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Filofax Breast Cancer Campaign Personal Organiser

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5 Reviews
  • handy pockets
  • wipe clean cover
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    5 Reviews
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      15.02.2015 16:09
      Very helpful


      • "handy pockets "
      • "wipe clean cover"
      • "easy to see at a glance"
      • "supports breast cancer campaign"


      A great organiser that supports a great cause.

      A friend of mine recently battled breast cancer, and I wanted to buy her a gift which meant something to her. She was always saying how she would need to get organised and I thought that the perfect gift would be a Filofax. I looked on the website - www.filofax.co.uk and saw that they did a pink organiser which supports breast cancer. For every one of this specific organiser sold, Filofax donate £2 to the Breast Cancer Campaign, which was the perfect gift for my friend.

      It cost £30 online and arrived within a few days. When it arrived, I was so impressed with it that I wished I had ordered one for myself. My birthday is coming up soon, so I am dropping as many hints as I can for one! It has a leather effect outer cover with a lighter pink polyester lining inside. Inside the front cover, there is a small pocket and a larger full depth one which is handy for keeping business cards, receipts, bank cards in. At the back inside cover there is another large pocket. There is a pen loop on the right hand edge. A six loop metal ring binder holds the pages in place.

      There are lots of blank pages that are available to buy, but the one I bought came with the following inserts:
      diary, to do lists, blank white notepaper, coloured notepaper, name and address pages, dividers, ruler.

      The organiser closes strap on the front which fits into a hidden popper. It looks stylish and girly which I love. It is a decent size:
      Height - 135 mm
      Width - 116 mm
      Depth - 19 mm

      This is a wonderful gift to have for yourself or to give to a friend.


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      01.03.2012 15:43
      Very helpful



      A cute filofax for the girl around town!

      I saw this beautful filofax in WHSmith just after Christmas and loved it! I do support the Breast Cancer Campaign and am once again doing a Race for Life this year so this was the ideal diary for me. In WHSmith is was £30!!!! Which I thought was extornionate, so when I got home I searched for it on the internet. I found it on Amazon for £19.99 and I ordered it. Now its not that i minded paying more for it to support the charity but no matter where you got it from only £2.20 of it went to the charity which I thought was disgusting. I would have happliy paid the £30 if the charity was getting a good chunk! But anyway my rant over the price is over for now

      It arrived in a lovely presentation box and the filofax it self is a leather-look PU, but you would think it was real leather at a quick glance. It is in the bright pink and looks very stylish and cute! It is a compact size so easily fits in my handbag at just 132 x 145 mm

      Inside you get:-

      Transparent flyleaf
      Pocket Week to view diary
      Pink Ruler/page marker
      Pink 1-6 Numbered index
      Pink Ruled paper
      Pink A-Z
      To do notes
      Top opening plastic envelope

      The filofax has a six ring binder mechanism, 4 credit card slots, one full pocket, a notebook pocket and a pen loop. It really crams a lot into a small compact design! Inside there are also breast cancer awareness pages including how to check yourself.

      All the items inside are small but nice to use. I do find the diary a little to small and would have preferred a page to 1/2 days rather than a week per 2 pages but you have to expect this with the diary being so small and when the year ends I will keep a look out for a page per day diray to fit into this instead.

      The filofax is compact but sturdy and doesn't scratch, bend or mark easily. It has been in and out my bag for 3 months now and looks as good as new.

      I still this the price is high for the percentage Cancer Research get and I think a lower price would make this sell more volume wise.

      But if you after a stylish girly filofax that does some good this is the one for you!


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      05.04.2011 14:40
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      fantastic pocket organiser and gives to charity too!

      I bought this filofax about 2 years ago now - after seeing someone with one on a tv programme and thinking it looked cool. I'm one of these people who writes lists for everything and i actually enjoy being miss organized! Therefore, this was probably the perfect thing for me.

      I have had normal diaries before but it was all the extras that come with the filofax which drew me to it! Firstly, it is a lovely pink color and the prefect size for popping in your handbag. Secondly, some of the money when you buy it goes towards breast cancer care, which was an added bonus when purchasing this product. Thirdly, was all the great little inserts which came with it.

