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Hedrin Headlice Solution

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15 Reviews

Brand: Hedrin / Type: Headlice Treatment

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    15 Reviews
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      19.01.2014 12:09
      Very helpful
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      pretty good

      Since Hope has started at school this year has managed to get head lice twice in just three months. It is beginning to feel like a bit of a battle trying to keep on top of it and to prevent it from coming back. We seem to get a letter every few weeks warning us that head lice is going round again and it just fills me with dread, there's something that really turns my stomach thinking about little creepy crawlies in my little girl's hair! We have tried a few products and this is one of the ones we have used. My husband bought it when I first found them in her hair and he rushed off to Tesco to buy something to help get rid of them. I'd never had experience of nits before so didn't know what was recommended or what was best so this was what he purchased one evening in a hurry.

      === Hedrin head lice spray ===
      This comes in a 100ml spray bottle which cost £7. It comes in a cardboard box with a picture of children's heads on. It has basic instructions on the box and a leaflet inside with full information. The bottle is a spray bottle which has a safety catch you remove first before using it. The instructions sounded really straight forward and it said it would work within an hour so that was a relief as I had been expecting it to be an over night job which I wasn't really looking forward to as we always are in a rush in the mornings so didn't want to have to spend time washing hair and combing it through. The treatment works by drowning the lice and also being able to work it's way through into eggs which should stop them from hatching. It is also recommended that this be used 7 days later because this is the life cycle of an egg so if any eggs were not properly killed then 7 days later would be the most effective time to use it.

      === Applying it ===
      Hope was actually really brave, I had expected her to make a fuss and be upset about having head lice. She actually thought it was quite exciting having 'ants' in her hair! I'm glad she was more excited about it than I was! The instructions were easy to follow which was a relief as with a constantly chattering 4 year old I didn't want anything too complicated to follow! It recommends putting a towel around the child's shoulders and then spraying this onto the hair. You have to make sure it is on all of the hair so that every lice/egg comes into contact with this spray. I found the nozzle of the bottle quite small so it was fiddly to keep spraying it but it only took about a minute to cover her hair. I helped to get it through all of her hair by using a brush. We were all pleased that there was no horrible smell that came with this. It is important to put this on dry hair. You then leave it on for an hour. We sat Hope in front of the telly to keep her still as she kept fiddling with her hair and so a little snack and her favourite film soon passed the time and kept her occupied and then it was time to rinse it out.

      === Removing the product and the effects ===
      We rinsed her hair off after an hour like recommended and used conditioner to help clean her hair. It recommends using a non conditioning shampoo but we wanted to use conditioner so we could then use our special nit comb after. The spray seemed to come off her hair fine and once we had gone through it with the nit comb we did find a few little crawlies come out and they were not crawling anywhere so it seemed to have been a success with them at least! The effect on her hair seemed fine ,it didn't leave it greasy or anything. We have friends who use a head lice treatment that leaves their hair looking really greasy for about a week afterwards but you don't get that with this! We didn't notice Hope itching again at all afterwards but we did still use it again after 7 days like instructed, just in case.

      === Did it work? ===
      It worked on the live lice that's for sure but I'm not 100% convinced it worked with the eggs. When I checked her hair for days after I could still see eggs stuck in her hair. I don't know if these were live or not but they were very difficult to get out and it took hours and hours of using our special comb to eventually work them all out. We didn't see anymore crawlies after using this spray so I think it probably did work it's just a shame it didn't loosen up the eggs in the process so that it would have been easier to get them out. Using it again 7 days later definitely helped my paranoia anyway!

      === Conclusion ===
      This head lice spray was very easy to use and had no smell so that was a relief. The only thing which i don't really like about this is the fact it's killing crawlies, I know that is the point of it but it makes me feel a bit uncomfortable so since then we have tried to just stick with using our special comb and a lot of conditioner. The thought of a pesticide on my little girl's skin is almost as unappealing as the nits themselves but at least it does seem to work. This spray cost us £7 and the bottle was just enough to use for 3 treatments, I treated our little boy at the same time just in case so I think this could get quite costly seeing as Hope seems to come home with one of these letters about nits every few weeks so at £7 a time that soon adds up. I think in future we are going to be very vigilant about the head lice situation and twice a week use our special nit comb in the hope that this will be sufficient enough to stop her needing to use a spray again. If we do need to use this spray again then it wouldn't be too bad a thing because we found it very easy to use and it wasn't at all traumatic for Hope who just found it quite fun to have her hair sprayed! It does seem to work and be fast acting too so it is a good product to buy. It is suitable to be used in children and adults (6 months plus) and in pregnant women although if you're unsure you should consult your doctor. It is also safe to drive after using this but there is a warning that your hands may be a little greasy so make sure you wash them! There is also a warning that it could cause your eyes to become red and itchy if you get it near them so be careful of this. With it being a spray that's something that could happen so we made sure we sprayed it well round the back of her head and used the brush to work it into the sides and the very top.

      In summary this worked well and was not too difficult or time-consuming to use. Hope kept her dignity and it wasn't as big an ordeal as I had expected so it is a decent head lice treatment to use.


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        03.03.2013 09:05
        Very helpful
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        This is a good product for head lice, no chemicals is a plus for kids scalps!

        As most mums and dads, if not all, would know, having a child in nursery or school, especially a girl, then one thing you may have to deal with is head lice. Kids catch head lice by head to head contact with another child who has them, which is why children are the ones who usually bring them home to you as they have a lot of head to head contact when playing, especially younger ones. My Daughter started school nursery September just gone. My plan was to go through her hair every few weeks, as this is something my mum always did regular with me, every Sunday night, comb through my hair with a nit comb, so they could at least be detected, hopefully, and usually before they'd laid too many, if any eggs, and then they really are a pain to get rid of!

        So, 6 months after starting nursery, I noticed she was itching a lot. My scalp has been very dry and itchy lately, so at first I thought hers might be too, but still checked her hair for lice to be other safe side. No lice detected, I checked every few days for about 10 days as she was just itching more and more and more. So, I decided to pick up some nit lotion later that day, and good job, as when I was combing her hair ready to leave for the chemist, I spotted a big fat runner going about his day!


        Well, I only got Hedrin as, having a Tax Credits Exemption card, you can get treatments for minor ailments from the chemist without paying for them or without a prescription. Head Lice is listed on the Minor Ailment Scheme, and good job as head lice lotions are expensive! They start at an average of £10, so not really affordable. I asked for some head lice lotion, and Hedrin was the one the chemist gave me.


