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Travelodge Wembley

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4 Reviews

Address: North Circular Road / Ealing London / NW10 7UG / England

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    4 Reviews
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      04.05.2011 23:33




      The room was awful, the shower was broken! the water temperature would not go down. Another room was assigned, then in this room the water would not go down the hole and there was a huge pool of dirty water that I was forced to stand in while I showered. In the new room the light fixings were falling off as well as the light bulbs.

      Was staying there for a friend's wedding near by and there were no irons at all in the whole hotel to iron our clothes. When we asked the lady at the reception any question, the answer was always ' I dunno' . One of the lady's at the reception went to look for an iron and came back with no luck. She said that 'people take the irons home' and she was so blase about it, as if that was a reasonable and acceptable answer for a customer. Every question was answered with an unacceptable answer e.g. 'I dunno.'

      The window in my room was covered with black tape to stop the wind or something and it looked awful!

      To top it up, my friend checked out who was also staying there and got a taxi home (which cost her £70!) just to escape how disgusting it was. I would have followed suit if it was not going to be so expensive. Another thing that I have to note is that the carpet in the lobby was not sitting properly, in fact it is illegal to have carpet like that, as it is a trip hazard.

      Another thing is, I booked the hotel a lot earlier than my friend, she paid £19.00 where as I paid twice that amount. If i had paid £19.00 I would still have to make the same complaint and comments. I made a complaint at the hotel, which said you would respond in 48 hours, however have I heard anything..no? The stay was made on Sunday 1st-Mon 2nd May, I believe it has been more than 48 hours. It seems no body wants to listen or care. At one point, I explained to my friend this was more like a derelict building than a hotel.

      Every time I try to contact Travelodge, i get the same automated reply. it is (excuse my friend) Bullshit!

      I would definitely never ever recommend this hotel. It is almost definitely the worst hotel I have ever stayed at. Unfriendly staff and unhelpful staff, unclean and a dangerous dirty place to stay.


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      12.03.2010 11:30
      Very helpful




      I was due to attend an event in London that required me to be there at 10am on a weekday morning, living in the North, traveling down on the morning through rush hour just wasn't feasible, so a hotel was required for the night before.

      I often stay in Travelodges, and whilst they are not 4 star hotels, they are reasonably priced and generally clean and pleasant, therefore I set about trying to find a cheap London Travelodge for my stay. As I was driving down, one which wasn't in the centre, and had plenty of parking facilities was a must, and Wembley fit my needs perfectly. At just £38.50 for the night, for Zone 3 London, it seemed ideal.

      The hotel is very easy to get to, it is set back just off the North Circular, just a few miles from the M1 and A1 - to get to the hotel, we left the North Circular at Hanger Lane and then doubled back on ourselves down the small road that runs parallel to it. The parking is accessed around the back of the hotel, and whilst it is a gated car park, the gate to enter opens automatically as you pull up, so may not be quite as secure as they suggest. The car park holds upto 109 cars and parking is allocated on a first come first served basis. As we were arriving late, we did worry that there would be no parking left, but even at 10:30 at night, there were still a dozen or so spaces to chose from. The parking costs £5 and is only valid until check out the next day - we weren't collecting the car until around 6pm in the evening so we had to pay an additional £5 when we checked out, but this was still cheaper than parking in central London.

      The hotel is also accessible by rail - the nearest tube station is Stonebridge Park which is a good 10 minutes walk away, the station is on the Bakerloo line in Zone 3. Other stations nearby are Hanger Lane (Central Line Zone 3) and Rak Royal (Picadilly Line Zone 3). Single Fares on the London underground are £4 for adults - however, a Zone 1-3 railcard costs £8.60 during peak hours (before 9:30am). There isn't much around the hotel, aside from industrial units, some of which are derelict, and therefore the walk to Stonebridge Park can feel quite intimidating.

      In terms of the location, it is probably worth noting that whilst this is advertised as 'Wembley', it is a good 2-3 miles away from the arena, stadium, and the centre of Wembley itself, and therefore, if you are going for an event, you may wish to stay closer to the stadium/arena.

      Once at the hotel, the foyer contains the reception desk, a bar/restaurant area and vending machines which serve drinks and confectionery. When we arrived, there was one person on reception, who was dealing with other guests which meant that we had to wait a short while before checking in. The guests were having issues, one couldn't get into his room as the key card wasn't working, and the other had no pillows, this didn't seem to bode too well for our stay. Once we were given some attention, check in was quick, and we were given a parking voucher to display in our car, this was a bit of a pain as it meant that we had to leave the hotel to go and put the voucher in the car, it would have been much better if they had a system where you paid via a machine in the car park or paid on exit.