      It comes with a diary section, a notes section, telephone and addresses and also a handy bit at the from which has all the conversions etc that you could ever need. I also bought for this some stickers - which have little birthday symbols etc which you can place throughout the diary to remind you of important dates. The diary also comes with a clear pocket at the back which i found handy for placing extra pieces of paper (or lists which i had made).

      As it is a ring binder format it is very easy to flick through and stays open easily at whatever page you turn to. There is also a handy ruler which you can move about and i use this to mark what week i am on.

      The dairy itself has a little clip button fastening which is quite secure and also contains a few pockets inside for credit cards etc.

      All in all, i love this diary and especially love all the refills that come with it - which means you never need to through it away when a new year comes.


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        08.02.2011 00:47
        Very helpful



        This diary can help the unorganised to be organised!

        My husband bought me a filofax a couple of years ago, however it was made redundant when I received a promotion at work and was given a company diary - why... I do not know?? I decided last Christmas that I wanted to start using the filofax again in 2011 so my husband bought me some refills for the year.

        The filofax is much more than a diary and is more of a personal organiser. With seperate sections including Diary, Notes, Projects, Information, Financial and Addresses it really does help to keep even then the most unorganised of people such as myself on the straight and narrow!

        Each Diary contains:

        Past, Present and Future calender information.
        Personal Information.
        European unions members information
        International Information
        Religious Festivals
        Notable Dates
        Weights and Measures
        The World and Time
        World Temperature Guide
        Clothing Size Equivalents

        I opted for a diary that displays a full week across a two page view, I find this extremely helpful when planning my weeks. It also includes a ruler / book mark which is transferable week by week and helps you to find "today" quickly without having to search through the organiser for the diary.

        The cost of refills can be quite costly however I was recently speaking to a friend who also had the official filofax, however had purchased WH Smiths own version of the refills at a much lower cost.

        Filofax offer a variety of diaries in different sizes and colours. I have the breast cancer filofax as shown in the picture and love that it is both girly yet stylish :)


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        12.08.2010 15:27
        Very helpful



        A great Filofax that supports Breast Cancer Campaign.

        I am a person who likes to think she's organised, everything under control and can find anything at the drop of a hat. In reality though it's not quite like that, I am half way there so not too bad. Working in the administrative field since leaving school and now running my own business, as well as being a housewife and looking after my daughter I have had to be the organised, there is no if or buts I just have to be.
        I love the idea of carrying something with me and having mostly everything in once place, whether it would be my blackberry (which I can sync my calendar and other applications across and have emails to hand), note book, diary and even a pocket PC.
        I am forever forgetting things so writing notes is a must for me, everything goes into my electronic calendar as well as notes all over my PC with folders, followed by more paper notes around the house, which eventually gets lost.

        Notepads worked for a while but I couldn't keep everything I wanted and if I did I had to make folders, I did this until I got fed up so that idea went out of the window.

        My husband bought me a pocket PC for one of my birthdays, I thought this was fantastic and eco friendly idea, now I could sync all my documents from my PC to my pocket PC and carry it around with me. I can type notes, write emails along with everything else I needed at a drop of a hat, perfect.
        This was good for a time until the battery started to die on me, or so we thought it was the battery anyway. Every time I switched it on it some how managed to wipe and restart itself and I would be back to square one and don't even talk to me about the documents I had lost because of it.

        Storing everything on my laptop was another idea; I could store all important documents, contacts, calendar, notes and much more. This worked for a bit until my computer needed wiping, yes I saved a lot and some things got forgot about and I ended up losing it, especially birthdays and contacts and most importantly I can't carry it everywhere with me.
        Also I like to shut my computer down and then I will remember I needed something or my husband wanted something. This causes waste of time and not forgetting components starting and shutting down all the time.
        In the end I came to the conclusion it doesn't matter how eco friendly you try to be you can not get away from the fact paper is best, especially for a hardcopy. After all it won't ever wipe itself, shut down and I have everything at hand all the time.