        Hedrin are apparently the UK's first physically acting licensed product specially formulated to kill head lice. One thing I learnt when younger is that using the same brand of lotion everytime you get lice, you become resistant to it, and so do the lice in your hair. Hedrin now do not contain pesticides, so they say the lice cannot become resistant to it, therefore you cause Hedrin over and over again.


        You simply apply the lotion to the hair, making sure you place onto the roots. The bottle has a nozzle so it's easy to apply to the roots, just like hair dyes. I was given a 100ml bottle by the chemist, which was enough for one application. You need to leave the lotion on the hair for 8 hours, or overnight. I left my Daughters on overnight.

        After leaving it on for the desired length of time, you simply wash the lotion off, and comb hair with a nit comb to remove any dead lice. You then need to apply it again 7 days later to kill any recently hatched lice which the first application would have missed, as it doesn't kill live eggs, and eggs take 7 days from being laid to hatch and a further 7 before they themselves will breed again. So, by 7 days after the first application, there should be no unhatched eggs left in your hair, so the second application should kill all remaining lice.


        Applying the lotion, as said earlier was very easy. It took me about 20 minutes to cover her full head. The lotion is a bit oily, but not too much, and once it is on the hair, the hair goes very dry and feels so. One good thing is that having no chemicals and pesticides in, the lotion doesn't smell like they used to when i was a kid. you a,ways knew when someone had had nit lotion on, which resulted in a lot of teasing due to the stink. I think having no smell is better for the children, plus having no chemicals is kinder to the scalp also.

        Waking up the next day, I washed my daughters hair off, which was very easy, and left no residue on her hair, and went through it with the comb whilst wet, as this is easier than dry hair. I managed to get only one adult out of her hair, so knowing I had to reapply 7 days later, I left her hair unable to find anymore dead lice.
        About the 5th day after having her hair washed I decided to got through her hair whilst wet, just to see if I could cath any. I managed to get a lot of live baby lice out, no adults, so obviously these were the recently hatched eggs that the first application wouldn't have reached.

        After 7 days, I applied the lotion the second time and left it overnight again. The next day I washed it out and combed through as instructed, but didn't get any lice. I combed through wet hair again a day after and didn't detect anymore. I have combed through a couple of times since, with no findings.


        I would recommend to try this lotion, mainly due to the no chemicals and no smell, as this is less harsh than chemical lotions on kids, and due to this, Hedrin can be used from just 6 months old, so handy if your baby catches them off older children. I don't think any other lotions can be used from so young, so I would trust his on babies, again as it has no harsh chemicals and pesticides in.

        The lotion obviously worked to kill the one adult lice she had in he beginning, so it obviously works, but I couldn't say if it will get rid if you have a lot of them. As i explained, I removed recently hatched lice the first batch wouldn't have killed, so again, I can't say if the lotion would have killed them all had I not have got hem out myself. Even because of this, I would use it again as it is a highly recommended product, it's kinder to skin than other lotions, its easy to apply, an easy to wash out, so perfect for children's hair.

        You can get from any chemist or large supermarket. This lotion is 9.99 for 100ml which does 2 applications. Remember if you have NHS exemption, you can get lotion free, but your chemist may give a different brand!


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          25.02.2013 20:34
          Very helpful
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          An easy way of getting rid of pesky headlice!

          Due to the fact that Oscar is only 21 months, I wasn't expecting nits for many years to come! However, my 11 year old stepdaughter, Alice, visited a few months ago and had picked them up at school. We didn't notice until we were taking her home, and by that time, Oscar, who has quite a lot of hair, had caught them.

          We had to get a headlice solution that was suitable for under 2s, as a few that we saw were 2+ only. We got the Hedrin Treat and Go spray as it was suitable from 6 months, and it didn't require combing through, as we thought that would be quite difficult on a wriggly toddler! We got it from Boots for £7.99 for 60ml.

          The spray contains Activdiol, which causes the waxy layer that covers the headlice to dissolve, which in turn kills the headlice by dehydration.

          It's very easy to use. You have to spray the solution all over the hair, from root to tip, and then leave it in for at least 8 hours, or overnight. In the morning, it just requires washing away. With Oscar's baby hair still being so fine, we did not need to use a huge amount of solution, and his hair was still soaked in it. It dried quite quickly naturally, and didn't have a horrible smell like they used to when I was young! His hair looked greasy when it was on, so I used an old pillow case and old pyjamas, so as not to ruin his good ones! The following morning we washed his hair as normal, and the dead lice just fell out into the bath.

          The treatment says to repeat after 7 days, just incase any eggs were left from the previous treatment and had since hatched. I have been told this is because a headlice cannot lay its own eggs until it is 10 days old, so repeating after 7 days prevents this, therefore breaking the life cycle. We couldn't see any more lice in Oscar's hair, but repeated the treatment anyway.

          We haven't had any headlice problems since, but I'm not so worried now, knowing how easy it is to get rid of them with Hedrin!


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            20.03.2012 11:03
            Very helpful



            4 stars

            Ever since my daughter started school 18 months ago, letters have come home fairly frequently, usually every couple of weeks, informing us that head lice were going around the class. Until last week, she has managed to avoid getting them, but started with the head scratching much to our horror. Luckily, I'm super organised (sometimes embarrassingly so) and I had bought in some Hedrin Once solution for this very occasion, avoiding a mad dash to the chemist for when the inevitable happened. At £6.99 for the 60ml get solution, it's not the cheapest product but I was impressed by its claims and so opted for the branded version.

            The benefits of this solution is that it only takes 15 minutes to work unlike some products which need to be left on overnight. The downside is that as it only takes 15 minutes to work, you can probably understand that the solution is thicker with a higher concentrate. While it doesn't smell chemically or sting your eyes (that would be worrying if it was going on a child's scalp!), the thick concentration means it goes on like oil and is an absolute nightmare to get hair back to normal. We treated her hair by spraying the solution starting at the scalp and then covering all of her hair. It should be applied to dry hair and then left on for 15 minutes. I didn't know if the solution may sting her eyes so resisted chucking her in the shower. We put her in the bath and then used the shower head in the bath to rinse her hair and then washed it with shampoo. The formula contains anti foaming ingredients so it is normal that the shampoo will not lather. I rinsed the shampoo but her hair felt very oily and greasy so I repeated the shampooing process again. When her hair was dried it was exceptionally greasy and oily, and being a school night was too late to start all over again so we had to get up early the next morning and shower her. Her hair still had a fine layer of grease on, but looked okay once in a hair bobble, but much to her annoyance, she had to get in the shower as soon as she got home from school to get her hair back to its usual self. Although this process was slightly annoying, I wasn't bothered in the slightest, knowing her hair would be free for the infestation. As her hair is so blonde its almost white, it was easy to spot the eggs, however I can't imagine how difficult this process must be for anyone with dark hair.