      Our room was on the 3rd floor, the lifts were out of service which meant that we had to take the stairs, it is a good job we didn't have much heavily luggage and we could manage. The staircase was very cold, and was like something you would see in an industrial unit rather than a hotel, and I was kind of regretting booking the hotel at that point and was worried what the room itself would be like. Once we got onto the floor, it seemed quite alright, not as well kept as other Travelodges, but it would do, as we were going to be in there for less than 12 hours. Unlike the guest at reception, we had no problems accessing our room with the key card.

      Once inside the room, I was quite shocked - every single Travelodge I have stayed in has had the same set up (due to the modular build) therefore you know exactly what to expect, however, this hotel was an exception. For starters, it was a twin beds, despite asking for a double room. We pushed the beds together, but we were still left with a small gap which was uncomfortable to sleep across. The carpets were dirty, the furniture showed great signs of wear and tear, and the curtains were grubby. The bedding was clean, however, we had the smallest pillows known to man and only one each - we ended up sleeping with jumpers underneath the pillows as they were that flat they offered nothing - a sore neck the following day was the outcome. The worst thing was the noise, obviously we knew the hotel was near to the North Circular, but the hotel makes no effort to advise you just how bad the noise levels are. It was like we had pitched a tent on the hard shoulder of the motorway. The double glazed window offered no reduction to the noise, as our room was facing out onto the road, and it barely fit into the frame which meant that it was also drafty. The one saving grace was the bathroom, which was the only part of the room which was clean. It consisted of a toilet, sink and a rather powerful shower which is always appreciated.

      After an uncomfortable nights sleep, we checked out quite early in the morning which was a simple process, we didn't stay at the hotel for breakfast, which at £8.50 was quite overpriced.

      I am a fan of Travelodges, but this was one big let down, and I certainly wouldn't stay there again, not even if it was free!


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        05.07.2009 11:47
        Very helpful



        I wouldn't stay here again

        **WHY WAS I THERE? **
        Myself and two friends travelled down to Wembley (from the Midlands) on Thurdsay to see Take That at Wembley Stadium on Friday and we stayed in the Wembley Travelodge on the Thursday night and drove home after the concert on Friday night. We booked the room well in advance in October last year and paid £39 for a family room, which sleeps three.

        **HOTEL LOCATION **
        The Wembley Travelodge is located on the North Circular, Ealing; less than 10 minute drive to Wembley Stadium and apparently an approximate 45 - 50 minute walk from Wembley Stadium.

        It seemed to be surrounded by industry, with the Katsouris food factory across the road. It is in a rather nosiy location, being right on the North Circular.

        Our room itself was very simple, one sofa with a pull out single bed and one double bed (much more on that later), a TV, Kettle with tea, coffee, milk and sugar, hanging space for clothes and an adequate bathroom with toilet, bath and shower. There was no Hairdryer or Iron but this was exactly what we expected and we had taken our own anyway.

        The room door was keycard activated as was the bathroom light (really don't know why, I have never come across this before in a Hotel room)

        The reception area wound around into the bar area and then onto the eating/restaurant area with table and chairs and also a more relaxed comfy seating.

        There are vending machines in the reception area selling crisps, chocolate, sot drinks and we noticed Nurofen too. There is also a much needed 'proper' coffee machine.

        On the wall in the reception area is a freephone link to a local taxi firm.

        The Hotel is approximately 2 - 2.5 miles from the Wembley High Road with lots of curry houses, kebab/burger style places, newsagents and off-licences. We drove in the car, it took about 6 minutes but in all honesty couldn't find anywhere we would be happy to eat at so we headed back to the hotel.

