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Kenwood HB724 Triblade Hand Blender

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2 Reviews

Brand: Kenwood / Type: Hand / Colour: White

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    2 Reviews
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      26.03.2013 10:23
      1 Comment



      Great multi functional gadget which is great in the kitchen.

      This is a great little machine which is perfect if you're a wizz in the kitchen or just want a helping hand preparing an evening meal.

      Positives are that its really easy to wash up, doesnt take up too much space on your draining board, its a good name for a good price, has five speeds plus a turbo setting. What i love the most is it blends food really well; especially baby food, smoothies for your five a day and soups. Its light weight and has a good gribbing handle on it.

      Negatives - Little complicated if you're not use to all the attachments or know what do do with them. Some foods stain the equipment - i used carrots in my first trial run and it still has stain patches showing on it after several washes.

      Overall this is a must have gadget it works really well and i wouldnt do without mine.


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        30.03.2012 14:19
        Very helpful



        A great Kitchen mixer for even the smallest of kitchen

        As anyone that has read some of my other reviews on here would know I tend to spend a bit of time in the kitchen, cooking as many different types of foods as I can manage. (but for those people that have never read any of my reviews then WHY NOT..???)
        Anyway, when I'm in the kitchen cooking I like to make my life in there as easy as possible and this means investing in gadgets that will help me get that easy kitchen life
        Certain gadgets I like to invest in are such devices as food processors, juicers and, my personal favourite, hand mixers, which really do save a lot of time and, more importantly, cleaning.

        So, over my kitchen time, I have used several types of hand mixers from many well known brands to certain super markets own brands, finding some that do a cracking job whilst finding others to be a real let down. In fact I'd have done a better mixing job using a fork and a bit of elbow grease rather that certain hand mixers.
        But one particular hand mixer I have been using for a while know is doing exactly what it's supposed to do, and more, as it is not only a single hand mixer it is really an all in one kitchen mixer/blender which comes with more attachments than an E-mail from the king of Africa asking for your bank details so he can transfer his funds into you account.
        This hand mixer I am talking about is in fact from a little known kitchen gadget company called Kenwood, (you may have heard of them in passing). With this actual mixer being called the Kenwood HB724

        Firstly though, before we get into what this hand held machine can do, I must tell you that not only do you get the hand mixer, you get an array of attachments as well, which really do add to the versatility of this little kitchen miracle.
        You should get...

        * Mini chopper
        * Balloon whisk
        * Masher
        * Pan blender
        * 750ml bowl
        * 750ml Beaker

        Right then, that's that over with, now for the mixer itself...

        This hand held device is a good size, being a mere 400mm long and an easy to grip 70mm in diameter at it's thickest point, weighing in at a feather weight 1.9kg so it's easy to hold for quite a while.
        It has a pretty powerful 700 watt motor which really does give off some power in such a small hand held device. Then there's the five speed option for that perfect mix and with the special turbo button there's that 'bit of a boast' when you need it. The five speed controls are easily used by turning the knob at the top of the mixer, where the mains cable enters the main body.
        The little turbo button, for when you need that extra bit of 'kick', it place just below the on/off button and can be easily reached by your finger or thumb so there's no hassles in trying to reach around anything to get to the button.

        The many attachments that come with this may all look a little daunting but they all attach to the main body and are all easy to fit. It's just a matter of pressing the release buttons which are on both sides of the main body, one just below the Kenwood logo, the other on the opposite side, (although I'm not sure if the word side is right as this is a cylinder shape? But anyhow)
        To release the mixing attachments in order to put on another one you have to press both the buttons at the same time, but as they aren't that stiff this is easily done with one hand so that you can grip the attachment with the other hand. When you put on a new attachment you simply push the attachment up into the main body until it clicks into place.
        Then you're ready to get mixing.

        The blades themselves...
        There are three stainless steal blades on the main blender, making mincemeat of most food stuff that gets in its way.
        The pan masher has a double blade, which is made of a strong plastic, again, manages to mix up anything in the pan, creating such things as soups in no time at all.

        What about cleaning...
        The main body just needs a wipe over with a damp cloth.
        What ever you do don't drop this into a sink of water as this will not be good for it due to the fact it is an electrical device.
        As for the attachments, the long 'foot' attachments can be washed by either a soak in a bowl of soapy water or, if it's not that dirty, a quick blast in the bowl instead.
        The bowls should be cleaned as any other bowl, in soapy water or a dishwasher and the same goes for the blades, which are detachable to help in the cleaning process, although do be careful when removing and replacing them as they can still cut you.
        But as the entire set of attachments come apart they are a breeze to clean.

        My opinion...

        As I've probably mentioned this is a cracking little hand mixer with a bit extra in the form of a lovely little bowl/jug and changeable mixing heads.
        I've used this for quite a while now and it has never failed me at all, ripping into things like fruits and vegetable, helping mush up all sorts of ingredients sitting in that big pan, making a lovely smooth soup.
        The masher attachment, with the little holes and the plastic blades, makes mincemeat of potatoes, creating some of the fluffiest mashed potatoes I have ever done, even better than my normal masher.

        It is designed to be held comfortably with one hand whilst being capable of pushing the 'heads' into pans so that the blades can do their job, and, with the mains cable being at the top of the device, there's no danger of the wire getting in the way.

        Changing the attachments is so easy, taking seconds rather than minutes, pressing the buttons, taking off the old attachment, replacing it with the one you want... simple.
        And you'll find that the more you change them the easier it becomes, making it so easy that you could possible do it with your eyes shut.
        Each little attachment has a job of its own and each one is as useful as the next, although I tend to use the main 'mixer foot' the most as it does a variety of tasks.
        The actual 'bowl/jug' are quite a good size and when it is push together properly there should be no leaks at all, although I've had a few leaks due to the fact than I've been a bit lazy and not attached the lid.

        So how much can you expect to pay for this versatile all rounder..?
        Well, I paid just under £65.00 for this blender, which came with all the attachments mentioned, but the price varies depending on what comes with it.
        If you can get the full set for around £70.00 or less then grab it while you can as you won't be disappointed one bit due to the fact that you will use every single attachment somewhere along the line.

        Would I recommend this..?
        Yes I sure would, especially if you can get it for less than £70.00

        © Blissman70 2112


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    • Product Details

      The Kenwood HB724 Hand Blender features Kenwood's tri-blade concept that delivers power and efficiency at the touch of a button / The three blade system is allied to a unique foot design that distrupts the flow of ingredients by chopping and blending as efficiently as possible / It comes with a beaker and is dishwasher safe.Wattage: 700WSpeeds: Variable + TurboMetal WandChopper: 0.5L Beaker: 0.75L WhiskNon Slip Base: Yes (beaker/Chopper)Dishwasher Safe partsStainless Steel BladesBeaker Material: PlasticColour: White/GreySize:6.8L x 6.8W x 39.8HWeight: 1.98KgGuarantee: 1 Year / Short name: Kenwood HB724

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