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Snoreeze Oral Strips

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The oral strips dissolve into the throat tissues and work throughout the night by actively lubricating the tissues that vibrate. Sleep with 'eeze'

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    3 Reviews
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      17.05.2012 00:00
      Very helpful



      hopefully will give you a better nights sleep if your partner snores

      My boyfriend is a really bad snorer, especially when he is lying on his back, it was getting to the point where I was kicking and elbowing him several times a night to try and get him to turn on his side (snores less that way)and was getting a bit grumpy due to not getting a decent sleep! I decided something had to be done, so we went on the hunt for some snoring remedies. We spotted these in boots at £5.30 for a pack of 14 and being the cheapest anti-snoring product (yes we are cheapskates) we decided it would be worth giving them a go.

      The snoreeze anti-snoring strips come in a small cardboard packet. They claim to "target the main cause of snoring" and say they are "proven and effective" atreducing snoring. The back of the packet has instructions on use and a few more facts about snoreeze anti-snore strips

      - they act for up to 8 hours
      - work for the loudest of snorers
      - dissolve instantly for immediate effect
      - made from natural ingredients
      - refreshing mint taste

      The snoreeze strips come in individually sealed packs inside the carboard packet. Each strip is just over an inch long and less than an inch wide and is a blueish see through colour. The strip is used by placing it in the roof of the mouth before going to bed and allowing it to dissolve. My boyfriend reports that is had a nice minty taste and doesn't take long to dissolve. It should be noted that if you take a drink after putting in the anti-snoring strip it may not work and you might have to put another one in.

      The snoreeze packet informs me that snoring is caused by the vibrating of soft tissue at the back of the throat, the anti-snore strips work by toning and lubricating the soft tissue, to reduce the vibrations. So does it work? Well yes it does work, for my boyfriend anyway. It doesn't completely stop him snoring but it does reduce the snoring to a more bearable level. I obvioulsy would have loved these snoring strips to totally stop him snoring but they worked better than I expected and I was pretty pleased with the resuts.

      Over all I would recommend these snoreeze anti snore strips to you if you snore or your partner does. They are reasonabley priced (cheapest ones in boots when we bought them) and for my boyfriend anyway they seem to lessen the amount of snoring.


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      29.10.2011 11:16
      Very helpful



      Good, non evasive product that actually does what is says

      My husband is a prolific snorer; front, back, side - it doesnt really matter how he lays he still snores. With a few beers it gets far worse and wakes the kids up with the sheer volume, but never him! I am a very light sleeper so my husbands condition causes massive tiredness in me and, although he doesnt wake properly, he isnt getting good quality sleep, especially when I loose it and thump him!

      We had tried the nose stips but he is more of a throat snorer so these obviously didnt work. We also didnt want to spend an £15/20 on sprays at this stage so took the risk of tyring a lower cost product.

      I was recommended Snoreeze oral strips at Boots. For £5.30 you get 14days worth of oral strips which claim to work for the loudest snorers, work for up to 8 hours, immediately effective and be made from natural ingredients.

      The oral stips are basically a very thin blue strips of coated dissolvable substance, about 2cm x 3cm wrapped in individual packets for ease of use. The strips are infused with ingredients including peppermint oil, vitamin E and sodium hyalourante to moisturise and tone the tissue in the throat; pectin and guar guar (from apple and a citric acid) for lubrication. The overall effect being that this combination of goodies should reduce snoring. They are very easy to use, the snorer just takes them out of the wrapper and then pops one of the strips onto the roof of their mouth. The strip then dissolves quickly and hey presto that it. My husband said that the strips have a pleasant minty taste and the dissolving process is not unpleasant at all. He felt that they leave the throat feeling like you have just drunk lots of cold water, nice and clean and refreshed.

      I really wasnt expecting fantastic results from these little stips, but honestly, they arent half good for what you pay. From the first night onwards my husbands amount of snoring reduced noticeably, as did the volume. After 3 nights I could definately see that they were working consistently. He still snored directly after dropping off but this was very quiet and stopped within 5 mins. If he rolled onto his back he would start snoring, but again quietly, once rolled over the snoring stopped again. If we went to bed at say 10pm, the results seemed to ware off about 5am, which is about 7 hours. So as long as we stuck to the sleep on your side method they really do work rather well.

      Please remember the strips are not a cure for snoring, and at no stage did we purchase this thinking so, we just wanted to see if they would help at all. For what we paid and the ease of use I am happy with the results. I am getting more sleep, my husband is far less tired during the day and doesnt wake up with a sore throat or bruises from repeated punching overnight!!

      In my opinion these strips are well worth a try for seasoned snoreres and their victims. They may not be the absolute cure but they are definatly a light at the end of the tunnel.


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        06.05.2008 13:45
        Very helpful



        Whether they are effective for you depends on why you snore, but worth a try.

        Snoring is often considered funny, but it's far from a joke for those who share a room with a snorer!

        As I sleep with the human equivalent of a pneumatic drill, we've tried quite a range of snore remedies, and these are our latest.

        The manufacturer's claim:
        Placed onto the roof of the mouth, the oral strips dissolve into the throat tissues and work throughout the night by actively lubricating the tissues that vibrate. The ingredients in the strips tone the tissue that vibrate and cause the snoring noise. New Snoreeze Oral Strips have been developed to relieve snoring effectively and give you and your partner a peaceful night's sleep.

        What you get:
        The strips come in a tiny plastic flip-top pack which in turn is attached to a card backing. The pack contains 14 strips, which are thin bluish film. They have a light peppermint taste (so I'm told!).

        How they work:
        One strip is placed on the roof of the mouth. This slowly dissolves, and is supposed to numb the roof of the mouth so that it doesn't vibrate and cause snoring.

        Did they work for us?
        To a point. They do reduce my husband's volume somewhat, and if he uses a second once the first one has dissolved, they occasionally shut him up completely (bliss!!). Having said that, we've never actually found a product that stops him snoring when used as directed.

        The science bit:
        The strips contain the following: Pectin, glycerin, surfactants (sorbitan stearate, polysorbate 60), water, flavours (peppermint flavour, menthol powder), cellulose, tocopheryl acetate (vitamin E), sweeteners (*aspartame, sodium saccharin, acesulfame-K), preservative (potassium sorbate), citric acid, sodium hyaluronate, guar hydroxypropyl trimonium chloride, colour (FCF blue).
        *a source of phenylalanine
        Snoreeze does not contain nut, almond and sesame oils, and is gelatin-free - state of the art technology using pectin bio-film.

        These work slightly for us, but snoring can be caused by many factors such as a 'floppy' palate, blocked nasal airways, etc, so whether they work for you depends on the anatomical reason for your snoring.


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        Snoreeze Snoring Relief Oral Strips 14 Applications is created by Snoreeze / Snoreeze Snoring Relief Oral Strips 14 Applications is a quality product / You can now buy Snoreeze Snoring Relief Oral Strips 14 Applications from our website / Snoreeze Snoring Relief Oral Strips 14 Applications has been proven as a market leading product since its inception by Snoreeze.

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