        As I said previously, we stayed for just one night and are so glad that we hadn't booked for two nights. On the surface of it the room itself had everything we needed for a much needed nights sleep, three people, one single bed and one double bed and tele and a kettle and a bathroom. In reality, it was probably one of the worst nights sleep of my life. It was stiflingly hot in our room, being one of the hottest days of the year so far! The windows are on a safety catch and only opened two inches or so. We had ordered a fan from reception which was free and on a first come first served basis (although when it was delivered we were told there was enough for one per room - work that out). Anyways, it was a really big fan and quite powerful and relieving. BUT, all the plug sockets were at one end of the very large room (which was slightly sectioned off between the sofa/single bed area and the double bed area, so the girls in the double bed didnt get the benefit of it. We ended up dragging the double mattress through to the living area, in the pitch black, so all three of us could share the fan..... which leads me to the most disgusting discovery..... When we were putting the mattress back on the bed we found that it was in a really terrible state, was very very badly stained and actually torn. It resembled (sorry to have to say it, but...) a prostitutes bedsit - (and sorry if I offend any of you with that comment), I have never seen anything like it, I am sure it is a health hazard. We feel so strongly about it that we are going to write to complain. Its not that expensive to buy a new mattress, although I suspect that its not just that one room that needs attending to. The single bed mattress was fine, and although it had obviously been well-used it appeared clean, although we not provided with a sheet for the single bed. ( I just put the duvet on it, was too hot for sheets/blankets anyway.

        We ate at the downstairs restaurant on both the Thursday night and Friday morning. My evening meal consisted of a bottle of Magners, half a rack of BBQ ribs (starter), Chicken Tikka Masala and a portion of chips and totalled exactly £18, which was an okay price for a meal 'out' I guess, but the portions were very VERY small and clearly microwaved. The 1/2 rack of ribs was £4.95 and was just three extremely small ribs - not what I would consider half a rack. They actually reminded me of some microwave in the bag frozen ribs I tried years ago and never bought them again!

        The breakfast is all you can eat for £7.50 and we decided to go for this as we had a long day ahead of us. The available options were; bacon, sausage, scrambled egg, beans, plum tomatoes, white and brown bread for toast, jams, marmalade, butter, croissants, muffins, yoghurts, cereals, tea coffee, orange juice, apple juice and milk! I didnt see all of the cereals but all seemed to be kelloggs and was definietly frosties, cocopops, muesli, rice krispies and cornflakes.

        One of my favourite foods is sausages and I can enjoy even the cheapest of sausages but these ones were like eating sawdust, dry and ... just not nice at all. The beans were acceptable as was the bacon. The scrambled egg was not good, quite dry and all stuck together when I prefer it to be much more moist. I didn't try the tomatoes but one of my friends resorted to just tomatoes on toast and seemed to enjoy it. The orange juice and apple juice were very watered down and not nice at all. The espresso from the machine was nasty (hence their bright idea of a 'proper' coffee machine in the foyer me thinks). The toast was okay, very thin slices that had clearly been defrosted. Apparently the Croissants were nice, another friend had three so I guess that was a thumbs up!! And the cereal was in individual sealed packets/boxes and was great.... oh and there was also Weeetabix to add to the list.

        Well, I wouldn't stay here again not even on one off Travelodges very cheap £9 rates. The room was just not worth £39 not even split between the three of us. I didn't expect complimentary shower gel or a hairdryer but I did expect a clean comfortable mattress and got neither. It is also very noisy on the road. also, looking out of our room was the bin store which stank and there were empty food cartons and even a childs dirsty nappy thrown out on to the roof, which made for very unpleasant viewing. The staff were friendly and tried to help, but out of the four we spoke to only one could advise us anything about the area; where to eat, how far the stadium was etc; the others didnt know anything of the area.


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          12.01.2009 17:24
          Very helpful



          Fine for a short break...if you don't mind being out of town

          This is a review specifically of my experience of the Travelodge Wembley where I lived (yes, actually lived) for a while back in 2006. Given that for a couple of months I called it home, I may have been slightly harsher in my rating than if I'd been here for a weekend break - the purpose for which it is actually intended.

          This is a very long review (you notice more when you are there so long) and I've bunged a load of background in as to how the situation of effective homelessness came about. If this doesn't interest you, I recommend you skip to the main review points. I've tried to give it sensible headings to make it easier for you to find the bits relevant to you.

          How I came to live in a hotel

          In 2006, I sold my flat in Nottingham and headed with Mr Bondgirlk8 for the bright city-lights of London where we bought a little house together. I couldn't be bothered with all that chain malarkey - I had already started a job down here, so the sooner I sold the flat the better I would be able to cope financially. This meant B&B living during the week and heading back to the flat and the man at the weekends. It was very, very expensive and I learnt to hate Sunday afternoons.

          After a few weeks, I managed to secure a vacation let in student halls of residence where I spent most of the summer. This was much more cost effective and even meant I had use of kitchen facilities. I strongly recommend anyone who needs cheap accommodation during summer months check out student halls. Well worth it.