        That was when I decided to invest in a Filofax. The one I bought is a pocket size which comes in at 81mm x 120mm. Filofax's come in seven different sizes, colours and finishes and these range from; compact, mini, pocket, personal, slimline, A5 and A4. All can range in price from £24.99 to £75 and above.
        The one I decided on purchasing was Pocket Breast Cancer Campaign, which cost £24.00 and £2.20 is donated to Breast Cancer Care. i thought this was a fantastic price as I see Filofax being expensive.
        Because it is sponsored by Breast Cancer this Filofax comes in a hot pink colour, which Breast Cancer Campaign is famous for.
        The other reason I chose this particular Filofax and design was because a close family member has been struck by breast cancer, twice and undergoing tests for a third time, so if I can donate any money to the cause I will.

        I am getting more organised by the day and I now have everything in one place and at a drop of a hat.
        The service from Filofax is second to none; I received my Filofax the next day from ordering on their online website www.filofax.co.uk. Opening the package my Fiofax came in a shiny cardboard box that looks like my Filofax from the front. The back of the box tells you about your new Filofax and that £2.20 has been donated to Breast Cancer Care.

        Taking out my Filofax the soft leather pink look is so smooth and finished off beautifully with a slight smell of leather. The pink look isn't in your face but a nice elegant look and feel.
        Opening the clasp I was surprised at how well built it is, it gives you the feeling if you jam packed your Filofax it will still stay shut.
        Inside you're greeted with four horizontal credit card slots and a pocket, one turned edge pocket with a full length pocket that runs the length of the organiser. Underneath it says Filofax in support of Breast Cancer Campaign. The material underneath where your papers lie is pink with Filofax written over it that is shiny in the light. Turing over a plastic sleeve of the 6 ring binder the first page you see is a thank you from Breast Cancer Campaign. Other pages from Breast Cancer include about Breast Cancer Campaign, Be Breast Aware, Facts about Breast Cancer, Dates for your Diary i.e. Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October.

        Going into Filofax pages itself you will receive, Personal Information, 12 Month Calendar, Notable Dates for your Diary, Weights and Measurements, The World and Time, Events Page where you can jot notes down, Year Diary and Notes. Filofax have also put in a Personal Organiser registration, which when you register your Filofax with Filofax.co.uk if it ever gets lost and sent into Filofax they will re-sent it to you, which is a nice idea if it works and the person who finds it is honest.
        You will also receive six dividers in pink, and a few sheets of pink notepaper, world map, a few sheets of Addresses and alphabet dividers to insert your addresses into. You will also receive a few sheets of To Do, a pink plastic ruler and a clear plastic sleeve. Attached to your Filofax is a big mesh pocket, which you will find some stickers reminding you to be breast aware and a pen loop.

        You can re-purchase paper refills from Filofax that range from £1.75 for 20 sheets of birthday, anniversaries and up to £3.75 for 100 of note paper. Personally I make this myself or I download them from the Internet.
        You can also purchase a 6 ring binder hole punch from WHSmith for cheap. Filofax will charge you £20 for the privilege.

        I have used my Filofax for a while now and it soon got stuffed with loads of papers and notes but that is okay as I know they are there and it is what I call an organised mess, instead of being all around the house and getting lost. I have also made papers myself, one being a Christmas card and present list and everything I need for moving house, whom I need to tell and all things related to my business when I start it up and running again, the list is endless of what you can put into your Filofax to make life that little bit easier.
        My to list is as long as my arm but I have everything in one place and I love it. There is now no more technology losing everything.
        Because it is soft leather I am surprised at how sturdy it is, it has taken a battering being in my handbag in and out many of times and in the hands of my daughter. The clasp is the same as when I first bought it and the leather effect still looks like new.

        This is the best thing I have purchased to stay organised and on top of things. Because it is the Filofax name I know it is well built and will last me a lifetime.
        The only downside I have is writing can be difficult due to the size of the organise. But this is soon rectified by taking the paper out in question, writing on it and placing it back.
        I would recommend this to anyone who wants to stay in control of their life.


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