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Brand: Hotpoint-Ariston / Design: Built-in / Lighting Type: Halogen

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    2 Reviews
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      04.11.2011 09:27
      Very helpful



      A high quality cooker hood from Hotpoint

      Several weeks before Christmas 2009 saw us forking out for a brand new kitchen and I was determined to purchase appliances that would not only be of a high quality, but would also provide our kitchen with a real wow factor. Considerable research was carried out for a new oven, hob and cooker hood, as I wanted the appliances to be modern and stylish as well as being within our budget. My husband left the choice to me and as a result I opted for Hotpoint's Stainless Steel HTC6T Chimney Cooker Hood and this review discusses my experience with owning it. I am not intending to discuss the fitting of the appliance as it is not something that was undertaken by either my husband or myself and was carried out by a specialist.


      I must have researched dozens upon dozens of cooker hoods and the majority I found appeared somewhat boxy, which I felt would create the wrong type of focal point for our kitchen. Consequently, the deciding factor for my purchase of this particular model was due to the unique design of its' sleek and contemporary curved front section, which is manufactured from toughened glass and blends in perfectly with the shiny stainless steel.

      The dimensions of the hood are 113 cm in height, 60 cm in width and 45 cm in depth and ours was fitted to an external wall to enable the appliance to be vented. However, the hood can also be fitted to an internal wall where the air is re-circulated with the aid of charcoal filters, which will absorb grease particles and cooking odours and subsequently, distribute fresh air into your kitchen. The appliance was more than likely accompanied by an instruction leaflet, but this seems to have been mislaid. However, the hood is extremely easy to use without the aid of step by step guidelines.

      Situated below the curved section of glass are five easy to operate good sized buttons, which simply need to be pressed inwards until they click. The far left being the off switch, the next three being different fan speeds and the far right being for the two halogen lights, which are located on the underside of the two front corners.


      As our previous extractor fan was absolutely lousy this new appliance was welcomed in our kitchen, particularly as it effectively eliminates the majority of steam to prevent our kitchen from resembling that of a sauna. I can vividly remember cooking a Sunday lunch when we had our previous extractor fan where I would be using all four hob rings and the kitchen window would become steamy as well as the glass bowls and jugs located in my closed wall cupboards. The three fan speeds are extremely powerful with an extraction rate of 420 cubic metres per hour and I find when I'm using one or two of the hob rings that I only require the lowest level. Noise is fairly minimal at this speed with it reaching 61 decibels on the highest, but the power is definitely evident, as nothing in our kitchen becomes wet or steamy.

      The two halogen lights offer sufficient light to enable me to see what I'm doing and I find myself using these lights even when I'm not cooking, as it is more ambient when popping out to the kitchen on a cold winter's evening to make a cup of tea. We have owned the cooker hood for almost two years and despite regularly using the halogen lights we have never needed to replace the bulbs.


      This is extremely easy, particularly as we rarely fry foods, so there is not much grease sucked into the filter or splashed onto the underside of the hood. The metal filter section is easily removed by gently pulling on a toughened plastic hooked area and I simply place it in hot soapy water to soak away any food and grease particles, dry with a tea towel and replace. The filter can be replaced, but as of yet this is not a task we have needed to undertake.

      The worst part of the hood, which gathers a considerable amount of dust particles is the glass curve, which I will regularly wipe over with a damp cloth and dry with a tea towel. The stainless steel sections of the hood show up every finger mark and although this is not a task I carry out regularly, particularly as I need to pull a chair into the kitchen, I will wipe with a damp cloth and again dry with a tea towel.


      The cooker hood comes with a one year guarantee, but our experience has been simply first class, as it is operating as effectively now as when first purchased and still looks brand new.


      Although this model is a couple of years old it is still widely available and I have checked online for the best price and at the time of writing the cheapest retailer is Boots.com where you can purchase it for £161 plus £19.99 delivery costs. If you own a Boots Advantage Card you will be able to obtain £7.34's worth of points.

      Both my husband I are extremely pleased with our Hotpoint Stainless Steel HTC6T Chimney Cooker Hood and as a result, it receives 5 stars from me together with a huge recommendation.

      I hope you found my review useful and would thank you for reading.


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        08.03.2011 23:21
        Very helpful



        Helps eliminate those cooking odours from your kitchen

        Recently we decided, or more my wife decided, to re-fit our kitchen due to the fact that it was out dated and a little on the dull side, her words that is not mine as I always thought the kitchen we had had for many many years was fine, even if it looked like something from the nineties with a few bits of the noughties thrown in.

        Anyway, during our re-fit we looked at many kitchen items, (again I should say my wife looked and I simply nodded in agreement), choosing certain items that would go well in her grand plan which she had spent an age thinking about.
        One of the many ideas she had was that she wanted a stylish built in oven, hob and a hood, all matching and stainless steel in colour. Luckily we came across a cracking deal where we could buy all three at a discounted price.

        And it is the actual cooker hood that I am going to talk about today, the hood with the well known name Hotpoint etched on the side and a rather dashing design all round.
        The cooker hoods full name being the Hotpoint HTC6T.

        ** SPECS...

        * Size is 1130mm high, (fully extended), by 600mm wide by 450mm deep.
        * Weighs 13KG
        * Single motor
        * 3 speed settings
        * 2 light settings

        ** Other bits, (more technical ones that aren't so important...
        * Maximum air flow rate is 420m³ per hour.

        ** MY OPINION...

        This stainless steel cooker hood really does look good in the kitchen, sitting rather nicely on the wall just above the built in hob, and to be honest, although I did not agree with spending money like it was going out of fashion, I am now quite pleased with the finished result, even if I didn't fit any of the item in to the kitchen myself.

        The hood is designed well and the slightly curved toughened glass visor gives the stainless steel main body a little bit of that extra style, although it can get quite greasy if not cleaned after each cooking experience.
        The lights are halogen bulbs and give out a brilliant light so that you can see exactly what your cooking.
        The 'dirty air' gets dragged from your cooking area and is then taken through the filters, then the air can then either be extracted to the outside, via a ducting kit, or just simply back into the kitchen via the re-circulated system. Either way the air is a lot fresher having passed through the filters.

        As for the controls, which are situated just below where the glass visor connects with the unit itself, they are so simple to use.
        There are only five button to choose from, they are...

        * Light
        * Off
        * Slow speed
        * faster Speed
        * Fastest speed

        That's it for the controls.... I did say they were simple.

        The noise from the fans when they are on are nothing to worry about, the firsts setting is quite, with the fans getting slightly louder each setting, but at not one point does it sound too noisy when in use, in fact, it's about as loud as a kettle on the boil.

        The two anti grease filters are meant to last a long time between washes, two months is the recommendation, although I would say this is dependant on how much cooking you actually do. As I have not had to do this as yet I can not state how long that period is, but I have taken them out just to see how difficult it was to change them and I can safely say that it is as easy as opening a book. You simply push a small catch and the filters drop out of position, so they can be cleaned or changed.

        Looking through the instruction manual isn't really needed, although I did notice that the height of the unit can be easily adjusted to fit under the lowest or highest of kitchen ceilings, which explains the line in the upright of the unit.

        Would I recommend this cooker hood?
        Yes I would as it is stylish and very handy indeed, getting all those nasty smells and condensation from your cooking area, helping you keep your kitchen odour free.

        As for the price, well, as a single unit I have seen it selling from £140 to over £200, but, as I said earlier, I managed to get a discount due to the fact that it came as a triple package.


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