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Hygena Black Square Dining Table and Chairs

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Brand: Argos / Type: Table & Chairs set

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    1 Review
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      06.08.2011 17:16
      Very helpful



      a lovely trendy table and chair set

      After my last table I had in my kitchen took a battering from my, at the time 2 year old twins I decided to look for a new one to spruce up the look of my kitchen, again!

      I came across this particular dining set on the Argos website, the Hygena Black Square Dining Table with 4 Chairs.

      My kitchen has beech cupboards and drawers and a black granite work top, my accessories are black and silver so I knew I wanted a black table of some sort, very similar to my old one but one that hopefully my now 3 year old twins wouldn't break .. so easy anyway!

      My kitchen is fairly spacious so the size of the table didn't really matter to me as I knew there would be plenty of room for it, however the size dimensions are provided on the Argos website. The size of the table is H 75, L 90 and W 90cm - being square obviously the length and width of the table were going to be the same. Chair sizes are also provided which are in fact H 84, W 45 and D 53cm. This could be of use if you are perhaps really tall, quite short or have young children who are going to be using the table and chairs.

      The table at the time cost just under £200, however as of August 2011 it is £220.

      When delivered the table did come flat packed in seperate boxes, the chairs being in 2 boxes of 2 chairs and the table in it's own box, therefore I had great fun assembling it. I actually assembled the table and chairs myself as I do live on my own with my boys and havn't got the patience to wait for help from family members who don't actually offer to help in the first place and if I ask they take weeks to get to me lol. It was actually quite easy to assemble myself, I done most of it sitting on the floor, and any awkward positions meant me having to rest the chairs on my lap but it wasn't difficult. The most difficult part was turning the table over onto it's legs, without breaking any, as it is quite weighty, but I managed - although this would be too heavy for somebody with back problems for example or somebody a bit older than my young (24, although not fit lol) self! The assembly of the product is advised for 2 people on the Argos website, but I have never been one to listen!

      All tools needed to put the table and chairs together were provided, including alan keys, screws, nuts etc as well as clear instructions which included pictures and written instructions, although I do find pictures do help alot of the time.

      Once the table and chairs were assembled and placed perfectly within my kitchen I was extremely impressed. It is all completely black, it feels like wood and has a wood 'effect' look to it, with it's squiggles and lines throughout, however it doesn't look cheaply painted black. It doesn't actually tell you the exact material of the table on the website. The chairs have a black rubberwood frame and black leather effect upholstered seats. They all look fab however I did have my worries at first. Especially as I loved our previous table and chairs, it had silver legs and table frame and black finished table top and seats, however when it got wet the black 'material' that had been placed on the top began to bubble and lift and after a few knocks began to crack and eventually peeled off. This I did not want happening with my new table and chairs, so I was a little worried about my twins giving it a bashing, knocking it with knives and forks, and even cleaning it as I didn't want the water to affect it. I was also a little worried about the leather effect upholstered seats, as I'd heard so many stories about these type of seats losing their 'puff' and becoming creased and shabby very quickly.

      My worries are no longer though!

      We've had the table and chairs since January this year and so far everything is fantastic apart from one of the corners being chipped from a picture on my wall falling down and landing on it, which is a shame. I spray my table and the chairs, including legs and seats, with my usual flash all purpose spray and clean them thoroughly with water and a cloth, it doesn't affect the colour of the table and chairs, nor does it affect the material in anyway at all, it all still looks just like new. The seats themselves are still very cushiony and comfortable, and look puffed up and new too - they don't have any creases in them or show any sign of wear. Overall it is a very comfortable and trendy table and chair set with plenty of room for the four people it is meant for to eat together - despite it being square rather than the usual rectangle or circle shaped table. It has took knocks, thuds, spills, heat from plates and god knows what else from both me and my 3 year old twins yet, (touch wood) it all still stands strong. I'd certainly reccomend this table to people if they were looking to purchase one, although if it is meant for say a large dining room then it would be a little too small, this one if more a table to put in a kitchen, or within a room which has other furniture in it rather than a feature table and chairs to solely take up a dining room. Apart from that it is a fantastic table and chairs, which I feel will last us a long while yet!


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