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Devoncove Hotel (Glasgow)

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931 Sauchiehall Street / Glasgow / G3 7TQ / Tel: + 44 (0) 141 334 4000 / Fax: + 44 (0) 141 339 9000.

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    2 Reviews
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      13.12.2009 17:20
      Not Helpful



      great value hote

      This isnt a 5 star hotel but does not claim to be its value for money and a clean room to rest your head after a night out in glasgow, rooms are massive and simple with bed, bathroom, tea and coffee making facilties what more do you need and if you want more than this then this is not the hotel for you. I would recommend it as there was no bad points we were just looking for a place to get ready for a night out and to sleep off the effects. You can get a really good deal on rooms for the Devoncove hotel on the internet we paid £45 for a twin room for one night. There is a nice wee bar downstairs the prices are ok it serves bar food and their restaurant was opening this year wasnt open at the time we were staying. The hotel is a bit away from the main areas from the pub clubs shopping areas so maybe a bit of a walk involved but a taxi would take a coupke of mins and wont cost too much we got a taxi again were in heels, the hotel is nearer the west end of Glasgow which has a number of bars and clubs its a more cosmopolitan area of the city I would say the west end is a more up market area than the city centre.


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        20.09.2006 08:28
        Very helpful



        Great value for money

        A few weeks ago, a group of us from Ciao decided to all meet up in Glasgow for the weekend and this is the hotel where we decided to stay. This review also appears over there where there are pictures too.

        ***Choosing A Hotel***

        My bloke and I decided that to make the most of a chance of a weekend away we would like to stay both on the Friday and the Saturday nights in Glasgow. This would give us a well-deserved break away from the kiddies and give us more time to get to know some of the other mad members of the squadron that is known as Ciao.

        We don't have a lot of spare cash at the moment so something cheap and cheerful was what we were looking for as well as having parking available, as so many of the city centre hotels don't have their own parking. After looking around on various websites we came across www.laterooms.com and found a page about The Devoncove Hotel. We typed in the dates and type of room we were looking for and found that the price was one we really liked so after a quick look at the pictures of it and some reviews on other sites, we decided to go ahead and book.

        ***What It Has***

        Now as we were only staying for 2 days we didn't really use many of the services available but for those of you who are looking for special services then the list is pretty extensive. There is a TV in each room along with a hairdryer, tea making facilities and a private safe. There are then opportunities to get a cot in your room, ironing equipment, a trouser press, a safety deposit box, fax and Internet facilities as well as the usual ones like being able to give you a wake up call.

        Most importantly for us was the promise of a private car park at the back of the hotel which said that it had enough space for 44 cars. I would say that this would maybe be a bit generous and that you might get them all in but it would be difficult to get out again. Luckily we had no problems getting parked although there were quite a lot of pot holes in the car park and it had been raining heavily when we arrived so you do have to be careful to dodge them when walking round to the front of the hotel.

        ***Getting There***

        We were getting there from Arbroath so drove onto the M8 from the M80. This hotel is situated on Sauchiehall Street, but at the far end from all the shops so the easiest way to get there is to come off the M8 at the Charing Cross junction, keep going along Berkeley Street until you see the Elderslie Street. This should be the 2nd on the right. When you come to a give way sign, turn left and you should be on Sauchiehall Street. The Devoncove is on the corner of the 3rd block along and the parking is down the side of Derby Street.

        The hotel is about 2 miles from the centre of Glasgow but there are bus stops just outside the hotel and you can buy cheap all day tickets if you are going to be heading into town a lot. Be aware that after a certain time at night these buses stop and night buses take over. We didn't actually use the night bus but opted for a taxi back both after both nights out and we were less than £5 from Central Station to the hotel by this method of transport.


        When we first arrived, I must admit that I wondered if we had done the right thing as the hotel looked a little bit shabby from the outside. It was raining though and everything looked pretty dismal at that point. We parked our car in the car park and waded through the puddles to the reception steps. As we walked through the doors we were greeted by a bright and comfortable reception area which had big leather sofas to the right.

