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Flash Multi Purpose Sea Minerals

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3 Reviews

Brand: Flash / Type: All Purpose Cleaner / Category: Cleaning & Disinfectant

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    3 Reviews
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      18.09.2010 19:13
      Very helpful



      Buy a bottle!

      I've always got a bottle of Flash Multi Purpose spray in my cupboard, mainly because you can use it anywhere - in your bathroom, in the kitchen, in your living room - so I think it's a really handy cleaner to have to have in. I mainly use it in the kitchen, but if my normal bathroom cleaner runs out I've been know to use Flash Multi Purpose in there as an alternative.

      I normally pick this up from my local discount store where I pay 99p for a 500ml bottle. However it's also available in all the major supermarkets, but expect to pay in region of £1.50 for it - unless it's on offer.

      The bottle itself has a spray nozzle and you can see the blue sea mineral scented liquid as the bottle is see through. When you press the Flash nozzle it the flash squirts out and looks slightly foamy.

      I normally give the kitchen a spray with this and leave it a few minutes before I wipe it away. I find that most stains lift easily after one spray, but occasionally I have to spray an area twice and give it a good scrub.

      The smell is really fresh and clean - you can smell it a good few hours after you've cleaned with it too which is nice - but if you don't like the sound of this scent isn't for you then you can also pick it up with a lemon scent or a grapefruit and green tea version.

      A bottle of Flash Multi Purpose Sea Minerals lasts a good few months and I definitely recommend it to those that regularly use spray cleaners - it's a great cleaning product because it's so versatile - four stars!


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      03.08.2008 11:28
      Very helpful



      Excellent and quick way of keeping your home clean!

      The Flash Multi Purpose it a great cleaner, I use mainly the Fresh Lemon Fragrance but the sea minerals is lovely as well.
      Both leaving your rooms smelling clean and fresh and it also does a superb job!

      You can use this in all rooms in your home and its so easy to use youll find cleaning taking half the time.

      All I do is clear the surfaces making sure there are no bits or anything, and then give the surface a quick spray making sure I have covered the whole area.
      I usually tend to leave the spray for about 2 minutes or maybe just a little bit more than that, and use a clean damp cloth wiping down the whole surface and tiles.

      Once done I leave the sides to dry before replacing anything and im left with a room that smells gorgeous. When I have guests due I always use it and get so many compliments about the fragrance!

      The Flash Multi purpose gets rid of most stains and spillages, although make sure your wearing gloves as it really drys your hands out.
      Also keep away from the eyes and children!

      Never had any problems with this product although it does state test it on a small area of your surface first to be on the safe side.


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      10.01.2008 07:51
      Very helpful



      Cleaning spray

      Although I keep being told that cream cleaners are better than spray, I still like these kind of multi purpose spray cleaners which seem to undertake many tasks with minimum fuss and very little scrubbing!


      This product claims to be multi purpose, and can be used in all rooms for spotless cleaning and a fresh fragrance.

      Armed with this knowledge and these promises, I set to work.


      The cleaning product itself comes in the usual trigger spray plastic bottle and the liquid inside the bottle looks slightly blue- probably to give the impression of being part of the sea. To emphasise this sea mineral theme there is a mineral looking object on the front, as well as the usual Flash logo. All of the instructions and information can be found on the back of the bottle.

      When sprayed, the product does come out easily in a faint mist and is actually clear and slightly bubbly. As you get to the end of the product, remember to hold the bottle upright and not at a slant so that the cleaning spray can come up through the bottle and into the nozzle. The spray itself does smell quite spa like, and definitely doesn't have the typical "get up my nose" smell a lot of cleaners have. Although it doesn't smell of disinfectant, it still manages to make everything smell very clean and fresh.

      USING IT...

      There is a small lift up lid on the spray part of the nozzle, so remember to lift before using the trigger. Once the lid is lifted then all you have to do is pull the trigger mechanism and spray the surface until completely covered, and then wiped off with a dry cloth. If the surface is quite heavily soiled, then it should be left for up to two minutes, before wiping off the spray.


      There are some pictures on the back of the bottle, showing what the product can be used on, and since it claims it is multi purpose and can be used in any room, then I would imagine that it can be used on most surfaces. The picytures do show a bathroom, stainless steel hob, and kitchen benches, all with a flash of light close to them, possibly indicating the perfect cleaning of the product.


      As with many of these type of products, there are warnings:
      *Keep away from children
      *Rinse immediately if the product comes into contact with the eyes
      *Do not inhale the spray
      *If using on a painted surface, test on an inconspicuous area first
      *Rinse habds after use.


      I buy mine from the local bargain shop and the Flash sprays cost 99p for a 500ml bottle, which I think is very reasonably priced.


      Known as the Flash Naturals range, the product is available in the other "flavours":
      * Grapefruit and Green Tea
      * Lemon


      Proctor and Gamble, Weybridge, Surrey


      I followed the directions although I admit that I didn't do a spot test, and wiped the stuff off, and yes it does easily clean surfaces, and manages to make them look clean and smear free.

      It has a pleasant smell, and the absence of ammonia is noticeable, but it does make the rooms smell as though they have been cleaned- nice and fresh! I like the fact that it does not contain bleach because I find that all my clothes get bleached areas if I use them, and if I want to use bleach I prefer to use it in specific areas and not randomly. across my surfaces.

      For anyone liking a spray cleaner, I would recommend this one- reasonably priced, it works and smells pleasant.

      Thanks for reading.

      Daniela x


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    • Product Details

      A clean scent that will leave a natural fragrance in your home long after you've finished cleaning.

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