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Swann PRO-761 Super Wide Angle Dome Camera

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    1 Review
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      06.12.2012 11:59
      Very helpful



      A camera which is good but for the price needs more

      We all want security at home whether outside or indoors and currently I have outdoor security system but recently decided to invest in some inside security as well.

      ~~ The Camera and Set Up ~~

      I was looking everywhere to try and find some sort of camera which might assist me in a little problem I have at home. My dog likes to take items and hide them and this could be keys or even music.

      Not only that but for my own piece of mind I needed something to try and keep everything secure. Whilst exploring the internet I found the company Swann who have developed many different types of security cameras showing a single camera designed in a white format.

      At first it is not exactly that striking because it looks very obvious that it is indeed a camera. You have a globe effect you see sometimes in supermarket security cameras. You can easily see and identify the camera lens inside this globe plastic shield.

      The camera has a white base unit which can be attached to a roof like mine is and you do this with a couple of screws and it is secure but you do need to try and work out where you want it first. In terms of how it connects to a television I am not 100% sure as each television is different.

      I already have a security camera system in place at my home outside and with this new Swann camera the cables were plugged into this box set and instantly the picture came up on my television.

      The camera is stylish because it doesn't look cheap it has this look that it is expensive and people will notice the camera pretty easily and if you do find issues installing the camera there is a guide book to assist you.

      ~~ What the Camera Has ~~

      Well piece of mind is the first thing this camera offers but in terms of all the technical stuff it offers plenty but could also offer much more as well.

      This camera allows you to actually see long distances and at first I never knew it could offer such a wide scope for viewing. When you install the camera and it is finally set up for you at first you think this tiny camera might actually struggle to see items from afar but it does a great job.

      The viewing angle is 75 degrees which is kind of hard to explain but if you understand how angles work this might be helpful and the lens is 3.6mm which is why earlier on I mentioned how good it was and how protected it is inside that globe.

      The video quality is 700 lines and this means how many pixels are there on view and the more the better I believe HD has around 960 lines so this is not too bad in terms of what this security camera offers.
      The camera weighs around 370 grams which shows people how light this device is and that to me makes it a worthwhile investment because it won't be hard work when installing and it looks very smooth.

      The cable length you are going to get with this device is about 18 metres which is a long distance and from my roof to the back of the television monitor that offers me plenty of room for adjustment as well.
      In the day time the camera operates in colour and at night time black and white so that is the one thing people do need to know as well.

      ~~ Why Have It? ~~

      In the world today people want to be secure, at the moment floods are a big problem but I believe security is as well. My problem is not with problems in terms of theft but my pets.
      During the day whilst at work you can return to find some bizarre situations occurring and usually it is my dog and before I set up the cameras I never knew he was doing the things he did.

      He was actually taking items such as controls, keys, and cushions and actually trying to hide them in different locations. I had worries someone had a replica key to my home and was doing it to try and cause me chaos. It sounds weird to have a camera to monitor a pet but everyone will have different reasons.
      If you have a relative who is elderly and vulnerable just having a camera can give them such confidence in their own lifestyle and to make sure they feel safe.

      Sometimes a camera can be used as a hoax a way to put people off from doing any damage but imagine if someone was hurt or a very important item was stolen and you had no idea where it went this camera could be a big reason to finding out where.

      I have mine because I need to make sure that when I am at work I have everything in place to guard my property and to watch my dog.

      ~~ What the Camera Needs ~~

      This camera needs some more essentials and the first is that ability to see in the dark. At the moment night time when the lights are all out the camera produces black and white images which are extremely tough to look at.

      You could do with potential body heat sensors or maybe movement sensors to help produce an image at night time which would seriously make this camera much more viable.

      I think perhaps the ability to sit down with a controller and move the angle of the camera as well because if you wish to change the position of the lens you need to do that yourself which is a lot of hard work involving ladders, screw drivers and plenty of watching your television monitor to make sure the adjustment you have tried to do is working.

      You also need to be able to save the footage on a memory storage device somewhere. The problem is this camera does not have any storage there so I am using my outdoor survelliance system memory to record the footage so this is something people need to be aware off.

      Finally I think you need to be able to just place this item not just on a roof. A lot of people might want to try and hide the camera so no one knows it is there for their own security measures. If it is on the roof then it sort of ruins the security part. You need perhaps some sort of way to fix this camera maybe sideways to help create a different angle.

      ~~ Graphics and Speed ~~

      This camera has offered me some good graphics in all fairness. The camera is small so you instantly do not believe it can produce good results but it does. The colours can sometimes be too much in that you can view a Christmas tree with all the tinsel and lights decorated around it and the camera will sometimes hurt your eyes when viewing the playback.

      I think the reason for this is because the camera is picking up so many various colours all at once sometimes it tries too hard and maybe make everything out to be either to bright or everything looks rather dull.

      The camera when it comes to playback has actually got good overall speed to which you can view highlights of the day's events. At night time I pick a random hour and use the playback I have got and watch the footage and the speed is very good.

      There are no stoppages or problems with stuttering which I have experienced in the past with CCTV cameras. I would point out that night time the problems are at their worst.

      If you have an incident such as someone coming into the cameras vision at night time and they were to wave at the camera or even sit down in front of the device you cannot see them. This to me is the biggest problem with the graphics and the speed of the device.

      I tend to leave a small light on at night time which is one of those dimmable little LED lights and this helps the camera pick up motions and colour so when I view back the images from the night time I can view everything.

      ~~ Final Thoughts ~~

      I got this camera for £50 which sounds cheap but the overall average price is around £90 and above and this depends on where you are looking online. I think the camera has a stylish look and also appears to have plenty of room for improvement also.

      The camera has one huge stumbling block which is the night time graphics which show only black and white which is a problem and needs sorting. During the day however you can view some pretty good graphics with lots of colour.

      The device is small and does not weigh much at all and the installation is pretty easy especially with the helpful guides, long wires and screw holes already built in for inserting on the roof.

      I would give this camera a rating of 6 out of 10. It does offer security and peace of mind but night time needs a major re-think.


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