          I couldn't rent somewhere, despite trying, due to cost and timing issues. I had a buyer on my flat and was waiting (for what felt like forever) for the sale to go through. We also had our offer accepted on a house down here, but it was unknown as to when we'd actually get it. Finding a rented place that would allow less than 6 month commitment was impossible - not for lower rates than halls or B&B at any rate.

          At the end of the summer, Mr Bondgirlk8 (who'd been working at a summer school over his break to try earn enough to help us stay afloat another day) joined me in London to start his new job. The sale of flat had just gone through, so the mortgage payments would finally end, but the double living costs of the past 3 months had already crippled us and the halls let was also running out. Our purchase still showed no sign of completion. We were, in literal terms, homeless.

          We needed somewhere else. It has to be cheap and provide a room big enough to store both of us and all our remaining worldly possessions (basically everything we could stuff into our Peugeot 206 - everything else was gone). The Travelodge in Wembley smiled at us - here was our new home.


          The Wembley Travelodge is located on London's North Circular. It is not a very desirable area. The hotel is joined on the road by a string of sofa shops, a few wholesale places and a collection of factories. This raises a few points:

          1. Road Links: Obviously, location on such a big road means that if you are coming by car, you will easily be able to get to the hotel.

          2. Traffic Noise: The downside of such a busy road is that there is no way to avoid the excessive noise that a large road like this can generate. Our room faced the road. It was thankfully fitted with very good double glazing and , to be fair, this did stop most of the noise. Unfortunately, we were there at the tail end of an unusually hot summer. This meant our room was unbearably hot and stifling, even with the little desk fan I'd bought to survive the Halls. We had to open the window, and of course, even the best double glazing is useless if the window is open. If you are not used to noise, it would drive you crazy. It's like camping on the motorway. We were there long enough to adjust, and it seemed so quiet when we finally moved into our new home.

          3. Food Factory: Opposite the hotel, separated by the gulf of the huge road, was a massive food factory. I don't know who they were or what they made, but it reeked of grease. The level of greasiness depended on what product was being made that particular day. I imagine from the smell it made frozen potato products and the like. Hash browns was a particularly strong and regular odour. As with the noise, as soon as the window was open the stench would fill the room. I'm not even sure it didn't seep through the double glazing when the window was shut. As we stayed there quite a while, I swear that WE smelt like that. Our clothes did at least.

          4. Immediate Surroundings: There really is nothing to do around this area. You would need to travel into London, or perhaps one of the nearby centres such as Harrow, or the newly re-vamped Shepherd's Bush, now home to giant shopping mall Westfield London which is easily reached from the Central Line - more details under transport links. In order to reach any of these places, you would have to make use of public transport or drive - nothing of interest lies within walking distance.

          5. 'Wembley' Travelodge: To call the hotel 'Wembley' Travelodge is technically accurate but a little misleading in that were you to not know it might imply close proximity to the stadium and arena. It's actually 2 miles from the stadium, 2.5 from the arena and 3 from Wembley itself. If you are planning to stay here to co-ordinate with an event at the stadium/arena bear you will have to factor that in when deciding how you will get to and from your event. Also, the North Circular location means that it is probably not going to be a pleasant walk should you chose to go on foot.

          6. Biker Café: Just down the road from the Travelodge is the Ace Café London which has a massive biker fan base. I was unaware of this, and the Travelodge website does not provide enlightenment on this. I have nothing against bikers - that is not my point. My point is that the hotel had been pretty much empty during our two month stay, but on the day we checked out there was some biker event on somewhere. There was a massive meet up or convention or something occurring at the biker café down the road and the Travelodge was suddenly full. There were bikers everywhere. I bring this to your attention because if your stay co-ordinates with such an event then you might find it hard getting booked in. You would be advised to check on the internet first. If you type 'Ace Café London Events' into Google you will find lots of information on this.

          Public Transport

          During our extended stay, we did not make use of the bus network at all, so I cannot comment on how well served the hotel is by bus. However, the huge jam that occurred around the rush 'hour' in the morning and evening did not inspire me. I'd rather walk than be stuck in any mode of transport in that.

          We did, however, use the tube. The nearest tube stations to the hotel are Hanger Lane on the Central Line, and Park Royal on the Piccadilly Line. Both will take you into the centre of London in around 30 mins. The Central Line will also take you to Shephards Bush and the Westfield London shopping Centre in less than 10mins.

