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Travelodge Milton Keynes Central

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3 Reviews

Travelodge Milton Keynes Central Hotel / 199 Grafton Gate / Milton Keynes MK9 1AL / Tel: 0871 984 6199

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    3 Reviews
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      01.06.2009 12:43
      Very helpful



      would stay again but not on saturday night

      Travelodge Milton Keynes Central. Having booked an activity day at Xscape in Milton Keynes we wanted to make sure we had done everything we wanted to do before going home. The best solultion was stay over night, that way we could have a few drinkies and enjoy the evening before heading home the next day. I looked at the Travelodge Milton Keynes Central and it looked in a perfect location, 1.5 miles from the Xscape but far enough away from the hustle and bustle.

      The price was even better as they had a special offer on at the time of booking so we got a room for £35 for the 3 of us which was great. This saved us from having a 3hour journey home feeling tired at the end of the day esp after being up since 5.30am.

      We arrived at the hotel at 3pm which was the check in time, i handed over my booking confirmation. (I must say the receptionist wasn't the most helpful of people and came across quite rude.) She finally gave us our key and we headed off towards our room on the ground floor. The corridor was very narrow and the housekeeping had their large trolleys dotted all the way down the corridor, it just didn't look very nice.

      Our room was actually very nice, comfy bed and comfy sofa. There was a flat screen TV in the room and tea and coffee making facilities and the bathroom was basic but clean. However there was no telephone but did not bother us. For what we wanted the room for it was perfect for the one night.

      We came back to our room at approx 9.30pm, we were very tired but had had a fun filled day. WE chilled out in the room watching tv before heading to bed around 11pm. There was some noise from other guests staying who were getting ready but we thought it would quiet down after they had gone out, which it did. However another group had checked in and constantly all night bar an hour or so there was shouting, banging, slamming of doors and running up and down the corridors. This is not what we needed after a long day. Not once did a member of staff ask them to be quiet or to stop this. We were very unhappy as we would not of been the only people that was disturbed by this all night.

      When we left there was no one at the desk for us to air our dissapointment so we just left our key and headed home very tired.

      It was a great shame that we had all this noise as we felt the hotel room was perfect and if we had a good night sleep would of been perfect.

      I would recommend the hotel but maybe not on a saturday night.


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      18.01.2009 03:15
      Very helpful



      An awful place that needs a re fit!

      Travelodge Milton Keynes

      NIGHTS: 1

      ** REASON FOR STAY **

      We are part of a car club who were attending TRAX motorshow. This was the nearest travelodge that could take 20 of us and wasn't fully booked. Also we wanted a bit of night life for the night before so decided milton keynes would be okay.

      ** PRICES/BOOKING **

      The booking was made by someone else but when i have booked with travelodge before its always been very easy using their online booking system.
      We paid £19 per room in the £19 sale that had been on earlier in the year.

      ** LOCATION **

      The hotel is situated just off of one of the main roads in milton Keynes, its very easy to miss and we actually drove right past it and had to turn around and come back. Mainly because it looks like offices and nothing like a travelodge.
      The hotel is in quite a good location, and only a 10 minute walk to all the local pubs and restaurants that Milton Keynes offer.

      ** PARKING **

      Parking for this place is a complete nightmare.. it does say when booking that parking is very limited and well they are right! It wasn't so bad when we arrived because we arrived early and got a space quite easily.. But when the rest of the car club turned up 3 hours later it wasn't easy, especially because we had a big transit van to park as well.
      We asked the reception about parking and they said to park out on the road etc.. well most people were worried to do that in case they got a ticket, so people were making up their own spaces.. which was not fun in the morning..
      I definitely suggest getting there early and leaving later in the morning..

      ** RECEPTION **

      Well what can i say.. i think a bunch of monkeys would be more organised than the people who were running this hotel!
      When we arrived we were without the person who made the booking.. he was turning up in a few hours.. well it was raining outside and we had no idea where we were so we weren't going to wait like he suggested doing... We explained this to him and he asked us to "guess" the information that was given when all the rooms were booked.. To be fair we don't know the person that well and he wanted us to guess his address, phone number, credit card details etc..
      This was madness.. we managed to convince him we weren't going to be running off with the not so white towels and bible any time soon! So he let us have 1 of the rooms.
      It seems everyone else had the same problems..
      Later on when we came back from our night out we were peckish so we paid for a few items out of the vending machine.. they didnt come out, so the reception guy (same one as before) literally started kicking the vending machine and going slightly mad trying to get the items out for us.. he knocked loads of other items out too and kept them for himself..

