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Master Lock Brass Padlock 30mm

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2 Reviews

Manufacturer: Master Lock / Product Type: Padlocks

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    2 Reviews
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      02.09.2013 12:59
      Very helpful



      A solid and reliable padlock

      I have used a 30 mm Master Lock Brass padlock to securely lock my shed in my back garden for over a year now. I purchased it from my local DIY store for just £4 shortly after buying my shed and realising that it although it came with a latch there was no way of locking it. The master lock padlocks have a dual lever mechanism, which makes them very difficult to break for any 'would be thief'. There are plenty of cheaper padlocks available, but in my opinion it is worth paying more when buying an object like this because just buying some cheap and tacky weak lock that would be easy to break is just a waste of money.

      Master Lock is a company that specialises in padlocks and security products, and was founded back in 1921 and is today recognised as the world's largest global manufacturer and marketer of padlocks.
      The 30mm master lock brass padlock is solid and heavy, and is perfect to secure my shed door and keep my gardening and summer seating safe from being burgled! The body of the padlock is made from brass, with a hardened steel shackle for extra cut resistance. Inside the lock itself there is a four pin cylinder which adds security by making the lock harder to 'pick' The Brass finish looks excellent in my opinion, and gives a sense of toughness to lock.

      The master lock padlock came with 2 keys which is very useful for the possibility that one of the keys could be lost or misplaced, meaning the only way to get into the shed would be to saw through the lock (which would be difficult as my saw is kept in the shed!) and this would then destroy the lock.
      The locks can be locked without using the key, as the locking mechanism, can just be pressed into position.
      Master lock 30mm specifications are as follows:
      Body W x H x Th: 30 x 26 x 13mm.
      Shackle W x H: 24 x 20mm.
      Shackle diameter: 5mm.
      Weight: 0.74kg

      All in all I would happily recommend these padlocks to anyone looking for a little bit of added security. They are tough, and do their job well for the small price of a few pounds. My lock is approaching 18 months old now, and still looks in very good condition with no rust. I do apply a little bit of WD40 to the lock every few months to keep the mechanism smooth and easy to operate. They are not the cheapest locks to buy, but I think they are one of the most secure and toughest padlocks that I have come across.

      Thanks for reading.

      © L500589 2013


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        01.06.2012 17:46
        Very helpful



        A useful home security product

        30mm brass Master Lock~

        I have bought and used a number or products from the Master Lock range including this 30mm brass Master Lock as well as a 40mm version. I have been happy with the durability and reliability of the lock as I feel it has performed as it should since I bought it. The look of the padlock is neat and minimal with it being practical in use and I find that the simple shape of the lock body and shackle work well enough together. This lock can be used both inside and outside the home if wanted which I feel is a useful benefit. My experience of using these types of locks outside in all weathers is that overall performance remains good even after taking into account a degree of wear and tear after repeated closing and opening of the lock.

        When the lock was new I was provided with 2 new keys to use with it which have remained in good condition since then. I have found the keys to be well made , having enough strength so as not to bend out of shape even when used roughly or quickly when opening the lock. The steel shackle seems to be strong and reliable and is made from hardened steel, which I would hope would make it harder to cut or force open if the lock is ever tampered with. The length of the shackle seems to be adequate in my opinion, as it fits and closes down well when in use. Both size and height of the steel shackle are well balanced and appear to be in keeping with the shape and size of the main lock body.

        The lock is still working well with it having a good weight that suits the size of the lock body and shackle. You can get this lock with a longer taller shackle if wanted although this one works well enough in most situations in my opinion. The brushed brass material gives the lock a well made and durable which I feel is due to it being made of strong materials that have not buckled or altered in shape at all since the lock was bought. The security aspects of this product are such that I have felt happy about having this lock in use. Operating the lock is easy enough to do should I need to open it using the key or close it down by hand to lock it. This ease of use is another benefit of this product in my opinion.

        ~Product rating/ price~

        This 30mm lock is of a reasonable size and so far it has worked quite well, with it not having been compromised at all. I feel the lock has done what it should as it has provided me with a fair level of protection and security which has been a real benefit. The cost of these locks is fair in my opinion as they cost around £4 each to buy which isn't to expensive for some extra piece of mind in and around areas of the home that need extra security. My final product rating for this durable lock is 4 stars based on a number of factors such as the cost of the item and its features and benefits. When I factor in the secure functionality, strength and durability of these locks I feel it makes sense to look at these when wanting to update security in and around the home.

        Lock specifications:
        Body W x H x Th: 30 x 26 x 13mm.
        Max. shackle W x H: 24 x 20mm.
        Shackle dia: 5mm.
        Weight: 0.74kg.


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    • Product Details

      Padlocks Type: Brass Padlocks / Brass body with hardened steel shackle. Double locking. 2 keys supplied. Specifications: Body W x H x Th: 30 x 26 x 13mm. Max. shackle W x H: 24 x 20mm. Shackle dia: 5mm. Weight: 0.74kg.

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