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Letts Breast Cancer Campaign Diary

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Diary includes: Calendars, Addresses, Notable Dates, Health Matter Information, etc.

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    3 Reviews
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      25.11.2011 20:21
      Very helpful



      Pretty cute

      I picked up this lovely pink five year diary* earlier this year to use to keep track of my finances. It was a dear diary in the sense that I paid £15 for it (at least £2 went to breast cancer campaign charity) but I had to account for the fact that it was lovely and would be lasting five years which I reckon works out at £3 a year! I bought my copy from WH Smiths.

      Front page and material
      Besides being my favourite colour, the front has an attractive design on it and it is made of a tough but soft rubberised material. It is hard wearing and will definitely last me the five years.

      Ribbon (pink) !
      The diary also has a pink ribbon sewn into the spine so you can keep yourself up to date with the page.

      Page layout
      The layout is good. Each page is a date eg. March 1st then the page is split up into 5 years, just named year one to year 5 so it's open as to when you start and end with it.

      The size of the diary is A5 and it is portable if you want to take it with you when you're out and about. It does weigh quite a bit though so would not be one for everyone.

      My use of the diary
      I use this diary for keeping track of finances, a sort of spending vs savings diary and the page style works out really well if you're tracking insurance etc so you can see what you paid last year! (or five years ago).

      Adequate space to write in
      Each day has seven lines space to write on which I find is plenty for my own needs.

      I have been happy using this diary for 11 months and will probably buy it again if it's still available in 2016!

      I thought it was an added bonus that this diary was supportive of an important charity in my mind. I didn't mind paying a little more for it as it has an extremely 'premium' feel to it and is hard wearing. I have no doubt it will withstand the wear and tear of five years. I enjoy using it and feel it looks nice sitting in it's cubby hole in our computer desk. For organised people and diary addicts it is the ideal gift but make sure you are not lumping someone with it who likes a small one for their handbag as it is a noticible weight.

      *The one pictured is very similar but mine is a five year one and not a 2009 one!


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        21.11.2009 20:07
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        Every little helps.

        I am sure that the Breast Cancer Campaign is one that we are all well aware of, and it is one of the charities that we are only too willing to donate to.
        You can donate on-line or buy products from the on-line Breast Cancer Campaign website but I always seem to catch a collecting box along the way and will then proudly wear my pink ribbon.
        I have much admiration for those who tirelessly work for all charities and in my opinion they are the people who should be receiving awards.

        I don't think that there are many among us who isn't related or aware of someone who has been treated for Breast Cancer and though at the time we feel powerless to help we can at least feel that we have done something to help by donating to the campaign so that the research can continue.

        I didn't have a Letts Breast Cancer Campaign diary last year but I was determined to have one this year. I though that it was maybe a little bit too early for the Letts diaries to be advertised but I was completely wrong.
        The Letts pink Breast Cancer Campaign diaries are now out and about, I ordered mine from the Amazon website and it was well priced at £6.70p.

        We don't have a hectic social schedule but there are days, dates and appointments that just have to be recorded or you run the risk of missing them, especially when your memory is as bad as mine !
        The Letts Breast Cancer 2010 diary is attractive as well as useful, the A6 diary has one page that you use for Saturdays and Sundays but the remaining days all have one page each.
        The Letts diary is made in the United Kingdom, those few words always make me feel quite chuffed with life !

        I like the cover, it is pretty, pink and feminine. Letts have given the familiar pink cover that soft velvety touch and they decorated it with just a couple of embossed flowers.
        In the top right hand corner the Letts Breast Cancer campaign diary is marked with the year.
        The diary has white lined paper sheets inside, there is plenty of space in between lines for those of you who have larger handwriting.
        I love the idea of having a ribbon marker, this ensures that you can go straight to the appropriate place.

        Letts have included all of the information that is always included in any diary, notable days and dates are well marked, all of our important religious festivals are noted.
        There is a useful metric conversion chart - when you were brought up with Imperial measurements then that comes in useful time and time again.
        At the back of the diary there are pages for your own personal notes and contacts and should you need it a year planner.