          Both tube stations are located some way away from the hotel. The nearest, and the one most frequently used by us, is Hanger Lane which according to the website is located half a mile away from the hotel. To be honest it feels like more than that. Now, I'm a walker. I walk EVERYWHERE, so I like to think my judgement of distance is better than average (I'm not one of those who grumbles about walking for 10 minutes and thinks they've walked miles). I'd, honestly, guess that it is nearer a mile. Park Royal is a further 10 minutes walk away.

          Unfortunately, the walk to the station is a walk actually around the North Circular. It is noisy, windy, uninspiring, grey and, frankly, not that pleasant. It is a head-down-and-go kind of a walk. Holding a conversation is near on impossible.

          According to their website, there is a national rail station, Stonebridge Park, also allegedly half a mile from the Travelodge. I neither used nor knew about this at the time so can't really comment.

          Car Parking and Road Links

          There is a small car park situated at the Wembley Travelodge. There are enough spaces for 109 cars allocated on a first come first served basis. There is however a charge of £5 per car per day to use it. There are no alternative places to park up in the surrounding area. We could not afford this, living in a hotel not being the cheapest way to live your life. If you are visiting for a short weekend break, however, this fee does not seem quite so unreasonable. We were really naughty and hid our car on the road outside the house which one day we would own. We like to think that it was just a case of the car moving in first to make it nice for us getting there. My partner did move it around quite a bit, and sometimes we stashed it in the car park of the school he works at instead.

          The North Circular is a major road and easily provides access by car to Central London, Wembley, the motorway and all surrounding areas. The road is extremely clogged in the mornings and after work, however. We didn't really drive anywhere, given that we'd hidden our car, so I can't comment anymore than the passing observation that it is busy at peak times.


          The hotel, as shown by the picture on the Travelodge website, is instantly recognisable as a Travelodge. It is exactly what you would expect and is built in the trademark colours of white and blue. It is set back a little from the road, contains a little entrance area with automatic doors, and the car-park is a barrier controlled area around the back of the hotel.

          Reception Area

          The sliding doors from the road lead you into the reception area, which is also instantly recognisable as being part of the Travelodge chain. The actual reception area is fairly small comprising of a desk and a few vending machines stocking everything from snacks and soft drinks through to alcohol, Nurofen, first aid kits and shower gel.

          The ground floor is open plan, and if you follow the reception desk around it turns into the bar. It is the same unit, just that behind part of it is keys, telephone and booking paraphernalia etc. and behind the other part is pumps and optics. It is all very small and compact. The receptionist is probably the barman as well in quieter times. Likewise, the bar and restaurant are one and the same.

          Bar and Restaurant

          We generally couldn't afford to use this - again, we were living in a hotel and had to keep unnecessary cost down to an absolute minimum.

          Very occasionally, when we had reason to celebrate or the depression was too great, we did get a drink from the bar. This could be either consumed in the bar itself or taken to your room. Prices were as you would expect for a hotel in Zone 3 of London. The drinks we had were nice and the service was good. The hotel was pretty quiet for most of our stay which perhaps helped.

          Cooked breakfast is available from the restaurant for around £8. Alternatively a continental breakfast comprising of a coffee, small box of cereal and pastry of some description could be left outside your room for you at cost of around £5. For a short holiday, these prices are not unreasonable. Again, having been able to afford neither, I can't comment on the taste, quality or levels of service. I can only advice you that the option is there. Our solution was supermarket items we could store in our room without it going off, basically bread, jam and marmite.

          A menu of lunch/dinner style meals is also available in the restaurant, which again, we didn't really have. One day, however, whilst feeling particualy damaged and sick of our diet of kettle cuisine (you know, pot-noodle, cup-a-soup, smash - anything you can cook with a kettle) we did attempt to get a little something hot from the restaurant. Main dishes were around £8 and out of our price range, but we had scrapped enough together to order a couple of side dishes to share between us: fries, garlic bread and onion rings - everything, I imagine, that the factory over the road makes. This set us back only a couple of quid and felt like real food, which in our deprived state, was like heaven. Our order of 'just sides' confused the waiter hugely. He did, however, successfully bring our order to the table and the service was quick and efficient. The food was probably just freezer food but it was very hot, very tasty and just what we needed.

          The layout of the bar/café/dining area was a combination of standard dining chair and table combinations and of sofa and coffee table style combinations.