        When we approached the desk, we were welcomed by a friendly smiling receptionist, who quickly took our details and informed us of the room we were to be staying in. She told us that breakfast was to be served between 7.30 and 9.30 and asked whether we would require a wake up call. I said that wouldn't be necessary, as we are always early risers anyway. While I was booking in my bloke went out to the car for the bags and the receptionist took the details of our car and informed me that there were details on the shelf of buses, taxi numbers and other attractions in the area. She also said that if we required anything else we could contact reception via the phone in our room and that it was manned 24 hours a day.

        Whilst waiting I noticed the lovely wooden floors, the beautiful corniced ceilings and the comfortable looking leather sofas and decided to have a seat and relax whilst my bloke struggled in the rain with the bags. After all that's what he was there for, wasn't it. A couple of minutes later he re-appeared and the helpful receptionist directed us to the lift. It was only a small lift and wouldn't have held many people but there was plenty of room for the two of us.

        The hotel's decorations continued to be in blue and cream upstairs as it had been in the reception area and this gave off a very calming feeling. Along the lobby walls were photographs and pictures of old Glasgow and these were very interesting to look at as we wandered along to the very end of the corridor.

        ***The Room***

        Using the keycard we opened the door to find a beautifully, big room, again furnished in blue and cream decoration. It was a bright and airy room with big windows along the far side and a lot of floor space around the bed. No bumping into the walls when we got up disorientated in the middle of the night.

        To the left of the entrance was a decent sized bathroom with a bath combined with a shower, a toilet and a small sink. There was also a heated towel rail on the wall too. Instantly looking for freebies I noticed that there was actually a dispenser on the wall of the bath area for soap, shower gel, shampoo and conditioner. I guess this is one of the reasons for the cheaper price. There was also a small bar of soap at the sink area. One thing we did notice was that it was all lovely and clean and the towels were the type that once you wrap yourself in, you don't want to get out of again.

        To the right of the entrance and along the main wall of the room was an open plan hanging area followed by built in shelves and drawers, which was where we found the safe. Now we couldn't actually get the safe to work, as someone had not reset it with the room number as they should have done and they had shut it too. When we asked about this we were told that we could leave any valuables in a safety deposit box.

        Along from this was the dressing table are where the hair dryer, television and tea making facilities were. Again all this area was immaculate and we couldn't have asked for better.

        Across from the dressing table area was the large king size bed, something that we were looking forward to using as it's not often we manage to escape from the kids. I'll skip those details except to say that it was very comfortable and we both had a couple of good night's sleep without being wakened at 6am by a 4-year-old jumping on top of us.

        We unpacked our clothes quickly and after a rapid change decided to walk down to meet the others for a drink or two as we were running a little bit late. Two miles didn't seem to be too far until we started to walk there, and it wasn't too bad when we wandered down the next morning when it was lovely and sunny, but in the rain we started to wonder what we had done as it is quite a trek. We arrived at the pub a little bit dishevelled but happy to see people we knew online.

        After a great night out we arrived back at around midnight and we were again informed that if we needed anything to call down. We asked if we could have some more tea and milk as we had used some earlier and the concierge brought some to us immediately. After a good night's sleep we awoke around seven and decided to have a shower before going down to breakfast.

        I'm always a little bit dubious about using other people's showers but this one was very easy to use, with a very good temperature control dial and a powerful spray. Luckily I had brought all my own toiletries though as the only dispenser that had anything in it was the soap and as I was already wet in the shower, it wouldn't have been too great to get someone to come and re-fill them at that moment. We then dressed and rushed down to get the pick of the breakfast.

