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Boringdon Hall Hotel (Colebrook)

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Address: Colebrook, Plympton, Plymouth PL7 4DP / Telephone:+44(0)1752 344455

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    1 Review
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      19.04.2008 00:54
      Very helpful



      It's your special day - you desrve better!

      Two years ago my partner and I got engaged. We looked for a few weeks at suitable venues. We wanted something affordable but with character, we were keen on an all in one venue where we could have the civil service and reception without having to worry about transport.

      After a few visits to other places we decided on Boringdon Hall.

      We wanted a place with character - Boringdon Hall had plenty of that. Its a 956AD building with links to Henry the 8th.

      We wanted an affordable day - at first Boringdon seemed like the ideal place.

      We didn't want to worry about a thing on our day - Boringdon had a 'dedicated' wedding co-ordinator.

      We had made up our minds Boringdon Hall it was. We came away from the visit feeling thoroughly excited I couldn't wait. At home we talked about details such as colour scheme, which month to get married in and which year. Things couldn't seem more perfect but we came back down to earth with a thump when we thought back to what the wedding co-ordinator had told us "You will need to put a deposit down this week else we can't guarantee any dates.

      We looked through the dates she had free and finally decided on the 14th June 2008. We then arranged another visit to pay the deposit and sign a booking form. Now within a week £500 was a lot to find however we were assured by the woman that this deposit was just to secure a date and if we later changed our minds she would work with us to sort it out. So great we paid the deposit and signed a 'bride/groom details form'.

      A few months passed and we got in touch with Boringdon as we wanted our parents to see the place. When we contacted the hotel there was another co-ordinator working there so we had to meet another person and go through our details again. Still my parents loved the place. As dads do my dad had a laugh and a joke behind the top table and we all seemed to get on well, so despite the change in co-ordinators things were not messed up too bad.

      Another 3 months later a nasty event happened involving a majority of my family, there was no way we could possibly go ahead with the wedding so soon after so we contacted them to change the date. They were fairly helpful, but yet again we had another co-ordinator. This co-ordinator seemed rather fussy and not too sure on what she was doing so this gave me a few concerns.

      A month later we had more bad news my dad lost his job and we would have to cancel the wedding altogether. We were stressed and upset to be cancelling but remembered what the first co-ordinator had said. We would be able to get our money back. My dad decided to visit one day to discuss the situation. The wedding co-ordinator had no idea what to say or do so passed it onto the general manager to deal with.

      He listened to my dad and was very sympathetic. He said to my dad that he was very sorry to hear the circumstances and if he could fill the date then we could have the FULL deposit back. This gave us some hope as the financial situation was scary at that time and £500 was very useful. The promise made by the general manager did give us lots of hope. At that same time my dad did suggest using the money towards their 25th wedding anniversary or using it for my Nan's 80th birthday. We would have been able to have a nice family meal and accommodation for £500. The general manager however said that there was no need and we could have the money.

      Fast forward 10 months and the date was booked by someone else but that promise didn't stand and the owner of Boringdon Hall said that the general manager had no right to say we could have the money and it was tough. Now my dad fought it saying that a verbal agreement had been made so as a 'gesture of goodwill' they would give us part of the payment and we received £250 back.

      We were not happy because we could have spent the £500 on a nice anniversary weekend/ 80th birthday treat. We were lied to and such a company/hotel should not be trusted.

      We are pleased we did not have our wedding at Boringdon as I have since heard some very bad comments about the food, rooms and service. A few mates have been spoken to like dirt and wedding co-ordinators have come and gone.

      I would not be keen to plan my special day with one co-ordinator to find that a few weeks later another person has taken the job. I was impressed with the Bridal Suite and the gardens. Boringdon is a truly marvellous building in a gorgeous setting but the people who work in it could do with a few lessons in honesty and team work. It's all very well getting married in a gorgeous building but another thing getting married around 'professionals' who are not professional.

      The prices are rather high in comparison to similar venues. The food is overpriced and does not taste particularly great. This was something that had concerned us prior to the wedding but we are now glad that we do not have to worry about poor food. Prices to stay over night are quite high and the hotel is slightly out of the way of public transport.

      The rooms are overpriced guest house rooms, lacking any real character. The floral bed sheets and dirty carpets are what I would expect to see in a holiday park / 2* guest house. We were amazed by the Bridal Suite but the other rooms seemed to lack any real character.

      The fact that Boringdon Hall prides itself on weddings and considers itself a famous wedding venue I am surprised that they care so little for their customers. I have resumed my search for a cheaper venue and there are at least 20 venues locally that surpass that of Boringdon Hall, so fame is not always a selling factor in my eyes.

      Whilst I appreciate the £250 'gesture of goodwill' I resent the lies and deceit that came with it, and being a member of a few wedding forums the best I can do is discourage future brides and grooms from having the hell I have had with Boringdon Hall. It's a shame as the place had a real potential.


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      Book more than your accommodations. Boringdon Hall is a beautiful place for weddings, banquets and relaxation.

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