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Matrix Opti Smooth Chemical Hair Straightener

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Brand: Matrix / Type: Styling Products / What it does: Smoothes,

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    3 Reviews
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      14.04.2012 00:52



      The product is really good and I would say awesome but if used by the right person. I got my first straightening done in India. And my hair looked great for almost 8 months. I needed a touch up for my new grown hair. So I went to a salon and the lady totally screwed up my hair. It looks stiff and when I run my hands through it I feel like i'm running my hands on a cleaning brush. I feel so embarrassed with this hair. Matrix should really care about the technicians coz because of technicians like this the product can get very bad reviews. I tried calling the support guys for this product and all they recommended was to go for hair deep conditioning. If I were to get that done why would I go for Opti Smooth?


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      23.04.2009 14:11
      Very helpful



      Highy recommended to all

      **** Introduction ****

      Having naturally curly hair is a real problem for me, as it is not a nice curl it just goes very fuzzy in any weather conditions, so I cant win in the summer or winter.

      As curls have become a huge fashion craze at the minute my hairdresser persuaded me to try a chemical straightener, to tame my natural curls instead of going for a perm, which I was intending on but apparently these have gone out with the ark.

      Anyway as I really wanted curly hair I let her talk me into the chemical straightening.

      ***** The chemical straighten *****

      When my stylist was talking about chemical straightening I was really confused as I didn't want to go straight, I wanted curly hair but after bomarding her with questions she informed me I could have the cold service, which would smooth down and frizzy hair but not straighten out the kinks.

      Still very confused I asked why it was called chemical straightener, well it is called a straightener as it is a product that can be used in two different ways.

      The cold service would smooth down frizzy hair and enhance curls giving is a natural shine and bounce, with the need for perming. this can also be used on naturally straight hair for those who don't like it poka straight, leaving it sleek and smooth with bounce.

      The heat service is the chemical straightening service, here your hair is straightened with straighteners during the application so this product fixes the hair in place permanently, giving you the just straightened look all day every day.

      Anyway I had the cold service to make my fuzzy curly hair easier to manage on a daily basis, this way i could still straighten i off if I wanted to.

      The whole process took just over four hours, which is a very long time but for the finished result it was worth it.

      This cost me 95.00 for the service and then an extra 32.00 for a cut, which is very expensive but this is permanent and I don't need to get it touched up until my roots are roughly five inches long.

      **** Important bits *****

      After I had my hair straightened I was not allowed to wash my hair for for two days, which is the same aftercare as a perm this is to ensure that the hair will be fixed permanently.

      I was not allowed to tie it of clip it up for two days, as the clips and bobbles would leave marks that would cause the hair to kink permanently.

      If you have coloured hair you are not allowed to colour it either two weeks before of after the service, to ensure it takes correctly.

      **** My Views ****

      When I walked out of the hairdressers I felt like I had just stepped out of a magazine, my hair was very bouncy and the curls looked amazing. I was gob smacked that these were my natural curls as they were all smooth and precise with not frizzy bits.

      I did struggle not to wash of wet my hair for the two days after the application, but This was a minor hitch and to be perfectly honest it did not look to bad.

      The first time a washed and styled it I was suprised at how easy it was to do, I no longer need to used products to maintain the curls and it looks so healthy and shiny, which it never do before hand.

      Yes it was expensive but this has changed my life, I no longer need to spend hours doing my hair in the morning and it still looks fantastic.


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        23.10.2008 12:49
        Very helpful



        Great it you straighten your hair on a daily basis, ideal to tame frizzy curls..

        I have come across this fantastic product and I thought I would share it with all of my fellow dooyooers, as I feel this is something to really shout about.

        Matrix has developed a chemical hair straightener that is by far one of the best I have ever used, and trust me I have used many different straighteners and relaxers over the years.


        This unique opti-smooth chemical hair straightener has been formulated by Matrix, to protect your hair every step of the way, ensuring that your hair looks beautifully straight, natural and silky smooth.

        This Matrix opti-smooth can be used to achieve two completely different looks, the heat service is used to give you permanently straight hair that will be silky smooth and lasts until it grows out of your hair.

        The second method is the cold service which is designed for curly hair. With the cold service it will tame frizz and smooth your curls making them manageable and easy to style.

        This product is designed to combat heat and humidity, so you will not have to straighten your hair as much and the damp weather will not ruin your hair style.

        If you go to a salon and get this opti-smooth chemical straightener then you will be amazed at the results, once your treatment has finished in salon your hair will always look like that after you have washed and blasted it dry with a blow dryer.


