective in eliminating odours and also giving a room a lasting aroma which lasts after the candle has been extinguished.

              The glass jar that the candle comes in is very pretty and attractive and although if you look at the detailing it is very Festive, the jar because of its colour does not make it look like a Christmas decoration. The purple coloured jar looks very cool and wintery however when lit it actually has a warm pink glow which gives a room a cosy warm feel.

              When on special offer the candle is an excellent purchase and costing only £2.00 with a 30 hour burn time I think this is a good value scented candle.

              My main criticisms of the candles from the Glade range is the price (at full price) as I think at £4.00 this is excessive especially if you consider some of the IKEA TINDRA range of scented candles have quite similar scents but cost of £1.50. My second criticism is that once the candle has burnt down past half way you need a long taper or match or candle lighter to light the candle. Because of the shape of the jar being slightly narrow at the top it is difficult to get the flame of a standard lighter close enough to the wick and I end up with burnt fingers!

              A fruity festive scent for my home, even if it was October when I started burning the candle!


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                25.04.2011 01:12
                Very helpful



                A beautiful berry scent!

                I am quite picky when it comes to scented candles and I don't like anything vanilla, chocolatey or sickly, I usually opt for fresh fragrances like fruits or outdoorsey type scents.

                So anyway, I still have two half jars of Glade Winter Berries that I bought back in the winter in Asda's 2 for £3 offer. I chose these simply because I had decorated my living room in purples and creams and the candles matched the decor! It has now changed again to creams and greens!

                This variety of candles all come in little glass jars all decorated in a coloured film depending on what the fragrance is, this one is decorated in purple, white and silver, it has berries and swirls covering it and does look very pretty. Although described as Winter Berries and I do like seasonal scents that remind me of say Christmas etc, this doesn't really fall into my Winter scents!

                It has a fresh, sweet fruity berry scent, it's gorgeous and quite an uplifting scent. Another favourite of mine at the moment is the new Mango one in an orange jar!
                The scent is like raspberries and blackberries all mixed together to give a nice fruity scent.
                It's quite light and as I don't like sickly scents (like I have already mentioned) I find this beautiful.

                I find when lighting these candles it takes around 15 - 20 minutes for the scent to start travelling through the house, my downstairs is all pretty much open and I find that if I light a candle in the living room and another in the dining room, the scent will then start to travel around the whole house.

                I like this as it saves on having plug-in's through the house.
                I love it when the house smells gorgeous and I think it's nice when you open the front door to be greeted with a nice fresh homely scent rather than cooking smells etc!

                These candles have a really good burning time of approx 30 hours which I find really well, especially when they are on offer!

                The glass jars can be reused and if you remove the film you will just be left with a plain glass jar, they do make pretty tea light holders or holders for them ditty scented candles!


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                24.01.2011 23:54
                Very helpful



                for cosy winter evenings

                Glade is a home fragrance brand which is part of the SC Johnson company. They offer various sprays, gels, plug ins and candles which are designed to provide your home with a gorgeous fragrances.

                *~*~*Candle Range*~*~*

                According to the Glade website, there are currently 9 different scented candles for your appreciation. Whilst a few are only released during the festive season, some are available all year round. The current line up includes :

                *Pink Boudoir
                *Enchanting Night
                *With Love
                *Relaxing Zen
                *Honey and Chocolate
                *Spiced Apple
                *Glistening Snow
                *Pomegranate and Cranberry (different design)

                and then their is Winter Berries. Winter Berries is clearly been released for the Winter season. Its scent offers a perfect, mood setting during the cold months with a blend of seasonal fruits and spices.


                Not only do the candles offer scent, they are also designed beautifully. Some candles come in plain, clear jars but Glade have produced a colourful range reflecting the scent offered. Winter Berries candle comes housed in smooth, round glass jar which is transparent as the candle burns down. The jar is tastefully decorated with a combination of light and darker purples and fruit and leaf motifs adorning it. The candle is simply packaged in an outer cardboard box.


