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Asda Free Ink Roller

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Brand: Asda / Type: Pen

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    1 Review
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      09.02.2014 17:51
      Very helpful



      good pens from Asda

      Asda offer a wide selection of stationery. I often buy my college stationery from Asda as the prices are generally good. Around 6 weeks ago, I needed to replace my pens and decided to purchase this pack of free ink roller pens. The pack contained four pens - two black, one blue and one red pen. This pack of pens cost me just £1.00 which I consider to be very reasonable. The pens are arranged in a simple plastic packet and are the perfect size to fit in a pencil case. I have bought these pens on a number of occasions now.

      I prefer this type of pen as I find that I don't need to apply as much pressure to my paper to encourage the ink to flow. Pens aren't particularly exciting but I do like the look of these pens are they look a bit different to a plain pen in my opinion. They are average in size and the outer part of the pen is made of smooth plastic which is coloured silver and either black, blue or red depending on which pen you are using. The lid has a sturdy clip to allow the pen to be slid on to a notebook lid and kept safe. Underneath the lid, there is a slightly ridged plastic section near the tip and a standard, thin tip is evident. With regular use, the silver colouring around the pen does start to fade.

      I find these pens to be easy to use. The smooth plastic makes them comfortable to grasp and compared to cheaper pens, my fingers don't become sore when I have lots of writing to do in a short space of time. The black and blue pens are the main pens that I use as I have to do my college work using only these colours. I do like having the red pen too though as I can use that one at home for writing up lists or doing my monthly household budget. It is advised to avoid using red in school or college as teachers/tutors generally tend to use red ink to mark coursework.

      These pens are perfectly suitable for doing my coursework. I mainly write on paper but also card and find that these pens are reliable. The ink doesn't leak out through the tip of the pen and I find that the ink flows best when the pen is held upright or at a slight angle. The ink flows smoothly and neatly from each pen and transfers on to my paper with very little effort on my part. Compared to other similarly designed pens I have used in the pass, I don't notice any ink 'pools' on my paper and the ink doesn't leave my coursework looking messy or untidy in anyway. The ink starts to dry quickly but does, as you would expect, take a little longer to fully dry and become smudge-free than a Bic pen for example.

      I am happy with how well these pens perform. Each colour is bold and noticeable and neat on paper. I favour the black pen over the blue for my coursework as it offers a gel-like finish and makes my work stand out. The blue works equally as well and the red in a strong, fiery red which stands out well on paper. I find that the ink doesn't seep through paper to the other side of the sheet unless I have been colouring in with them and I am happy to do a lot of writing with these pens as I find them comfortable to write with. The ink does last quite well though I always ensure I carry a few of these pens with me as you can see how much ink is left and they do run out without notice. My current pack of four pens are still lasting after 6 weeks (on and off) of use and I will be stocking up on more for the next block at college.

      Overall I recommend these pens. They are affordable and do their intended job perfectly well.

      Thanks for reading :)


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