        This chemical straightening process can take a very long time as it has many steps to it, to get the perfect result, not only are you devoting time but also money as this can be very expensive to get done.

        For the thermal heat service, you can expect to be in salon for 4-5 hours, and if you have the cold smoothing service you can expect to be in salon for 1-2 hours. These times may vary if you have very long hair.

        There are many stages to getting this perfectly straight, smoothed hair.

        Step 1: You have your hair washed and shampoo but not conditioned, Pre treat protection spray is applied to your hair and combed through your hair.

        Step 2: Next the crème developer is applied and you have to sit perfectly still without moving your head, this can be hard as you can be sat there for up to an hour.

        Step 3: once the developer has taken, your hair is rinsed for 10 minutes, and then pre treat is once again sprayed into your hair.

        Step 4: Your hair is now dried with a hairdryer on a very low setting.

        If you are having the cold service then the neutraliser is applied and left for 10 minutes before rinsing for another 10 minutes.

        If you are going for the heat straightening service your hair will now be straightened using heated irons, section by section to ensure it is perfectly straight. Then the neutraliser is applied and rinsed off, the same way as the cold service.

        STEP 5 after hair has been rinsed for 10 minutes, post treat conditioner is added to the hair and left for 5 minutes before rinsing off.

        STEP 6: Now you hair been fully treated you will have it styled and finished, ready for you to go home.


        To keep on top of you chemically straightened hair you will need to have your re growth touched up, for the cold smoothing service your hair should be at least 5cm, which is usually 4-6 months growth.

        For the thermal heat service you need to have at least 10cm regrowth, so this is 8-10 months growth.

        This opti-smooth chemical straightener comes in three different strengths, so you can ensure that there is one to suit your hair type.

        Resistant, is for course difficult and frizzy hair types.

        Normal, is for normal to thick hair types.

        Sensitised, is for dry or colour treated hair types.

        AFTER CARE

        This will not damage your hair in anyway, as Opti.smooth is made with ceramide technology and auto-stop action protect hair through every step, while conditioning agents leave it soft and smooth.

        All you need to do is maintain your hair at home with the Matrix Sleek look Smoothing System shampoo and conditioner, and you'll be amazed at the condition and shine.

        It is recommended that you use the sleek look shampoos and conditioners, as they are designed for use with these chemical straighteners.

        I personally feel that you do not have to use the sleek range to up keep your newly straightened hair, but it is highly recommended.

        After you have your hair chemically straightened, you cannot wash or get your hair wet for 48 hours, this is very similar to the perm process.

        I was also instructed not to tie or clip my hair up within those first two days as it would kink and permanently stay like that, as the hair is not fully set until the first two days are over with.


        This is a very expensive treatment, but in my opinion worth every penny as you will get perfectly straight hair, that you will not need to do anything with for months.

        Short hair styles from your chin upwards will cost you anything from 60.00- 90.00.

        Medium hair styles, from chin to shoulder length will cost you 80.00-110.00.

        Longer hair styles, from the shoulder down will cost anything in between 100.00 - 150.00 for the treatment.

        As I said this can be very expensive, but it you think that you don't have to straighten on a daily basis then this is the cost of an average pair of GHD irons.


        This is only available to professional hairdressing salons, so you will have to shop around to see if any in your area are matrix approved salons.

        You can go online to www.matrix.co.uk to get a full list of salons in your area that are permitted to do the opti-smooth treatment.

        If you fancied having a go at this yourself I have seen these go on ebay for as little as 50.00 a box, which is cheap in comparison, but I really would not advise you apply this yourself as it could prove difficult.

        MY VIEWS

        I was absolutely amazed at the results, this Matrix opti-smooth left me with and these results were apparent immediately.

        As I went for the heat service, which took me only 4 hours in salon. My hair is now permanently straight with a nice smooth look and shine to it.

        I just love the fact that this has smoothed away frizz and revitalized my hair making it a lot softer with a nice shiny finish to it.
        I feel that this product has not damaged my hair at all, if anything this has conditioned and hydrated my hair.

        The only down side it the fact that this has slightly stripped out my colour making it look a lot lighter than normal, for blondes this would not be a problem but brunettes will suffer as you cannot colour it for fourteen days after the treatment.

        If the colour is that bad you can apply a semi colour straight away, which will rectify any colour problems you may have.

        This is the perfect product for me, as I think it is far less damaging than any other product I have ever used before.


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