                The candle should placed away from fabrics, electrical items etc and most importantly children. This candle has a specified burning time of 30hours but it is recommended you do not burn for more than a few hours at a time and never leave the candle unattended. You can carefully light the wick using a lighter or matches
                depending on your personal preference.

                *~*~*Availability and Price*~*~*

                You may be able to pick up the Winter Berries candle at a reduced price as we are past Christmas now. The rrp is around £3.50 and supermarkets are likely to re-release this come the next festive period.

                *~*~*My Thoughts*~*~*

                I love a gorgeous smelling home and spend a small fortune on plug ins, sprays and reed diffusers to achieve a welcoming aroma. During the Summer, I am happy to open the windows and balcony door for fresh air but its too cold to do this during Winter so I need to rely on fragranced products to make my home smell lovely. I do like candles and moreso Yankee Candles but I am terrified to use matches and lighters so this limits my use. I also have an active toddler running around so candles are generally only lit when he isn't home and when hubby is here to light them for me! I am always careful to place candles away from any obtrusions as I have seen the damage fire can cause to a home and lives so always be careful please.

                Before Christmas, I had been doing a weekly shop in Morrisons and came across the Glade candles. They were on offer at only £1.50 and I also received a further 10% off due to having a discount card for the store. I was spoilt for choice by the range and finally settled on the Winter Berries due to its pretty design and tempting scent. The jar is gorgeous and really stands out compared to other candles I have purchased in the past. Packaging was sufficient with information but not overloaded and it was recycled.

                My candle went unboxed looked stunning and the purple wax within was about an inch from the top. There is plenty in the jar and the wick was a decent length. Although I don't often light candles with my son present, on Christmas morning we were due some visitors and I placed the candle on my unit..still in sight but not close enough for my son to reach..he is careful that way as we have taught him about burny things like the cooker, radiators etc. My partner was able to light the candle with ease and I waited for the scent to come through.

                The scent took a good hour or so to fully be detected. That was ok for us that morning as we had a fry up to eat first and it may have infused within the food! Although during the day, the glow from the wick was delicate and plentiful. The solid wax started to melt gently and a small pool of melted, purple wax made its way around the sides of the wick. Our livingroom is Lshaped and quite big so a candle does need strength to compete with the size and Glade have created a scent strong enough to do this.

                The main scent that reached the air was clean and fruity and I consider it to have been blueberry with a hint of blackcurrent. It was soon joined with a warm, almost cinnamon type spice which swept around the room capturing each and every corner and filling it with festive goodness.The scent really sets the mood especially for Christmas morning and my guests arrived to be greeted with the delightful, welcoming aroma and some mince pies. My father in laws girlfriend (who never has a good word to say about me or my home) even commented on the sweet scent omitting and I proudly showed off my pretty candle!

                On that morning, I had the candle lit for around 2hours. The purple melted wax was really pretty but the candle burned down the middle and not evenly. I blew the candle out ensuring it was well out and it sat as a decoration til the next time I used it. The following week I was unwell and when it hit 7pm, I had the telly on, pjs on and a hot drink. Hubby lit my candle for me and I relaxed on the sofa under my cosy duvet. The candle is so much more enjoyable when it is dark.

                My living room doesn't have curtains up at the moment, only roller blinds so although the room isn't in total darkness, it is still quite dark. Once my son was safely tucked up in bed, the candle was placed on my coffee table in the middle of the room and a few short feet from my sofa. The glow despite the wick being further down the jar, was perfect. It isn't strong enough to be able to read with or anything but just sits comfortably and is rather enchanting. The scent remained strong and filled the room with its beautiful aroma and really allowed me to relax and chill out which I don't often get to do.

