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    5 Reviews
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      20.07.2011 09:28
      Very helpful
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      • Reliability


      A nice set of headphones

      ==Sony MDR V300 Headphones==

      Earphones are not always the comfortable thing to wear and more often than not will pop out of my ears and continue to annoy me with the constant fiddling of trying to get them in place and relatively comfortable. With this in mind I thought I would forget all about earphones and get myself some headphones to save all the hassle and fiddling.

      ==Price and Availability==

      because at the time of deciding I wanted some headphones I was in one of those moods where I must have them straight away, I purchased them from the high street and because of that I probably paid a little over the price I could pick them up from the internet for. I paid £30 for these headphones although the RRP is £35.99p so I save a little. The prices online vary somewhat and I have come across a site just now where they are being sold for a good price of £15 which of course is an absolute steal! I got them from HMV as I couldn't think of any other place on the high street to buy such an item but like I said they are widely available online and you won't have to hunt them down.

      ==Look and Design==

      The overall appearance of these headphones is really rather good and they are not too chunky or excessively large on the ear covering area. The wire with which to plug into the MP3 or other music device is a nice long one which means that you could use these to plug into your TV if you so wish and sit on the sofa watching without anyone being disturbed (well at least I can this of course would depend how far away your TV is to your sofa!).

      The ear pads are foldable and the whole set of headphones can be folded down into quite a small and compacted design which is ideal for storing or indeed when not using them after taking the out and they are not too bulky in my handbag. The ear pads are attached to the head area by a sort of swing mechanism which allows them to be folded and this is very sturdy and is still going strong with no signs of wear and tear.

      The plug adaptor has a couple of different sized plugs with which to chose from and which to use. This is handy for listening to different types of devices as long as you keep the plug that you have screwed off and are not using safe and don't misplace it. These are both gold plated which is said to aid the quality of the sound.

      ==General Use==

      I find using these headphones really very good. The headband feels comfortable and fits easily onto my head and is made of smooth plastic so that none of my hair has yet to get caught in it and snagged. The ear pads are comfortable on my ears and the soft plush plastic type of material they are made of feels snug and not sticky or tacky on my skin. So as far as the overall comfort and use of the headphones go they are really good. Now on to the sound...

      After having used earphones for so long and thinking that they were "good enough", I can't believe the far better sound quality that I got from these headphones when compared to my ipod complementary earphones that I had been using. The base that came through these headphones was far deeper and the sound clarity just so much greater. The ear pads seem to keep the sound in the ears and make it a lot more streamline so to speak. I was bowled over by the bassiness of the sound and listening to my base ridden hip hop music the crisp sounds I was getting really impressed me.

      ==Overall Opinion==

      I can't rate these headphones highly enough and I can't believe I have been thinking that my old earphones were good because compared to these I have been listening through a metal tin! The price I paid although more expensive than buying online still represent a good value for money and I can't really complain about that. They are comfortable to wear, easy to use and to store and they create a clear, crisp base ridden sound that I really like. I couldn't have asked for more.

      I think I would be happy to award these headphones a top score of 5 out of 5 stars and give them a very high recommendation!

      I do hope that this has been of some help/interest to you

      Many thanks for taking the time to read.


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        13.01.2009 12:15
        Very helpful


        • Reliability


        Good quality headphones let down by the long cable.

        My ears are quite weird in their shape and for some reason I have always had problems finding headphones that fit snugly into the ear lobe. After many annoying attempts the time came to finally purchase a pair of headphones that gave me some comfort.

        The first thing I noticed about these headphones was the build quality, the inside of the headphones where padded leather. The headphones are very comfortable when placing them over my ears. The quality of the sound is second to none, I mean it literally blows your socks off, the quality is so crisp and the bass is just right.

        The downside to the headphones are the length of the cable, it is over two metres long and makes it difficult to walk around with all this extra cable. I suppose it would be better suited in that respect to the Office/PC environment and not for walking to and from work.

        The arch that holds the headphones together is a bit 'plasticky' so you will need to be careful not to get to enthusiastic and accidentally break it.


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        10.11.2008 21:21
        Very helpful


        • Reliability


        Not a bad effort from Sony but the plastic quality is disappointing.

        No less than a week has gone by and whilst walking to work the other day I realised that I had left my headphones on the train - what an idiot! Whilst this seems to have been a common recurrence of either leaving my headphones somewhere or eventually losing them I tried to buy another iSound headphone product from WH Smith but upon visiting found that they no longer had any in stock. Stuck without headphones in my job as a music teacher is like a fish out of water and instead of opting for something cheap I decided to treat myself.

