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Herbal Essences Smooth & Soft Conditioner

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3 Reviews

Brand: Herbal Essences / Type: Conditioner

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    3 Reviews
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      31.01.2014 00:59
      Very helpful
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      I have had a sample sachet of this Herbal Essences Smooth and Soft conditioner (as well as a sachet of the matching shampoo) for a while and have only just got round to using it. I have used this conditioner in the past as I really like Herbal Essences hair products and I think I have tried them all now!

      ~ Price ~
      A full size 400ml bottle of this conditioner costs £3.89 at Boots or online at www.boots.com.
      It is also available at Superdrug, Wilkinsons and most supermarkets for a similar price.
      It also comes in a 200ml bottle, which usually costs around £2.00, but can occasionally be found in the pound shop (for £1.00).

      ~ Packaging ~
      I only have a 10ml sample sachet at the minute, but there is a picture of the bottle that it usually comes in on the front. It is bright orange in colour (not pink as shown in the picture) with a bright green circle on the front and a picture of some mandarin segments on the bottom.
      'Herbal Essences Smooth & Soft', is written across the front as you'd expect.
      The bottles sits on its flip cap lid, which is bright green.

      ~ In use ~
      I have really long hair at the minute so I was concerned that this rather empty-feeling 10ml sachet was not going to be enough.
      The conditioner is a peach colour and like the shampoo it smells amazing.
      The scent has mandarin in it, but there is another fruity scent, perhaps peach. It is quite sweet and it has a real prescence. It is almost a fizzy scent, but I mean that in a good way. I find the scent quite feminine and I love it.
      The conditioner has quite a thin consistency and I found that although there didn't seem much in the 10ml sachet, I was able to get a good coverage with this sachet, which I was quite pleased with although I would say that my 10ml sachet of the shampoo seemed to go further than the conditioner and I could have done with using a little bit more.
      As soon as the conditioner is applied my hair already starts to feel smoother, softer and less tangled. The conditioner is also really easy to rinse out of my hair.
      After using this conditioner my hair is easy to brush out and it looks and feels soft and clean.
      I have found that the scent lingers in my hair after I have used this conditioner although it is quite subtle and I'd like it to be stronger.
      I would definitely use this conditioner again and I would recommend it. It has a lovely scent and it leaves my hair feeling clean, soft and a lot more manageable.


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        15.06.2012 10:56
        Very helpful



        A lovely conditioner which helps tames those locks

        Buying a conditioner for me is generally quite an easy matter for me. I tend to either buy what is on offer as long as it is suited to my hair type, nothing more complicated basically. I don't go for the expensive brands as I don't see the need but I never go for the economy range as I have never had good results. My hair ranges dependant on the seasons as to whether its 'normal', 'dry/damaged' etc so I do vary the conditioners I use but not by much!

        Now my hair has gotten over its 'dry/damaged' months it has now entered the time where I need a little help with the frizz - now my hair isn't frizzy but having natural wavy hair it does sometimes need a little taming, just to make it more manageable when straightening. Of course there are a whole host of de-frizzing products on the market ranging from the ultra cheap to ultra expensive! However, on this occasion I bought the Clairol Herbal Essences Smooth & Soft Conditioner. I opted for it mostly as it was on offer but also because of my huge success with the Hello Hydration shampoo (see previous review) so I was hoping that this conditioner would also prove successful.

        Herbal Essences is a brand by Clairol, they have been around for quite a lot of years both in the UK and over the pond in the USA. They underwent a big revamp not so long ago where they ditched their previous bottle and designs and came back with a whole new range of packaging and different varieties of shampoos/conditioners as well as other products all designed to be within certain 'collections'. I know there was quite a lot of uproar when the previous products were discontinued but the new products for me have certainly proved well in my house and I am more than happy to continue to use them!

        The Smooth & Soft range has been designed to help tame those frizzy locks and wild manes - basically intending to help smooth the hair. Herbal Essences have used two specific ingredients to help create this collection namely mandarin crème and pearl powder extract. The latter has been used for centuries by Asian women as they believe it will help keep their skin smooth and soft - therefore Herbal Essences have cottoned on to this and have decided to put it into a shampoo, conditioner and intensive mask.

        The Herbal Essences' collections are all colour coded so for the Smooth & Soft range every product comes in a gorgeous red/orange coloured containers. The conditioner comes in a lovely slender, slightly shaped plastic bottle which is not transparent but instead has been made with a metallic coloured plastic giving it almost a luxurious theme to it. On the front of the bottle is the product name, brand logo and an image of what looks to be a load of swirls and abstract flowers - this is the same with all of the collections. On the back of the bottle there is all the usual information you would expect such as usage, ingredients and warnings etc - nothing out of the norm.

