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Full Marks Liquid

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5 Reviews

Brand: Full Marks / Dosage Form: Liquid / Type: Headlice Treatment

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    5 Reviews
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      06.09.2010 17:51
      Very helpful



      A good quality treatment with good instructions.

      I think my daughter must have some unknown special head lice attracting quality about her hair, I know as soon as the 'nits in class' letter appears in her school bag that she will have the little horrors appearing in her hair very soon. I thought it was just restricted to school months and perhaps a nitty child whos hair is never treated but low and behold whilst we were staying at a Haven site about three weeks ago they managed to find her locks and set up camp.
      I am seriously tired of these critters and have tried every lotion, potion, herbal shampoo and magic spell known to man to get rid of them, it is a tiresome process and just when you think you have evicted the family a new coach load appear a few weeks later - sorry rant over !!!

      Limited to the Havens convenience store I had no choice but to buy this Full Marks liquid solution for a whopping £14.50.

      The box has some appealing claims such as it kills head lice in just ten minutes, it is low odour and best of all that it is quick and easy to use.
      This is how we got on ...........

      In the box you get a 200 ml bottle of the deadly solution, a little 'nit' comb, and a large leaflet with full instructions.
      The instructions are very easy to read and give you a step by step guide including little pictures, so far so good.

      To use :
      * comb through the hair to make sure there are no tangles or knots.
      * apply the solution to dry hair, massage in and make sure the entire scalp and hair is covered. - The bottle was easy to open and had a pointed tip so it was simple to apply.
      * Leave for ten minutes. My daughter said she was comfortable and her head was not irritated or itchy at all.
      * After ten minutes, you comb through the hair using the little comb provided. I found it useful to have a piece of kitchen towel next to me, so I could wipe the comb and remove the dead bodies.
      * Once the hair is combed through you wash it with normal shampoo.
      *After seven days you should repeat the whole process to remove any eggs that hadn't hatched on the first application.

      There really was very little odour, it still had a bit of a whiff but nowhere near as chemical and toxic smelling as some I have used in the past.

      I found it really easy to use, I loved the fact that you put it onto dry hair as this saved time. I also liked the fact that it took just ten minutes. This was important especially as we were on our holiday, we didn't really want to be spending an hour of our precious time waiting around. It is also important for smaller children who might just not be capable of sitting still for long periods of time.

      Did it work ? Yes !!! I reapplied the solution seven days later to eradicate a few strays but after that they were gone for good.

      The solution is suitable for everyone over the age of two, it specifically says that it is suitable for eczema and asthma sufferers too.
      The ingredients include Cyclomethicone, isopropyl myristrate.

      I would recommend this to parents, although I was shocked at the price, In hindsight I think it was worth paying for the ease and effectiveness of it.


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        29.07.2010 01:43
        Very helpful



        Buy Lyclear instead.

        Hands up, I admit it. I was a very nitty child. I don't know what it was about me, I was always chopping and changing my friends, having to wear my hair is a horrible glued-back pony tail showing my ugly ears, all because the nits loved me. My mum always told me that lice is attracted to clean heads. I didn't care, I just wanted rid of them. I had some terrible horror stories, I had dark hair as a child so it was impossible to find black nits. I remember sitting in school, doing a worksheet, and all of a sudden something black jumped on to my white worksheet. The girl beside me caught a glimpse at the beast of nit that was crawling about the page. Suddenly, without thinking threw the paper away. I could tell the girl would never speak to me again. By the next day, all the kids in the playground were running away from me, and even after I didn't have nits anymore, I was called nit head.

        My childhood days were horrible, and I hated the treatment for nits more than anything. It started off by my mum making my bend backwards over the kitchen sink, washing out the nit cream breaking my back and having soap thrown into my eyes. Then afterwards having my scalp all delicate after having it washed, then feeling the sharp points of the bone come scraping through my head. I used to use lyclear, that's what the doctor prescribed me with. The stuff worked fine, the only time I would see another nit is when I would come home from school with them. I never saw another nit from the time I was 10.... until.

        It was several years ago, in high school and doing my hair for school at you do. I noticed a black thing at the front my head. I thought it would have been a lump of mascara or something. When I pulled the thing out between my thumb and my index finger. I could feel something tiny and petite wriggling about inside them. I froze, this was a head louse. I dropped the thing instantly and stomped on it with my shoe. I was almost in tears, how on earth did I get them in secondary school? I went straight to the chemist for treatment.

