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  • They look good and are comfy
  • Microphone
  • Sound
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    1 Review
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      20.07.2015 10:47
      Very helpful


      • "They look good and are comfy"


      • Microphone
      • "Sound "

      Look good but poor quality

      I am always having to buy earphones because my husband and children seem to think that I keep buying them for them to borrow and not return. We have loads of earphones now in the house for all our different electrical products though when I actually come to need a pair I can never find one for myself.

      I never like to spend a lot of money on something that is so disposable and will probably end up lost when my kids get their hands on them but at the same time I don’t like to buy the really cheap ones as they are usually rubbish.

      I bought these ones because they are normally £9 but Tesco were selling them half price so I got them for only £4.50. At £9 I was expecting them to be pretty good. I certainly wasn’t expecting them to be up there with the really expensive ones but I did think they would be fine for listening to some music on my ipod.

      I was really impressed with the look of the earphones as they looked just like the more expensive earphones and they were lovely and comfortable to wear. I hate when earphones are uncomfortable and when you can’t concentrate on what it is that you are listening to as the earphones are just too uncomfortable in your ears.

      So it was a big tick for how they looked but it was a big thumbs down for how they sounded. I couldn’t believe these were £9 normally as the sound was just horrible through them. Everything sounded really tinny and they were useless at blocking out outside noise. There is nothing worse than trying to listen to music but still being able to listen to absolutely everything that is going on around you.

      They comes with a built in microphone which is something that I really like and it makes it so much easier for instance when listening to music on your phone not having to take the headphones out when you get a call. Unfortunately the microphone wasn’t great and the couple of times that I tried to hold a conversation whilst wearing the earphones the other person had a lot of trouble hearing me and picking up on what it was that I was saying.

      Overall I wouldn’t recommend these earphones as for the same price you can pick up much better ones. Sure they work but the sound isn’t very good and the microphone is useless and I was really disappointed with how the sound was with these and expected them to be better.


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  • Product Details

    Talk on the go with the built-in mic Compatible with iPhones, iPods, iPads, smartphones & most mobile phones Stylish and ergonomic design with crystal clear sound

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