            As the solution managed to cover our daughters hair while only using approximately a quarter of the bottle, we decided to be safe and treat all of our hair, so it managed to cover 2 short heads of hair and 2 medium to long heads of hair. No one else had complained of itching but with so much solution being spare we decided to take the precaution just in case. I didn't fancy either me or my husband being sat in meetings at work and starting to itch our hair! The solution is safe to use in pregnancy and on children six months or older. It will not cause problems for asthma sufferers.

            The solution has been clinically proven to kill head lice and eggs in just one application and in our experience this is entirely accurate. One extra piece of advice I will offer is to remember to clean our showers or baths after you have rinsed the solution out. Surfaces become very slippery and it would be easy to forget and then slip the next time!

            Once the lice have been killed, they wash out of the hair or easily comb. I had bought a nit comb too and I used this to just go over the hair, rather than having the eggs in a regularly used hair brush. In the likely event that your child catches nits again in a short period of time, it is completely safe to use the Hedrin treatments again.

            A few head lice common misconceptions:

            1. Head lice cannot jump and can only be passed by direct head-to-head contact .

            2. Head lice only survive on heads, and so by sharing towels, and bedding will not cause head lice to be passed.

            3. Having head lice has nothing to do with personal hygiene, head lice can live on all types of hair and no preference exists between clean or dirty hair

            4. Head lice can only live on human beings, people can't catch them from animals

            Hedrin is an effective head lice treatment which totally eradicated the problem in my daughters scalp. I would definitely recommend it to make the time consuming and difficult process slightly easier.


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              08.08.2011 21:51
              Very helpful



              A great new innovation in the battle against headlice.

              It looks as if the dreaded "nit season" is upon us again. It seems that around April every year, I notice the kids scratching their heads, and closer inspection reveals the presence of these oh, too familiar little bugs. Usually, after weeks of fastidious "bug busting" with copious amounts of conditioner and a fine toothed comb, we eventually manage to rid ourselves of the infestation of lice until next year. However, this years batch have proved particularly difficult to eradicte, mainly due to the fact that my daughter has grown her hair so long that she can almost sit on it, and refuses point blank to have it cut. This makes the bug busting sessions particularly tedious, and bathtime is usually accompanied by ear piercing shrieks of pain and I try, with frustration, to drag the comb through the tangled mass that is her hair. This week I finally gave up on "bug busting" when, after we returned from a week's holiday, I washed her hair and discovered that the problem was worse than ever. That is when I declared war on the headlice. No more Mrs. Nice Guy!

              I am not a fan of chemical methods of lice removal, and have never had to resort to them before. It was always my opinion that the lice can become resistant to such treatments over time and that they can also cause allergic reactions in children. However, after a bit of research on the internet, I realised that a new type of treatment was available, which killed the lice in a very different way. Sprays, solutions and Mousse products containing an ingredient called dimethicone work by suffocating the lice rather than poisoning them. With this method, the lice cannot become resistant to the treatment, and the good news is that the treatments can work in around 15 minutes. On scouring the shelf of my local Wilkos store, I decided to try Hedrin, which was a dimethicone product in a spray gel form. It only cost £5, so in my opinion was well worth a try.

              The spray was really easy to use, even on my daughter! I made sure that she brushed her hair thoroughly first and then sat her on a chair with a towel round her shoulders. The spray has to be applied on dry hair and needs to cover all of the hair so that the lice have no escape. I started at the top and sprayed all of the hair, working my way down and then brushing it through so that the gel covered the whole of her hair from root to tip. The feel of the gel was similar to baby oil in consistency, and it was a bit greasy. I noticed that the wooden chair she was sitting on was getting a bit greasy, but it was easily wiped off with no problem. The trouble was that i then had to leave it to work for 15 minutes. As I didn't want grease getting all over her clothes and my furniture, I wrapped her hair up in a towel and put a film on TV for her to watch. After about 30 minutes, I sat her back on the chair and unwrapped her hair. Then I started to glide the comb through her hair to pick out the lice. It was easy to comb because the solution seemed to condition the hair and detangle it. I was absolutely shocked at how many lice came off on the comb! I had only "bug busted" two days before, so actually expected to find very few lice, but there were absolutely loads. Because they were all dead, it was a lot easier to remove them and I just rinsed them off the Nitty Gritty comb into the sink. There were no live lice at all on her head.

              Once I had done this, it was a case of washing the product out. This was the hard bit. Imagine washing baby oil out of your hair and you get the idea! I washed her hair with shampoo and rinsed several times with warm water, but when it dried, it was still pretty greasy. Several washes are needed with this product, although you won't need to use any conditioner, because the hair is really soft and manageable after use. It is a bit unsettling though, when the dead lice drop off the head and onto the clothes, but at least they are dead and not moving around!

              Despite the length of her hair, the bottle still contains enough of the product to do another session. I plan to do this in a weeks time, just to make sure that no eggs have hatched in this time, although the product does claim to penetrate and kill eggs. For boys, or girls with short hair, a single bottle of Hedrin would last for quite a few applications, which makes it really good value in my opinion.

              In conclusion, I have found Hedrin to be a great product. it is easy to use and not messy. Lice cannot become resistant to it. It works quickly and does not need to be left on overnight, and best of all, it is not expensive. Next time the lice attack, I will leave the time consuming conditioner and comb method and go straight to a bottle of Hedrin, my new best friend!


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                12.04.2011 14:33
                Very helpful



                One Of The Best Ones That We Have Tried.

                We have nits!!!

                Yes, one of the many joys of having children is being confronted with the letter from school announcing that "there are cases of head lice in school, please check your children's hair and take appropriate action"

                I have three girls and my eldest daughter is 9 and until recently we had managed to escape the dreaded nit problem until I noticed one of my girls scratching her head in a rather manic fashion and when checking her hair I noticed 3 little head lice. So I dragged them all off to the chemist and asked the pharmacist which was the best treatment and he suggested Hedrin 4% solution after I handed over my £12.00, yes £12.00 pounds we came home and then the fun really started!

                Nitti Gritty Facts And Lets Bust Some Nit Myths! -

                All nits are not the same, they vary in size from the size of a printed full stop to a sesame seed.

                They are not all one colour - Scary but true, they can match their colour to that of the environment which means that they can be hard to spot.

                Head lice can not jump, fly or swim! - They can only be acquired by direct head to head contact and that's why they are so common to children as they are often in direct contact with other children. I have to say that I don't rub heads with my work colleague unless it's a night out of course!

                Nits are not fussy!, they don't care if your hair is clean or dirty.

