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Surya Henna Cream

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Brand: Surya / colourant / Type: Hair Cream

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    1 Review
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      06.09.2012 17:30
      Very helpful



      It's got to be a 3 from me ... sorry

      Surya Henna Hair Colour

      Cream Colour - Shade Chocolate

      Why try this one?

      I'm always on the look out for new natural (or mainly natural) products with which to colour my dark hair. I have trialled the Daniel Field range though finally went back to Superdrug's own brand for a while as I wanted a permanent for a change.

      Surya Henna Cream is only ever going to be semi permanent and that is what it is advertised as. I have used it in the past and remembered how conditioned my hair felt after using it. I thought I would give it another go.

      This company are impressively ethical which also appealed and are certified suitable for vegans - so cruelty free.

      Surya Cream to the test...

      The regular size bottle is packaged in a traditional Indian themed box and I like that very much. The ingredients appear to be mostly natural which also appeals. A rather flimsy pair of gloves, handy plastic cap and instructions accompany the bottle.

      You are required to do a skin patch test 48 hours prior to use. This proves to be very easy as the stuff is already mixed so I just stuck a cotton bud into the bottle, dotted inside my elbow and screwed the cap on tight to maintain the integrity of the cream. I had no adverse reaction and so I proceeded to apply the colour some two days later.

      You need to apply to clean, washed hair that is damp - I left my hair under a towel wrap until towel dry and found that the colour grabbed much better than my last effort when it was pretty wet. The bottle nozzle needs to be cut off with a pair of decent scissors and I covered the bathroom floor with old towels in case of splashes ( I can go a bit wild when using hair colour). If you want to retain the cream for future use then you need to leave the nozzle intact and dispense the colour from the bottle without the top on - this may be tricky as it is quite runny in comparison to regular hair colours.

      I parted my hair and began to apply the lively cream - I would say the consistency is more runny that you would expect a cream to be - it goes on even and there is a pleasant odour. One thing that I don't really care for when I am resorting to the Superdrug range is the strong chemical smell that fills the bathroom quickly once it is opened - you don't get that experience with the Surya product and that is a bonus.

      The gloves can make applying quite tricky as they are not the best quality, I am happy that some come with the kit though as I don't have a stash of gloves for such activities. As my hair is towel dry on this occasion I didn't get the trickling down my neck - which is reassuring as last time I trialled Surya I had a terrible experience whilst waiting the hour processing time; and I was stained on numerous places on my body. The staining will wash off skin and clothes - skin takes a few washes whilst clothing and bedding seems to come out after one wash cycle. If any splashes land on tiles or cupboard surfaces I will rinse it away immediately as that may stain.

      I have medium long hair that falls just below my shoulders, one regular bottle of cream will do a full head application easily with a small amount left over. It seems a small bottle in comparison to my regular Superdrug dye and I was concerned that I would run out before I had covered all hair. So I was pleasantly surprised when I ended up with some to play with at the end.

      It is advised that you don't comb through the colour after applying as this will shift the cream away from your root area. I have some grey hair at the roots and that is one of the reasons that I regularly maintain my hair colour regime so I definitely wouldn't be impressed if the roots were left untouched.

      After placing the supplied plastic cap on my head - no problem fitting all my hair inside - I timed the hour that I had to wait. The instructions that came with the product state 45 minutes but on www.ecohamster.co.uk they advise to leave on longer for stubborn grey or white hair. This is a longer time than my usual 20 minutes - 30 minutes that I can expect to wait with my Superdrug permanent application and it's not something that I fancy doing regularly as my hair needs to be touched up every four to five weeks - it grows even faster in the summer months!

      At this point I will say that Ecohamster has a good FAQ's and Help section which tells you what hair colour it is safe to use over the top of. I was fine to use it over the top of the chemicals that Superdrug use. It is a handy website and the cheapest UK seller of this brand. You can also find great information on the Surya Brasil website too as you would expect.

      With the hour up it was time to rinse - here it's time to give you a big tip if you are going to try this product: *buy the colour fix shampoo and conditioner* - I have found that these are a must as they stop a fair bit of colour leakage onto towels and bedding etc and also leave your hair in fabulous condition.

      You can expect to be rinsing for quite some time so I have resorted to jumping straight into the shower . The water never runs totally clear and I am mindful that I want some to stay put on my hair - once there is a light orange tinge on the water I stop. I use dark towels to avoid stains.

      Here I will add that I notice far less hair shedding when I use this colour and my hair feels in great condition before applying conditioner - straight after the colour is washed off and my hair is naked - it is impressive.

      Observing my hair and head after towel drying the first thing to note is the good coverage and full appearance of the hair. The colour shade I used is chocolate but the hues that are caught in the bathroom mirror appear red. This is not a problem as I like red highlights but if I was really wanting chocolate I would be a little disappointed. Next to notice is the very obvious orange staining around my hairline and on my scalp - I rinsed for ages but this was stubborn. It is going to be noticed by others and I cannot do anything about that now, I should have put a barrier cream around my hairline as that would have prevented the mess.

      Once dry the hair is lush and feels like it has had an expensive treatment. I do feel pampered and it smells lovely. No complaints at all on that count. If I have to quibble it is the staining.

      After sleeping on my pillow I am relieved that no staining is appearing - last time I trialled this my pillow was stained every night, but now that I have learned the trick of only applying to damp hair this issue is resolved.

      This colour should last seven washes, last time it only last two before the roots where becoming noticeable. After one wash I can see the lighter orange highlights that belong to the grey strands and I have to say that I am disappointed as I really wanted this colour to work - the conditioning is wonderful. As the washes progress the grey hair strands are becoming lighter and lighter orange and it isn't a good look. As those roots got longer it would look awful.

      I can still use the shampoo and conditioner with my other permanent hair colour so my money isn't wasted and my hair will be in better condition that it would have been.

      Such a shame this didn't work out. I thought that I may have been successful with my different approach but it wasn't to be.

      If you want to try your luck with this colour I have some tips:

      Cover floor with old towels
      Wipe splashes up immediately
      Apply to damp hair rather than wet
      Purchase the colour fix shampoo and conditioner

      If you have no grey/white hair then you may be very happy with this product. If your grey/white hair is not stubborn you too may have success. People with stubborn grey, white hair may struggle with it.


      Google search will result in other sellers but I have found Ecohamster to be the cheapest retailer in the UK so far.


      Star Rating...

      Even though the shade was not as stated and the colour didn't stay on grey strands, for above one wash before becoming a shiny orange shade, I am only knocking two stars off. My reason for this is that the product is mostly natural and intensely conditions the hair, also far less hair sheds when using this colour. While it lasts hair looks lush, it's just a shame it is so short lived.


      If you want the result of this Chocolate cream to be just that then I cannot recommend. If you would be happy with a red tinge then yes. If you want grey/white hairs well covered and lasting at least seven washes I don't recommend this product as mine was noticeably faded to light orange after one wash. If you have no grey/white hair you may like this product. If your grey/white are not stubborn give it a whirl. In the end it depends what you want out of a hair colour and what you are prepared to put up with if it doesn't work out. Your choice, but I'm not buying it again.

      Also published on Ciao
      © Dawnymarie


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