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GB Eye Ltd 3D Lenticular Poster Paris

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Brand: GB / Misc House Type: Picture / Poster

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    1 Review
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      29.12.2010 12:18
      Very helpful




      GB Eye is the UK market leader in posters.
      In this review I wanted to write about their 3D posters in general, but seem to be stuck with the 'Paris' poster.... so this is a review mainly about that particular poster which, for those interested in a gander, will show that it's actually a pretty good one...

      ***Queue Scotsman browsing posters at Asda***

      Jock Mactavish : ' Ah jist dinnae ken whit tae gie mah niece fur 'er 17th birthday thes week.....Ah reckon she'd loove a poster, but it's nae exactlay excitin'!

      Me : 'Forgive me for evesdropping sir, but I couldn't help but overhear your quandry and thought perhaps I could help' :)

      J.M. : 'Wa that's affa kind ay ye lass...what dae ye hink ay these posters?'

      Me: 'Well, they're very nice but, you're right, not that exciting....have a look at these 3D ones over here....I bought my daughters two of them last month and they absolutely love them!
      If your niece is interested in travel then perhaps one of these city pictures would be right up her street.'

      J.M. : 'She's aye on aboot travellin' an' loo'd 'er skale trip tae Paris lest year.'

      Me: ' Well then, this one here of the Eiffel Tower should be perfect for her! It's a beautiful shot taken on a typically cloudy day in Paris, looking up a cobbled street to the VW car in the foreground and the Eiffel tower in the background. As you can see, there's a couple standing on the back seat of the car and coming out through the open top roof, having a little kiss and cuddle....I love that's it's all in black and white except for the pale blue car.....it's very romantic and quite artistic don't you think?

      J.M. : 'Aye, it's a bonnie photo at tha'! Whit's it say there at tha top lassie?'

      Me : 'Ah yes, it says, "Paris, Ville De L'Amour"

      J.M. : 'Fits aht mean quine?'

      Me : "Paris, City of Love" *sigh*

      J.M. 'It's nae like a normal poster...looks like it's comin oot tha' page at ye!'

      Me : 'Yes, that's the 3D effect - the high-resolution artwork creates the illusion of depth so that it does indeed appear to be coming out of the wall at you! It's certainly a whole new concept in posters and one that a lot of people, not only teens would love. As you can see there are many different images available: cites such as London with a big red bus, New York and a yellow taxi cab, as well as Hello Kitty, bands, animals and football clubs! There's something for everyone.'

      J.M.: 'Weel ah hink thes paris poster is perfect fur mah niece...not tay big either...

      Me : 'No, most of their 3D posters are 47 by 67 cm - not too big, but not too small either...makes an impression in a room, that's for sure! It's the first thing you notice when you walk into my daughter's bedroom....though it doesn't quite manage to distract completely from the un-made bed, clothes on the floor or empty crisp packets strewn about....but hey ho!'

      J.M. : ' Hoo much is it hen?'

      Me: 'It's just under 13 pounds....but *whispers* you can get it on Amazon for 11! It's a bit more expensive than an ordinary poster, but being made of vinyl as it is, it makes it almost impossible to tear and should last many years and being transferred from wall to wall and house to house... Just stick it on the wall with a bit of blue tack and you're good to go...no messing about with hammer and nails.

      J.M. : 'That's greet! *grabs poster* Weel, thanks agin lassie....cheerio the nou!'

      Me: 'Bye, and Happy New Year....' *thinks* 'darn, I should have told him that the GB Eye website (http://www.gbeye.com/newsite/artists/) are looking for ideas and images for future posters- pay for them too....being a Scotman, he might have appreciated that.....ach weel'

      Thanks for reading....and again, appologies for my crude (Scottish) accent - no offence meant, honest!


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