        The conditioner itself isn't clear in transparency but instead the metallic theme continues as it is a lovely peach coloured liquid which is quite a thick consistency - definitely thicker than the shampoo! As soon as you squeeze it out of the bottle you are met with a lovely aroma which certainly does not remind me of mandarins but rather more of a tropical fragrance with a few floral notes thrown in for good measure. Whatever they have done over at Herbal Essences they certainly did a great job with the fragrance. However, on the consistency side of things although it is thick enough to stick to the hand making it easy to apply I have noticed as soon as you get to the last third of the bottle it is almost impossible to squeeze the remaining conditioner out of the bottle which is quite frustrating!

        Apart from the packaging side of things once you have squeezed the conditioner onto your hand, of which you only need to use a small amount depending on the length of your hair. As you would with any conditioner simply apply direct to wet hair after shampooing and massage in, I tend to comb the conditioner through my hair so it gets straight to the roots but this is just my personal preference. Whilst applying the conditioner you do get such a lovely aroma appear which although is quite fruity it is actually quite refreshing but at the same time it is quite a warming fragrance. I leave the conditioner on for a few minutes and then simply rinse off - this is the easy part as I do find it rinses out very easily and doesn't leave a residue behind.

        After rinsing out the conditioner I just styled my hair as normal. I did notice that after several times of using this conditioner that when I blow dried my hair (using a paddle brush) that my hair was a lot easier to straighten without it getting the natural wave which certainly made styling my hair a lot easier as it didn't have such a wave to it. I always straighten my hair after blow drying and it normally takes around 30 minutes to get it how I like it but because my hair was (and is) a lot straighter to begin with it has cut the time in half which is even better! My hair was certainly a lot tamer and the natural wave was almost non-existent which was what I was wanting. Apart from this my hair is also left with a lovely shine and it looks incredibly healthy. One thing I would like is that the fragrance of the conditioner stays around more but it soon disappears but that's hardly worth complaining about considering the end result!

        Overall, my hair is nicely tamed and the natural wave which can be such a pain has been relaxed and straightened slightly to make hair styling a lot more achievable! Now my hair isn't frizzy or completely wild so I don't know how this conditioner would work on hair of that type but for those who have a similar natural wave or natural curl which needs a little bit of taming then this is definitely worth a go. You don't need to use a lot to cover the hair so it is quite economical but I have found that it works best alongside the matching shampoo which may make a big difference (I've only ever used the two products together and not separately). Definitely a recommendation and I can give 5 stars!

        ~ Useful Info ~
        Brand: Clairol/ Herbal Essences
        Availability: Supermarkets/pharmacies/discount stores
        Price: From £1.00 upwards


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        22.11.2011 18:33
        Very helpful



        Herbal Essences Soft and Smooth Conditioner

        Herbal Essences Smooth and Soft Conditioner

        I always like to use the same shampoo and conditioner from the same range, I don't know what, I think you probably get better results if you stick with the same formula and science so as I have been using the Herbal Essences new formula smooth and soft which is a sensuously smooth shampoo meant for people with dry damaged or frizzy hair I have also been using the conditioner in conjunction with this.

        Like I said this is a new formal that Herbal Essences have brought out for their hair range and I guess I am a bit of a sucker but I was attracted to the bright shiny coloured bottles and the oh so wonderful smells. I decided upon this one as I have frizzy hair and need to straighten it everyday and if I go out int he rain or any moisture at all my hair just frizzes up like a ball so I was quite happy to try both the shampoo and conditioner in this range to see if I could tame it a bit.

        The conditioner is very easy to use. After shampooing my hair and rinsing all of that out I apply a bit of conditioner and really make sure that every strand of my hair is covered. On the back of the bottle is says, "See smoothness in your future? How about some protection from humidity? Try this deep conditioning formula for all hair types so your path to soft, smooth hair is perfectly clear." I like this bit of fun on the back, it makes conditioning your hair a bit more interesting than the normal boring instruction. In fact it also say, massage in and rinse and tell humidity to back away slowly!!

        The smell of the conditioner as with the shampoo is absolutely amazing. I love a nice fruity smell in my shower and on my body. It is made with mandarin and pearl extracts and is so fruity and fresh but not too sweet and sticky. I like to leave my conditioner in for a good five minutes and do the other things in the shower I need to do like shaver my legs, use the soap etc. I found it very easy to smooth over my hair and really only needed a little bit of it to make my hair go smooth which cannot be said for all conditioners. It's easy to wash out and already I can feel that my hair is lovely and smooth and soft. I does not leave any stickiness in my hair once it is dry which is nice. I think it has worked well on my hair. I can see that even though my hair is still thick and prone to being a bit hard to manage it has made it very soft and the strands are definitely a bit straighter and easier to manage. My hair still frizzes up a bit in rain but I don't think I'll ever find a 100% cure for that.

        The product comes from Procter and Gamble. I used it in the 200ml size which costs £2.09 in Boots and if you are looking for it on the shelf it is the red one with a picture of a mandarin on the bottom front of the bottle.


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