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Glade Spiced Apple Plug In Diffuser

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4 Reviews

Brand: Glade / Product Type: Air Freshener

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    4 Reviews
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      31.03.2011 18:47
      Very helpful
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      A fantastic scent from Glade that's just not suited to your bedroom.

      I am always looking for new ways to ensure our home smells clean and fresh when we have guests visiting but I really do begrudge spending £10 on those touch and fresh air fresheners and things like that. It's for this reason that I am always looking in the bargain section of my local Sainsburys and it was here that I saw the Glade Spiced Apple air freshener complete with wall plug in reduced from £5 down to £2.50. I was even more thrilled that when I went through the checkout I was only charged £1.00 for each of my purchases. I did go on the hunt for some more but alas the shelves were bare but I was still very happy with my two purchases and promptly plugged one in my hall and one in in my bedroom putting them both on the lowest setting of 1.

      The concept of this is very simple, you literally open the packaging, take the top off the air fresher and then push it up in to the plug in. There is a useful cut out shape on the front of the plug in meaning you can see the leaf from the air freshener and you know it's in the right place. There is a dial on the front for adjusting the amount of fragrance released from 1 to 5 and then you just plug it in to a plug socket and turn the socket on. The plug in will then begin to release fumes throughout your home of whichever scent you have used. The way these work is very simple and it literally means you can plug this in and leave it and just switch it off if you're going to be away or just don't want the scent emitted for whatever reason.

      The scent of this particular glade plug in, spiced apple, is one that is very warming and wintry in my opinion. The smell is one of spiced apples and there are little wisps of cinnamon occasionally too. Overall I'd say that this is quite a rich scent and you wouldn't want to have it on full all the time. We leave both of ours on 1 and so far while you can notice the scent it's not overpowering, however, if I have guests coming then I can just turn it up to 3 or 4 and this is sufficient to cover the smell of cat or cigarettes when people come round.

      I've had a few nice comments on this fragrance so far and when I open the lounge door to go to bed in the evening I can really notice the smell. It's one that just makes me feel warm, snuggled and a little festive inside. As it stands and we are coming in to spring I may just find myself replacing this plug in with my 3volution one so I can get a nice set of spring scents going around the place.

      I have been very pleased with the quality of this plug in, I paid a bargain price but would still consider £5 very reasonable. I am sure I won't see many of these until Christmas again now but I'd be more than willing to buy this one again anyway. I think variety is the spice of life and love trying new things, however, I'd more than willingly have this in my hall all year round greeting my guests upon arrival. However, I don't think the scent is as well placed in the bedroom just because it seems to come across a little stronger when I get in to bed at night.


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        11.03.2010 17:32
        Very helpful



        Worth a try for a special occasion

        As you will probably learn from previous review I am incredible fanatical about my home smelling lovely.

        I picked this up one day whilst it was on special and this cost only £2.00 from the original pricing of £6.00 and the results were excellent. This gave my living room a lovely spicy warm fragrance of apples and this is always a smell that i associate with Xmas time.

        The only down side that I feel with all plug ins and not just associated to glade is that to get the desired effect they have to be left on all the time and if this is unplugged then the smell on this goes very quickly. The smell on this doesn't linger and my living room which is quite large I need to always use two plug in for this.

        What I tend to do if on the odd occasion that I do but a plug in I normally only switch this on when I have did all my housework to get an nice scent in my house. As mentioned though this doesn't last when switched of and these products are very expensive to be changed weekly.


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        17.02.2010 11:14
        Very helpful



        The best air freshner on the market.

        I have always taken pride in my home, especially in the way it smells. Having animals and two kids its really important to me to get the house smelling lovely for when anyone comes round.

        So on a trip to Tesco one day, I found these plug ins on offer. I don't really go for the plug in ones (as a saver of electric and to the environment) but at £1.99 instead of £6.99, I couldn't say no.


        Glade is part of the SC Johnson a family company, that has produce several of your everday cleaning products, such as:

        Mr Muscle
        Raid Pest control
        Drano and many more.

        Since 1886, they have been committed to working every day to do what's right for people, the planet and generations to come.
        From deep cleaning to disinfecting, removing dust to cleaning with a streak-free shine, they have everything you need to keep your home running smoothly.

        This item comes in a cardboard box normally with a small scratch and sniff bit on the front so you can smell and test which fragrance you are buying. You can buy the plug ins as:

        A full starter set
        Single refills
        Double refills

        The full set includes the actual plug in and a fragrance container and the refills are just on their own.
        The full sets cost around £4.99 to £6.99 and the refills range between £2.98 to £3.98 in various shops like Tesco, ASDA, Morrisons and Ebay.
        B & M Bargains are the cheapest I have found at £1.99 for the full and £1.29 for the refills.

        There are several different fragrances that you can buy:

        *Clean Linen
        *Fresh scent
        *Powder Fresh
        *Rain shower
        *French Vanilla
        *Vanilla Breeze
        *Spiced Rose and Vanilla
        *Apple Cinnamon
        and many more.

        Open packet and pull out fragrance bottle. Unscrew cap from fragrance bottle and insert into warmer (plug unit), ensuring that you are putting the fragrance in upright into outlet.
        Adjust warmer for desired fragrance level (1 minimum - 5 maximum) and plug into wall unit of choice.

        Unit will not operate properly if positioned sideways or upside down.
        Do not place fragrance oil bottle or cap on painted, finished or plastic surfaces. Intended for adult use only.
        Do not obstruct airflow. Keep away from furniture, fabrics, bedding and other materials that might present a fire hazard.
        Do not use in small, confined pet areas without adequate ventilation.
        If warmer is removed from outlet, separate bottles from unit and store in an upright position.

