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Ikea Meldal Day Bed

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Brand: Ikea / Type: Bed

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    2 Reviews
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      10.02.2012 17:36
      Very helpful



      very vintage looking piece of furniture

      With the amount of problems I had with my last metal bed, I'm quite surprised I ended up with another one. My previous bed was a metal frame double from Argos, which is beautiful but with a combined weight of 21 stone, the bed couldn't hold me and my partner without squeaking uncontrollably. Because of this I took the bed apart and took it to the skip - resorting in me buying a day bed.

      Day beds have always appealed to me because of their 'sofa' like appearance when it isn't a bed. My bedroom isn't the biggest of places and because I am moving out I quite liked the idea of a sofa/bed without actually having a sofa bed (chances are I'm going to be in a studio flat not a 1 bed so every space counts!).

      After a lot of browsing different stores to find the perfect one, I resorted to the Ikea day bed, which is black and looks quite 'vintage' in my opinion. It costs £84 and is self-assembly like most of the furniture that Ikea sell.

      I visited Ikea to pick up the bed as I needed various other bits at the same time, and if you haven't been there before the process is quite simple. You write the product number of the item you want (if it isn't on the shop floor) then you go through to their warehouse and collect the items before visiting the checkout. I am quite a child when I visit Ikea because it is so much fun!

      The day bed comes in three large boxes which are quite easy to carry but one is the size of a flat single bed (obviously, another of a similar size and one contains just bed slats so it is thinner. I did leave my partner to collect all the items off the shelf so I am unsure whether they all came from the same isle (hunger and hotdogs was more appealing).

      When you unpack the boxes there are really easy to follow instructions to follow. As it is flat packed the parts come made they just need to be put together with the screws given to you. I was quite shocked at the fact there are next to no screws which hold the bed together. It is quite simple to put the bed together, but you definitely need a lot of patience when you are trying to screw because you need to make sure the bed pieces are stable to screw. It took me about half an hour to assemble by myself but I am sure with help it won't take as long.

      I purchased my mattress separately as the bed doesn't come with one, but they are relatively priced and the frame is average sized so it fits all single mattresses (200x90cm). The bed itself is 208cm long, 95cm wide and 96cm high. It is quite a good size and it fits perfectly into a small room without looking too big. The metal frame is quite simple but it is pretty and very vintage but lovely. I find that even when used as a sofa it is really comfortable, when it's a bed I can sleep on it without the squeaking which annoyed me previously. It is very sturdy and isn't uncomfortable at all, I find it really comfortable whether I am lying or sitting on it. As a sofa it can be irritating unless you have a lot of pillows as your legs are completely off the floor and the metal can hurt your back. Since I've added a wall of cushions this isn't as much of an issue though which I like.

      I would recommend this bed to anyone wanting a nice addition to a bedroom or studio flat. Obviously it isn't ideal to be used just as a sofa but for a guest room or something it is lovely. I will edit this review when I move into my new place to let you know what it is like as a sofa AND a bed in a 'lounge/bedroom'. It isn't overly expensive and definitely worth the price. It hasn't faulted me in the past few months so hopefully it will last me many more to come!


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      19.01.2011 00:25
      Very helpful



      Day bed

      IKEA bed

      Little Miss needed a new bed and was quite keen to get a day bed as she thinks they are quite grown up. We had looked around and she liked this black one from IKEA. First time this has ever happened to me- we went to IKEA to buy the bed and the very bed we wanted to buy was the offer of the day- £84 reduced to £42. A real bargain because even at full price it's not an expensive bed!

      **What are the key features?...**
      *The bed is two functions in one - a sofa in the daytime which turns into a bed for the night.
      *The space under the bed can be utilised with the IKEA (or similar) bed storage boxes.
      *17 slats of layer-glued birch provide support for your body. This is a bit misleading but more information later...

      **What is the assembled size?...**
      Length: 208 cm
      Width: 95 cm
      Height: 96 cm
      Mattress length: 200 cm
      Mattress width: 90 cm

      As with most IKEA products, this does require assembly. It comes in two large and quite heavy boxes but be careful, the slatted bed base (Sultan Luroy) is included in the price but is packaged separately. This information is included on the website but not when the bed is purchased. So, if you go to the check out without the bed base you will be charged £20 less than total bed price but rather than getting a bargain you have to return to store to buy the slats (£20). The mattress is also not included in the price and has to bought separately.

      We unpacked the boxes and the bed was basically in 4 parts- 2 sides a high back and a lower front. It was very simple to set up and easily completed within an hour. All it takes literally is 3 crews at each of the 4 corners and then 4 screws on the base which keep the bed slats in place. Simple!! The one thing I would say is that it does take two people not because it's complex but to hold the long sides up while the screws are being put in.

      **Looking after the bed...**
      Wipe clean with a cloth dampened in a mild cleaner and wipe dry with a dry cloth


      The bed is very reasonably priced, easy to assemble and when assembled is a sturdy and attractive addition to a bedroom. The black bed has a high back with high sides and a lower front with vertical bars and scrolls on the front and heart patterns on the back. Because it is a day bed there is the option to sleep at either end of the bed and also where to put the pillows- either one at each end or two at the sleeping end. Little Miss chooses at the moment to have a pillow at each end of the bed and to have a selection of coordinating cushions across the back.

      We chose a mattress which wasn't too high to give it more of an impression of a sofa, but although not the thickest, it is still very comfortable.

      Only warning- remember to pick up the slates!

      If you are looking for a day bed, you could do far worse than consider this one.


      Thanks for reading

      Daniela xx


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