        I wasn't given lyclear this time, I was given full marks. I thought it would just work the same. All my hairbrushes were thrown out, all my clothes were washed, beddings were changed, whilst I rubbed the pink-ish cream on, swirling slowly, catching every last corner of scalp. The directions say leave for 15 minutes, but I decided to put on a shower cap and leave it all night. The next morning, I removed the shower cap, and washed all of it off. I then went to sue the bone comb that was provided with the cream. Yet, you would not believe it, the bone comb was full of lice. ALIVE lice. Yep, there was some dead ones, but too many alive ones more my liking. I was so angry to see this happening, that I done it the hard way. Covered my head in vinegar and manually, with the provided bone come scraped the hell out of my poor head. I done this for days in order to catch any newly-hatched eggs.

        Full marks was definitely a let-down for me. There is no excuse for lice to survive this. I may also add that the alive live were very small, I assume that they were newly-hatched. So, maybe full marks has problems killing eggs.

        PS. My head was itchy writing this?


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          14.06.2010 13:25
          Very helpful



          Great form of attack against these tiny menaces!

          It was my unfortunate pleasure to have come into contact with the common head louse a few weeks back. My kids got them, at a party, and it is an unpleasant experience for all. You feel dirty and creepy, when actually the opposite is true. Lice cannot tell the difference between clean hair and dirty hair, and actually find it easier to grip on to clean hair.
          what you need to know -

          1. They are basically harmless. What you feel in the itch is not them crawling about on you, but rather an allergic reaction to the louse saliva as it chomps down on your scalp.

          2. They cannot jump or fly. They are very slow, and travel between heads via head to head contact. This contact needs to be for 30 seconds or more to transfer the louse.

          3. Chemical treatments have lost their effectiveness, as the lice are building up a resistance to them.

          4. the only real way to know that you have lice is if you find a live louse there. having nits (eggs) does not necessarily mean you have lice.

          5. you can first try to remove the lice using a special comb, but on its own this is not too effective, as i found out.

          6. It is not necessary to clean any hats or bedclothes when they are about. They clamp fast to the hair and do not willingly leave it. They cannot survive off the human head for long, and only move off to get on a new head. Kind of like hopping on and off the tube!!!
          Life cycle of the louse -

          This is broken down into three distinct stages. These are the egg, or nit, the nymph and the adult louse.
          The egg.

          The female louse lays six to eight of these a day, each one on a single hair. They are smaller than a pin head, and oval in shape. If they are a light grey colour they have hatched, and if they are a dark colour they are still inside. It can be hard to spot the eggs, as the louse lays them close to the scalp where it is more humid. They can look like dandruff, or other flecks in the hair.
          The nymph.

          these hatch after 7-10 days, and start to feed on your blood right away. They do this via a tube coming from there head, and it is the saliva from this that makes you itch. These are different from adults as they cannot mate or lay eggs. They must moult out of there skin as they grow, three times before they are adult lice.
          the louse.

          The adult louse will start to mate and lay eggs within a day. They live around 30 days, and as such can lay up to 100 eggs in the head during there lifespan. Thus they need to be treated quickly. generally the louse is a greyish brown colour, and has a head, a thorax with three sets of legs, and a body for storing your blood. they have two feelers on the head with which they detect changes in the atmosphere, like humidity and the presence of toxins in the air.
          The presence of the eggs may not meen that lice are, or will be present. They may be there from an earlier ifestation, or conditions may not have been right for them to hatch, or they could be dead. Of 50 children to have eggs, only around 9 will hatch to become lice.

          When i found that we had adult lice on the kids hair, i first tried combing. This is both time consumins, and gross, as you can see the wee buggers crawling. My sister in law had a handy tool that looks like a comb but emits a charge to kill adult lice, while removing them at the same time. Great for a start but, it does not deal with eggs, and you need to get all off or these could hatch into mor lice in about a week.
          I went out and bought a bottle of full marks solution, feeling a bit wierd and dirty, and brought it home. It works not by the traditional poisoning method, but rather it kind of over hydrates them, and kills them that way. This sounded ideal as i knew that they are in general starting to resist poisons. In the box i got a bottle of solution (100ml), which it says is enough for two treatments, however i found that it was ample for at least three, though this would depend on the length of the hair. Also i got a comb to remove the dead lice.
          Full marks -

          - eliminates eggs as well as lice
          - contains no traditional pesticides
          - is quick and easy to use
          - has a low odour.

          You use the comb to comb the hair and make sure there are no tangles. Then you massage in the solution, all the way through the hair, and especially in around the scalp. You will think that there is not enough to do it but a little goes a long way. You then leave it on for 10 minutes, though i left it a bit longer. There is no real smell from this stuff, unlike the stuff back in my day which was rotten.

          After ten minutes you comb through the hir thoroughly removing the dead lice and nits. The best way i found to do this is to split the hair into four quarters, and deal with each in turn. This way you will not miss any of the little buggers. After this you rinse the hair, and wash as normal. Due to the life cycle explained above, you shoul treat again in about a week, in case any eggs were left, and are hatching out again. This means you will get them before they are adult, and therefore not able to breed again.