        John Lewis came to my rescue initially as to what to try and get since they are the only store that seems to be open later than anyone else in Edinburgh and being so handy near to my flat and work it seemed the obvious choice at the time. The trouble was when I got there the headphones I had in mind the cheap ones seemed to be out of stock! Despite this I eventually chose out of a lengthy pricey range of headphones on sale, Sony's MDR-V300 large silver cup headphones that came in at a reasonable £19-99 and at the time I was really attracted by the silver look and smaller head phone cup size compared to the standard large types you can usually find. However this isn't my first foray with Sony headphones, the last pair were similar to these on look and design but proved to be disappointing with the shocking sound quality and lack of bass. Have things moved on?

        The V300 design is purposefully designed for DJ type artists and workers who are used to using a single head phone to listen into what they are working on or mixing so the separate individual hinges that hold each head phone cup is a delightful addition and therefore has a reverse hinge idea. Not only does this support extra comfort whether you choose to wear these outside or in, they do look and feel comfortable even if Sony persist to use stretched PVC plastic to glue to your ears and although they sit on the outer lobs they cover my ears directing the sound to where it should go. Adjustment is easy as each side of the cup can be pulled down on a ratchet system that locks to the main head band - double and looped to support my head or anyone else who may have a slighter larger oval shape on their hair rather than completely circular. For the price however Sony's MDR V300 have a 3 metre cord and a handy screw in larger jack that can be used for sound systems that don't have the smaller jack hole. Being both gold plated they also have a slightly higher sound quality but this is very dependent on the sound system you have. Whilst I love the idea that the jack has screw threads on the smaller body, it's what you do with the larger jack that seems to be the problem if you buy headphones like these that have one free in the pack; unless you leave the larger jack at home there is simply no where else on these headphones that it can be stored whilst the headphones are in use - and if they are made for DJ's in general, a facility for optional size jacks would make sense - take note here Sony!

        Through use on my PC, MAC and home keyboard the sound quality really does change according to what equalizer you have; if you have nothing for example, I find the sound does suffer in the higher depths of sound waves; there are no bass boosts or any other controls on the headphones themselves and I've got a feeling that if they were higher priced somewhat, Sony may well offer something like this to boost the sound. In their defence the V300 have a very rich warm bass which seems to be default set or maybe down to the fact that Sony has fitted something called "Neodymium" headphone magnets to produce a greater sound not least the gold plated points of the jacks that most premium brands fit for extra sound quality. When I raise the volume however the V300 suffers from sound leakage and at times the set tone can become too tinny only replaced by more bass if you happen to be able to adjust the tone on any device you own.

        Comfortable even after being clamped to my ears for a few good hours, my lobes don't sweat as much which is good news and may be down to the fact that each ear cup is slightly smaller compared to larger cup head phones on the market. The cord itself is double ribbed in a plat style that grips surfaces very well and hardly kinks unlike other headphones I've had in the past. And although they are not as powerful as the JVC ones I had bought earlier in the year, the V300 don't disgrace themselves as good quality headphones from afar. Its close up that its smooth plastic quality starts to show imperfections.

        In terms of storage the obvious weaknesses of a basic DJ style headphone product starts to make its design clear; although the headphones fold in, they can't fold all the way up into the band that would make these headphones unique and infinitely practical for storage, especially for travelling, or simply for putting away when not in use; the cups can fold inwards to the band but for true collapsing ability where it would make sense for the hinge that holds the main cups to fold inwards and upwards, this seems to be a design that has been passed by or forgotten. They are however very light compared to my JVC large cup headphones and the lightness is welcome here, particularly when storing away in over night bags. For most buyers however the fact that the head phones are comfortable and easily adjustable may well be all that they need to know when considering a purchase. It's a great pity then that the plastic blister packaging that contains the headphones are just like the iSound products that proved difficult to open!

        For the price of £20 Sony have a good pair of headphones - much better in fact than the first headphones I had bought some time ago. In terms of value for money, the V300 just about makes the grade but for those looking for practical headphones they may consider the V300 suitable if only it wasn't for the poor plastic that the hinges are made out of - despite the silver colouring that looks classy and special, silver paint can only hide so much - and I suspect that may well be the reason to why they command so many different prices online and on the high street - so if they are priced any higher than £25 simply walk away. Thanks for reading. ©Nar2 2008

        Sony MDR V300 DJ headphones
        Price £19-99 to £24-98 John Lewis and online.



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          02.06.2008 18:32


          • Reliability


          Over all a good set of headphones

          I purchased these headphones from Littlewoods Additions 3 months ago, it is the most that I have ever spent on a pair of headphones, but let me tell you they are worth every penny! the sound quality is perfect, I can hear notes in my music that I did not know existed, the bass roll off is very rich and un-distorted, they fit like a glove and are very comfortable indeed, fully adjustable no matter how big your head is :-) and they are very light too. Anyway moving on, the ear cups are lined with a soft leather-like material, an extra long 2 Metre flexi silicon cable and a gold plated 3.5mm jack plug with a good robust strain relief, the cable is very good in the way that it does not kink or twist like some cheaper makes. I have driven these headphones from a small MP3 Player which I was suprised they even worked, but the sound quality was very good, over all an excellent buy for £29.99 inc VAT.


