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Sennheiser PX100-II

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6 Reviews
  • Light weight
  • Listenable delivery
  • Leaks as open-backed
  • Not ideal for use in the gym/ playing sports
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    6 Reviews
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      17.07.2015 15:29


      • "quality audio sound"


      good choice of products

      Sennheiser is one of the best sound company which makes incredible pairs of headphones every year its always said good performance who ever is being using these headphone that are terrific i m sure you need not to check review to buy any of the sennheiser product,sennhieser PX100-II is best headphones to buy.


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      06.07.2015 12:08
      Very helpful


      • "Neodynium drivers for fuller sound"
      • "High quality sound esp for the price!"
      • "Ingenious space saving folding mechanism"
      • "Light weight"


      • "Not ideal for use in the gym/ playing sports"
      • "Open air/back design so can trouble neighbours"

      The best general use, everyday headphones with high quality sound and design

      After having misplaced my original PX100 on a long haul flight, I looked at getting a replacement and that's when I saw that Sennheiser had improved it by releasing an updated model.

      From what I saw, there were two versions, one with a remote control and one without. Since I'm a fan of keeping things simple, I've opted for the version without the volume/remote control.

      First up is the ingenious space saving folding arm mechanism for the headphones, that make storing it so much easier as well as cooler. Its very similar to its predcessor, and instead of a plastic case (as with its predecessor), you get a nifty pouch to store it!

      The headphones themselves look well made, feel well made and have a nice look when worn. The headset itself is light and doesnt squeeze the ears at all. It rather sits neatly on your head. However they wouldn't be ideal for someone who is actively into sports as they can fall off, plus sweaty ears and earpads dont quite go together.

      Now onto the most important aspect of these headphones.... THE SOUND. I'm really impressed with this aspect. The sound is as you would expect from a Seinnheiser, its as good as ever.
      The high end is clear and lacks the harsh and/or tiny sound that is often associated with cheap headphones or earbuds. It makes listening pleasureable. The Bass on the other hand is alot more notable than with most other headsets, but in a good way, and not forced as one gets from a beats headphone set.

      Overall I describe the sound as something that is pleasureable to listen over long periods, and also very natural. Because they are open back design at times, it can feel like the music is being played LIVE rather than being a recording.

      Furthermore, you can pump up the volume as loud as you want without any distortion to the music.

      Another great design choice is that the cable goes to one headphone/the left ear which is great. The old PX100 had a cable that split which made it a little uncomfortable wearing for long periods.

      In conclusion, I have no hesitation to recommend this set as a great a great general purpose headset. Great build quality, high sound quality, durability at a bargain price. If you are looking for headphones at a good price, then look no further at the Seinnheiser PX100 11!!


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      11.05.2015 15:18
      Very helpful


      • "Light weight"
      • "Listenable delivery"
      • "Solid and sturdy for their use"
      • Foldable


      • "Soft case option"
      • "Intense Bass"
      • "Leaks as open-backed"

      Accurate clear sound, foldable, great Bass and a welcomed update to its predecessor

      So firstly these are open-backed headphones and the benefit of these is they always sound better that closed ones. So these are designed for when you're out and about.

      Sennheisers PX 100-ii's are weighty and easy to use. There is detail to instruments, good clarity and warmth on the vocals. Lastly good control to the treble.

      The design is robust and better than the last model in both design and sound delivery/control. They are also foldable so easy to have on you no matter what you're doing.

      They leak a lot less noise too but still consider your close buddies when commenting and you decide to pump out some hard rock number!

      One of the best features of this updated headphone is that they are super lightweight so you'll soon forget you're even wearing them. They have also reinforced the headband on this new model so I imagine its longer lasting.

      The Bass is controlled better on the new model however it is more powerful and potentially you may find its not as warm as before.

      Unfortunately if you've used the previous version (PX 100) you may notice the sudden drop in volume, that said the overall result is still great.

      The sound output is accurate, sharp and clear. Only trained ears will notice a few differences between models.

      Only come with a soft case though so protection is dependant on your handling.

      In all its a nice update and an excellent pair of headphones with great audio output.


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      07.04.2015 21:52


      • "Iphone case freindly"
      • Soundstage
      • "Good for all genres"
      • Compact
      • "Fun bass"


      • "Pelibian looking"
      • "No noise isolation "

      Over all its is nice to use

      Here's a fact: open-backed headphones sound better than closed ones. Here's another fact: everyone hates the inconsiderate guy on the bus with the ‘tss, tss' sound leaking from his open cans.

      With that in mind, here are the Sennheiser PX 100-IIs, a pair of open headphones designed for use when out and about.
      Sonically, these Sennheisers are weighty and easy going, offering a rendition of Mr. Hudson's Knew We Were Trouble in weighty, flowing, and unsurprisingly spacious style.

      There's decent punch and detail to instruments, enjoyable clarity and warmth to the vocals, and good control to the treble.

      Compare quite well with iGradosBig bass lovers will find the depth of the delivery to be an absolute delight, but next to the very best rivals (and yes, we mean the iGrados), that low-end can be a little soft and overbearing.