                The female louse lays between 3 and 5 eggs per day and these hatch after 7 days.

                The lice live close to the scalp where they feed on blood and its this process that causes the horrid itching.

                The nit is actually the case in which the egg is laid and after the louse has hatched the nit will remain glued to the hair. The nits are actually harmless and can be removed with the fingers or a fine tooth comb.

                The product -

                The Hendrin product that we bought is a 4% spray. The 4% is the active substance called Dimeticone, its not a chemical poison, it works by a physical process which effectively covers and drowns the louse.

                I decided on the spray rather then solution as I thought that it might be easier to use on the girls.

                When you open the box the spray is already assembled for use, the bottle is a white opaque bottle and you can see the clear liquid inside, the bottle has a trigger to dispense the liquid and looks a little like the spray you get for household plants. It has a little red tag around the trigger and this pulls away easily and then the spray is ready to use.

                How To Use It And Safety Precautions -

                When applying the lotion you must keep away from sources of naked flames and burning cigarettes.
                First you need to cover the shoulders with a towel, Hold the spray about 10cms away from the hair and spray from the roots to the ends of the hair, It comes out as quite a fine spray but I found that the trigger was quite hard to pull and you only seem to get a little spray out each time and as I was doing 4 heads my arm was aching after a while.

                You need to completely cover the hair and scalp and make the hair saturated with the liquid by rubbing in with your fingers or a comb and this is where you notice the really greasy quality of the spray, it really was like spraying cooking oil onto your head.

                Once you have saturated the hair the solution needs to be left for 8 hours or overnight, bearing in mind the ages of my kids it was easier to leave it on over night, you also need to allow the hair to dry naturally, you can not use a hairdryer so if you are leaving it on over night I would suggest that you use an old pillow case on the Childs bed to protect it from the oil.

                Obviously I had to do my hair as well and one of the main problems that I and the kids had was that it actually makes you head feel really itching and while its not a poison due to the safety warnings I was having to tell the girls not to itch or making sure that they were washing their hands all the time and I was starting to get on my own nerves by the time they went to bed!. As the girls all have long hair I also tied their hair up to make sure that none of the lotion went into their eyes.

                Another to be aware of is that with the lotion having an oil like consistency it is extremely slippery so be careful not to get any on the floor and also give the bath or shower a good wash after washing the hair out as the surface of our bath was really slippery.

                The Next Morning -

                Ewwwwww!!!!! That was the noise the greeted me from all the girls in the morning and the reason for this outburst was not because I didn't have my make up on, it was because the girls are had dead head lice all over their pillows! Once the girls got over the shock they did the natural and counted them, 20,17 and 12 in case you are wondering!

                We then went into the bathroom to wash the solution out and as per the instructions we just washed with normal shampoo and my goodness the solution was really hard to get out of the hair, obviously its on oil and therefore clings to the hair, I had to wash the girls hair 3 times with the shampoo to get all the solution out and my husband remarked that it would have been quicker to shave all the hair off and let it grow back......

                Once the hair was dry it was clear to see that all the solution had come out of the hair although had I just washed it once I am sure that some of the solution would still be present in the hair.
                The solution didn't affect the condition of any of the girls hair or mine although a couple of us did feel that our heads were still really quite itchy, this is apparently quite common and using the solution may also cause a flaky scalp and in some cases an itchy feeling around the eyes. The instructions also recommend that if you notice any other side effects to contact your doctor.

                7 Days Later...........

                You do need to apply a second treatment 7 days after the first and the reason for this is that the female louse lays her eggs and they take 7 days to hatch. This is why its important to apply another treatment after 7 days to make sure that any lice that have hatched after the first treatment are killed.

                I am pleased to say that this treatment worked for all of us and having tried other brands that although they are quicker have been less effective I was really pleased that this worked and we had no more scratching of heads.

                Prevention -

                The only way to really prevent them is to make sure that you don't touch heads and hair with others and while some adults are better at this than children if you have kids its so easy for us to pass them onto each other.

                Keep long hair tied back when kids are going to school and this can help prevent your kids catching and passing the head lice and my kids have now stopped complaining when I make them tie their hair back for school.

                Check your kids regularly and inform the school and that way everyone can be treated at the same time and stop it turning into an epidemic of head lice.

                Price And Availability -

                The hedrin solution can be purchased from chemists and some supermarkets and the 4% lotion 120ml costs approx £12.74.
                You can also get other hedrin products such as the 15 minute gel lotion and also the fine tooth combs for removing the lice after treatment.


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                  13.03.2011 21:16
                  Very helpful



                  Greasy hair is a small price to pay

                  On the day we moved house of all times last year my sister in law rang me to tell me she had found some lice in my daughters hair, she was only 2 at the time and had never even thought it would be necessary to check her at this age with not being at nursery etc but apparently I was wrong. I went to the local supermarket and had a look for the easiest solution to our problem, being 2 year old it wasn't going to be an easy task to get her to sit still to have her hair treated. I finally decided on Hedrin as it looked like our best option and quickly went to get my daughter treated.

                  The cost
                  The product cost me around £10 for a 60ml spray however it seems that it has come down in price as you now seem to be able to get this for about £5, you can also get a 100ml spray for if you are treating more than one person but as this is around the £10 mark it seems that it would be cheaper to purchase 2 smaller sprays. I bought this in Asda but it is available in chemists and tesco as far as I know.

                  The packaging
                  The spray comes in a grey box with a picture of the spray and 3 little childrens heads on the front with the product name Hedrin Spray Gel 1 hour. On one side of the box you have a list of precautions and the list of ingredients, on the rear is some important information and the instructions on how to use and on the last side of the box is just a picture of the spray again.

                  The precautions are pretty much common sense but there are always the people who don't have any of that so the box states,
                  The product is slippery so baths and showers may become slippery from it meaning care needs to be taken when washing the product from the hair,
                  Don't use this product if allergic to any of the ingredients and if any signs of allergy occur wash with water and seek medical advice,
                  Avoid contact with eyes and flush with plenty of water if contact does occur,
                  If swallowed consult a doctor as soon as possible and take the pack with you,
                  Do not use on broken skin,
                  Do not use on children under 6 months

                  Dimeticone, 1,6,10-Dodecatrien-3-ol, 3,7,11-trimethyl, PEG/PPG Dimetricone co-polymer, Silica and Silylate. Have to say I do not recognise any of the ingredients.

                  The science
                  Hedrin gel will kill both the lice and the eggs which is great as it means there shouldn't be any need to repeat the procedure if it is done properly the first time. The gel works by smothering the lice and contains penetrol which penetrates the louse eggs to kill them too. The gel also apparently is not one that the lice cannot develop a resistance to.

