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Phil Smith Be Gorgeous Firm Hairspray

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Brand: Phil Smith / Type: Hair Spray / What it does: Firms,

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    1 Review
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      07.01.2013 16:07
      Very helpful



      I love it and its my new addiction!

      Not very often do I buy and/or use hairspray. The reason for this is I'm simply not a fan of it really. Not only do I find alot of them to really dry my hair out but sometimes they smell vile and so if styling my hair I make sure I do it with the aid of other styling products. However I suffer with frizzy hair terribly and so putting my hair up is a pain and I bought this for three reasons really. Price, nice looking can and that it may help tame them and glue frizzies down a bit and make my hair behave itself a bit more!

      The Packaging of this range of products is really nice. The can of this comes in two different sizesand one is travel size measuring 75ml on offer at 99p a can and the one I own is the same in appearance as the smaller one and 250ml in size costing £2.04 please note though when I bought my can they were (and still are on offer by the way in Sainsburys) costing usually £1.99 the travel size can and £4.09 for the larger one. I thought that the larger one offered the better value for money providing it was good of course and the can is bright pink with silver and white lettering on it with a matching pink lid and under that a traditional aerosol style white button which is easy to use of course. On the front of the can we are told that it is Phil Smith 'Be Gorgeous' Hold Tight Firm Hold Hairspray 'Natural shine and control' and that its for all hair types and the size is stated to the bottom of it too. On the back of the can other information listed includes being told a bit about the product and we are told how to use it, cautions are given as are the ingredients and contact details for M-Products Ltd are given (the manufacturer of the product). Like I say I think the can of this is really attractive and its looks like a quality product though it is rather feminine to look at due to the colour of the can which is great for me I have a shocking pink bathroom and it matches up great lol.

      Using It:

      I had never and still don'tknow anything about Phil Smith and I never bought this because of who it was endorsed or produced by. He is according to the back of the can a celebrity hairdresser and he wants to 'Help Every Woman 'Be Gorgeous'.

      Using it of course is very simple as I stated earlier. You are advised to use this only on dry and styled hair to 'fix' the style into place at arms length and to not to comb or brush it out and if you want a firmer hold all you have to do is use this, wait for it to really dry and then we are told to use another spray of it if we want to.

      I am shocked to report that I really love this stuff! Its easy to use and it sprays on slightly wet but dries fast. It doesn't smell all that great though but don't get me wrong it isn't granny smelling just a bit chemical really however it isn't a heavy stinky smell and as soon as it dries into the hair you can barely smell it anyway to be fair to it. I only ever use a light spray of it and don't feel the need to be heavy handed with it at all as a small amounts works. This doesn't make my hair crispy but is strong and 'sets' my hair into place all day long and brushes out at the end of the day with entire ease and with no flaking or making my hair feel grubby or grotty and it gives my hair a bit of added healthy shine too.

      I use this to pop my hair in a bun, a high pony tail and even to help to help small plaits stay put without frizz all of which it easily achieves. When I have styled my wavy hair straight this makes sure it stays that way and no frizz dares to put in an appearance for hours and hours.

      I really do like this one and even at full price I would buy it. It works out very economical in the long run due to not using very much per use and I can't wait to try other Phil Smith products out asap!

      Google if interested or Phil Smith products are on sale in Sainsburys which is where I got mine!


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