      The Sennheisers have advantages over the iGrados, though, like a design that's robust, foldable and not a complete fashion catastrophe.

      They leak marginally less noise, too. But seriously; spare a thought for your fellow commuter before turning up the volume.

      The Sennheiser PX 100-II are an excellent pair of headphones that deliver crisp and clear sound with a powerfull bass. Hi-fi speakers and top shelf materials were used for this product. They are comfortable and light, in time you may forget you put them on, but they are built sturdy so you don't get the feeling they're going to break in your hands
      I've owned the original PX-100 and now these, and I have to say, these are a definite improvement. Pretty much every part of the frequency band is presented quite beautifully. Most earpad headphones hurt my ears after a while, but these are so light that they never pose a problem. This isn't the fault of the headphones, but just keep in mind that they're open-backed and will be a little noisy to others around you. I think they're great headphones and agree with the other reviewer that they're on par (and better in some ways) than my Grado SR60is. In my opinion, for what they are, I feel as though they're a little expensive, but I'll recommend them anyways


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      28.02.2015 23:54
      Very helpful


      • "strong headband"
      • "store away easily"
      • "so comfortable"
      • "good sound quality"


      • "none really"

      Listen to Sennheiser in your ears .... although i've never heard of this composer ???

      I like listening to music but I feel that those around me may not like my taste, which means that I tend to use earphones of one kind of another. Sadly though, these days, they don't make things to last like they did in my day, (ay-up lad.. those were the days).
      And these headphones are ones that I have used, and managed to keep them going for nearly 18 months, before they began to fail. Although I can't really blame the headphones themselves as I dropped them into the dogs water bowl and damaged one of the speakers.
      But whilst they worked they were great.
      They have what they call and 'Open back design for natural sound reproduction'
      The cable goes into the one speaker only and as the cable is over a metre long there's planty of cable to play with.
      The headband piece is pretty strong, being made of plastic, with a slither of metal along the top side and a padded band on the underside which makes them nice and soft to wear.
      The band and speakers folds into itself, sort of, with the speakers pushing into the band, making it easy to store. Which normally makes headphones a little brittle, in a way, as the speaker section usually sticks you from the frame. But with these the speaker ear pieces fold into the band which keeps them out of harms way.
      On the end of the wire there is the standard 3.5mm jack, which fits into most, if not all music systems. But even if it doesn't fit your larger music systems you can always buy an adapter for a couple of quid.
      The sound quality is great, without a doubt, although I do hear a lot of outside noise even when I have the volume on high. I tend to find that many of these type of headphone find it difficult to block out the world, unlike my favourite in ear, bud type earphones which really do block out the stuff that's going in around you.

      As for the price, these little headphones sell for about £30 which may sound a little high priced for a simple set but for the sound quality and the comfort of these does make them worth the money.
      So, if you're after a decent set of headphones then these are well worth looking at. You won't find these in the pound-plus shop


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      17.02.2015 17:44
      Very helpful


      • "Great sound"


      • "Not the best looking headphones"

      Great portable headphones from a great brand

      What are they?
      These are a set of headphones made by a well known and well respected brand. Sennheiser is the brand of choice for many high-profile recording artists and live sound engineers, delivering the ultimate audio experience to people who crave true-to-life sound. For over 65 years, Sennheiser has applied its in-depth audio research to the development of premium headphones, microphones and headsets. Every Sennheiser product endures rigorous quality control tests to ensure you receive durable, great-sounding headphones that will withstand daily use in a variety of environments.

      A musical all-rounder which lets you enjoy your personal favorites anytime and anywhere on your portable player or phone. Every detail has been attended to. These lightweight foldable headphones produce a warm, natural sound with a resounding bass and have won multiple awards. The open-back design is the key to delivering this great sound, while keeping you aware of activity near you when out and about on busy city streets. Available in smart black or cool white. Amazingly powerful sound for their small size. Unique, simple and sturdy fold-up design for easy and safe transportation. Open-backed headphones produce a more natural, ‘true-to-life’, response.

      High quality sound in a lightweight and travel friendly design - for every type of music
      Open-cell foam ear pads - allow you to hear your environment and keep your ears cool for longer periods of listening
      Comfortable design - with lightweight materials, soft foam ear pads and headband padding
      Robust materials ensure a long lifespan including a metal-hinged headband - for added strength
      Single-sided cable to prevent tangling
      Supplied with soft vinyl bag - for storage and protection
      2-year warranty

      Where can you get them from?
      They are widely available but I recommend shopping on Amazon for the most competitive prices.

      What do I think of them?
      The performance is impressive given the price. You can't expect the PX100s to compete with Sennheiser's full-sized headphones but what you get is a pair of portable headphones that do a fine job of replicating the sort of clean, crisp sound we expect from Sennheiser. It's easy to see why so many people like the PX100s: they're a fine pair of headphones for the price.

      A practical set of portable 'phones with a strong, clean, distinctively Sennheiser sound. Highly recommended. The only negative I can think of is that I would prefer them to come with a hard storage case for added protection.


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