                  I was worried about how hard this process was going to be with the fact of her only being 2, the spray bottle had a safety clip on it which had to be removed before it could be used and it was necessary to put an old towel around my daughters shoulders. The spray had to be used on dry hair, you have top shake the bottle and then spray enough over the hair to completely saturate the hair, surprisingly this was really easy and only took a couple of minutes to do. Once the hair is covered you are instructed to comb the hair through to ensure that every strand it covered, the solution didn't cause knots in the hair so again this was easy to do.

                  After an hour I removed the product from her hair, you are told to use a non-conditioning shampoo and place it straight onto the hair, the shampoo doesn't lather up but you are warned off this on the box. After rinsing this off I again washed her hair and again, by the third wash the shampoo was lathering a little and as she had really had enough at this point I had to finish. After rinsing I used a nit comb and got rid of everything from her hair, her hair still wasn't knotted which was good but her hair was very greasy. I washed her hair another 3 times the following day and it finally started to look normal, the solution also didn't make her hair smell which a lot of other solutions do.

                  This product is not badly priced and is very easy to use, it didn't cause my daughter any distress apart from the amount of washing needed. The box states to repeat the process in 7 days but we checked her hair every day for about 3 weeks which is very easy with her as her hair was bright blond at the time and there was nothing there so we didn't repeat and nothing developed. I would recommend this product and I will buy it again if and when the need arises.


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                    08.11.2010 14:18
                    Very helpful




                    On of the most frustrating aspects of being a parent for me, is nits . No matter how many times I sit for hours combing my daughters hair through checking, no matter how much I spend on expensive shampoos to treat the problem, there is always some mother at the school who doesn't bother, and my daughter gets them again . Bring back the nit nurse - and bring back sending home kids who have nits to stop them infesting others!

                    Luckily, being on a low income, I no longer have to pay for head lice solution - instead I'm able to get them given to me via the pharmacy first programme . Whilst this undeniably saves me a fortune each year, it does mean I get stuck with whatever nit shampoo they give me, which on the most recent occasion was this one - Hedrin 4% Headlice Solution .

                    The main ingredient is dimeticone, which is a non chemical method of killing the nits . It works by blocking the tubes the nits use to breathe, and to urinate, essentially suffocating and drowning them . The advantage of this over some other chemical solutions is that it does not have any horrible choking scent, and is much better for people with asthma or sensitive skin than products containing malathion.

                    The box makes a big deal out of the fact that the product is skin friendly, with no nasty odour, and easy to apply . To use, you apply the solution to dry hair, combing through thoroughly, leaving on the hair for at least 8 hours . This treatment should be repeated 7 days later, to kill off any stragglers .

                    The packaging is not very specific in the actual amount you need to apply , so I chose to make sure my daughter was fully saturated. The product doesn't have any smell at all, which is very good, but does have a very greasy feel , with my daughters head feeling as though I've poured oil all over it . However, this greasiness, although admittedly not very nice, does mean it is incredibly easy to comb through with a nit comb at the same time without tangles or pulling .

                    I find a 100 ml bottle is enough for two treatments of my daughters mid length hair - but hair lengths and the amount needed to treat them will vary . I opted to do my daughters hair on a friday, and leave the solution on overnight, as I didn't want to be rushing about in the morning trying to get her hair washed before school . This turned out to be a wise choice, as it took 3 good lathers with shampoo to get the solution, and the accompanying horrid greasiness, out of her hair - although admittedly her hair was soft and shiny after this , and as already mentioned, incredibly easy to comb through with a nit comb to remove lice and eggs .

                    It certainly did work - any lice that were removed with the comb were dead, which is always a reassurance, and the repeat treatment a week later revealed no more lice . Sadly though, this was at half term,and she hadn't been back to school to get reinfested yet .

                    Overall, this is a decent product that kills lice, without odours or irritation, and leaves hair in a good condition for combing . Unfortunately, whilst other mothers at the school seem not to bother treating their kids, that just means I'm going to have to keep treating my daughter.

                    At £4.98 a bottle, this isn't overly expensive , but if you are on a low income, it may be worth checking if your area operates a pharmacy first scheme for people on a low income, as you may be able to get it free.

                    4 stars, one off for the greasiness, and not very specific instructions .


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                      28.09.2010 15:31
                      Very helpful
                      1 Comment



                      effective against pest problems

                      Headlice are a common problem when it comes to children especially when they are at school. I had them when I was a child and so did my sister upto yet my children have never had them but my step son is crawling with them everytime he comes which I feel so sorry for him. Be assured though you can treat them and eradicate them very quickly as long as you take the right care.

                      My step son came to use 3 weeks ago and he was scratching we checked his hair but couldn't find anything so we thought nothing of it. This was the 3rd time that he had come to us with nits but he had been treated for them at home previously and due to not being at school we thought that he was just scratching with an irratated scalp. When he came to us the next week I noticed that he was scratching alot so I decided to comb through his hair and low and behold there was a lovely crawling creature. I contacted his mom to inform her to check her other two children and to treat them if necessary and that I would treat him while he was with us due to he was staying for the whole weekend. I then contacted his nan to ask if she could pick me up a treatment due to my partner was at work and I had no money on me.

                      I have never used this treatment before so it was a good learning curve for me. I read the instructions very carefully to find out what it does and how to use it before applying it.


                      This product is in a spray bottle and is 120ml. I had always been told that it was expensive and when I was told £8.99 for the bottle I was shocked and thought that it would run out very quickly. This contains 4% Dimeticone which is an active ingrediant that kills the live lice and should help stop any present eggs from hatching. It states that this is safe for children 6 months and above but to check with your doctor before using it on very young children. This is a treatment for the scalp and hair to eradicate the little mites.


                      It couldn't be easier to use this product. There is a red safety clip under the spray handle that has to be removed before use which is good because it stops children from being able to operate it if they do get hold of it but I do advise to store it in a safe place away from children for their safety. You simply cover all of the hair with this product. I found the best way to cover all the hair is by using a comb and brushing through when spraying, this is a good way when doing boys hairs once you have generously applied this product massage it well into the hair and scalp to ensure full coverage. Ensure you use a towl around the shoulders to prevent the lotion getting on clothes. My stepson had a good moan about this because it made his head itch some more once on. All you have to do then is let it dry. It is difficult with young children because they still have the urge to scratch so we had to make him wash his hands alot due to touching his hair. It took around an hour to dry and his hair looked dry which was really good. This is an 8 hour treatment but you can leave it on overnight. I have always left it on overnight by treating the hair about 6 in the evening ready to be washed off when he woke up. I figure that the longer you leave it the better the product will work. When washing it off the next day it stated that you should only use shampoo and to give the hair a good scrubb and rinse throughly.