        ***The Breakfast***

        I love sitting down to a big breakfast and there was a great selection to choose from in this large and bright dining area. As we entered the room we could see a selection of cereals to the left and some fresh croissants too. In front of us, along the window area, was a selection of bread, both white and wholemeal, and a couple of 4 slice toasters. To the right of this area was a chilled section with fresh orange and grapefruit segments as well as some yoghurt, milk and chilled fresh orange juice. To the right of the entrance was the cooked area with a selection of bacon, sausage, mushrooms, scrambled egg, beans and black pudding to choose from. There was also a coffee machine and small pots of tea there too.

        The tables were mostly set out for 4 people but there were a couple of larger circular tables which seated up to 8 people. Unfortunately there didn't seem to be a cosy table for 2 but as we were down early it was still very quiet and we had a table to ourselves.

        I started with a croissant whilst James decided to try some grapefruit segments. We both thought that a glass of orange juice would be a good way to get some vitamin C into us for the day ahead.

        After we had polished those off, we hungrily eyed up the cooked section. This was the only bit of the breakfast area that had serving staff, as the rest was self-serviced. After picking up a nicely warmed up plate, I chose a couple of sausages, some bacon and some scrambled eggs to go with the toast that James was taking care of at the time. He then went up and had a bit of everything with the exception of the beans.

        Polishing it all off with a cup of tea we realised that the room was starting to get busy and decided to head back upstairs to get ready to go and have a look round the shops before meeting up with everyone again.

        Breakfast on the Sunday morning was exactly the same although we were a bit later in getting down and all the croissants had gone by then. There was still plenty of everything else though but we had to share a table, which wasn't as nice as the previous morning. The food was just as good though and we couldn't complain about it in any way.

        ***Checking Out***

        We didn't have to check out until 11am so we had plenty of time to finish packing and have a rest before setting off to the shops again before heading home.

        Again the staff were efficient and helpful and asked if we had enjoyed our stay. We had to agree that we had and although the little things like the missing shower gel were noted, they didn't make our stay any less enjoyable.

        ***My Thoughts***

        For the price I have to say that I was most impressed with this 3 star hotel. It had everything we required to make our stay pleasant and we were more than happy with the large room and the ample breakfast we had.

        The hotel also had a lounge bar and you could get light meals from this area during the day and evening. We didn't actually have a drink at the bar as we were out most of the time but it looked lovely with wooden floors and comfortable seating areas. It also had lovely lighting, which gave it a cosy feeling to it.

        The staff throughout the hotel were both friendly and helpful and we couldn't complain on the service we received. They seemed happy to answer any questions and gave us their full attention at all times when we needed help.

        The only downside to the hotel was that it was quite noisy outside for a while at night as we had a room looking out over Sauchiehall Street. This didn't bother us too much as we had a couple of drinks to help us sleep and we were tired from all the walking about and excitement from meeting new people. If you are a light sleeper you might want to request a room that looks out at the back.


        We paid £110 in total for a double room with breakfast for 2 nights starting on a Friday but looking at prices online these can vary up to £85 per night for a double, so it does pay to shop around. There are also singles, twins and triple rooms available again with rates varying depending which company you book through.

        ***Other Information***

        This hotel is currently upgrading and guests will soon have the chance to use the new complimentary gym and spa/Jacuzzi when they stay. It is due to open later this year, along with a restaurant that will be available for guests or for visitors to the hotel.

        The website is great to give you an idea of what it all looks like and has a 360 degree Virtual Tour facility which shows everything from reception to the bedrooms. It also gives a full list of the facilities and prices.


        The Devoncove Hotel
        931 Sauchiehall Street
        G3 7TQ

        Tel: 0141 334 4000
        Fax: 0141 334 9000


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      • Product Details

        The Devoncove Hotel, is a luxury boutique hotel located on Glasgow's bustling Sauchiehall Street. This B'Listed Building with striking Victorian façade, is a contemporary three-star property nestled directly between the City's cosmopolitan Centre and the stylish West End. The Devoncove Hotel is also within close proximity to Glasgow theatres, entertainment venues and the city's diverse selection of retail emporia lending to its position as one of Glasgow's premiere hotels for city breaks.

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