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          30.01.2004 01:26
          Very helpful



          Sony MDR V300

          Sometimes, when Mrs P toddles off to sleepy-slumber-land, and I'm left all on my lonesome twiddling my thumbs, I take the urge to twiddle something else.
          That's right, I twiddle my knob.

          Thanks to modern technology, it's now possible to twiddle my knob to the point of no return. With a set of miniaturized, audiographicalogical loudspeakers, I can give that knob of mine a darn good cranking - the knob in question being the volume controls on my stereo.

          The MPL's (or as I like to call them, headphones) in question are SONY MDR-V300.

          THEY SAY:
          "Sony's MDR-V300 Studio Monitor Series Headphones feature a supra-aural design for excellent listening comfort, 30 mm diameter drivers for deep bass, high-energy Neodymium magnets, reversible earcups for single-sided monitoring, a high-grade metallic finish, a folding design, a wide molded headband for long-lasting comfort, and a gold-plated UniMatch plug."

          No, it doesn't make a bit of sense to me either. Let's have it in language that even a non-audiophile can understand.

          The headset is light and reasonably comfortable and you can easily adjust the width - essential in a world of differing head sizes. The set has hinges so it can be folded up for easier storage (please don't try this whilst still wearing them). They're quite stylish in design, with slim, silver ear-cups and a black head-band. Very understated.
          A minus point is that the headband seems a little flimsy. Mine hasn't broken, but in the hands of a clumsy, hormonally-imbalanced teenager.......who knows how long they'd last.

          The speaker cups are small, but still a fairly comfortable fit - although I find the pads just a little constricting so I wouldn't want to use these for too long in one session. They're fine for a couple of hours though.

          One thing I do like about these is the length of cabl
          e, a good six feet or so - no need to sit crammed against the sound system with these. And they have full size and miniature jack plugs to cater for all connection possibilities....well two, anyway.

          But, it doesn't matter much about how they look or fit if they sound like shi... um, if the sound isn't very good.

          The Sony MDR-V300's sound pretty good to my ears...all of them. They cope pretty well with the bass and I can't say I notice any distortion when the volume is turned up high. These days, I listen to a lot more classical music than any other genre, and sometimes the music is not about how loud it can be, but how subtle. These headphones have no trouble picking up the tiniest little cheep with a good level of clarity.
          The padding on the cups seems to blank out any background noise quite effectively too, which is good.

          For anyone who needs it, or even understands it, here's the technical bumph:

          Type: Closed supra-aural, dynamic
          Drive Unit: 30 mm
          Diaphragm: PET
          Magnet: Neodymium
          Impedance: 24 ohms
          Sensitivity: 100 dB/mW
          Power Handling Capacity: 500 mW
          Frequency Response: 18 - 22,000 Hz
          Headband: wide, adjustable single headband with folding earcups
          Earcups: reversible for single-sided monitoring
          Cord: Oxygen-free copper; two-sided, 10 feet (3 m)
          Plug: Straight, gold-plated, stereo UniMatch plug with fixed miniplug and detachable phone plug

          ? The Verdict ?

          I've had these for a couple of years now and although I don't use them constantly, they have coped with everything I can throw at them. They seem robust enough and even the cable - usually the first thing to break in my experience - hasn't given me any trouble.
          Although they're suitable to use with a walkman, I haven't used them in that way as I prefer a smaller set for that. (Hey, I look stupid enough without wandering around wi
          th a couple of speakers strapped to my bonce).

          In conclusion, I'm satisfied with the performance of these headphones. I'm sure there are far better sets out there, but these sound fine and are comfortable to wear. And if you can get them at a reasonable price - what more could you ask for?

          I can't remember exactly how much I paid for these but after doing a little search I found that they can be bought online for as little as £16 - I know I paid a lot more than that.

          Thanks for reading



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        • Product Details

          Sony's MDR-V300 Studio Monitor Series Headphones feature Supra-Aural Design for excellent listening comfort, 30 mm Diameter Drivers for deep bass, High-energy Neodymium Magnets, Reversible Earcups for single-sided monitoring, a High-Grade Metallic Finish, a Folding Design, a Wide Molded headband for long-lasting comfort, and a Gold-Plated UniMatch Plug.

          Technical Data

          Product Description: Sony MDR V300 - headphones
          Product Type: Headphones - wired
          Recommended Use: Professional audio system, home audio system, portable audio system
          Headphones Type: Headphones - binaural
          Headphones Form Factor: Full size
          Connectivity Technology: Wired
          Sound Output Mode: Stereo
          Audio Specifications: Frequency Response 18 - 22000 Hz - Sensitivity 100 dB - Impedance 24 Ohm
          Diaphragm Type: PET
          Manufacturer Warranty: 90 days warranty