        I never seem to use my diary as a personal journal, more often than not it ends up being put on a shelf and it gets filled with telephone numbers, handy little tips and hints that we may have read in the newspapers and memo's to ourselves !

        The Letts Breast Cancer Campaign diary would make a very good gift for a friend and at under £7 it would be a practical and affordable gift.
        Don't forget, every diary that is purchased from Letts helps raise money for the Breast Cancer Campaign.


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          21.11.2008 11:53
          Very helpful



          Pretty In Pink

          A review about a diary may seem a slightly strange choice, but since the Breast Cancer Campaign is a charity close to my heart, I feel compelled to share my new purchase with you. Working as an MDT Coordinator for breast cancer has given me a new obsession in all products sold in aid of breast cancer charities. From the magnet on my fridge, to my keyring, to the ribbon brooch on my winter coat, the theme is easily apparent. So when I was searching for a birthday present for a friend, I was instantly drawn to the Letts 2009 diary which is sold in support of Breast Cancer Campaign.

          Having just returned from a conference on breast cancer, I am reliably informed that incidences of breast cancer on the increase. This is mostly due to an ageing population which leads to 1 in 12 women over the age of 80 developing the disease. The introduction of screening has also increased detection of the disease. That said, the prospects aren't entirely bleak with survival rates also increasing over the years. Again, screening has played an important role in this due to early detection as well as improved treatments and the introduction of the MDT (Multi Disciplinary Team) in the planning of care.

          My job involves working closely with surgeons, radiologists, pathologists and breast care nurses to track patient's diagnosis and treatment for breast cancer. On a more personal level, I have had friends recently diagnosed with breast cancer and also lost my grandmother to the disease.

          Breast Cancer Campaign is a charity which funds research which aims to provide a better understanding of how breast cancer develops, leading to improved diagnosis, treatment, prevention and cure. For each Letts breast cancer diary sold, £1 is donated to this worthy cause.

          So now I've given you some background, I ought to talk about the diary itself! I was instantly attracted to this diary due to its pink leatheresque binding and the embossed flower design on the cover. It wasn't until I picked it up for closer inspection that I discovered sales of the diary supported Breast Cancer Campaign. At £9.99, it isn't the cheapest of diaries so I needed to ensure that it was suitable for my needs so I had a flick through.

          Inside, you'll find a page a day diary for 2009 with Saturdays and Sundays sharing one page. The diary is A6 in size which gives me enough room to fit in birthdays, meeting dates and any other useful information. On the odd occasion I'm invited out, it's sure to jotted down. The page edges are silver and there's a pink ribbon to mark a particular page or date if required.

          The diary is also packed with useful information. Much of it is pertinent to the breast cancer cause Letts support but there are also other facts and sections of use. This includes Breast Cancer Campaign Information, Advice and Helplines, Health Matters Information, Clothing Size Chart, Notable Dates, Calendars, Current Year Planner, Day to Page Diary Portion with Notes Section, Forward Year Planner and Addresses. The back page focuses on how to be breast aware and is a handy little guide explaining what changes to look out for in your breasts.

          Despite my affiliation with causes relating to breast cancer, I wouldn't have purchased this diary based solely on that. The cover is stylish and sophisticated whilst the pink still maintains an element of fun. The page a day feature means there's plenty of space to make notes and keep appointments whilst the A6 size means it's still compact enough to carry around in my handbag on a daily basis. In fact, I was so enamored by this diary that I promptly purchased three, one for me and one for each of my school friends who were visiting that weekend.

          When they unwrapped their gifts, the Letts diaries went down a storm and we promptly set about filling in each other's birthdays and a few weekends when we have promised to get together again. Whilst I'm sure they wouldn't have openly admitted to hating my choice, my friends seemed over the moon with their new sleek diaries and I'm sure we'll all be pretty in pink over the coming year. In fact, the only downside I have to this diary is the fact I can't start using it properly until next year!


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