          Results -

          This stuff did the trick. I did what it said and treated again in a week, but this time nothing was removed from the hair, so i was satisfied there was nothing there. It was easy to use and also the fact that there was no awful smell made it easier to treat the kids. It cost £5.99 in my local chemists, and still had some left just in case. The active ingredients, if they make any sense to you are cyclomethicone, and isopropyl myrisate. I however do not care in the slightest about this. It worked and got rid of the lice, and thats all i worry about. As it is an oil based shampoo, take care to pay heed to the usual safety tips, like not smoking, or exposing the oily hair to a naked flame. However i do not think that many of you are about to set fire to your childs hair. this would perhaps be an extreme form of lice erradication.

          Conlusion -

          cheap, easy to use, and highly effective, full marks solution is a brilliant product. It worked quickly, and effectively, and had no odour to speak of. Get back at the little bugs with this stuff, they will not stand a chance. definately gets full marks from me (sorry about that, couldn't resist)! G


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            02.01.2007 10:15
            Very helpful



            Not that effective in my opinion although easy to apply

            Full Marks Liquid 200mls.

            As a retired hairdresser, over the years I have had the unpleasant experience of being greeted by Head Lice on many occasions, and yet I have been lucky enough to have only suffered with them myself once before when my daughter brought them home from school with her. This was several years ago now and yet I still remember the horrible feelings I had when I found them in my hair. That was until about five days ago when I let my guard down due to the stress of Christmas and because my children were on school holidays.

            It is quite strange how it all came about really was when my friend called over two days after Christmas with her children and was chatting away about her new bug busting kit she was getting through the post. At first I must confess, I really did not put two and two together until the next day when she called over the house again with her new kits, showing it off. I thought it was something for her several cats until to my horror she opened the kit and produced five different size nit combs. Instantly panic ran through my blood as my daughter had stopped over there house two days earlier and my son was over there two playing with the youngest child of my friend.

            Although my friend was only stopping for a quick coffee, I must confess it seemed like hours and with ever minute that went by my skin crawled more and more as my head began to itch frantically. Finally, she finished her coffee, packed away her bug kit and returned home not a minute too soon. I do not think her car could have got very far before I grabbed my faithful nit comb and began the family screening starting with my Son.

            Happiness prevailed as I finished combing through his hair carefully, section by section and found him to be free of lice. Next, it was my Daughters turn and that is when the happiness passed as section by section I comb through only to discover she had lice. I must confess anger began to build in me as I moved on to my partner and inspected his hair. Another one don and lucky for him another one free from lice, but then it was my turn. I dragged the comb through my hair, section by section, hoping not to discover any lice. However, unlucky for me I found one and I must confess I was furious and angry as I grabbed my coat and we all made off to a pharmacy to obtain some treatment for me and my daughter. Hence, bring on the Full Marks Lotion and this review.

            About Full Marks Liquid.
            Full Marks Head Lice treatments come in a variety of forms, which include mousse, liquid and lotion in various size bottles. It is produced by Seton Healthcare Group PLC in the U.K. and is a registered trademark of Seton.

            This review is of the Full Marks Liquid 200mls bottle, which should treat up to four heads and is suitable for adults and children over 6 months of age. As with all treatments for head lice always consult your Dr or pharmacist before using the product and check for allergies from the active ingredients. I purchased the liquid in Full Marks rather than the mousse as I am an asthma sufferer and this form of Full Marks is suitable for use by asthmatics.

            The product comes in a white box, which clearly states the product name and has a family of four on the front of the box. The liquid itself is in a brown glass bottle with a white plastic lid and a white label, which also contains product details. This product also contains a detailed leaflet with directions and precautions.

            Full Marks Liquid contains Phenothrin, Potassium Citrate, Citric Acid Monohydrate, Emulsifying Wax, Methylhydroxybenzoate, Propylhydroxybenzoate, Perfume HT52, Diethylene Glycol, Dimethyl Phthalate and Purified Water.

            The company states that Full Marks Liquid has been specially formulated for treatment of head lice and if used according to instructions a single application of Full Marks Liquid will kill head lie and there eggs.

            The Application.

            Before you start, always read the instruction leaflet carefully and if you use this product regularly due to your profession or you suffer with sensitive skin always wear gloves to apply the liquid.

            The Liquid itself is of a white creamy consistence and has a quite pleasant smell to it which it not harsh when inhaled, and although it says liquid, it is quite thick in consistence.

            Apply the liquid to Dry hair and be sure to apply sufficient liquid to make sue that no part of the scalp is left uncovered. Gently massage the liquid through the hair being sure to cover all the hair from root to tip and the scalp.

