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Mio 168 with Navigon MN5

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Mio 168 with Navigon MN5 - XScale 300 MHz - RAM: 64 MB - ROM: 32 MB 3.5" TFT ( 240 x 320 ) - IrDA - GPS

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    2 Reviews
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      18.06.2011 00:05
      Very helpful



      Not for me

      This was one of the first PDAs I tried with my digital mapping.

      I did not purchase the PDAs for the mobile diary and word things, it was purely for GPS and digital mapping.

      This was bought second hand from eBay so with out any warranty and witgh a used battery etc.

      This was very obvious as the battery really did not last long at all. It was probably lasting about 2 hours with the GPS on. This did not work when walking for four hours!

      I use Memory maps and Anquet maps. Whilst Memory maps works well with this unit the anquet maps was awful and it kept freezing on me. The screen did not move freely and the GPS fixing on this was not good.

      For the GPS on this unit you have to flip a bit up on the back. This did not make safe for putting in your pocket and hiking as I was paranoid it would snap off. For this reason I ened up holding this in my hands the whole time when I just wanted it to slip in my pocket.

      It feels very plasticy in your hands and too light when holding it. It looks and feels on the cheap side and not really what I like.
      I ended up selling this quite quickly to try another unit.
      The other programs on the unit were okay but the whole thing ran slowly. The probelm probably that I am now used to the iPhone. The screen is so clear on the iPhone and the screen really lets this unit down, it is unclear and the only way to see the OS maps was in one zoom which did not give enough detail. As soon as you zoom out there is no detail in the screen shots.

      This was probably good in its day but there is so much better tech on the markey now that this is really obselete, well for what I want it for anyway.

      Mobile diary and mobile word - this is probably okay. However there is better out there.


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      04.06.2009 21:59



      Useful, but not as good as modern equivalents

      I've had one of these for the last couple of years. It's got a couple of rebadged variants, it can go by the name of Mitac Mio 168, Medion Navigon, or like mine, which is a Micromaxx MDPPC 150, but they're all the same and are supplied with the same Navigon software running on Windows Mobile 2003. I have to say I found the Navigon software confusing and not very intuitive to use. It also doesn't do full 7 digit postcode searching, and will only take you to the town or locale of your postcode if you don't have the street name and number. I've now replaced Navigon with Tom Tom, which is much easier to use. This can be done simply as the Mio 168 has an SD card slot on top which holds the mapping software, and if you buy a big enough card, it can hold photos and music as well.

      It gets a GPS lock fairly quickly for a device that doesn't have server assistance, and will usually not lose it, even while under a bridge or short tunnel, it will simply assume that you are stationary.

      Don't forget that it's also a fully functional PDA as well as a SAT NAV system, and on the second hand market, where you are most likely to find it now, it represents excellent value for money.


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  • Product Details

    The Mio 168's amazing GPS capabilities gets a fix on your position within few seconds, even if you've just come out of a tunnel or parking garage, to keep you on track toward you destination. And even when you're not driving, the portable Mio 168 can present you with street directions as soon as you come out of a subway, so you never need worry about losing your way.

    The Mio 168 uses a TFT LCD screen, providing benefits-such as clear visibility in strong light, high brightness and contrast, superior clarity, and exceptionally crisp image quality - that traditional STN or other 4096-color low-end color displays cannot hope to match. The Mio 168 also integrates LED backlighting technology that protects your eyes through brighter, more uniformly illuminated screen images, while conserving power to extend battery life.

    The thoroughly integrated design of the Mio 168 spares you the need to buy multiple devices. And the built-in GPS receiver is simple to install and keeps the inside of your car tidy. Used with appropriate GIS map software, the Mio 168 lets you know immediately where you are without having to thumb through bulky atlases or pore over clumsy foldout maps.

    The Mio 168 uses Microsoft's Pocket PC 2003 operating system, and with its sleek, ultra-light form factor, is the ideal PDA, in addition to being the perfect GPS navigation system when you're behind the wheel.