          My biggest annoyance was the presence of televisions and their associated speakers scattered all around the area and never, ever turned off despite the minimum number of people actually in there. Had I been on a short stay, the televisions would have put me off going in there for a meal or a drink. I can't bear T.V. in restaurants. I can't bear T.V. accompanying a meal at home much less somewhere I am paying to sit. As this was the only place for us to go to escape the claustrophobia of the room, I could have really done without it.


          As with any Travelodge, the rooms are basic but comfortable. For a short stay in London, the rooms are very well designed, practical and feel fairly spacious. They feel less spacious when you are both permanently stuck in there, bouncing off the walls because you are too skint to go out, and surrounded by everything you own.

          The room contains a very comfortable double bed, a clothing storage area which is a good size for two people on a weekend break. A dressing table area complete with mirror and hairdryer. There is a T.V and a radio alarm in the room as well as a kettle with enough supplies to each have a coffee and a tea. This was replenished regularly, although we had brought in our own too to make sure we have enough to keep us going.

          The rooms feature an en-suite bathroom which contains a toilet, sink and shower. The shower cubicle is a very good size and the shower itself felt sufficiently powerful. There was adequate space in the bathroom to store your small bag of toiletries. As is the way with all Travelodges, you are not provided with any complementary toiletry items, with the exception of a bar of soap for the sink. This is no problem, however, as these are not expensive items, nor difficult to bring with you, and helps to keep the cost of the room relatively low.

          The rooms, as mentioned above, are fitted with double glazed windows, and the sound proofing from the corridor is not as bad as I have experienced elsewhere in other hotels. Of course this could be just because I couldn't hear much over the traffic!

          The room was exceptionally hot and difficult to cool down. Bring light nightwear if you plan to visit here in the summer!

          The only facility I would have liked in the room that was not there would have been a small fridge. I would have this criteria even if only there for the weekend as I like to be able to chill my drinks. Of course, by actually living there the fridge would have been wonderful, if only to store milk for coffee or cereal.


          The room and the bathroom were immaculate when we 'moved in' and the level of cleanliness seemed pretty high - especially in comparison to the Comfort Inn in Harrow where we moved to for a bit (have to keep with the cheapest rates!) before moving back to the Wembley Travelodge. Perhaps I'll review that hotel one day too.

          However, I did make an observation that can only be made if you stay somewhere for an excessive amount of time. The rooms are cleaned very well for you checking in, but are then given a less thorough clean during your stay (understandable, as most people are there for only a night or two so not much builds up and it makes sense to clean the rooms deeper when they are devoid of resident clutter). As they are given a bit of clean, this doesn't become evident until you've been there a while. It is the bathroom I noticed it in mostly and perhaps the need for a bit more of a dust in the actual room. However, I do appreciate we had WAY more stuff in our room than the average visitor and you did have to kind of pick your way through all our clutter.

          They replace the towels in the bathroom if you leave them on the floor, but not if you hang them back up. Whenever we left them for replacement, they were always replaced with nice clean fresh towels.

          I didn't notice a problem with the sheets either and I believe they were changed fairly regularly. I didn't set up an intricate testing to find out. The way I see it is that at home I wouldn't change my sheets every day but I would change them before they got dirty or smelly. This is therefore the standard I expect. Any more frequent, although nice, is bad for the environment and not really necessary. This standard was definitely achieved and I was satisfied with the service.


          We basically booked into the Travelodge a week at a time, extending by a week every Friday whilst we waited for our house purchase to go through. This allowed us to keep an eye on the rates both here at alternative hotels in the West London area. This did confuse the staff slightly and the surprise that someone would actually want to stay for another whole week was not really concealed.

          We did attempt to get discounts for long duration of stay, but were informed that Travelodge do not do this. We had trouble finding this kind of deal anywhere.

          Online Booking Tip

          If you are booking a trip with this, or any Travelodge, on line and want to make use of the very cheap rooms they have occasionally my big tip is to book each night separately. This is because the site looks for 'blocks' so it may prevent you getting the cheapest rates.

          E.g. you want 2 nights, Friday and Saturday.

          You search for £9 rooms for Friday and Saturday, it says none available, but we can do £19 per night - you book it, total cost £38

          You search for just Friday, it says, yes got a room for £9. You search for Saturday, it says none available, can do £19 - book both separately, total cost £28. Bingo!

          Thanks for reading

          © Bondgirlk8 - December 2008


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