                      Once it dried I noticed that he stopped scratching his head immidiately and once washed out he didn't scratch for the two days he was with us. I continued to comb through his hair to see if there were any still their or any eggs that may still be stuck in his hair but found nothing. It did recommend on the instructions that the treatment should be re-applied after 7 days for any hatched eggs that may have been missed in the first treatment. He was due to stay with us the next week so I could ensure that he was treated again. When we collected him on the thursday for karate we noticed that he was scratching again. When he came to stay I combed through his hair again and found another nit so I got out the bottle again for the second treatment. Again it dried in an hour and he stopped scratching, I ensured that I washed his pillowcase every day that he stayed incase they were living on that to ensure he wouldn't get anymore crawling critters. I used the comb and I think I used more of this solution this time too. His hair isnt that long being a boy so I had used less than half a bottle by this point. Again 2 days later he wasn't scratching. Yet again he came to karate and was scratching I couldn't believe it, I later found out that the treatment that was bought by the girls farther she had used on herself and her friend and not the children and when she did finally treat them it was 2 weeks after I had told her about her son having them and me treating them so this in my opinion is why he has constantly got them in his hair. So when he came again I treated his hair and checked my other childrens who I found one live louse on my sons hair. I treated both boys who stopped scratching again within an hour and my son has stopped scratching since it has been 4 days so far. I have checked my sons hair and can not find any lice or eggs he still isn't scratching which proves that the product is working. I have now got to wait till thursday to see if my step son will be scratching or not.


                      I think that this product is good value for money. this has now been used 4 times on a boy and once on me because I was scratching but not finding anything,I have mid length hair and the bottle is still half full. My son has had no further problems and neither have I so I think that this is working very well. I have taken the extra precausions with treating the hair after 7 days to ensure that it is protected and changing the pillowcases incase they are living in their. I found it a very easy product to use that was easy to apply and very quick. It washed out very well and didn't hold an odour. I found it is an effective lice remover. I had to massage this into the hair with my fingers which made my hands very oily but washed off very well and left no irritation to my skin. I found it very easy to apply to my own hair which was good due to being the only adult girl in the house that is able to do it. I am a bit lost with what to do with my step son because I can not make his mom treat the other children or check them so I will have to continue with the treatment if the problem persists and just let her know he has still got them or not. I have got enough treatment for another 6 applications for his hair so this is why it is good value even if it stops him for being irritated for a few days. This is widley available but the price may vary from store to store. The good information on this product is that it can be used as many times as necessary because lice will not become immune to it so it is guarenteed to keep them away or your money back. As long as you follow the instructions wash bedding and continue to comb the hair even when you are washing the product out you will find they will be eradicated until the next nit infestation. Wish we knew why these little pests even exist because their is no point to them.

                      Thank you for reading hope it helps you all.


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                        20.06.2010 23:22
                        Very helpful



                        Great product easy to put on and work into the hair and it works!

                        When my daughter started nursery I knew it was only a matter of time until she came home with nits, unfortunatly it was sooner then I would have liked! She has very long hair for a 3 year old-down to her bum-so knew it would be a task to get rid of them if and when it happened.
                        Last week I was getting ready to dry her hair when I spotted something in her hair, I was hoping it was a small fly with it being hot outside and the windows open but when I looked it was the dreded nits!

                        I scowered through her hair to find a good amount of live, big ones and further inspection revealed what looked liked tiny black dots dotted across the underneath her head. I assumed these were eggs but wasnt 100% sure as I had never seen them.

                        My mums a pharmasist so I rang her (crying Lol) and she said they can now provide nit solution on the minor ailments scheme so she dropped 2 bottles of Hedrin off for me-fab as I know it can be expensive stuff!

                        I read the instructions which thankfully also contained information on nits themselves-pictures included so I knew what I was looking for now. My mum warned me like fleas on animals nits like to lay there eggs where its hot so around the ears and the neck area whereas the actual nits tend to be found near the top of the scalp.
                        I sectioned her hair and went through it with the comb first pulling out quite a lot in the process. I then poured the solution on each section making sure to get a good covering and getting right into the root of the hair. When you pour it on it doesnt seem like a lot but when you start rubbing it in it feels like Baby Oil and a little goes along way so this would be great even on thick hair.
                        I remember as a child the smell of nit shampoo and even the day after having it on and washed off people could still smell it so was really dreding it but it has NO SMELL at all. I really was expecting to be blinded by a strong chemical smell but nope nothing!
                        I then combed each section to make sure the hair was well covered. On doing this-bearing in mind a couple minutes earlier they were alive on the comb-now if any came out on the comb they were already dead! So it seemed to be working super fast.
                        Once covering all my daughters hair I had used 3/4 of the bottle and her hair was very oliy!

                        **remember to tie hair back out the face and to not let them go near anything flammable even a lit cigarette!**

                        This had to be left on for at least 8 hours and after it taking me 1 1/2 hours to put on it had to be left overnight.

                        The next morning I got up and her hair was now all dry. I rinsed it and then combed it pulling out about 2 dead nits. Soon as her hair was rinsed it no longer felt greasy, I was concerned that it may be hard to wash out but it wasnt at all.

                        I then sat for 2 hours and de-egged her to try and prevent a large infestation. They recomend you use the 2nd bottle in 7 days time to get rid of any eggs that may have remained.

                        For us this worked perfect and I would definetly recomend especially if you can get it for free at a chemist.


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                        03.01.2010 17:18
                        Very helpful



                        Five stars from me!!!

                        Headrin - the answer to every mother's prayers after every mother's nightmare!!!

                        My daughter has hair many people would die for - long and fine and lots of it. Lots and lots of it to be exact.

                        She came home scratching and upon examination she was found to have the dreaded lodgers!!! I prefer to use the natural way off attack. Plenty of conditioner on wet hair and the good old fashioned toothcomb. I have combed through her hair every four days for two weeks (to catch the blighters as they hatch) to no avail. With school again tomorrow we were gonna have to call in the big boys - they were going to have to be zapped once and for all.

                        At £17.49 for the 250ml gel and £11.25 for the 100ml spray gel, from our local Boots, It's not a cheap option. There are much cheaper (and more smelly) products available but this is kinder to the hair. It is simple to apply and has no nasty smell to it. It also contains no pesticides and has an ingredient in it which pentrates the egg to kill the lice before the hatch.

                        I used both the liquid and the spray versions. The spray was to be for my daughter's hair, for ease of use. The trigger on my bottle had broken so I had to use both by sprinkling on to the scalp and working it down the hair length.

