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HP Monster Beats Solo with ControlTalk Headphones

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3 Reviews

HP Monster Beats Solo with ControlTalk Headphones - Headphones ( over-the-ear )

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    3 Reviews
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      04.12.2012 23:35
      Very helpful



      perhaps a bit pricey but the quality justifies the price.

      The first thing that stood out for me was the overall look of the headphones, the extremely sleek and modern style with a matt finish was certainly a selling point for me as it is something a little different to your average pair of headphones.

      These particular beats set cost me £139.99, bare in mind these are not the HD versions (I believe HD has a slightly higher price tag due to the improved quality). I picked up the white pair since I fancied something bold and different than the generic black and or silver.

      The packaging also matches with the style and quality, the box is a matt finish and glides out smoothly when you open it, which admittedly makes the unpacking much more enjoyable as you truly feel like you've gotten a great product.
      The sound quality is great, there is no distortion or loss of sound at high or low volumes and the balance remains equal no matter what volume your music is played on. Of course I would however recommend that a higher quality device is used (such as an iPhone or iPod) to play the music from, so that you can appreciate the full experience that the beats have to offer.
      The fact that these headphones can fold up and also providing you take a reasonable amount of care with the headphones they aren't prone to breakages at all, mine are still in tact and still look lush. The folding feature proves to be more convenient for listening to music on the go, once you're done with them you can conveniently store them away without worrying about crushing or snapping them in your bag or having to keep them around your neck to look after them.
      The cushioning around the ears provides a great deal of comfort and does not disappoint, I have no complaints about heaviness or aching ears, these are practically perfect in regards to weight and being a snug fit.
      The wire is a vivid red colour that co-ordinates with the trademark "b" logo on the side of the headphones, which also features a control talk feature - ideal for those who have any type of phone or device that can accept a 3.5mm headphone jack. You are able to play, pause, fast forward, rewind and even activate the voice control and answer phone calls since the headphones also include a microphone. The wire is also designed to be non-tangle which is a dream come true for anyone who has experienced the sheer annoyance of tangled headphones!

      I would recommend these headphones to regular music listeners on the go as it seems a bit extreme to pay such a high amount of money for some headphones if you barely use them.


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      06.10.2012 22:03



      Improves the music-listening experience tenfold!

      The product:

      Dr. Dre Beats Solo headphones with control talk.

      Why I bought it:

      As a regular laptop user and music-listener, I am forever wearing out cheap £5-£10 headphones. I saw a promotional offer with a notebook which contained a free set of Beats headphones, so I gave them a go.

      The good:

      I was speculative about how much better more expensive headphones would sound (if at all), and these Beats have convinced me that you certainly do get what you pay for. The sound quality is superb and certainly enhances the listening experience. I am also very happy with the design of the headphones. They fold into a compact shape, and also have a degree of cushioning which also adds to the comfort.

      The bad:

      For me, the main downside to these headphones over the in-ear headphones I have used in the past is that the sound output can be heard by more than just the listener (which of course isn't ideal in quiet public places). I suppose another slight criticism I have is that these headphones aren't as great for spoken word as they are for music. This is simply due to the increased bass, which can sound somewhat out of place when listening to non-musical media.

      The miscellaneous:

      An additional detachable cable (3.5 mm ports), and a carry case are both welcomed extras. The headphones are also quite light despite being an over-the-head style.

      Overall verdict:

      I would recommend these headphones to ANYONE who listens to music! Obviously, with the £100+ price tag it could be a purchase that is hard to justify, but you can certainly tell a difference between these and cheaper headphones.


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      06.05.2012 15:35
      Very helpful



      Expensive headphones but very high quality and worth it for avid listeners.

      I really got sucked in by the design of these headphones they're definitely the nicest looking ones I've seen I was obviously concerned that I was buying into some sort of hype though because of the fact they were all massively endorsed by various celebrities and had a pretty high price tag.

      I caved and picked them up from the Apple Store and they cost me £139.99 it seems now that they have swapped them for the HD version which has a higher price tag of around £169.95 currently.
      I went for the black but they had white ones available as well.

      The first thing I noticed when getting them was the box which stood out even though it was just big and black but it has another box which is bright red that slides into it which obviously is a more eye catching colour. Everything is matt so looks stylish and luxurious and you can tell you've just spend a load of money on it basically.
      The actual headphones themselves I had read reports about before buying saying that they were quite easy to break but I found that they felt quite sturdy and the fact they folded up meant you shouldn't really have any problems with them if they're looked after carefully.
      They have the same rubber matt effect over the whole of the headphones which makes them really stand out this continues across the whole band over your head and outer face of the headphones then it has the silver circle with the red b in. I couldn't tell if the silver circle was actual metal or just given the effect but it looks like it's made from polished aluminium.
      Like I mentioned before they fold up about 2 inches up on each side so that they can fold flat for packing and transporting them which is good because unless you leave them round your neck over ear headphone can always be a bit awkward to put in a bag or something without taking up a lot of room and fear they may break.
      The cushioning for the headphones is perfect I wore them regularly for hours at a time and I never noticed any discomfort on my ears like you sometimes find with other headphones on the market.
      The wire is something everyone recognises straight away because it's bright red to match the colour of the logo and it has the incontrol section which is perfect for iPhone users and I believe it works with most mobile phones that can accept a 3.5mm jack. It has the same controls as your regular iPhone headphone controls so you can skip back and forward through your music and play or pause it, activate the voice control and answer phone calls using the built in microphone and the headphones for sound. The wire is unique in that it is made of a material which means it is anti tangle I'm not entirely sure on the mechanics of this and how it works exactly and it doesn't say too much on the packaging but I can say that it does actually work I'm yet to have pull them even out of a messy bag and find the wire tangled.

      Obviously as you would expect with headphone costing you so much the quality in sound matches the price. The first thing you notice is the perfect balance you get just the right amount of bass without it sounding too loud and distorted and fantastic mids and crystal clear highs. I actually found myself noticing background instruments and sounds that I didn't even realise where there because of how well balance and perfectly sounding everything was coming through.
      An important thing I really noticed was at high volumes you had absolutely no loss in quality at all everything came through crystal clear with no distortion in the bass no hissing or rattling of the headphones which really is the tester for me because I like to listen to my music really loud.

      I definitely would recommend these headphones to someone who really appreciates music and spends a lot of time listening to it. If you're a listener who maybe just uses an iPod while commuting or something similar I think you would maybe find yourself better buying a pair of lower priced headphones to suit your needs as I don't believe you would get the moneys worth with these headphones at all. I also don't doubt you could get a pair of headphones with similar quality of sound for a significant amount less but the overall design and build of these headphones definitely adds to what makes them more special than the others available.

      This is also posted on Ciao under the same username AwesomeForrest


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  • Product Details

    Light weight, high performance, beats look

    Compact and incredibly lightweight, the tri-fold design allows Solos to fit into the included compact carrying case

    Cleaning cloth with antimicrobial treatment polishes and controls germs

    Technical Data

    Product Description: HP Monster Beats Solo with ControlTalk Headphones - headphones
    Product Type: Headphones
    Headphones Type: Headphones - binaural
    Headphones Form Factor: Over-the-ear
    Sound Output Mode: Stereo
    Designed For: HP 8200, Elite 8000, Elite 8100; Elite 7000, 7100, 7200, 7300; EliteBook 2440, 25XX, 27XX, 6930, 84XX, 85XX, 87XX; Envy 14; Pro 30XX, 31XX, 33XX, 3400; ProBook 4230, 43XX, 44XX, 45XX, 47XX, 5220, 53XX, 6360, 64XX, 65XX