            Allow the hair to dry naturally whilst the lotion is still on the hair and scalp.

            Leave the liquid on hair for twelve hours or overnight.

            After 12 hours, wash the hair with normal shampoo and condition if required.

            Whilst the hair is still wet comb through with a normal comb and then a fine toothed nit comb to remove all the dead lice and eggs.

            In rare cases this product has had an undesired effect of skin irritation and a person warning from me is that if you have any cuts or sores on your scalp you may experience a slight tingling burning sensation when apply this product however this does pass after a few minutes.

            The Results.
            Finally, the next day when the treatment was complete it came time to remove the liquid and see the results for myself. First, my hair was washed and combed through, only to reveal one most definitely dead louse and two small eggs. Then it was time for my daughter and the same procedure was followed. As I combed through her hair section by section we revealed three lice and several eggs, but to my horror one of the lice was most definitely still alive. I could have screamed with this discovery and phoned my local pharmacy for advice. The pharmacist explained to me that this is sometimes the case and it does not mean that the liquid has not worked; it is just that some lice take longer to die and any remaining will die within the next 24 hours.

            I will be totally blunt and say that I find this very hard to believe and am now checking our hair every day twice a day to be sure that if any of the eggs left were not killed that as soon as they hatch they are removed to prevent them laying eggs themselves.

            My Opinion.
            What a waste of money and at £9.99 for a 200ml treatment, what an expensive useless product at that. I can assure everyone now I will not let my guard down again and will continue with my regular two-day inspection of my children's hair even when they are not in school as prevention is a much better form of defence than these expensive and ineffective treatments.

            I think that in future I will stick to some of the old-fashioned remedies I know of and use those instead. Before I finish this review though I would like to take the chance to pass on some of the old-fashioned remedies I have heard of as well as some interesting facts about head lice.

            Welshwickedone's Extra Facts.
            Although I have never personally tried this one, I have heard that some people believe that if you apply fabric conditioner to the hair, the head lice cannot get a grip on the hair and they are unable to attach there eggs to the hair follicles. (Yes a strange one, I know and to be honest, one I am not keen to try or believe.)

            The other old-fashioned remedies I have heard of, I have actually tried. Mix one tablespoon of Tea tree Oil with six tablespoons of cooking oil and apply to the hair. Comb through with a fine toothed lice comb. The Tea tree Oil is not only a natural antiseptic, but also the lice are apparently repelled by the smell and release there grip. The cooking oil makes it easier to comb away the lice and eggs from the hair. As I say, I have tried it, but found it no different to applying conditioner to your hair and removing the lice and eggs naturally with a lice comb.

            This is a person recommendation for anyone who has discovered they or a family member has head lice. Do not be embarrassed, it is not your fault, sadly head lice is a problem found worldwide. With regular checks of your family's hair, this is a good form of prevention and cure. If one member of your family has head lice, you should always check every member as it is very likely that they may have head lice as well.

            When you have treated head lice, you should also be sure to change all bedding and wash all bedding, towels and combs used by the sufferer. Wash all bedding and clothes in a minimum of a 60ºC wash cycle and soak all combs, brushes and hair accessories in disinfectant. The reason for this is that people have been led to believe that the head lice will die within minutes when not on a head of hair. This is not true, as a head lice can survive for two days or slightly longer, even when not on the human head, and therefore can survive on a pillowcase and return to a treated head the next night.

            Lice eggs hatch in seven days so you should always comb through hair every day to remove any lice that have just hatched from the eggs as in seven days they can mature into adult lice and lay eggs themselves. Regular daily combing for two weeks, being sure that you are thorough will prevent any lice infection continuing and is friendlier than the use of chemicals.

            Welshwickedone © January 2007


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              14.11.2000 03:49
              Very helpful



              A few weeks ago I discovered that my son had caught head lice from one of his friends, I treated him with the usual smelly stuff and thought no more about it, until I realised he had passed the little blighters on to me. I decided to try the new Full Marks Mousse that has recently been advertised on TV. I followed the instructions on the box to the letter. I applied sufficient mousse to my hair and spread it all over making sure everywhere was covered. I left it for 30 minutes as directed then washed my hair with normal shampoo and conditioner. Afterwards I used a proper nit comb to remove any dead lice and eggs. I thought that was it, all gone and for a couple of days no itching, then it started again. Out came the nit comb and sure enough they were still there. I checked my son again but no sign of any on him and no one else in the family. I tried Full Marks mousse because I thought it would be preferable to usual smelly stuff but now I have to go through the whole process again. It states on the box that a single application of Full Marks mousse will kill head lice, in my opinion it does not. This is one product that I will not be buying again.


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