                        It is very easy to use and took at matter of minutes. The one thing I would recommend is that you use a towel around the shoulders is because it drips rather a lot while on the hair during AND after application.

                        It kills the lice by physically smothering them and the ingredient Penetrol pentrates the louse eggs in order to kill them. A benefit of this gel is that it can be used as often as required without the lice developing resistance. It can used on children as young as 6 months and will not cause any unwanted side effects during pregnancy and breast feeding.

                        This version of headrin stays on the hair for one hour, although there is a mousse version which only needs to stay on the hair 20 of 30 minutes, I believe.

                        Removal is just a simple matter of shampooing off, although the shampoo (which should be non-conditioning) is applied directly to the hedrined hair and not to be wet first, like you usually would. This product contains anti-foaming agents so will not lather readily. Repeat shampooing may be necessary, especially with hair as thick as my daughter's.

                        A comb through with the Nitcomb to remove the dead bodies is all that's needed now to be bug free. Although it is recommended that it is applied again after 7 days (just in case).

                        Summary - A non smelly, easy to use product which gets a five star review from me and my daughter.


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                          01.09.2009 17:47
                          Very helpful



                          Recommended to me and I will be recommending to others

                          I have just had my first experience with headlice! After finding my 5 year old son itching I checked his head and my fears were confirmed when I found headlice. I always thought I would never be able to tell what headlice were but when you see them it is suprising how big they are, urgh!

                          Having had no previous experience of headlice I was unsure of what to do and decided to phone my brother-in-law, as I remembered my niece had had them before. He said the only product that worked was Hedrin, however that it would be expensive but he couldn't remember how much.

                          So I went to my local boots store, I like to shop there as the staff are helpful and you get advantage card points. I went to the section for headlice treatment and was shocked at the price...... £11.49, I must admit I was expecting it to be something like £5. In all fairness though most of the headlice treatments were priced around £10.

                          I picked it up and went to the counter, the woman on the till advised me not to use unless someone definetely had the lice, which I was grateful of as I was intending to use on all family members. She also said how it got rid of the headlice by smoothering them and that you must use it a week after the first application otherwise you may not get rid of them. She was very helpful.

                          After checking all family members my eldest son was the only one with headlice so I followed the instructions which were to sufficiently cover hair with lotion applying only to dry hair, working evenly from the roots to the tips. You then had to allow hair to dry naturally and leave for eight hours or overnight. Then wash hair normally and wait seven days to repeat the process, as some eggs may hatch in that time.

                          I did exactly as it said and it worked, my son no longer as headlice and not only that neither myself, husband or other two sons as got it. A result I think.

                          I only used just over a quarter a bottle so I will be saving it for the next time but hopefully that won't be any time soon. A product what does what it says, just a shame about the cost although this is worth every penny to get rid of the lice.


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                            20.05.2009 14:57
                            Very helpful



                            A headlice treatment that works

                            My daughter came home with the dreaded headlice again so I popped along to the chemist and asked for some treatment. I'm lucky that where I live that the pharmacist can prescribe for minor ailments so I was given two 50ml bottles of Hedrin free, normal price for each bottle would be £4.99.

                            Hedrin works in a different way to other headlice treatment, instead of using an insecticide which many headlice are now resistant too it uses the active ingredient dimeticone which physically smother the little creatures.

                            After reading the instructions I opened the bottle and prepared to apply the lotion to my daughters hair paying particular attention to the nape of the neck and around the ears where the beasties seem to love to congregate. The solution is clear and odourless, anyone who has used one of the alcohol based nit lotions will appreciate how much of a difference this makes. The lotion feels really oily and I was worried there would not be enough to cover my daughters thick below shoulder curls but after combing the lotion through the hair it was all nicely covered.

                            You need to leave the Hedrin lotion on overnight and then wash your hair as normal. The lotion was fairly difficult to wash out due to the oiliness and left my daughters hair feeling and looking dull and greasy until she washed it again. This is slightly annoying but better than having nits and didn't cause the damage that some other lotions have caused. It did not cause her any scalp irritation but it did irritate my very dry and sensitive hands when I applied it so if you are planning on using it on someone with sensitive skin it may be worth doing a patch test first.

                            After daughter had washed her hair it was time to get the nit comb out and check to see if the lotion had worked. I was pleased to see that the headlice that we combed out of her hair were all dead so Hedrin obviously works. I will use the second bottle of solution a week after the first treatment to make sure that if there are any newly hatched nits then they are eradicated too.

                            I'm impressed with the results that I got using Hedrin and it was much more pleasant to use than other nit lotions. The only downside is the high price, it costs £10 for two applications a week apart so if you have a couple of kids with headlice then it will work out very expensive to treat them.


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                              12.03.2009 21:34
                              Very helpful



                              head lice remover

                              Hedrin head lice solution

                              Following a recent outbreak of the bilghters amongst Little Miss's friends, I bought this on the recommendation of the pharmacist. This is apparently the one which you are given if you get it free, but given that you have to take a live louse to the health centre to qualify, i decided I preferred buying the stuff.
                              WHAT IS IT?

                              Basically, this is a spray which kills lice and eggs. It is skin friendly, has no nasty odours or organo-phosphates and is apparentl easy to apply. The solution contains dimeticone 4% and works by a physical process which covers and drowns the louse, as well as an ingredient which penetrates the louse eggs to kill them.

                              Given that I found 4 of the things this sounds just what we need!!

                              PRODUCT AND PACKAGING.

                              The 100ml plastic bottle comes boxed with a leaflet containing all instructions and details inside the box. The bottle itself is clear which would be a good idea because i could then see how much is left, but there is a big sticker wrapped round it so i can't actually tell how much of the product is left after using it.

                              The spray is released via a trigger gun mechanism so it's quite tiring on the old hands with the repeated spraying.

                              HOW TO USE IT.

                              The solution is suitable for adults and children aged 6 months and over, as well as by pregnant women.

                              To use it, some simple steps should be followed:

                              * Hair should be dry and the solution sprayed to cover the scalp and hair.
                              * Work the solution into the hair using fingers or an ordinary brush making sure it gets from roots to tips.
                              * Let hair dry naturally
                              * Leave on hair for at least 8 hours or overnight
                              * Wash hair with normal shampoo
                              * Repeat after 7 days because this is how long it takes any new eggs to hatch


                              There are some warnings which are common sense- see a doctor if you swallow it, don't spray into the eyes and don't breath in the spray

                              POSSIBLE SIDE EFFECTS...