        Adjustable fragrance settings to meet your need and adds lasting freshness to your living room, bedroom or bathroom.
        Some of the fragrances eliminate odors without just masking them.
        You can tell when you need to change your fragrance as the bottle is see through.
        You can easily clean the unit by unplugging and wiping clean with a dry cloth.
        The fragrances will be really strong for the 1st 3 days and after that will level out and should last around 60 days depending on the level you put it on.

        There have been some concerns that these products were involved in home fires. SC Johnson have thoroughly investigated these concerns and have had a leading fire investigation expert indicate that there is no evidence that their products had caused any fire.

        They did however recall one of their products, after discovering an assembly error in a small number of that product. There was no credible reports of fire related to this product.

        All of their products have been thoroughly tested by Underwriters Laboratories and other independent laboratories.

        This is a great air freshner product on the market, in fact one of the best. I have had mine plugged in for weeks now and the smell is still going strong. I tend to leave one in the hall way so you get the hit of fragrance as soon as you walk in and I leave one in the living room and one up stairs in the hall. The one I have in the living room is set on 4 and I have an open plan room leading to the kitchen, it manages to keep both rooms smelling lovely.

        There has been some speculation about the safety of these but I am never concerned. If you are, then remove your plug in at night when you go to bed and plug back in in the morning.

        They can be expensive so shop around. B and M's have the best prices and purchase a few while they are cheap. I would also say not to put these in childrens bedrooms as they can be quite strong even on a low setting and they may want to take them out. The oil in the containers are quite strong and avoid contact with eyes and mouth.

        The spiced apple fragrance is really sweet smelling. It reminds me of Christmas so I always use this one at that time and in my living room so all the yummy smells mix together. I always get comments on how nice this one smells and combined with the fresh linen fragrance that I have upstairs it is great.

        Overall great smells that last ages. well worth the money.


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        23.11.2009 00:58
        Very helpful




        When it comes to my bedroom I love it to not only be clean but to smell it too! I love walking into my bedroom and getting a nice aroma and I am paranoid as I am a smoker (though I hang out of the window to smoke), my parents who are none smokers can smell it lingering in the air and floating downstairs. When I saw this priced at £4.99 in Tesco I almost bought it but a couple of days later in Sainsbury's I spotted it on offer with the scent in the box for £1.99 and that time I definitely grabbed it knowing what a saving I was making of course!

        The Packaging:

        Well the diffuser comes in a orange and yellowy coloured box. On the front of the box I'm told it is Glade' Spiced Apple' Adjustable Electrical Diffuser With Refill, that it is a Johnsons product and that it gives off 100% fragrance. Other information given on the box includes being told a little bit about the product, ingredients and size is stated (20ml of fragrance), warnings and instructions and diagrams are shown on how to use it and contact details for SC Johnson are listed. It's a nice, good quality informative box that is really laid out well and therefore easy to understand and it stood out on the shelf to me simply because the box looked a nice colour to be honest lol.

        A Bit About The Product According To The Box:

        Glade adjustable electrical diffuser; with its discreet shape, it will consistently and evenly freshen your home.

        With the fragrance of spiced apple, enjoy a magical blend of winter spices with cinnamon and juicy apple to bring a warm and festive atmosphere in your home.

        Glade adjustable electric diffusers are available in a wide range of fresh and original fragrances. Glade liquid electric refills are also available.

        The Diffuser:

        Well the diffuser is white plastic and feels sturdy. You get a small bottle of fragrance which in my case was a yellowy oily looking liquid and all I had to do was take the cap off that and push it into the white diffuser till it clicked and I can partially see some of the bottle at the bottom of the diffuser so I can see when the refill needs replacing. Very simple, fuss free and unmessy to set up this really is. Then you have to decide with a little 'wheel' at the front which intensity level you want the fragrance to be released as. An example is 1 is light and 5 is the maximum and once again it's easy to move the wheel to where you want it. Obviously if you stick this on 1 and it doesn't dispense alot of fragrance out then it's going to last a hell of a lot longer than putting it on 5.

        All you do is put it into a working and switched on plug socket and that's it job done. It's looks nice and not like a piece of crappy old junk and it never feels hot to the touch so I feel confident when using it that I'm not going to blow up or owt lol.

        Basically the unit does good warm and with the help of electricity the fragrance pops out of a small hole to the top. Not as spurts but just a constant flow of fragrance till of course you need a refill so you need to check on it from time to time.

        The smell of this is incredibly rich and strong. When I first bought it I thought well I'll put it on 5 and have the most smell but really, it was so strong I had to turn it down to 3! Least it works out economical and all I do is if I feel I need a bit of extra fragrance like when my mate popped round the other day I simply whack it up for a bit.

        Smell wise well it smells of ripe and juicy apples and you can really smell the cinnamon which gives it a really warm, wintery sort of smell really. Yes it disguises smells big time and when I leave my room and walk back into it all I (and anyone else can smell) is this and not fags or owt nasty at all! Today a fireman come round to fix a fire alarm at the top of our stairs and Mum said because of the smell of smoke she used to feel ashamed but as it stands my Mother thinks I've quit smoking in the house! Now that is a result cos I was getting constantly nagged about it!

        I rate this product highly I really do. It's so easy to use and so freshly fragranced however I wouldn't opt for this particular fragrance for a bedroom again and instead would put this one anywhere else in the house and look for a different fragrance for my room. However the refills cost more at the moment than buying a new diffuser and refill so Glade need to sort that out if they want me to go green lol.

        Brilliant, refreshing and it really does banish nasty odours and I highly recommend this to anybody and the warmth this gives off in smell is truly a natural one and although heavy it doesn't smell faked type of thing. Try em!

        Available in loads of places though do look out for them on special offer!


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