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Iba Room Freshener Citrus Grove

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Brand: Iba / Product Type: Air Freshener

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    1 Review
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      29.07.2010 21:08
      Very helpful



      Hopefully there are more effective ones than this on the market

      I have a number of pet rats (6 to be precise) and I don't think they smell too much, however my mum has a sensitive nose and likes to complain so when she was coming to visit I decided to get some air fresheners to try and eliminate all pet smells. One of the several products I bought was this Odour Zapper in the 'citrus grove' smell.

      I bought this product for a number of reasons:
      1) Because the label claims it is effective at eliminating pet odour
      2) I liked the smell (just what you would expect with a name like 'citrus grove') and
      3) It was reduced to £3

      The product comes as pictured - it's a cone shape with a glass bottom and plastic vented top in a bright orange colour. To release the fragrance you pull off the top and remove the 'lid' which covers the wick, then replace the top - simple as that. You can instantly smell the product as the liquid is soaked up through the wick and released into the air.

      The only 'packaging' is a small bit of paper which tells you what the product is, and other associated information (ingredients and the like) that to be honest I didn't bother reading. I was happy though that there wasn't much waste to get rid of - less to throw away/recycle and good for the environment.

      I've had this for about two weeks now and it's still almost full, so it seems to last a long time which makes it good value for money in this sense. That said I'm not sure that I'll bother buying it again - I get the occassional waft of pleasant scent when I walk past it, but that's about it. It doesn't seem to spread across the room and it doesn't seem to have 'zapped' any odours either (it's placed right next to the rats cage so it's not like it's far away).

      Overall I can't say I'd recommend this - I like the smell, but if I want a proper whiff of it I have to pick the air freshener up and have a good sniff. It doesn't give the room a nice fresh fragrance and it doesn't remove odours, so it's failed for me on all reasons for buying an air freshener in the first place.


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