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Puri Dalem Hotel (Sanur, Bali)

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Address: Jalan Hangtuah 23 / 3224

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    1 Review
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      27.12.2012 11:54
      Very helpful



      a tranquil hotel in Sanur, Bali

      I visited Bali this year and it was a fantastic holiday but one of the main things that add to a holiday is the accommodation. Now, I didn't choose this hotel myself, it was part of my itinerary on my holiday but it definitely was a great place to stay. I stayed in two different rooms at this particular hotel on my trip so feel I can give a fair review, looking at two completely different room types. When you look at images of Puri Dalem, it looks beautiful and like paradise but the prices aren't too high which is surprising. When I arrived here, it looked slightly different from what I expected but I'd say it looked even nicer when I got here and saw it for myself.


      When you first pull up at Puri Dalem, it is a good drive from the airport, from what I remember about 45 minutes or roughly 30, I can't exactly remember but it is in Sanur. Sanur is a place nearby the beach and has well known restaurants and shops nearby. You have a few shops across the road, a Dunkin Donuts and KFC on the corner here and a large supermarket but also some great authentic Balinese warungs too. This hotel is in a good location to get to things and you can walk to the beach easily. When pulling up to this hotel it is on quite a busy road but don't let this put you off as it wasn't at all noisy but quite the opposite from what I expected.

      You pull into the hotel and then you are at the reception area which has a seating area and it is full of trees, flowers and a restaurant area as well as the pools which can be seen. The staff are welcoming right away and very polite upon check in. You can see the sign giving the wi-fi code, the signal was ok for me but not the strongest unless you stayed in the lobby while surfing but for free I couldn't complain. What Puri Dalem offers is a tranquil base for travellers set in foliage and a pretty setting as well as a resting place for business people as they do have meeting facilities and while here I saw a few people working and using the conference room.

      Now, when getting the keys for the room, I did notice this hotel has a lot of rooms, it is considered a budget hotel but for this category it does look great. On my first few nights, I was given one of the huts to stay in, some are in a better location than others, when I got my keys it was quite a walk and far back behind the second of the swimming pools. Staff are polite while walking through the hotel and someone will take your bags if you want, there are people constantly walking around taking care of the grounds. Upon getting to my room, there are two wooden carved doors which did have the slightest gap between the doors which I didn't like as for privacy I didn't want people to see in.

      There are a lot of ants on the floor when you get to the hut, you get a slight porch area and seats and a table outside but I didn't use these. Inside the beds were very clean looking, comfortable mattresses, there was space to lay suitcases, a small dressing table, tea and coffee making facilities and a wardrobe area. The room was quite basic but it was fine as there was air conditioning too which wasn't the quietest but I was thankful to have it with the heat. Now, this room was good but the bathroom wasn't so great, the floor wasn't the cleanest nor was the window and there were ants crawling around. Some towels and toilet roll were left and this was ok.

      The water was warm enough in here and a glass was given at the sink with some toiletries. I didn't like the bathroom very much in this room, it seemed so extreme from the room. Now, when I went to sleep it didn't take me too long, however when I found an ant crawling on my pillow I nearly had a fit and this made me uneasy for about an hour. I then caught sight of a small gecko like lizard crawling around but this didn't bother me so much and I soon realised in Bali this was just the norm. I did sleep well once I got to sleep in here and it was a comfortable room but the cleanliness could have been better on the huts as it wasn't impressive.


      I didn't mind the breakfast here, it was ok but nothing amazing. I only ever ate breakfast here but all staff serving it were very kind and helpful. On offer was fresh fruit which is what I stuck to mostly, there were some meats, Bali tradition which could be quite spicy, a lot of savoury things like rice which is common in Bali but for us Brits seems very odd. There were some things I didn't know what they were at all but it did vary and wasn't the same on both stays. There were fruit juices or you could get hot drinks if you fancied them, it really depended on what you wanted and they had pastries out a few times as well which I enjoyed.


      Around the hotel it is nice and if you do need any information, the staff speak good English and will always help you out. They will phone a taxi if you need one to go anywhere also which is handy. Also, the grounds are well looked after and there are two swimming pools which are nice, there is one with some fountains pouring into it and then a deeper pool, both were quite empty, the water was clean with the odd insects floating around but it was a very nice pool and very refreshing. I liked the pool here, the surroundings are so pretty you are just glad to be here and there are sun loungers around the pool if you want to lie out to catch a tan.

      The dining area is very nice and quite a good size whether you want to sit around in the day time as you can also pick up the wi-fi from the restaurant too which is handy. There are ramps around here if you need to wheel your case through to the lobby from here also.


      So, when I went for a different room upon coming back to Puri Dalem, it seemed like a different experience as I was given one of the rooms in the block rather than the huts and these seemed so much higher end. The bathroom was so much cleaner with a decent shower and a bath tub and the sink area and everything was just so much more modern looking. No sign of any ants in this room and the beds were pretty much the same but still comfortable. I had a TV in this room which had a great signal and a telephone and a balcony which had a nice view over the pool and two chairs and a table to sit out and look out on the view.

      This room had a mini fridge and just seemed so much better and a lot more clean. There are a few sockets in rooms but you just need to be careful as the electricity went when I was staying here however once staff were informed they were fixed right away so there wasn't any problems. This hotel thankfully seemed better this time once I had this room and the usual air con was in this room but I felt happier to leave clothing lying around and no lizards in this room either. Maybe being on the first floor had a lot to do with it but these rooms seemed of a higher standard and I did think these made Puri Dalem much better for me.


      Now, would I stay at Puri Dalem again and would I recommend it? The answer is yes, the hotel is in a great location and is a welcoming place to stay when arriving in Bali. It has a tranquil and relaxing atmosphere around it and the beds are very comfortable, it has swimming pools, a restaurant, helpful staff and for the price it isn't too bad. The setting is ideal and makes you feel like you are on holiday and rooms are of a good size and standard but the block rooms are better than the huts definitely. I would stay again if going back to Sanur as everything is in walking distance and it was nice and quiet at night in this hotel.


      If you want to stay in Puri Dalem you can search around for deals as at different times of year, prices will vary. A superior room is listed on the website at $97 which is £60 or a Deluxe Room is $102 which is roughly £63 but it is worth looking around and comparing prices.

      The official Puri Dalem website is http://www.puridalemhotelbali.com/.


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