                Tonight we have lit the candle again as there has been a little damp aroma around the house due to drying clothes on radiators. The candle was more difficult to light as the wick had sunk quite far down and wasn't a long as before meaning the lighter had to go further in and risk burning fingers! The candle although still pretty on the outside, doesn't look as nice in the inside. As the wax goes solid again, it turns lightly white on top and there is a hollowness in the middle as the candle hasn't burned evenly. The scent has efficiently covered up any aromas within my home which is lovely.

                *~*~*Conclusion and Recommendation*~*~*

                My candle has been burned for around 12hours in total and there is lots of wax still in the jar. I will need to invest in something longer to light the wick as hubby won't put his fingers in the jar with a lighter anymore! The Winter Berries scent is gorgeous and I am happy to have picked this one. It is a beautiful design and captures a room with its fruity and delicatetly spicy scent perfectly and welcomes all my guests whilst providing a beautiful glow. The outside of the jar does heat up but not too much so moving it about is ok if required.

                I will purchase this again towards the end of the year and recommend you do the same.

                Thanks for reading x


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                  01.01.2011 20:54
                  Very helpful



                  Not berry impressed with this one!

                  My eldest sister bought me a Glade Winter Berries candle which I was quite pleased about, as I had previously bought one for my youngest sister and liked the smell so much I had toyed with keeping it for myself! I am a big fan of candles, especially for nights in during the winter as I think the soft glow they give off creates a cosy atmosphere.

                  These Glade candles come packaged in a cardboard sleeve and the actual candle is in a glass holder. At first glance the glass holder appears to be decorated painted with a purple pattern, but if you look closely you will find that in fact the glass is merely wrapped in a patterned shrink wrap. I think this is a little disappointing, but not particularly surprising given how cheap these actually are. Anyway, I do think the swirly pattern (which looking very closely seems to resemble branches covered in berries) coupled with the lilac colour actually makes the overall look quite pretty.

                  The scent of this candle is winter berries and Glade describe this as 'a deliciously premium blend of seasonal fruits and spiced scents'. Personally I can't really smell any spices in the candle at all. To me it simply has a sweet berry smell - I'd hazard a guess at blackberry - and it's a very fruity and inviting scent. A lot of home fragrance products aimed to be used during winter are very heavy and spicy I find, so this lighter scent is a refreshing change.

                  Not so long ago I used another Glade candle, the honey and chocolate variety. I had found that it smelled amazing when in the holder, but when it was lit it didn't really smell very strong. I must admit that this did make me worry slightly that this would be the same.

                  Unfortunately when I lit the candle my fears were confirmed. I must admit the scent of this one was marginally stronger than the honey and chocolate variety, yet on the whole I found the scent to be very weak. The scent that did filter around the room was a fairly weak berry smell and not the strong berry scent that I could smell in the holder.

                  The packaging states that this will last for up to 30 hours, but I didn't find that this was the case with mine. It did last a while, but I found that it didn't burn very evenly and created a tunnel effect, meaning I was left with a ring of wax around the edge of the holder. I'd say perhaps it lasted around 20 hours, as I did burn it for around 4-5 hours at a time, over the course of around four days.

                  These candles are usually available in most of the big supermarkets and can be found in the air fresheners section. They normally retail at around £3.00 but at the moment ASDA have them on offer for £1.50 and I know that Wilkinson's are also running this offer.

                  On the whole I found this candle really disappointing. For the price it does last quite a while (although not the 30 hours that Glade so optimistically quote) but the scent was quite weak when burning, so I felt that this was only really good for creating a soft light.


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                    19.11.2010 23:37
                    Very helpful
                    1 Comment



                    Scented candle

                    Glade winter berriescandle

                    I like to burn scented candles and tend to like the Glade products so when these this was available in my local supermarket at less than half price I decided that it was a bargain and wouldn't disappoint.

                    This candle is sold in a cardboard sleeve, with all the information on the back of the sleeve. When I take out the candle, the candle is a nice deep purple colour and sits in a rounded glass jar. The glass jar itself is purple and decorated all around with branches and dark berries reminiscent of winter berries. It always seems a shame afterwards to let the jar go to waste so I always get these types of jars refilled.