                              As with most products, side effects can be experienced, although given that this can be used on very young children, they aren't too scary. The main side effect is that of a localised irritation in whcih case the hair should be washed and you should not use the product again.

                              PRICE AND AVAILABILITY...

                              Costs around the £11 mark and this is enough for the two treatments of long hair, if you have made sure that it is totally covered.
                              I bought mine from boots the chemist but it is widely available in chemists and online.

                              MADE BY...

                              Thornton and Ross, Ireland Ltd. A quick look at the different products shows me that there are all sorts of hedrin lotions and potions including a detection comb which I may buy.


                              Great stuff, and recommended. I bought two bottles of the stuff one for me and one for Little Miss. Given that I thought her head was "lifting", this has completely eradicated and zapped them with minimum fuss and effort.
                              The solution is really easy to apply and as promised has no horrible smell. The fact that it's a spray means that it does get into all of the hard to reach places like around the ears, and it was easy to ensure that i had got the whole of her scalp and hair.

                              She left hers on overnight and because there was no bad smells, there were no complaints. I also liked the fact that we didn't have to use the dreaded lice comb, although remember to wash brushes thoroughly.
                              A recommended product for anyone who gets a visitation!!

                              Thanks for reading.

                              Daniela xx


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                                19.11.2008 21:36
                                Very helpful



                                An alternative method of pest control!

                                Ok, I am finally at my wits end! This is the 7th and I swear as long as I have breath in my body, the flaming last time I am going to sit for 3 hours, going through my children's hair for chuffing nits!!

                                If you, like me, have got children at primary or even middle school I am sure you will have encountered these little blighters once or twice...... once or twice I could cope with, but as I mentioned earlier this is the 7th time.......... Since September!

                                I do like to think that I play fair, kid's wise, I check my children's hair regularly, treating as soon as I detect any movement, but I get the feeling that not everyone is so diligent!

                                I think that yesterday was the final straw, my daughter, yes she does tend to get them a lot and I am in the process of trialling new repellent sprays (next review! Lol), but when I found one in my sons hair, bearing in mind his hair is only ½" long I new I had to try something different.
                                The problem is I think that my usual first line in defence, Full Marks solution, whilst being normally quite effective, seems to have been used so often that it has rendered itself null and void as far as my daughters "pets" are concerned! Can you believe it she named one of them Nora, I felt like a murderer as I squashed the little buggar between my nails!

                                After a long and careful peruse of the "nit" products in my local Asda I decided on this particular product.

                                The product I will now review is - "Hedrin head lice solution".

                                The first thing that attracted me to this product is the fact that this a none chemical product, what I mean by none chemical is the fact that the main active ingredient is called Dimeticone which is a none chemical poison.
                                Of course this product should still be treated in the same way as all other irritants, avoid contact with the eyes, don't use on broken skin (which is surprisingly difficult due to the incessant scratching!), and under no circumstances ingest it!

                                The packaging is actually quite boring and not at all eye catching, the bottle comes within a long rectangular stand up box, blue and grey in colour.
                                Across the centre of the box is the product name with a list of plus's with this product -

                                Skin friendly
                                No nasty odour
                                Easy to apply
                                No organo-phosphates

                                This product also contains penetrol that states that this helps to boost egg kill, I don't think so!

                                I have to say at this point that I detest the way these products claim to kill lice and their eggs, if that is actually the case, why do you have to treat the child's hair seven days after the first application to kill the newly hatched lice?

                                The bottle within the box is again quite boring, it is again a stand up plastic bottle, with the clear solution visible within.

                                The instructions for use are simple, you apply the solution to dry hair, rub in thoroughly or comb through the hair, then leave to dry, the suggested time is at least 8 hours so I applied this before bedtime just laying a towel over there pillows.

                                The solution works in quite an unusual way. Instead of killing the lice by poisoning them, which admittedly is quicker, this effectively drowns them.

                                The solution is not only nasty odour free, it's actually very pleasant. When applying you will notice your hair is never actually wet but rather greasy, the solution is an oil based solution, a little thinner in viscosity than baby oil with the fragrance being fresh, but I'm afraid indescribable!
                                So, I applied the solution. The only problem I found is the dripping factor. The hair is not wet, as I mentioned before, but is more than likely going to drip for the first hour after application, so everything that my kids were likely to come into contact with was swiftly covered with towels, I actually lot like I live in a squat at the moment!
                                My sons hair is very short, so actually only took an hour to dry, my daughters took considerably longer as I had to tie it up, and the fact that it is shoulder length meant there was a lot more to dry!

                                As I mentioned earlier I left their hair to dry overnight, so was surprised to find my daughters hair actually looked like it had had a conditioning treatment put on it. Her hair was soft and looked lovely, I actually begrudged washing the solution out but was it out I did!

                                You are told to simply wash with water and shampoo, then dry the hair, again easy!

                                My daughters hair, once dried, is again lovely and soft, I didn't even bother conditioning it like I normally do, unfortunately I have now got to the part of the procedure that I truly detest.... The removal!

                                The product, along with most other head lice solution products, advocates that you comb through the hair with a nit comb, and by god are they dire!
                                I comb through my daughters hair, bearing in mind the softness, meaning there is no resistance and the comb picked up barely any eggs, so I have then got to go in manually!

                                I have now the done the first application, the product advises that you treat again in 7 days due to any eggs that you may have missed hatching and re-infesting.
                                Although after 7 days there may be more lice, they should be newly hatch and not yet ready to lay eggs, therefore after the second application your child's hair should be completely lice free.

                                Each bottle contains 100ml of solution, which may not seem much, but has so far treated three heads, including one adults (mine, I haven't stopped scratching since finding them!), and this has left me enough for one more application, so I will unfortunately have to get another bottle for the other two applications (also I haven't checked my husbands hair yet, oh the joys are being a parent!).

                                The price of this particular bottle was more than reasonable costing a mere £4.98, this was a special offer price due to the product being so new, so I am not sure what the full price of the product will be.

                                Do I recommend this product, yes! It seems to have done the job but I suppose only time will tell. I loved the fact that it wasn't too harsh for my children's scalps and with this not containing chemical poisons, can actually be used on children's hair as young as 6 months old and believe me, I have seen a baby with head lice, the lice had managed to cling on for dear life onto a single strand of baby hair, it was not nice!

                                The only thing that bothered me with this product, aside from the fact that it claims to kill eggs, then advises further applications to kill the hatchlings, is the fact that there are no specific quantities advised, ie there is no information on the product about how much solution should be applied to the hair for optimum effectiveness, aside from that this seems an ideal product.

                                For more information visit - www.thorntonross.com/hedrin

                                Thanks for reading x


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                                A convenient way to apply solution for combatting head lice.

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