      ** OUR ROOM **

      Well i know travelodge is basic we don't expect much more for £19 but what we found was something that looked like a setting of a horror film.. lol okay not quite that bad but it wasn't pleasant.
      The room consisted of a bed, desk, mirror, chair, wardrobe, kettle,tea, coffee etc.
      The bed: if you could call it that.. the legs were broken and it was half on the floor, the mattress was no thicker than a pillow and we only had 1 pillow each and i had a sock that was thicker.. the sheets had some very very suspicious looking stains on them!
      The mirror was more like a piece of glass, the chair had holes in the material, the net at the window was so dirty!
      The bathroom wasn't much better i am afraid.. there was a toilet which had seen better days, the sink was falling apart with a big crack in it, the shower over the bath was very powerful but the shower curtain was so filthy i think we would of got dirtier for having a shower.. so we opted to having a wash with my own flannels.
      The towels we were given looked like they had been washed with coal and didn't smell much better..

      ** CHECK OUT **

      Couldn't come soon enough and was easy enough as we just handed our key over , told them how disgusting the room was they just shrugged and didn't seem to care and then we legged it lol.
      Getting out of the car park was NOT FUN!


      Travelodge need to charge £19 to get anyone in there, it needs a big time refit.. it wasn't just our room we looked at the other 9 rooms that we had and some were worse than ours.
      I would not stay there again in a hurry unless i was desperate.
      The only good thing about the hotel is that its close to the pubs etc.
      The staff are incompetent, it smells and its dirty.
      I know people will say "what do you expect for £19" but that's silly because other nights they charge £50 and over for them and people must pay it! I feel for them...
      Please do some work on the place travelodge!


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        08.10.2007 13:52
        Very helpful



        Recommended? Only if you take ear plugs, otherwise forget it!

        I had reason to stay overnight in Milton Keynes recently as I was attending a one day training course which required a prompt 9am start. As I live about 55 miles away, I did not want to battle with the M1 first thing in the morning as there are roadworks going on which will take another 18 months or so and would make a normally 90 minute journey potentially 3 hours long and I am NOT a morning person!

        Doing a quick browse on the net, I found the Travelodge in Milton Keynes at £26 a night which seemed a real bargain and it was only minutes away from the training centre I needed to attend in the morning. It was extremely easy to book the room online with my credit card; it took literally a couple of minutes and I received a confirmation email back straight away with a booking reference number. All I would have was basically check in on the date of my stay.

        Come the day of my stay, I got to Milton Keynes at about 3pm and visited some friends for the afternoon/evening. My friends have 3 small children under 10 and having spent a lovely day playing with the kids and a lovely time chatting with my friends, I set off for the hotel. My friend insisted on driving there in her car and have me follow her as she was convinced I would get lost in the weird road infrastructure that is Central Milton Keynes. Thank God I listened to her as it was amazing how every road looked the same and how many roundabouts we passed - I would certainly have got lost.

        Checking in to the hotel was very easy. It was about 9pm and the young lady at reception was extremely friendly and helpful. She asked if I'd come from far away and said that she had grown up near where I live. She asked if I wanted a breakfast box for £4.50 as there was no restaurant in the hotel. She showed me a list of what was in the box and for a box of cereal, carton of milk, carton of orange juice, a healthy snack bar, some wheat and fruit biscuits and dried fruit in a packet, £4.50 seemed like a good price. I was advised that the breakfast box would be left outside my room after 5am some time. The very helpful receptionist also explained how the parking system worked in Milton Keynes for when I went to my course in the morning. The hotel has it's own car park which is free for guests and she even said I could leave my car there during the day if I wished to as they did not take people's registration numbers when they checked in. This seemed a bit haphazard to me and I didn't want to risk it as a) I didn't know how far away the training centre was, b) the weather was quite windy and wet and c) knowing my luck I'd get a parking ticket! I noticed that the entrance to the hotel did not seem to be wheelchair friendly at all.

        Before I caught the lift I noticed a drinks vending machine at reception as well as a snacks vending machine but did not really take much notice of the prices, apart from the fact that they did not seem overly steep.

        I caught the lift up to my room - I was not impressed with the lift, it seemed quite old and run down but it got me up to the first floor easily enough. As I had asked for a smoking room it seemed to be the farthest room away from the lift. I was pretty tired and couldn't wait to get inside my room and was hoping it wouldn't be too awful considering it was only £26 a night. I had been given one of those fiddly key card things they seem to give you in most hotels these days and after trying it 4 or 5 times without success I was getting quite frustrated and not relishing the thought of having to traipse all the way back down to reception when the door clicked and opened! Relief! As I walked into the room the first thing I noticed was the large wardrobe area and ample hangers available to hang clothes as well as lots of shelf space and a spare pillow for the bed. The room was large and spacious with a double bed which seemed as if it might be a king size bed and a huge sofa. There was a table which was big enough to be a dressing table, house the kettle and tea/coffee, etc, as well as the TV. The bathroom was nothing to jump up and down about but it was clean and had a bath/shower with one bath towel, one hand towel and a small bar of soap. It was quite a sparse bathroom; but enough for my needs.

