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Animal Forms Adoring Cat

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Brand: Animal Forms / Type: Decorative Sculpture

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    1 Review
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      21.01.2011 18:33
      Very helpful



      A gorgeous sculpture from the Animal Forms range

      As you are no doubt aware, I am a real fanatic of Betty Boop and own a rather large number of beautiful figurines that are proudly displayed in five Ikea glass cabinets, which are stored in the dining area of my living room. Other than these Bettys I own very few ornaments, as I prefer to keep the surfaces throughout my home clutter-free. However, whilst visiting a staff member at her home approximately six months ago I noticed on the floor in a corner of her living room a stunning black cat sculpture, which I immediately fell in love with, particularly as I'm a real cat lover. You will notice in my Dooyoo avatar a cute fluffy black cat, whose name is Maizie and she was my pet from a six week old kitten, as her mum sadly disowned her. I took the photograph a few years ago when my husband was in hospital undergoing major heart surgery and Maizie cried constantly the whole time he was away from home!

      My first husband and I rescued her in 1994 and she became a very much loved member of our family. When my husband and I divorced a good few years ago I made certain that I had custody of Maizie, so together my half Persian friend and I started our new life. I remarried some time later and Maizie became a real friend to my disabled husband and would follow him absolutely everywhere, but sadly, in May of last year, she died at the age of 16 years. As I felt the figurine looked so much like Maizie and I wanted to buy something as a fitting tribute I made a decision to purchase one for myself.


      The sculpture is part of a large collection named "Animal Forms", manufactured by 4D Art Limited, which are a designer range of contemporary sculptures and are described as "stylized animals capturing the diversity and intrinsic characteristics of some of the world's most iconic animals". There are 24 sculptures within the range, which include pigs, penguins, tigers, pandas, elephants and of course cats. They are available in a range of sizes with the smallest measuring 15cm in height and the largest 33cm. As I am so thrilled with my sculpture I made a product suggestion to Dooyoo to enable me to tell you all about this stunning range and the photograph shown above is the one that I own. Whilst many of the animals are available in black, brown or white, "Adoring Cat", which stands at 33cm in height, is only available in either black or white.

      The sculpture is very contemporary in appearance and is extremely heavy and I would guess that it weighs in the region of 4kg, if not more. Consequently, when I move it to dust, it is necessary to use both hands, as I am so afraid I will drop it. The sculpture stands on all four paws with the rear end slightly raised with the tail slightly curved and almost upright. The head of the figurine is rather snooty in appearance, as it is raised into the air with the cat's eyes tightly closed, which give a somewhat snobby appearance! The sculpture has been beautifully crafted with tiny etchings to form the paws, eyes, the mouth and even down to the individual whiskers. The manufacturer's name can be found etched into the base of one of the cat's rear legs to ensure your figurine's authenticity. The sculpture is extremely sturdy and is clearly solid due to its' very heavy weight.

      A small booklet accompanied my sculpture, which displays all of the sculptures within this gorgeous collection, but I believe this to be outdated, particularly as they state there are 17 in the collection when in fact, there are actually 24. As the sculptures are presented in glorious colour you are able to appreciate how stunning these pieces actually are. Although there is a range of animals, the manufacturer seems to have mainly concentrated on our feline friends, as there are no less than six cats that are presented in different sizes, positions and colours. For some unknown reason the booklet does not advise of the name of the manufacturer nor does it give details of the materials used to create this extremely heavy sculpture, so I trawled the internet in an attempt to find the answer. However, I failed miserably, as whilst this beautiful range of sculptures are available from stores such as Amazon, House of Fraser and 4D Art Limited, none of the sites provide details of the materials used and I hope to update this review when (and if) I can find the answer.


      My sculpture is safely positioned on my hearth where it stands on cream coloured marble tiles, which contrast beautifully with her beautiful black glossy colouring. However, the paws of the figurine could slip on some surfaces so you may wish to purchase some adhesive felt pads that can simply be placed on the underside of the feet of your figurine. The surface of the figurine is extremely smooth and consequently, it only requires a quick wipe with a normal household duster to remove any fluff that may have accumulated.


      This is an absolutely stunning figurine and according to the manufacturer's website these are designer pieces and I couldn't agree more, as it has been perfectly created and looks absolutely beautiful. However, unlike my first purchase of a Betty Boop figurine, I do not intend making any further Animal Form purchases, as I simply do not have the space, although I have fallen in love with the other cats displayed within the booklet!


      As previously advised, the range of figurines can be purchased from House of Fraser stores, Amazon or the manufacturers themselves. I have checked online for the figurine as shown above and would advise that at the time of writing (21 January 2011) you can purchase "Adoring Cat" in either black or white for £55.00 plus £2.95 P+P where the seller is 4D Art. However, if you look on 4D Art's website you will see the figurine for £45 plus £3 P+P. I was a little surprised to see such a low rate of postage, particularly as this figurine is extremely heavy and I am of the opinion that it will cost considerably more.

      As this is such a gorgeous figurine it receives a full 5 stars from me together with a huge recommendation.

      This review also appears on Ciao under the same user name.


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