                    The instructions tell me to trim the wick to 5mm but I hadn't read the instructions before lighting it, and it didn't have any adverse effects. When I light the candle it lets off a nice glow through the painted glass, and the smell is almost instantly discernible. The information on the candle sleeve tells me that this is a deliciously premium blend of seasonal fruits and spiced scents.- obviously perfect for the winter months! For the aroma to really fill the room, it's best to burn the candle for 2-4 hours, as suggested in the instructions.

                    There are certain warnings such as keep the candle away from children, don't move while the candle is lit, and warns that this is for indoor use only.

                    The candle is made by SC Johnson, and there is lots of information on the website, www.glade.com. It seems there is a candle for almost every occasion. This cost me £1.50 from Sainsbury but the RRP is £3.

                    MY VERDICT...

                    I do as suggested and tend to burn the candle for about three hours at a time and definitely for no longer than 4 hours. It has already lasted 5 days of this type of burning and there is I believe a few days left.

                    The candle lights easily and unlike some candles does burn right to the bottom of the jar. I hate it when there is a lot of the wax wasted around the edges or when the wick disappears and has to be gauged out of the wax to light. It lets off a very subtle but discernible scent and it is definitely one for the winter weather.

                    A great candle for eliminating odours, and one which I would recommend for use any time you are wanting a nice scent.

                    Thanks for reading.

                    Daniela x


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                      18.11.2010 08:00
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                      A winter berries scented candle in a very plesant glass holder

                      I really do love nothing more than drawing the curtains of an evening and once the boys are all in bed lighting my candles. I have currently noticed that the Glad selection have been on a half price off so took the opportunity to try some of the different scented ones. The one which I first bought was this Winter Berries one.

                      The candle comes in a glass holder which has a covering over which is purple and white, there is a swirl pattern on it and it really does look very pleasant. The candle inside the glass is also a dark purple colour and the wax fills about ¾ of the holder.

                      The scent is noticeable from the moment you pick the candle up off the shelf and you can easily smell this when placing the candle down before it has even been lit. The smell remind me of blackcurrant, it is not overly sickly like some might imagine but more of a pleasant and warming nature. The smell does intensify once the candle has been lit and for me having this placed in the front room and lit I can smell the scent in the whole of the downstairs of my house.

                      The wick is in the centre of the candle and is very easy to light, the burning time of the candle s good, there is a claim on the packaging that this could burn for up to 30 hours, I have not found this and I have noticed they are burning quite quickly. They don't seem to burn evenly either, I have not noticed that the candle is placed in a draft but for some reason the one side is melting quicker than the other, this can be rectified by turning the candle daily. I have had about 10 hours of burning time from this candle and it s now half way through so I would say a more reasonable time is about 20 hours per candle.

                      The packaging is standard and is also purple in colour. It has the Glade logo on and a snowy winter scene. There is currently a promotion on these candles which gives you the chance to win a trip to Lapland to see Santa but I have not bothered reading or entering this. The packaging is 100% recyclable as it is made from cardboard. There is some information on the candle which includes keeping this away from children and babies and also that it must only be used as directed. People who suffer from perfume sensitivities should also be careful using this product. The candles should be at least 12 cm apart if using more than one, they should not be burnt next to curtains of paper decorations.

                      These candles are priced at £3 each which I think is a pretty fair price but they are currently on offer in Tesco with the whole of the Glade range being half price, therefore these are £1.50 each which I think is much better value for money.

                      I am happy to give these scented candles a solid 4 stars. The fragrance is lovely and warming and they do bring a natural heat to a room. They also look very attractive. I have had to drop one star as they do not burn for the 30 hours as claimed and more like 20 hours. I am now off to try the other scents in this range and hope to get equally good results.

                      More information can be found at www.scjohnson.co.uk


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