        The carpet in the bedroom was clean and a dark blue unassuming print (not at all like my most recent stay at the Splash Landings hotel at Alton Towers where the carpet and bedcovers were a shocking array of tacky colours). The sofa was also dark blue and quite comfortable for the few minutes I sat on it to try it out! The walls of the room were peach and beige, quite relaxing colours and when I sat on the bed before changing to my nightclothes I was impressed that it seemed very soft.

        Having a quick shower before changing into my nightwear I was a bit surprised to notice that the tiling on the bathroom walls was a bit grimy. I wished I had an old toothbrush with me to give the tiles a good scrubbing but I didn't so I didn't! The room temperature was just perfect so I didn't feel cold when stepping out of the shower, the curtain was just the right length so as not to interfere with my shower and ensure water didn't drip onto the floor. There was a nice handy grip bar to hold onto as you step out of the shower which was a good safety feature.

        I picked up the remote and placed it on the bedside table as I wanted to have a read of a book I was close to finishing and thought if I finished it I would watch some TV. The bed was very comfortable and I was very happy with my bargain priced hotel at this stage! I ended up watching a film till just after midnight, keeping the volume down as low as possible as you never know how much you can hear in neighbouring rooms and I didn't want to disturb anyone else.

        I fell asleep shortly after the film finished only to be rudely awakened what seemed like moments later, I looked at my phone and it was 1am. I heard a door slamming several times and hoped that was the end of that. Not so; as every time I fell asleep I was woken by the sound of doors being slammed. At 3am I actually got out of bed and went to look through the door's peephole into the corridor to see if I could spot who was doing all the slamming. I could see no one, I opened my door and stuck my head out, looked left and right, saw no one and heard nothing... until I got back into my bed and dozed off and was woken again by the sound of slamming doors. This basically went on all night and it was 6.30am when I last looked at the time on my phone before nodding off and waking up to my alarm at 7.30am. I was extremely annoyed and tired and very miffed about having such a nice comfortable bed and not being able to sleep properly in it! I would add that there are no phones in the room to call down to reception to complain which I would have done had there been a phone and in the paperwork I had I could not find the phone number for the hotel to even call them from my mobile phone.

        One other thing I should mention is that the room had ample lighting, I've stayed in some hotels where you can switch on every light and lamp in the room and still feel in the dark but here the lighting was just right for my needs, not too much and not too little! There was a ceiling light, a lamp at the dresser and a bed light either side of the bed with conveniently placed switches.

        I found my breakfast box outside my room which was nicer than I had expected but just had time to have cereal and bagged the rest of the stuff to eat later as I didn't want to be late and I was planning to have words with the receptionist about the noisy goings on during the night. When I got to reception at 8.20am the desk was not manned and there were several room keys which had just been left there so I sighed and just left my room key there too and left the hotel feeling very tired.

        I can't honestly fault the bedroom - it was clean and comfortable and relaxing. The bathroom was fine apart from the somewhat grimy tiles but the ambience of the hotel itself, with the noisy doors slamming during the night was totally unacceptable. There should be better sound-proofing, I honestly can't imagine why people would be slamming doors ALL night, but having had a sleepless night I will not consider staying there again.

        The address and contact numbers for this Travelodge:
        199 Grafton Gate
        Milton Keynes
        MK9 1AL
        Tel: 0871 984 6199
        Fax: 01908 241737

        Website for bookings:

        The hotel is ¼ mile from Milton Keynes railway station and 15 miles from Luton Airport. Milton Keynes shopping - The Centre is a 10 minute walk from the hotel and the theatre area is a 15 minute walk. You can specify smoking or non-smoking rooms when booking and WiFi is also available. You can also specify disabled when booking a room.

        I just noticed this disclaimer on the booking page: "Due to this hotels central location, there may be some street noise, especially at weekends" which really doesn't give me any satisfaction as having had prior warning as I stayed there on a Sunday night and the noises were coming from inside the hotel not outside!

        Some Travelodge hotels allow you to book and pay in advance at a rate of £15 a night but you must book well in advance (at least 21 days) and are non-refundable and non-transferable. I stayed at the "Saver" rate of £26 which is also non-refundable and non-transferable and need to be booked at least 7 days in advance. If you book 4 days in advance rooms are available at £39 or £49 depending on where you stay. Some Travelodge hotels have bars/restaurants available but the one I stayed at in Central Milton Keynes did not - as mentioned earlier, just vending machines and breakfast boxes can be ordered the night before to be left outside your room during the early hours of the morning.

        Overall I'd rate the hotel as 6 out of 10, had I had a good night's sleep the rating would have been nearer 9 out of 10 for comfort and convenience and a good price!

        I might also add that I received a customer satisfaction survey shortly after staying at the hotel but was not given enough opportunity to give any real feedback as I was just asked for a rating out of 10 and could not leave any contact details for anyone to come back to me regarding my feedback!

        n.b. Also published on ciao.co.uk under the same username


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